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Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 70
  • Fast
  • 20% THC
  • Confidence-boosting yields
  • What happens when you cross a legendary pure indica with autoflowering ruderalis genetics? You get Blueberry autoflower seeds and a whole lot of delight.American breeder DJ Short is the one to thank for the original version of this A-list cannabis cultivar. They ingeniously created an Afghani landrace x Purple Thai x Thai cross in the 1970s and changed the game for the cannabis...Show more

    Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    70 - 120
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    What happens when you cross a legendary pure indica with autoflowering ruderalis genetics? You get Blueberry autoflower seeds and a whole lot of delight.
    American breeder DJ Short is the one to thank for the original version of this A-list cannabis cultivar. They ingeniously created an Afghani landrace x Purple Thai x Thai cross in the 1970s and changed the game for the cannabis world forever.
    Blueberry claimed the title of Best Indica in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000. It’s been 21 years since then, and it’s earned itself a status of a true legend.
    Deep shades of blue and purple characterize this variety. An aroma of fresh berries makes it a superstar for sweet tooth stoners.
    Blueberry buds deliver quite a psychedelic punch, regularly reaching the 20% THC mark. It’s sedative, but you’ll sense hints of sativa with the good mood it brings. Although it’s not CBD-heavy, this herb has medicinal benefits for a broad scope of ailments that might trouble a stoner.
    This purple beauty is a resilient marijuana plant that flourishes in most setups with minimal TLC, making it novice-friendly. Our autoflowering version makes these weed crops much smaller.
    They maintain a high yield that you’re able to collect in 8 to 10 weeks (from germination to harvest). The Blueberry autoflower fem seeds combine the best of both worlds. They guarantee only mother plants that produce great seedless buds without relying on the light shift. 
    They look fantastic and taste even better. What’s not to love?

    What are the Blueberry autoflower weed effects?

    Perhaps you’re not a massive fan of growing and prefer buying pre-cured flowers. Trust us—the Blueberry autoflower cannabis seeds are worth the effort for the mind-blowing effects. The growing process is so smooth that you could easily fall in love with weed cultivation.
    Blueberry is a one-hit-and-quit herb. It doesn’t seem that way with the smooth smoke and fruity profile, but the THC contents of this ganja are something to admire.
    Newbies and low-tolerance tokers should take their time and stop at one bowl. It might seem gentle, but Blueberry is a THC powerhouse that might get you dizzy and anxious if you go too fast too soon.
    Blueberry is 80% indica and 20% sativa, so we wouldn’t call it a wake and bake. A blunt of this grass is the perfect end to a stressful workday, though.
    Don’t wait for late moments of the PM to light it up, as the powerful high can last for hours. The body stone is subtle at first. Your mood loosens, euphoria overwhelms you, and fits of giggles are unstoppable. 
    The cerebral buzz soon fades, leaving you in high spirits but lucid. A calm ensues. Physical and mental serenity remove the last hints of tension. You’re not couch-locked, but most people find themselves unwilling to move. That’s how good it feels to sit there and revel in the intoxication. 
    Stay hydrated to avoid cottonmouth and dry eyes. Then, prepare a snack—perhaps some blueberries and vanilla ice cream—cause a case of the munchies is pretty much a given! 
    After you’re done eating, you’ll find yourself getting lulled into a deep sleep. You have several hours to enjoy the ride before slumber takes over, but don’t expect to engage in another activity that evening. 

    What does the Blueberry autoflower cannabis smell like?

    Blueberry autoflower seeds develop into cannabis plants that smell like—you’ve guessed it—blueberries. That’s just the top note of this multi-layered smoke. 
    The fragrance profile is distinctly fruity. Mouths water as the chunky colas start oozing trichomes, and it only gets better as it ripens.
    - Myrcene adds a sharp, tart, almost peppery zest, and some citrusy qualities. 
    - Caryophyllene spices things up, making the initially lighthearted, fruity smoke a much more serious affair on your palate. 
    - Pinene supplies the distinct smell of cannabis.
    On top of all these technical terms, there’s a smell of blueberry pie fresh out of the oven. You inhale the scent of crisp, ripe fruit, and when you exhale, it’s a mix of cream, vanilla, and spice. 
    The smoke is permeating and long-lasting, leaving your room pleasantly aromatic for hours. Each puff feels like having a bite of a fantastic dessert. 
    You start noticing the potency after several tokes, but for such a THC powerhouse, Blueberry surprises with its deliciousness.

    How to germinate Blueberry autoflower seeds

    A seed in a bag won’t spontaneously start developing roots. You’ll have to germinate to get the growing cycle started. Blueberry autoflower seeds are VIPs, but the germination process is identical to what you’re used to.
    If it’s your first order of weed seeds, we’ve got your back. The germination guide on our website has everything you need to know to make those seeds pop. This guide outlines the paper towel technique, which is the most popular overall but not the only one. Here are two other easy methods that generate good results.
    Direct plantation in soil. Sometimes, it’s best to go fully organic and germinate your Blueberry autoflower cannabis seeds just like nature intended. You won’t shock the seedling during transplant, either. Here’s what you do:
    1. Dig a knuckle-deep hole in the soil (up to 1 inch).2. Make the earth moist but not soaking.3. Slip the seed in the ground and cover it with dirt.4. Use a light or heating pad to keep the environment warm.Overnight water soaking. This one is handy for older seeds with hard shells. It activates the hormones underneath the pod and makes your old batch a new success. 
    Here’s what you do:
    1. Fill a transparent glass with lukewarm water. 2. Drop the marijuana seeds in the water. They’ll float at first but start sinking during the actual germination.3. Wait for the taproot to break from the shell.
    You’ll see a little white rootlet, which marks the beginning of the seedling stage.

    Blueberry autoflower seeds grow guide

    Blueberry autoflower seeds in the USA thrive almost everywhere, from chilly Vermont to sunny California. The versatility comes with minimal supervision requirements for bonus points. 
    Growing is a breeze for novices and veterans. These cannabis plants grow hardy, robust, and disease-resistant. The dense colas might require some TLC to prevent mold in rainy conditions, but even that isn’t much of an issue. 
    They tolerate pests, mold, and newbie mistakes, such as underfeeding, overfeeding, pathogens, and adverse growing environments. This marijuana herb develops like a typical indica and rarely reaches over 2.5 feet tall. 
    You’ll see bushy growth with many lateral branches. Its rapid growth rate leaves much less room for error on your end, too. Blueberry autoflower fem seeds get extra credit.
    They promise female cannabis plants and smokable weed buds only, and that’s a Homegrown guarantee. Once week ten rolls around, you can expect over 15 ounces per square meter in your grow room. 
    This herb is a beauty, with green and yellow leafage and tints of deep plum. You’ll see why it’s called Blueberry when it sprouts purple and lavender dense colas. 
    The crystal resin already speaks of potency, which is immense and ready in no time. This one thrives in indoor and outdoor setups but prefers a controlled grow room.
    Outside, you’ll see smaller yields (between 2.5 and 4.2 ounces per plant), but you can make up for that through multiple harvests. You can start on the first spring morning without frost and keep reaping until mid-October.
    Indoors, these short and dense herbs work best in a sea of green setup. That way, you maximize your use of space and increase yields. Trimming won’t be much of a problem with Blueberry autoflower seeds. The flower-to-leaf ratio is pretty good, with more sticky colas than sugar leaves on the branches. 
    When it comes to the conditions, temps between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 40% to 50% are ideal.
    Bonus tip: The Blueberry autoflower cannabis seeds already have some purple when they hit vegging. If you’d like to bring out some extra hues of pure gorgeousness, mildly shock your garden with a temperature drop soon before the harvest.

    What are the Blueberry autoflower seeds genetics?

     This cultivar is a melting pot of quality landraces. It saw the light of day in the 1970s when the ambitious DJ Short started collecting exotic genetics from all around the world.  His goal was to create a royalty weed strain. His masterpiece came to life after fusing cultivars from Mexico, Thailand, and Afghanistan. The superstar called Blueberry was born. In short, Blueberry autoflower seeds are Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai x Lowryder. Leaning heavily on indica dominance, Blueberry boasts a potent Afghani parentage.  This landrace cultivar explains its effects, short stature, overall resilience, and some of its sweetness and medicinal value. The Thai landrace is a pure sativa. Its traces in Blueberry are enough to give it the distinct fruitiness and put you in a supreme mood.  What makes Blueberry blue? Purple Thai genes add to the color and the flavor. What about its autoflowering characteristics? Breeders crossed the original cannabis plant with Lowryder ruderalis.  They made the version that doesn’t depend on light shifts to progress from seedling to a bountiful, aromatic harvest. A photoperiod Blueberry takes ten weeks to flower. Blueberry autoflower cannabis seeds finish their entire cycle in the same period. The quality and genetic stability made Blueberry a parent of many fruity, punchy strains to follow. It’s one of those families that exploded in popularity. It boasts numerous offspring—autoflower Blueberry Haze seeds, Blueberry Kush, and Blue Dream, to name a few. 

    Wellness and Blueberry autoflower seeds

    Blueberry isn’t the first strain that comes to mind in medical marijuana discussions, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks healing properties. Like many heavy, indica-dominant hybrids, this one brings about a host of health benefits. It can easily replace traditional meds, especially sedatives, analgesics, and painkillers. 
    Apart from being a supreme recreational relaxer, a medical stoner could use Blueberry autoflower seeds for the grounding hobby of gardening that also replenishes their stash of alternative medicine. 
    These flowers can help with:
    - Pain alleviation- Muscle and joint tension relief- Stress release- Sleep aid- Headache painkiller
    Members of our community often use Blueberry to deal with symptoms of:
    - Acute and chronic pain- Appetite issues- Stress and depression- Arthritic pain- Inflammation- Insomnia- Headaches and migraines
    The high is calming but also profoundly happy. There’s not much of a hit on the cerebral side, but a puff of this stuff erases the symptoms of anxiety, grief, eating disorders, and ADHD, if only temporarily.
    You won’t use this weed for medical purposes if healing is your only goal. If you don’t mind spicing up your therapy with an enjoyable THC hit, Blueberry is your go-to.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Blueberry autoflower cannabis seeds: Frequently asked questions

    We often hear these questions about Blueberry autoflower seeds in the community. Here are the answers.

    Where can I get free Blueberry autoflower cannabis seeds?

    You can get an additional seed pack right here at Homegrown. We offer cheap cannabis seeds and periodic ‘buy one get one’ promos for all our classics, Blueberry included. Stay tuned to the store and follow our sales. 
    As soon as you notice the BOGO badge, it’s your time to buy weed seeds and enjoy extras. The good news doesn’t stop there. Even if it’s not BOGO time, our products are always affordable. Who says that cheap Blueberry autoflower seeds can’t be the highest quality?

    Can a beginner grow Blueberry autoflower?

    They certainly can. We believe that an absolute beginner can grow any strain with the right amount of prep work and dedication. Still, it’s better to start with an easy cultivar and work your way up.
    Blueberry autoflower seeds are a newbie’s best friend. They require very little attention and generously award even the slightest amount of effort.
    Are you prepping to grow cannabis for the first time? Have bad experiences with deficiencies and diseases? This variety has you covered. It tolerates extremes and mistakes, thriving despite everything.

    What is the Blueberry autoflower flower time?

    The name Blueberry ‘autoflower’ seeds means that they, well, flower automatically without  a light schedule change. Your cannabis plants will be ready for harvest after eight to ten weeks, and that’s from the moment you drop the seed in its growing medium. Impatient stoners, we have your back.

    How long do Blueberry autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    That depends on the method, but whatever it is, you won’t have to wait long. 
    - The paper towel method takes up to 48 hours.- The glass of water technique shows results after 36 hours tops.
    It shouldn’t take over two days for a tap root to pop up if you’re sowing directly into the soil.

    How long does it take Blueberry autoflower from seeds to harvest?

    The flowering time equals the period from seed to harvest. In this case, it’s eight to ten weeks, depending on your preferred ripeness. That’s the thing with non-photoperiods like the Blueberry autoflower cannabis seeds. They finish their entire life cycle in the time it takes a photoperiod cannabis strain to go through flowering alone.

    Grow medium: Blueberry autoflower hydro or soil?

    Either option works! The versatile, sturdy Blueberry autoflower seeds thrive indoors and outdoors, in soil or hydro. As a rule of thumb:
    - Stick to soil-based mediums if you’re a newbie. Hydroponic growing has more moving parts that might feel overwhelming at first.
    - If you’re more experienced, go for hydro. It lets you enjoy auto cannabis properties and eliminates the lower yields resulting from a shorter flowering time.

    What is the average Blueberry autoflower height?

    This beauty is a shortie. It’s bushy with dense foliage, but most of the expansion is lateral. It rarely develops over 30 inches tall (2.5 feet), even when growing outdoors with zero height restrictions. This height makes it ideal for rookie cultivators and limited space cultivation.

    Where can I find pictures of Blueberry autoflower marijuana?

    Anywhere on the Internet, really, but also right here at Homegrown. Scroll to the top of this page, and you’ll find pics of the whole plant, individual buds, and a short explainer video. 
    If you’d like to see more, sign up for Homegrown Diaries. That’s where our customers share their growing experiences and progress. Find the one for Blueberry autoflower, and you’ll learn how it develops in various conditions in real-time.

    Where is the best place to buy Blueberry autoflower seeds in the USA?

    Would you like to buy Blueberry autoflower seeds in the USA? You’re in the right place. Homegrown boasts accessibility, quality, and an extensive seed library, ensuring that each of our customers achieves a thriving garden that suits their style and budget. 
    Why waste your time looking for cheap Blueberry autoflower seeds elsewhere? You can read reviews from satisfied growers and stoners confirming the quality of these seeds and take advantage of our various payment methods, discreet shipping, and round-the-clock customer service. 
    Does it get any better?

    Are there any other names for Blueberry autoflower?

    Blueberry is a good name on its own. It’s short, sweet, and descriptive of this strain's top quality. Stoners are a creative bunch, especially about cultivars with a cult following. Some of the more poetic potheads might call it ‘Berry Blue.’ Doesn’t that sound gorgeous?

    Spelling errors

    The world of cannabis can be complicated! The selection of strains at Homegrown is massive, and it’s easy to confuse one cultivar with another. If you’re going on a solo Googling adventure, who knows what you might find by making a spelling mistake?
    The word ‘Blueberry’ is pretty commonplace, but we still see these spelling errors that might produce puzzling results:
    - Bluberry’s- Blueberris- Bulberrires- Blueberies- Blueberrys- Blueberrie
    Also, be sure to look for Blueberry weed, cannabis, or marijuana, but not hemp. Blueberry Hemp is a type of granola, which you surely can’t smoke!
    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Blueberry autoflower pics, and any Blueberry autoflower seed grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough Blueberry autoflower images—those crystals drive us wild!
    If you want to stock buy bulk Blueberry autoflower seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Blueberry autoflower seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.
    We’re not just an American cannabis seed company, we are an American cannabis brand.