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NottBerry Farms

Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
05.01.2022 was planted
Updated 1 week ago
room type
12 Week (07.17.2022) Flowering

Photos and Videos

#2 stopping out at ~34" as she hasn't moved for over a week, just budding
#2 budding out and hairs are changing color
#1 just continuing to shoot up now at 45"
#1 finally doing some solid budding
I was trying to conceal them behind the tomatoes but those have had trouble and this 45" plant is shooting up before everything else.

Impressions about plant

#1 & 2 are 11 weeks old now. I noticed a little change toward amber in #2 who has not gotten any taller but hopefully buds out more as I feel she's too skinny. #1 is just getting massively taller (and its only in 5g) still going like 1.5" a day. I'm glad I put the tomato cage on it on the 9th as it would have sucked to wait and she's getting so massive I worry about if she'll support herself when she buds.
I did HGbloom and boost on the 14th so I'll do another dose of nutes today or tomorrow. #1 is sucking up a lot of water being in a smaller pot and being so large (and finally with some warmer weather) I can now give nutes easier instead of my previous long waits for the soil to dry.
*side not about tomatoes- we had a large garden soil delivery at the beginning of the year (not what the blueberry is using) and I finished the pile off by putting it in 4 pots for my 4 cherry tomatoes. Well, before the season demonstrated its massive suck-ness, I thought I would be able to grow carrots in the 4th pot by the time the runt from the 4tray was ready to be planted outside. that didn't work and the carrots were too slow (and eventually failed) but I bought a 5th pot and filled it with miracle grow.... you can see a crazy! difference between the garden soil and the miracle grow plants. #4 cherry tom that was the runt and put out many weeks after the first 3 it a much happier and healthier plant. Maybe my "hidden in plain sight" would have worked better if all the toms were plants in MG

Grow Conditions

45 inch
70 °F
Day air temperature
55 °F
Night air temperature