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Yumbolt Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Yumbolt Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • A pure indica with an amazing aroma.
  • Up to 24% THC for a long-lasting body stone
  • Like walking barefoot in a forest after the rain
  • If you’re an indica fan yearning to cultivate an award-winning nostalgic cannabis strain, you’ll love Yumbolt seeds. These feminized seeds are incredibly popular among weed growers and can be difficult to find in marijuana dispensaries in the US. Yumbolt is a proud winner of the best Indica strain at the 2001 Cannabis Cup, with a mysterious heritage said to be connected with la...Show more

    Yumbolt Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    90 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Yumbolt Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    If you’re an indica fan yearning to cultivate an award-winning nostalgic cannabis strain, you’ll love Yumbolt seeds. These feminized seeds are incredibly popular among weed growers and can be difficult to find in marijuana dispensaries in the US.


    Yumbolt is a proud winner of the best Indica strain at the 2001 Cannabis Cup, with a mysterious heritage said to be connected with landrace variants. Lighting up one of these resin-coated sticky buds and inhaling its earthly fragrances is a sensation every old-school cannabis user should experience. 


    You’ll find out the best place to buy Yumbolt feminized seeds here and how to grow them indoors and out. You’ll also discover the exciting range of recreational effects and wellbeing benefits from this rare indica strain.   


    Read on to find out everything you need to know about this pure indica cultivar. Let’s delve further into this natural phenomenon’s world and expose its golden beauty and delicious fragrances and flavors.   


    What are Yumbolt feminized cannabis seeds?


    Yumbolt feminized seeds are a rare find and an all-time favorite amongst veteran users and indica fans. This multi-award-winning strain is as close to nature as possible, with an interesting ancestry consisting of landrace variants. 


    You don’t have to worry about the possibility of growing male plants with these feminized cannabis seeds. You’re 99% guaranteed female crops with huge resin-soaked buds when you buy Yumbolt fem seeds.


    These marijuana crops develop laterally and grow between 3–5ft high, with broad deep-green leaves. Shimmering golden dense buds shaped like pine cones appear during the flowering stage, coated in a snowy layer of trichomes.


    The THC levels vary between 12–24% but can still deliver a knock-out punch to inexperienced users. The weed from Yumbolt seeds provides a range of therapeutic effects, and it’s a top-shelf medicinal choice, even though the CBD content is below 1%.


    It’s almost a shame to harvest these beautiful cannabis plants and stash those golden buds for consumption. Yumbolt weed shows you why it’s so popular when you toke up to experience its intense, relaxing physical effects.


    What are the Yumbolt feminized seeds effects?


    The weed from Yumbolt seeds is a veteran favorite, thanks to its smooth, tasty smoke and long-lasting, heavy body stone. This cannabis is best for late evening consumption when all you have left on your to-do list is to sit back and chill out.


    The cerebral effects swoop in almost instantly after the first toke, with a rush of euphoria, elevating your mood. This initial burst lasts for several minutes, and the indica quickly begins to work its magic on your body.


    Yumbolt is ideal for meditating and reflecting on yourself as calming waves wash over your mind and soothe racing or worrying thoughts. Anxiety takes a back seat, and happy feelings prevail and make you see the wonderful person you are.


    A light tingling sensation makes its way through your body, relaxing every fiber and atom in your physical being. Your tense muscles loosen, making it hard to ignore the overwhelming urge to cozy up and sink into your chair.


    The sedative effects cause your eyelids to become heavy and droop in front of the TV. Indulge in your favorite movie or show, sit back, and enjoy discovering hidden meanings and easter eggs you never noticed before. 


    Finally, your eyes start losing the fight to stay open as you succumb to the sleepy effects of Yumbolt seeds’ cannabis. Make your way to your bed and wrap yourself under a duvet or blanket for a peaceful, undisturbed night’s sleep. 


    Consume Yumbolt marijuana in moderation to avail of these awesome experiences and avoid unwanted side effects like paranoia and increased anxiety. Toking too much of this cannabis may leave you glued to your couch for a few hours.


    Expect typical marijuana minor annoyances like cottonmouth and red, glassy eyes when consuming Yumbolt weed. Treat these by drinking plenty of water or juice and using an optic spray.


    What does Yumbolt feminized smell like?


    The flowers from Yumbolt feminized seeds emit powerful pine sap fragrances, reminiscent of walking barefoot in a damp and mossy forest. The additional sweet and earthy aromas are a nostalgic throw-back for veteran users dreaming of a field lush in natural landrace strains.


    Igniting a Yumbolt sticky bud enhances these scents in a thick cloud that can quickly fill a room. Subtle citrus and skunky notes burst out among the prominent forestry aromas, tickling your nose hairs and encouraging you to inhale again. 


    The fragrance complements the flavor while revealing a few more delightful taste sensations for cannabis connoisseurs. Zesty lemon and nutty tangs coat the palate with a strong aftertaste of old-school skunk lingering on the lips after exhaling.


    How to germinate Yumbolt feminized seeds


    If you want to buy Yumbolt seeds and start growing them, you must first help them break out of their shells. Remember, these photoperiod marijuana crops enter their various life stages depending on the amount of light they receive. 


    Timing is key if you’re planning to grow your Yumbolt seeds outdoors, and the spring equinox is an ideal time to start popping those little shells. Germinate these cannabis seeds indoors whenever you wish.


    You can use many methods, such as planting them directly into the soil or buying products like seed cubes. We recommend the highly successful paper towel germination method here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. You’ll need the following items before you begin:


    - Two paper towels

    - A spray bottle containing purified or filtered water

    - Two large dinner plates

    - A pair of tweezers

    - Your feminized Yumbolt seeds


    Follow our practical germination guide below for the best results, and don’t forget to document your attempts with photos and videos. In the unlikely event your cannabis shells don’t pop, we may ask for supporting material and evidence when assessing replacement clams under our guarantee:


    - Moisten your paper towels with a few squirts from your spray bottle and wring out any excess water.


    - Flatten one of the damp paper towels onto the surface of a dinner plate.


    - Use the tweezers to transfer your Yumbolt seeds onto the wet paper towel, keeping them an inch apart.


    - Place the second paper towel on top of your marijuana seeds and remove any freestanding water on the plate.


    - Use the second dinner plate to cover your setup and store them in a dark area for 24–120 hours.


    - Check on your Yumbolt seeds regularly, and give the paper towels a few sprays of water to ensure they don’t dry out.


    - Transfer your cannabis seeds into their new medium as soon as you see healthy white taproots poking out of the shells.


    Carefully follow our germination guide for more detailed instructions and step-by-step images. You can also watch a video with visuals and audio to kick-start your Yumbolt feminized seeds journey. 


    Keep updated with your jurisdiction’s current marijuana legislation and news to ensure you abide by the law. Don’t germinate your Yumbolt seeds for either recreational or medicinal use if it’s against the law.


    Yumbolt feminized seeds grow guide


    Yumbolt feminized seeds can easily grow outdoors because of their Afghani landrace heritage. The cannabis plants are resistant to most molds and diseases, and they can withstand many extreme weather patterns in higher latitudes.


    These feminized marijuana seeds grow best in Mediterranean-type climates, with long, warm summers and short, cool winters. The average flowering time is 8–10 weeks, during which big, golden buds emerge from these cannabis plants.


    The weed crops from Yumbolt seeds grow up to 5ft outdoors in the natural environment and require little TLC. Ensure you keep the threat of mildew at bay by pruning the front leaves to enable air and light to penetrate the inner foliage.


    Remember, these photoperiod cannabis plants grow in harmony with the light they receive from the changing seasons. The flowers bloom as summer days get shorter and yields of 7–11 oz. per plant outdoors will be ready for harvest in October.


    Indoors in limited spaces, increase the productivity of the weed crops from Yumbolt seeds by using a Sea of Green (SOG) growing technique. Use a hydro system for a balanced distribution of nutrients and control the cannabis plants’ aromas with carbon filters or odor neutralizers.


    Maintain your indoor temperatures between 68–79℉ and use 750–1000 watt LED lights for your Yumbolt plants. Adjust your lamps as your marijuana crops stretch to avoid light burn or heat stress on your beautiful green Yumbolt canopy.


    An 18/6 light cycle is ideal for the vegetative stage, flipping it to 12/12 to trigger the flowering phase for 8–10 weeks. In optimal conditions with a decent lighting system, humidity controls, and temperatures, expect to harvest yields of 12 oz./m² indoors.


    What are the Yumbolt feminized strain genetics?


    Yumbolt cannabis plants adapted to their environment in Humboldt County, California, as far back as the 1970s. This unusual indica strain’s ancestry is still a mystery today, with marijuana enthusiasts regularly debating its heritage.


    Many folks speculate Yumbolt feminized seeds are a cross between an Afghani strain and a Himalayan variant. Yumbolt’s plants contain the same sturdy branches and bushy frames present in indica landrace strains acclimatized to the Afghani mountainous regions.


    We may never get to confirm Yumbolt’s specific origins, but marijuana breeders are using these cannabis seeds as a benchmark to create more exciting cultivars. Yumbolt Critical and Yumbolt 47 are two new weed variants that have emerged, thanks to this legendary Cannabis Cup winner.


    Wellness and Yumbolt feminized seeds


    If you see Yumbolt seeds for sale, we recommend buying them at once as they’re extremely hard to source. Not only do cannabis fans use Yumbolt weed for its psychoactive and sedating experiences, but medicinal marijuana users consume it for its therapeutic effects.


    The cannabis from Yumbolt fem seeds has a terpene profile rich in anxiolytic and antidepressant properties that may benefit your wellbeing. The main terpenes present in this marijuana are alpha-pinene, linalool, camphene, and myrcene.


    Alpha-pinene may benefit medicinal marijuana users with Crohn’s disease, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. This terpene is renowned for its neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.


    Linalool is a powerful terpene that can help reduce pain and anxiety. Some folks who consume cannabis from Yumbolt seeds report it can promote calmness, help combat depression, and aid body pain by soothing and relaxing muscles.


    Camphene contains many therapeutic properties, including analgesic and antioxidant effects. Growers can harness the resin from Yumbolt feminized buds to create cannabis oils and topicals to help treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


    The weed from Yumbolt feminized seeds provides strong, sedating body stones and can aid users suffering from insomnia. Some marijuana medical cardholders have also stated Yumbolt can help with vertigo when consumed in small doses.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Yumbolt feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    If these rare cannabis seeds have aroused your curiosity, you may still want more information on them before beginning your Yumbolt growing journey. Here are some common questions marijuana users frequently ask about Yumbolt feminized seeds and cannabis plants.


    Where can I get free cannabis Yumbolt feminized seeds?


    Yumbolt seeds are difficult to find in dispensaries in Green states and even harder to get for free. Stick to companies like Homegrown Cannabis Co. for the best value and high-quality cannabis seeds on our BOGO offers page.

    We change the strains available regularly and offer two packs for the price of one. Check this page often for the BOGO badge to get yourself some cheap Yumbolt feminized seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Yumbolt feminized?


    Rookie cultivators should comfortably be able to grow Yumbolt feminized cannabis seeds. These marijuana plants are naturally robust, resistant to most molds and diseases, and can withstand harsh conditions in the Northern Hemisphere. Beginners can also prune and maintain Yumbolt weed crops easily because of their short height. 


    What is the Yumbolt feminized flower time?


    The average flowering time is 8–10 weeks for the cannabis plants from feminized Yumbolt seeds. You can harvest the buds at eight weeks for more intense cerebral effects. Don’t leave it any later than ten weeks to harvest your Yumbolt yields outdoors if you want to avoid the fall frost.


    How long do Yumbolt feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Yumbolt marijuana seeds take 1–5 days to germinate, depending on your chosen method to pop their shells. We recommend following our germination guide for the best results to get you started on your growing journey. Always keep your cannabis seeds warm and moist to boost your chances. 


    How long does it take Yumbolt feminized to grow from seeds to harvest?


    The average time for Yumbolt feminized plants to grow outdoors from seed to harvest is 26–28 weeks. Germinate your Yumbolt seeds at the start of April for an early October harvest. You can shorten the vegetative stage indoors by flipping your light cycle to 12/12, triggering the flowering phase.


    Grow medium: Yumbolt feminized hydro or soil?


    Yumbolt seeds grow well in hydroponics and soil mediums. A decent hydro setup ensures an even distribution of nutrients to your cannabis plant’s root systems. Earth and clay enhance the fragrance profile of your Yumbolt marijuana crops for a stronger pine-forest aroma from their golden buds. 


    What is the average Yumbolt feminized height?


    The average height of Yumbolt feminized plants is 3–5ft. Their short height makes them ideal for small growth spaces if you want to cultivate them indoors. The cannabis crops from Yumbolt seeds can grow up to 5ft outdoors in the natural environment without topping or shaping them. 


    Where can I find pictures of Yumbolt feminized marijuana?


    Check out our Yumbolt Feminized Homegrown Diary for images of these rare weed plants. You’ll find stunning pictures of their beautiful golden nugs and dark emerald-green leaves from other marijuana enthusiasts. If you’re growing Yumbolt cannabis seeds, submit your photographs and share them with other weed fans. 


    How do Yumbolt feminized seeds differ from other cannabis seeds?


    The weed plants from Yumbolt fem seeds showcase dense buds during their flowering phase. The following marijuana seeds are available to buy:


    - Regular seeds are cheaper to purchase and have a 50/50 chance of growing into female and male plants. The male plants can pollinate your lady crops if you don’t separate them. Breeders use these cannabis seeds to experiment and create new marijuana variants.


    - Feminized seeds produce photoperiod plants, reaching their various life stages depending on their exposure to light. These females produce buds and flowers for harvest during their flowering phase.


    - Autoflower seeds are fast-growing and usually female, allowing you to harvest their buds multiple times a year. Best grown indoors, they grow by age, not by changing seasons or light to dark ratios.


    Where is the best place to buy Yumbolt feminized seeds in the USA?


    Look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co. for the best place to buy Yumbolt feminized seeds. Our high-quality cannabis seeds are shipped fast and discreetly to your door. Our Homegrown forum has plenty of growing tips and tricks, and our germination guarantee ensures a successful start to your journey.


    Are there any other names for Yumbolt feminized?


    Yumbolt feminized seeds don’t have any other names in the marijuana community. A few websites call this cultivar Yumbolt without referring to the type of weed plants they produce. Some cannabis users mistakenly refer to it as Yumbolt 47, but this is a different strain, crossed with another marijuana variant.

    Spelling errors


    - Yumbalt

    - Yumbold 

    - Yumboltfem


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