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Yumbolt Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Yumbolt Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • Can't wipe that smile off your face
  • A state of euphoric bliss awaits - around 24% THC
  • Like walking barefoot in a forest after the rain
  • Are you interested in growing a hard-hitting cultivar that matures independently of light cycles? Try Yumbolt autoflower seeds! As far as autos go, this strain is straightforward and doesn’t need much maintenance. It descends from rare, exotic genetics and has an impressive blend of terpenes.  These autoflower seeds mature into compact crops, suitable for most growing environme...Show more

    Yumbolt Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    50 - 150
    Height indoor
    70 - 140
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Yumbolt Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Are you interested in growing a hard-hitting cultivar that matures independently of light cycles? Try Yumbolt autoflower seeds! As far as autos go, this strain is straightforward and doesn’t need much maintenance. It descends from rare, exotic genetics and has an impressive blend of terpenes. 


    These autoflower seeds mature into compact crops, suitable for most growing environments. Harvest time is roughly eight weeks after germination, and the buds are small and dense. Each nug boasts a luscious shade of green with orange hairs and a layer of trichomes. They exude fresh pine scents, enticing you to take a toke, and when you do, a blast of sweet berries tantalizes your tongue. 


    One of the main reasons Yumbolt autoflower seeds are popular is the effects the buds induce. At first, you experience uplifting sensations and euphoria. Next comes a complete body buzz that softens your limbs and helps you unwind. The cultivar is a hit with recreational and medicinal users. 


    Below we take a look at its reported health advantages, genetics, and flavors. We also provide germination tips and growing advice to make your cultivation journey easy. Let’s discover more about this hard-hitting hybrid. 


    What are Yumbolt autoflower cannabis seeds? 


    Yumbolt autoflower seeds stem from blending two powerful cultivars. They mature into compact, hardy plants and thrive both indoors and outdoors. Growers can select from soil-based mediums or hydroponics and still reap bountiful yields. 


    The buds are small but eye-catching with shades of green and olive. They also feature fiery orange pistils and a delicious resin coating. The nugs exude intense fragrances that tempt you to taste them. It features an intriguing flavor profile of pine, fruit, earth, and spice. The cultivar contains a rich fusion of compounds and terpenes. 


    The THC levels are 12–24%, and the CBD content is roughly 0.7%. These averages make for powerful effects that are both uplifting and relaxing. It only takes one or two tokes for the sensations to start, and the calming feelings last more than an hour. Cultivating auto Yumbolt seeds is pretty straightforward if you’ve grown cannabis before. It doesn’t need much maintenance, and the harvests are rewarding. 


    What are Yumbolt autoflower's effects? 


    The cultivar is hard-hitting, and beginners should take it slow. Recreational tokers often grow auto Yumbolt seeds for their potency. It only takes one or two tokes for the effects to kick in. It starts with a warm, cerebral rush that uplifts you and puts you in a state of euphoric bliss. All negativity vanishes from thought, and a content smile appears on your face. 


    During the onset, the cultivar pairs well with socializing or artistic tasks. Happiness and creative inspiration flow freely through your veins. A few minutes later, the warm, mental buzz spreads down your spine to the rest of your body. The tingling sensation is comforting and relaxing at first, but it soon becomes heavy, and your limbs feel lazy. 


    Be sure to keep food and beverages close by as a case of the munchies is sure to occur. The cultivar is suited to nighttime use as many tokers drift off to a peaceful sleep an hour or two after consumption. It doesn’t cause couchlock, but you feel too lazy to move around. 


    What does Yumbolt autoflower smell like? 


    If you cultivate Yumbolt auto seeds indoors, their plant’s scent fills your grow room. The buds exude aromas reminiscent of a rainforest after a drizzle. Complimentary fragrances of pine, berries, and spice emanate from the plants.


    After harvesting, the sweet smell of berries and moss dominates, and the aromatic fusion intensifies when you crush the buds. Once lit, the pine notes get stronger and are the first flavor you detect when you take a toke. As the smoke swirls around your mouth, sugary fruit tickles your taste buds. Spicy notes come to the fore on the exhale, and the after-taste is a blend of berries and pine. 


    How to germinate Yumbolt autoflower seeds


    Yumbolt autoflower seeds are simple to germinate. You can select from several techniques, but we recommend using the paper towel method. It's effective and affordable using only a few household items. 


    For this method, you'll need 


    Two paper towels A bowl with water Two dinner plates A cloth TweezersMarijuana seeds A spray bottle (optional) 




    Step 1: Place a dinner plate on a sturdy surface and ensure it’s dry. 


    Step 2: Dip a paper towel in the bowl of water, and squeeze it to remove excess liquid. You only want it to be damp. (Take care not to tear it as they're fragile when wet.) 


    Step 3: Place the Yumbolt seeds (autoflower) on the damp towel using tweezers. Spread them out so the roots don't touch when they sprout. A one-inch distance between them is ideal. 


    Step 4: Dunk the second paper towel in the bowl of water and wring it out. It needs to be damp, not soaking wet. 


    Step 5: Cover the marijuana seeds with the second paper towel. Use the cloth to dry any freestanding water on the plate.


    Step 6: Close the setup using the other dinner plate. Place the makeshift germination station in a warm, dry spot. 


    Check on your Yumbolt autoflower seeds daily and if the paper towels feel dry, add moisture with the spray bottle. Small white taproots will appear within 1–5 days.


    For more detailed instructions, check out our germination guide. Contact our team for a replacement if any of your cannabis seeds don't sprout within the allocated time. Please take photos or videos of the process to abide by the Homegrown Cannabis Co. guarantee terms.


    Yumbolt autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    When your Yumbolt autoflower seeds germinate, transfer them to their long-term grow medium using tweezers. The roots are delicate so exercise caution. The cultivar is suitable for indoor and outdoor growth, but the yields differ slightly. These marijuana seeds are best suited to growers who have some experience. Their life cycles are short, so they don't have much time to recover from any cultivation mistakes. 


    If you opt for outdoor cultivation, put protective measures in place. Heavy storms can damage your crops, so put up a canopy or alternative shelter. If you plant your auto Yumbolt seeds directly in the ground, you need to ensure you have premium soil. Loamy varieties are best. 


    Loamy soil allows the roots to develop unhindered while keeping the plant stable. If your substrate is clay-based, the roots don't grow optimally. You can also cultivate outside by using pots. This allows you to move your crops whenever there are severe weather conditions.  


    Select a spot with plenty of sunshine for your Yumbolt autoflower seeds to flourish outside. These plants need a warm, Mediterranean climate with moderate humidity. Take preventative measures against garden pests by using organic pesticides like neem oil. 


    Observe your plants closely for any signs of infections and infestation, and take swift action if you notice anything odd. Try avoiding harmful chemicals and opt for organic alternatives. As your Yumbolt autoflower seeds mature, introduce light supplementation. An occasional dose of macronutrients enhances their health. Some growers also use foliar sprays.


    When cultivating these cannabis seeds indoors, you have more control and a higher chance of success. You don’t need much vertical space as these plants only grow 2–4ft tall. If you have a small indoor cultivation area, implement the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. This training method only works if you have four or more plants. It entails growing them close together to create a canopy of buds.


    Yumbolt auto seeds require warm temperatures of around 68–79℉. Moderate humidity is best, with a range of 55–62%. The strain doesn’t need light cycle changes to transition from one developmental stage to the next. The more it receives, the healthier the buds turnout. We recommend a cycle of 20 hours of light and four hours of dark. Some growers offer their plants 18 hours of light and six hours of dark with great results too.


    Due to its rapid life cycle, growers hesitate to prune these plants. Only trim excess foliage that blocks light exposure to the lower parts of the plant. Ensure your grow room has adequate ventilation to minimize the risk of pathogens. 


    Crops are sturdy and have a natural resistance against mold. Its hardy nature makes it ideal for intermediate-level growers who want to dabble with autoflower marijuana seeds. Untrained crops develop massive colas. Nugs are vibrant and coated in resin. 


    After your auto Yumbolt seeds germinate, expect the plants to reach full maturity within eight weeks. Grow these crops year-round for multiple harvests, provided there’s no frost. When growing outdoors, your final yield should be ready by mid-October in the Northern Hemisphere. Outside varieties produce roughly 12 oz./plant, and indoor crops offer an average of 14 oz./m2.  


    What are the Yumbolt autoflower strain genetics?


    Yumbolt autoflower seeds have an intriguing lineage. They stem from a cross of Yumbolt and Lowrider 2. The former is a rare exotic strain with origins in the Middle East. While the history of the cultivar isn't confirmed, many believe that Afghani and Himalayan landrace strains form part of its genetics. 


    Yumbolt rose to fame after winning the Best Indica award at the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup. It's THC-rich, with powerful effects and mouth-watering flavors. It passes these attributes on to the next generation. Lowryder 2 is a high-yielding autoflower legend. It's these genetics that allow Yumbolt auto to produce such generous harvests. 


    Wellness and Yumbolt autoflower seeds


    Many cultivate Yumbolt auto seeds for the reported therapeutic benefits. The cultivar contains 17–21% THC and roughly 0.7% CBD. The compounds each cause a different reaction in your body, and some believe they can help treat illnesses. 


    Some of the reported benefits link to physical ailments like chronic pain and inflammation, while others are associated with behavioral conditions. Those who grow Yumbolt autoflower seeds for mental health reasons report that it helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. Some assert that it also assists with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and insomnia. 


    Each terpene has specific properties that contribute to the strain's effects. The main ones include pinene, linalool, camphene, and myrcene. Tokers assert that pinene is a bronchodilator with anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety qualities. They also claim it helps combat memory impairment. 


    Users believe that linalool has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant attributes. Many assert that it might be useful in the battle against certain cancers. Users turn to camphene for its reported analgesic, antibiotic, and antioxidant properties. 


    Myrcene is the most common cannabis terpene. Its alleged therapeutic benefits include anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and sedative qualities. When you cultivate Yumbolt auto seeds, you'll access all these in the buds you harvest.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice. 


    Yumbolt autoflower seeds: Frequently asked questions 


    We've covered some of the most important information regarding Yumbolt autoflower seeds, but you may still have questions. Below we answer some of the most frequently asked ones with detailed explanations.


    Where can I get free Yumbolt autoflower seeds?


    Finding quality cannabis seeds at an affordable rate is challenging. Acquiring free ones is even more so. Fortunately, you can get free marijuana seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. when you purchase certain products. The seed store has several excellent promotions. Popular ones include: 


    Buy 4 get 4 free Buy 8 get 8 free Buy 12 get 12 free


    The cannabis seeds on promotion change occasionally, so be sure to check back frequently for a deal on Yumbolt autoflower seeds. You don't want to miss out on any incredible offers.


    Can a beginner grow Yumbolt autoflower?


    No. Yumbolt autoflower seeds are best suited to experienced growers. Autoflower marijuana seeds transition from one phase to another automatically. There isn't much time for crops to recover from cultivation errors. 


    What is the Yumbolt autoflower flower time?


    From seed to harvest, Yumbolt autoflower seeds take 49–56 days. Each stage of development is quick, and the flowering phase lasts roughly two weeks.


    How long do Yumbolt autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Marijuana seeds develop differently. Some pop sooner than others. When you grow (autoflower) Yumbolt seeds, the time it takes to germinate also depends on your chosen method. If you use the paper towel method, which we recommend, it takes 1–5 days.


    How long does it take Yumbolt autoflower from seed to harvest?


    Once your Yumbolt seeds (autoflower) germinate, it takes 7–8 weeks for these crops to develop fully. The plants go through four maturity phases. 


    - Germination 

    - Seedling 

    - Vegetative 

    - Flowering 


    The germination stage takes approximately 1–2 weeks, and the seedling phase lasts approximately 2–3 weeks. The vegetative stage takes roughly three weeks, and the flowering phase is about two weeks long. Yumbolt autoflower seeds take a total of 8–10 weeks from seed to harvest.  


    Grow medium: Yumbolt autoflower hydro or soil? 


    Cultivate Yumbolt auto seeds in soil or hydroponics. The strain thrives either way, but the terpene profile tends to be richer with the former. Hydroponics encourages healthy growth and bountiful harvests. 


    What is the average Yumbolt autoflower height?


    Auto Yumbolt seeds grow into compact crops. The average height is 2–4ft. Most auto crops are small because of their ruderalis genetics. The same genes that make them light-independent keep their structure compact.


    Where can I find pictures of Yumbolt autoflower marijuana? 


    A quick search engine request brings up multiple images, but how accurate are they? Our Homegrown Cannabis Co. site is a reliable source of marijuana resources. Check out our Yumbolt Autoflower Homegrown Diaries for more Yumbolt images. 


    What are the differences between the main cannabis seed variants? 


    The three main types of marijuana seeds are: 


    - Feminized seeds

    - Regular seeds

    - Autoflower seeds  


    Feminized cannabis seeds sprout an all-female crop (99% of the time). Due to their genetic modifications, they offer growers convenience. When you cultivate these seeds, you don’t have to worry about separating males. 


    Regular seeds produce both male and female crops. Pollination occurs if you don't separate the genders in the vegetative phase. These marijuana seeds are great for breeding or developing new strains. 


    Autoflowers, like Yumbolt auto seeds, mature within a specific timeframe. They don’t need the light cycles to change to flip to the final development phase.


    Where is the best place to buy Yumbolt autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Stick with us! If you're looking to buy Yumbolt auto cannabis seeds, don't settle for less than the best. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a wide selection of premium products. The store also offers valuable information to help you along your cultivation path. Connect with other cannabis-loving individuals on our community forum, and keep up with the latest trends. 


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Yumbolt autoflower pics, and any Yumbolt autoflower seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Yumbolt autoflower images, and those crystals drive us wild!


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