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Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • Ride the rainbow
  • Let the smoke wrap you in a foggy cloud of bliss and calm - 18% THC
  • Tropical fruit aroma with a citrusy-salad flavor
  • Zkittlez autoflower seeds grow into fruity-scented crops, with vibrant colors sure to capture your attention. Named after the popular candy, many tokers refer to the cultivar as "Skittles". The strain stems from an interesting genetic lineage, and the plants are indica-leaning hybrids. Autoflowering Zkittlez seeds have a short lifespan between germination and harvesting regardl...Show more

    Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    300 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    100 - 300
    Height indoor
    60 - 90
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Zkittlez Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Zkittlez autoflower seeds grow into fruity-scented crops, with vibrant colors sure to capture your attention. Named after the popular candy, many tokers refer to the cultivar as "Skittles". The strain stems from an interesting genetic lineage, and the plants are indica-leaning hybrids. Autoflowering Zkittlez seeds have a short lifespan between germination and harvesting regardless of light cycles. 


    Zkittlez auto seeds produce dense buds packed with cannabinoids and rich in terpenes. The scents they exude are enticing, and the flavors are hard to resist. The cultivar induces intense effects that bring both mind and body to a state of euphoric relaxation. It's also a firm favorite among tokers who grow Zkittlez autoflower seeds for health reasons.


    What are Zkittlez auto cannabis seeds?


    Zkittlez autoflower seeds stem from a blend of two fruity parents and a ruderalis cultivar. Their genetics are behind the high THC content, ranging between 17–21%. Each dense bud that grows is a mixture of green shades with random orange, purple, and blue hues. Zkittlez cultivar's colorful appearance mirrors that of its namesake. Each bright nug is chunky and fragrant, luring you in with scents of musky fruit and earth. 


    Those with cannabis growing experience can easily cultivate Zkittlez auto seeds. However, the rapid development of these crops means that there's very little time for recovery if growers make any rookie errors. They require diligent care. There are various ways to germinate autoflowering Zkittlez seeds, but certain methods have a greater success rate. Once they sprout, the crops require careful attention and regular pruning. 


    After you harvest and grind the buds, the aromas get even stronger, reminiscent of a fresh basket of fruit on a summer's day. Taking a toke offers a cerebral buzz followed by physical sensations that are energizing, euphoric, and uplifting at first. These feelings get replaced with relaxing sensations that loosen your muscles and melt away any tightness in your neck and shoulders. 


    Zkittlez autoflower seeds are favorable for treating health conditions. Many users claim that the cultivar assists with both physical and mental ailments. These buds are an excellent choice for a late afternoon or evening toke because as the effects settle, you begin feeling heavy and sleepy. 


    What are the Zkittlez auto effects? 


    Many growers cultivate Zkittlez autoflower seeds for the effects the cultivar induces. The hybrid, packed with THC, provides intense psychoactive sensations. At first, your temples feel warm, and your mental state becomes positive. Your troubles melt away with each puff as the smoke wraps you in a foggy cloud of bliss and calm. These sensations last between 2–3 hours, and as they settle, your body feels tingly and warm. 


    You can still get around but feel slightly lazy. At this point, you might hear rumbling sounds emanating from your stomach. A case of the munchies usually accompanies the physical effects. Most tokers report cravings for something sweet or salty. Be sure to keep a large bottle of water nearby to offset any potential side effects. 


    Buds from Zkittlez autoflower seeds are suitable for tokers of all experience levels. Users who have low THC tolerance may experience dry eyes or cottonmouth if they don’t stay hydrated. Couch-lock isn't typical with the buds from autoflowering Zkittlez seeds. If you overindulge, you might drift off to dreamland a couple of hours after your last toke, though. The overall sensations of the cultivar are comforting and soothing. 


    What does the Zkittlez auto smell like? 


    The name Zkittlez auto seeds may already reveal that it smells and tastes like candy, but it's a bit more complex. There are hints of sweetness, and the scents are fruity and musky with hints of herbs. Veteran tokers compare the aromas of Zkittlez auto seeds buds to old-school Kush strains. The fusion of citrus, grape, and earth is very similar, but the former is sweeter. Before you harvest the buds, the crops exude soft fragrances of citrus and berries, masked with dank earth. Once you crush them, the tempting smells intensify. 


    A mixture of grape, citrus, berries, and mango are dominant, but you can also detect wafts of pepper. When you light the nugs, you taste grapefruit and lemon on the inhale with notes of berry and grape to balance the flavor. As you exhale, the earthiness is evident, and the flavor of a citrus-dominant fruit salad lingers on your tastebuds. The layered aromas and flavor profile are reason enough to start cultivating Zkittlez autoflower seeds. 


    How to germinate Zkittlez auto seeds 


    When you purchase autoflowering Zkittlez seeds, you want to ensure that you provide the best care from seedling to maturity. You don't have much room for error because of how quickly they grow. Even your chosen germination method needs to be thought through properly to prevent potentially damaging your Zkittlez auto seeds. 


    Some growers believe that by purchasing expensive equipment, they're enhancing their chances of successful sprouts. While there's nothing wrong with investing to ensure the well-being of your Zkittlez autoflower seeds, it's not always necessary. 


    Some of the most successful techniques only require a few household items. If you're still deciding which option is best, check out our Homegrown germination guide. Here we provide details for the method backed by our guarantee. If you're using fresh autoflowering Zkittlez seeds, you can start the process immediately. If your cannabis seeds are stored for a while, soaking them first for a couple of hours produces optimal results. 


    For the Homegrown recommended method, you need:


    - Zkittlez auto cannabis seeds

    - Two large plates 

    - A bowl with water 

    - Tweezers 

    - Two paper towels 

    - A cloth 

    - Spritzer bottle (optional) 


    The method: 


    Space out all the required items on a clean, dry surface before you begin. 


    Step 1: Take one of the dinner plates and place it in front of you. This plate is the foundation of your makeshift germination station. Ensure that it’s clean with no residue from previous use. 


    Step 2: Dip one paper towel into the bowl of water. Once saturated, lift it slightly and gently squeeze out any excess fluid, being careful not to tear it. 


    Step 3: Place the paper towel on the base plate and mop up any free-standing water with the cloth. The paper towel shouldn't have any droplets below it. 


    Step 4: Using your tweezers, gently place your Zkittlez autoflower seeds on the damp paper towel. Space them an inch apart, so the sensitive roots don't collide and break as they develop. 


    Step 5: Take the second paper towel and soak it in the bowl of water. 


    Step 6: Wring out extra moisture from the paper towel and cover the marijuana seeds. Once again, mop up any drops of water on the plate using the cloth. 


    Step 7: Cover the seeds and paper towels with the second plate. Closing the two plates provides the Zkittlez autoflower seeds with the darkness and warmth essential for successful germination. 


    Step 8: Place the makeshift germination station in a cool dark spot for up to a week. The location of the cannabis seeds should be out of reach from pets, children, and inquisitive guests. 


    Step 9: Check on your autoflowering Zkittlez seeds every 24 hours. 


    Step 10: If the cannabis seeds are kept moist, you don’t need to take action. Should they appear to be too dry, use the spritzer bottle to keep them hydrated. Be careful not to drench them as you could drown them. 


    Step 11: Within 1–5 days, your Zkittlez auto seeds should develop a fine white taproot. Any marijuana seeds that haven’t sprouted within 120 hours you can throw away. 


    Step 12: The visibility of a taproot means that your autoflowering Zkittlez seeds are ready to be planted into their permanent grow medium. 


    Remember, if you use a different germination technique, it terminates our Homegrown germination guarantee. 


    Disclaimer: Please ensure that you document, through the use of photography or video, your germination attempts as we may ask for supporting material when assessing any claims for replacement products. 


    Zkittlez auto cannabis seeds grow guide 


    Once germinated, decide whether to cultivate your Zkittlez autoflower seeds indoors or outdoors. You should only attempt the latter if your climate conditions are consistently warm and balmy. Indoor growing is preferable. The crops are medium height and develop bushy foliage. Growers with experience will find this strain pretty straightforward. 


    The main challenge with autoflowering Zkittlez seeds is how quickly they mature. Any errors can negatively impact the final yield, as the plant doesn’t have time to heal before flipping to flower. Ensure maximum airflow to avoid mold and other pathogens. You also need to prune excess leaves regularly to enhance light exposure. Providing your crops with moderate feeds of macronutrients also improves the quality of the buds. Our marijuana seeds thrive when combined with Homegrown nutrients. 


    Zkittlez auto seeds flourish with low humidity levels of 40–50% and a temperature range of 68–78℉. You can optimize your harvest by using a Sea of Green (SOG) setup. When your autoflowering Zkittlez seeds mature completely, the buds are dense, tapered, and beautifully colored. These have a coating of thick, sticky resin and sparkling trichomes. Indoor yields are approximately 11–18 oz. /m2, and crops cultivated outside produce roughly 4–11 oz. /plant


    What are the Zkittlez auto seeds genetics? 


    Zkittlez autoflower seeds are the result of crossing three strains, Grapefruit, Grandaddy Purple, and ruderalis. Each contributes specific aspects to the crop profile. The auto-flowering properties of these cannabis seeds stem from their ruderalis genetics. The Granddaddy Purple and Grapefruit cultivars’ characteristics are evident in the fragrance, flavors, effects, and plant structure. 


    The indica-dominant effects are inherited from Grandaddy Purple, while the sativa properties from Grapefruit make it less sedative. Zkittlez auto seeds combine the best qualities of both parents. 


    Wellness and Zkittlez auto seeds


    Growers often cultivate Zkittlez autoflower seeds at home for their reported health benefits. While nibbling on the marijuana seeds offers several wellness advantages, we refer to what the cannabis seeds can offer when fully matured. Health tokers report that the strain is helpful for several physical conditions such as body aches, migraines, and joint discomfort. Each user's experience differs, but there are multiple claims that the physical element of the cultivar provides pain relief. 


    Users also report that the strain helps with mental and behavioral issues like anxiety, stress, and depression. The soothing sensations it induces make it easier to fall asleep, assisting tokers with mild insomnia. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice. 


    Zkittlez auto marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions 


    Above, we've highlighted most of the essential information regarding Zkittlez autoflower seeds. There may still be a few common unanswered questions, which we'll respond to below. 


    Where can I get free cannabis Zkittlez auto cannabis seeds? 


    Getting free Zkittlez autoflower seeds is a challenging task as the cultivar is of premium quality. The only way to get your hands on these marijuana seeds without paying for them is through an incredible deal. Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers you frequent specials to purchase a certain number of seeds and get some free. These buy one get one free option usually come in the form of: 


    - Buy four get four free

    - Buy eight get eight free 

    - Buy twelve get twelve free


    Offers on autoflowering Zkittlez seeds are subject to change, so check in frequently to take advantage of the most incredible deals. 


    Can a beginner grow Zkittlez auto? 


    Autoflowering Zkittlez seeds are best suited to advanced growers, but intermediate cultivators looking to improve their skills can also give it a shot. Even though the strain is resilient, novice growers typically lack the experience to grow it successfully. 


    These crops require expert care from germination to harvest because they develop rapidly despite light cycles. While it's positive for a quicker harvest, it also means that the margin for error is minimal. Beginner growers may miss an important aspect of growing Zkittlez auto seeds, resulting in a reduced harvest or crop damage. 


    What is the Zkittlez auto flower time? 


    Autoflowering Zkittlez seeds mature quickly, and the flowering time ranges from 7–8 weeks. The phase is triggered despite light and dark hours. 


    How long do Zkittlez auto cannabis seeds take to germinate? 


    Germination varies from one marijuana seed to the next. It also depends on which method you use to help it sprout. When you germinate Zkittlez autoflower seeds using the method recommended by Homegrown Cannabis Co. , they should develop roots within 120 hours. 


    Some cannabis seeds take 24 hours to grow, while others take the full five days. Be patient, keep them moist, and observe them daily. If there’s no sign of your Zkittlez auto seeds growing roots by the sixth day, discard them. Even seeds from the same pack can grow at different rates. 


    How long does it take Zkittlez auto from seeds to harvest? 


    When you cultivate Zkittlez autoflower seeds, they typically take between 60–70 days to harvest. The vegetative phase lasts approximately 20–30 days regardless of light cycles. You only have a short period to boost your crops' health and maximize the yield. 


    Grow medium: Zkittlez auto hydro or soil? 


    You can grow Zkittlez autoflower seeds in both grow mediums, with different results. Cultivating them in a hydroponic setup typically results in taller, healthier plants due to the constant absorption of nutrients and access to water. 


    Using hydroponics produces excellent quality buds packed with terpenes. You also have fewer risks of garden pests invading your crops. The option is, however, more expensive and requires experience and skill to maintain. Cultivating autoflowering Zkittlez seeds in the ground is viable too. Soil is cheap and easy to set up, and the harvests are bountiful. You also don't need as much experience to achieve success using soil. 


    What is the average Zkittlez auto height? 


    Zkittlez autoflower seeds develop into compact plants reaching heights of 2–3 feet. In some cases, they grow slightly taller, but they're great for cultivating in smaller spaces. The foliage is quite thick, so even though they don't grow tall, you need to ensure that you space your crops in a way that allows adequate ventilation. 


    Where can I find pictures of Zkittlez auto marijuana? 


    Check out Homegrown Cannabis Co for images and helpful information regarding Zkittlez auto seeds. The internet provides multiple resources, but it’s challenging to determine which options are accurate. Stick with us for the best cannabis seed resources. 


    Where is the best place to buy Zkittlez auto in the USA? 


    When starting a cannabis crop, you only want to use Homegrown Cannabis Co. We offer quality Zkittlez auto seeds backed by our Homegrown germination guarantee. Our site also offers handy hints and growing tips to ensure your crops get the best possible care. To track your growing progress, subscribe to our Homegrown Diaries. Cultivating marijuana seeds at home doesn't need to be a lonely journey. You can also link up with like-minded individuals on our community forum. 


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Zkittlez autoflower pics, and any Zkittlez autoflower seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough of Zkittlez autoflower images. Those crystals drive us wild!


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