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Jack Herer GHS x2

Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds
01.11.2023 was planted
Updated 10 months ago
room type
GT 120x60x180cm(2x4x6)
GT 120x60x180cm(2x4x6)
grow tent
LED / 300W
LED / 300W
FC 3000
LED / 300W
LED / 300W
FC 3000
1 Week (01.11.2023) Germination

Photos and Videos

Started germinating about 20 minutes ago. Put them in my nightstand drawer with a heater in the room keeping it around 78F during the day, 73F at night. Humidity at 65%.
3 pack of seeds, only germinating 2.
Planted 1/15/23 - 11:30am
JH#1 Poppin it's head out for the first time
Tent is completely setup for seedling stage (the next 3-4 weeks)

Impressions about plant

Both seeds should pop within 72 hours. I will check again Sunday afternoon to see if we can plant them.

Forgot to photograph the tap roots but they were super long after just under 72 hours. I planted them about an inch to a half inch deep in the middle of my Fox Farms soil. Using 5" pots this time around, a little bit bigger than the other plant I had growing, so I am hoping that these get off to a better start. Once they pop they're heads out of the soil - they'll be going into the tent.

Pheno #1 of Jack Herer popped the next morning after being planted (9:40am - 1/16/23), I imagine the second pheno will catch up later today and pop up. Either way I will be watering the first plant with a 6.5pH balanced water, 1/4 tsp of RECHARGE, and 1/5 campden tablet. The second plant will receive the same thing once it pops it's head out. I am also moving the JH#1 Pheno to the tent.

I checked 1/16/23 and noticed JH#2 was starting to pop its head out as well so I moved both plants into the tent along with the other plant since they're all still small enough to fit and not hog any light from one another. I watered all three plants with appropriate amounts of 6.5 pH water, recharge, and campden mix. I'll be leaving these three plants alone for at least 24 hours to see how they respond to the new environment and each other. I am hoping to see some steady growth in all three plants.

I checked on the two plants the morning of 1/17/23 and both were green and healthy. I gave them both a light misting of my normal mix (6.5pH water, 1/4 TSP RECHARGE, and 1/5 Campden tablet). Both just splitting their first baby leaves open for the first time. Hopefully by the end of the week we see some real growth. That night they got another healthy spray since they were dry.

1/18/23 @ 1:29pm they got a healthy spray of the mix from yesterday.

Grow Conditions

3 cm
74.7 °F
Day air temperature
67.7 °F
Night air temperature
No smell
71 °F
Solution temperature
71 °F
Substrate temperature
0.25 °l
Watering volume
18 hrs
Light schedule
6.5 PPM
70.5 %
Air humidity
1 °l
Pot size
25 inch
Lamp to plant distance




Real Growers
0.25 tsp/gal