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White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 30
  • HEAVY on yields
  • 22% THC delivers a deeply relaxing high.
  • Disease-resistant and super-easy to grow.
  • If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you’re probably familiar with White Widow feminized seeds. Newbies, on the other hand, are in for a dank surprise. Not only do White Widow feminized seeds create insanely potent buds, but cultivating them is as easy as pie. Here, you’ll find all the ins and outs of feminized White Widow seeds.What are White Widow feminized cannabis seeds?White ...Show more

    White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you’re probably familiar with White Widow feminized seeds. Newbies, on the other hand, are in for a dank surprise. Not only do White Widow feminized seeds create insanely potent buds, but cultivating them is as easy as pie. Here, you’ll find all the ins and outs of feminized White Widow seeds.

    What are White Widow feminized cannabis seeds?

    White Widow’s flavor and energetic effects induce mouth-watering reactions in anyone who enjoys a puff or two of this classic strain. White Widow feminized seeds develop into cultivars with incredible THC levels that cause a next-level high.
    Feminized White Widow stands as one of the most distinguishable strains available. The scent is so distinct that heads turn like swivels when people catch a whiff. The smell and taste of the flowers combine earthy flavors with woody undertones. 
    If you like having friends over, having enough bud to go around can be tricky. Luckily, feminized White Widow seeds produce huge colas, are beginner-friendly, and grow very quickly compared to some other feminized seeds.
    Recreational smokers enjoy feminized White Widow so much that it’s won multiple cannabis awards. It's incredibly high THC level (18–25%) offers a potent sedative effect, which is perfect after a stressful day. White Widow is a low CBD strain and has less than 2% CBD after curing, which is low compared to high CBD seeds. 
    Medical marijuana consumers do, however, report that they find relief from insomnia, stress, and anxiety. The best part of cultivating feminized White Widow seeds is their effortlessness. Dutch breeders combined sativa and indica landrace strains to create a bonafide “wonder-weed.”
    Feminized seeds also have a 99% guarantee that the seeds become female. So, you can expect fruitful harvests and massive yields, whether you’re a casual gardener or a hardcore cultivator. 
    You might think that your bud potency or yield size will drop if you plant easy-to-grow versions. Fortunately, feminized White Widow seeds directly contradict that and prove their worth both in bud potency and size.

    What are the White Widow feminized effects?

    Feminized White Widow has an exciting combination of flavors and effects. The appearance is deceiving unless you pay attention to the trichomes. A slight misjudgment could leave you rooted to your couch binge-watching your favorite series. 
    While watching something may be very fun once the effects of feminized White Widow kick in, you could also focus on artistic expression. Users report an intense energy boost, accompanied by euphoria and creativity.
    Having something to snack on nearby is a good idea. Like most cannabis strains, at some point, you’ll feel the munchies. Similarly, you should have something to drink for when your mouth starts becoming dry.
    You can quickly witness the strength of feminized White Widow buds after a few tokes and may experience dry, red eyes. Fortunately, some eye drops are the perfect cure. White Widow feminized pot seeds are notorious for growing into robust plants with up to 22% THC content. 
    While the THC level may be high, Feminized White Widow offers users a surge of energy before the couch lock takes effect. Consumers will feel their concerns disappear as a wave of euphoria ignites their passion for any activity. Users claim that feminized White Widow weed is the perfect Saturday smoke as it offers a boost when you’re outside enjoying nature.

    What does White Widow feminized smell like?

    White Widow feminized cannabis seeds produce cultivars with particularly “nosy” flowers. However, although the buds are pretty “dank,” the earthy-herbal scent isn’t unpleasant. 
    White Widow feminized seeds create beautifully sweet and spicy flowers that accurately predict the harvest—it’s no surprise that many cultivators claim that it's the best strain around. Unlike many indica hybrids, feminized White Widow marijuana doesn’t have a very “skunky” aroma. 
    Although the scent is earthy and herbal, there are also fruity notes thanks to the wide variety of terpenes. Terpenes are chemicals that plants produce for varying functions such as pigmentation, signaling functions, and flavors. As a result, terpenes have different smells, tastes, and colors, depending on their concentrations.
    Below is the terpene profile that gives feminized White Widow its fantastic smell, taste, and color:
    - Alpha-Pinene gives feminized White Widow cannabis a pine-tree smell.
    - Humulene creates various herbal and spice aromas.
    - Isopulegol provides a eucalyptus or minty scent.
    - Guaiol produces a floral, woody smell.
    - Neryl-acetate is the source of the sweet, fruity, floral smell.
    - Caryophyllene has a unique aroma of herbs, spice, and wood.
    All cannabis strains have multiple different terpenes in varying quantities. So, while two or more marijuana strains may have the same terpenes, their percentages affect the final smell. In White Widow, the Humulene and Guaiol are fairly dominant terpenes. 
    As a result, Humulene gives feminized White Widow a recognizable spicy scent, and Guaiol provides the woody undertones. White Widow contains the terpene Neryl-acetate, a floral terpene that doesn’t always affect the taste of the buds. Consequently, the taste of feminized White Widow doesn’t necessarily match the smell.

    How to germinate White Widow feminized seeds

    The excitement begins from the day you purchase feminized White Widow seeds. Once your seeds arrive, it’s time to start cultivating. Before you begin planting your seeds here, there, and everywhere, you need to prepare your grow space. 
    You’ll also need to ensure you have all the tools ready to get the job done. Generally, marijuana seeds sprout quickly and without problems. A combination of the right temperature and following the approved method will increase your success rate. 
    It’s always better if you germinate the cannabis seeds before you plant them into the soil. Not only do you give your cannabis seeds a higher chance of survival, but you also allow them to develop unchecked and increase productivity.
    Let’s look at the step-by-step guide of how to germinate your marijuana seeds.
    First, have paper towels, purified water, a plate, and tweezers ready alongside your cannabis seeds. Once you’re all set:
    - Use the purified water to moisten a paper towel.
    - Put the paper towel in the middle of the plate.
    - Place your cannabis seeds roughly 1 inch apart onto the plate.
    - Use another moist paper towel to cover the marijuana seeds gently.
    - Lift the paper towels and tilt the plate to drain excess water.
    - Place the plate in a warm spot (around 75℉) that’s away from the light.
    - Keep the paper towels moist, and check on your cannabis seeds daily.
    - Use the tweezers to transplant your seedlings once they sprout taproots.
    There’s no cause for concern if you don’t see roots on the first day. Taproots can take up to five days to develop. Luckily, once your feminized White Widow weed seeds pop, you can plant them over. When you see the thin, white taproots start developing, your seeds are ready for the soil. To maintain the best results, follow the Homegrown germination guide. You’ll find detailed explanations, pictures, and links on the entire germination process.

    White Widow feminized seeds grow guide

    Feminized White Widow seeds are straightforward for experienced and novice gardeners to grow. Not only do they offer highly reliable yields, but they’re also very durable. The true beauty of feminized White Widow lies in the mature plant. Cultivators can often see the leaves turn from dark green to a dark plum color in colder temperatures.
    As an indica-sativa hybrid, White Widow is quite versatile. Although White Widow prefers Mediterranean climates, growers in colder areas can still cultivate it with relative ease. In most cases, all you need for your feminized White Widow marijuana is protection, nutrients, good soil, enough light, and water.
    Keeping the foliage in check is also an excellent way to stop mold or other pests. Feminized White Widow plants have decent pest resistance but need a helping hand during the flowering phase. The massive colas and bushy foliage can be a breeding ground for insects and mildew, which severely harm your cultivar.
    When it comes to hybrids, feminized White Widow is recognized globally. The potency, yields, and ease of growth allow people from any background to try their hand at weed cultivation. 
    Like many sativa hybrids, White Widow feminized seeds can grow into monstrously large plants. Untrimmed, your plants could reach up to 6 feet (2 meters). The limbs are long and slender and may need some support during the flowering phase. 
    Once the buds start growing, you see the shimmer of trichomes as the buds start producing resin. If you need your plants to stay short but don’t want to lose yield quantities, topping your feminized White Widow cultivars could help. However, always do your research before you practice any topping method to avoid unnecessary complications.
    White Widow feminized seeds like warm, sunny environments and flourish in temperatures between 70–80℉. Outdoor gardeners should germinate seeds in early June so that they can expect harvests in October. Indoor cultivators have a lot more leniency on when they germinate or harvest plants.  
    Feminized White Widow cannabis seeds allow growers to produce top-tier weed from inside their homes. Indoor setups are worth the initial investment and time, as you can expect around 15–17 oz per square meter. Outdoors, you can look forward to roughly 24 oz per plant.
    When it comes to yields, greenhouse setups take feminized White Widow seeds to the next level. Using High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) bulbs allows you to extend daylight hours as much as you want while still giving your plants plenty of sunlight.
    White Widow feminized weed seeds are very lenient, considering the name. Even so, you should keep a few things in mind at all times:
    - Trimming. When you trim your plants, remove all the dead or damaged leaves carefully. Be mindful not to over trim your plants, and cut away only the unnecessary foliage.
    - Environment. Outdoor cultivators should stick to summer because feminized White Widow cannabis seeds like temperatures of 75 to 80 ℉ and relative humidity of 55–60%.
    - Climate. Indoor growers will need to control the environment with fans, dehumidifiers, and warming mats.
    - Food and pH. It’s vital that you always keep the pH around 5.8–6.5 and never overfeed your weed. Buy a pH testing kit, and always follow the feeding recommendations.
    - Watering. The best advice to follow is to water your White Widow feminized seeds when they need it. If you overwater your plants, the humidity can rise, leading to mold or other fungal developments.
    - Harvests. Harvesting your marijuana on time is essential to preserve the flavor and THC content. You should aim to harvest your feminized White Widow marijuana around the 9th flowering week.

    What are the White Widow feminized strain genetics?

    Feminized White Widow cannabis comes from a direct lineage. Breeders combined a Brazilian sativa landrace strain with a South Indian indica variant. Many people consider feminized White Widow weed to be a “pure hybrid” because both parents are pure strains. Neither parent is a hybrid, resulting in a perfectly balanced child strain.

    Wellness and White Widow feminized

    The buds you get from White Widow feminized seeds are mostly recreational, as the THC can cause an intense high. However, many medical users say they receive many benefits as well.
    Artists and musicians claim that a few tokes gave them the boost they needed for creative inspiration to kick in. Similarly, insomniacs say they have a better nights’ sleep after a few pulls on a joint.
    Consumers report that they experience an increase in energy and mental stimulation after smoking feminized White Widow flowers. In addition, some medical patients say that it helps them deal with stress and depression.
    There are reports that feminized White Widow buds induce delightful muscle-relaxing effects in arthritis patients. Currently, there’s still a lot more we need to learn about the medical aspect of marijuana. The sedative effects of feminized White Widow vary from person to person. So, be cautious when you smoke the buds and give them time to take effect. 
    Overindulging may seem like a great idea after a particularly tough day but may leave you feeling worse. Many users say that a puff or two lessens chronic pain; you may feel a little light-headed after too many.
    Top Tip: Feminized White Widow weed is very versatile and perfect for wake-and-bakes, as well as evening chill-out sessions. If you’re a morning smoker, practice moderation, as too much may leave you with the urge to take a nap.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    White Widow feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions

    Whether you have a lot or minimal experience in growing weed, there are often unanswered questions about feminized White Widow seeds. So, let’s look at the most frequently asked ones:

    What are the White Widow seed variants?

    Online seed banks like the Homegrown store are your best source of feminized White Widow seeds for sale. We offer a massive selection of weed seeds, each in feminized, autoflowering, and regular variants.At the moment, the other available variants are:
    - White Widow regular seeds are the standard variant and have a chance of becoming males. Breeders usually prefer regular seeds because it allows them to cross-pollinate their plants.

    - White Widow autoflower seeds add the tremendous power of autoflowering cannabis to the already overpowered strain.

    Where can I get free cannabis White Widow feminized seeds?

    Sometimes you’ll find a friend with some spare seeds. But, unfortunately, those are few and far between. Your best option is to visit the Homegrown store for the best cheap cannabis seeds for sale and “Buy One Get One Free” deals. 
    Look for the “BOGO” badge to get extra seeds with your purchase. Regardless of whether you buy promotional specials or variety packs, you’re guaranteed the highest quality seeds on the market.

    Can a beginner grow White Widow feminized?

    The key draw of feminized White Widow cannabis seeds is how easy they are to grow. As a result, both newbies and veteran cultivators have a high success rate and can enjoy big yields. White Widow feminized seeds can become very bushy and need human assistance to thrive. Setting up some support sticks and maintaining the foliage is a step in the right direction.

    What is the White Widow feminized flower time?

    Depending on how you grow your weed, you can expect the flowering time to last around 7–9 weeks. Feminized White Widow marijuana seeds are photoperiod and depend on the light cycle to stimulate their flowering phase. Newbies should stick to a 16/8 light cycle to maintain healthy bud development. If you have advanced experience, you can even alter the lifecycle of your plants.

    How long do White Widow feminized seeds take to germinate?

    White Widow feminized seeds can develop a taproot within 24 hours. The paper towel method increases your chances of success. If your feminized White Widow seeds don’t pop on the first day, be patient. Taproot development can sometimes take up to five days.

    How long does it take to grow White Widow feminized from seeds to harvest?

    Indoor setups with an optimal light cycle of 16/8 can expect their White Widow feminized seeds to take:
    - 24–120 hours germinating- 1–3 weeks growing as a seedling- 4–6 weeds vegetating- 7–9 weeks flowering 
    Your plants live for about 19 weeks unless you extend the vegetative stage. As an outdoor grower, you can expect your crops to have a similar lifespan.

    Grow medium: White Widow feminized hydro or soil?

    Feminized White Widow seeds thrive in all the growing mediums. Whether you use soil, palm peat, or hydroponics is simply a matter of preference. As a beginner, you may prefer soil because you can find pre-mixed options. 
    All you need to do is manage the pH level, water your plants, and maintain the leaves. Experienced cultivators might prefer hydro setups or other neutral mediums. However, for veterans, the additional effort of growing in hydroponics is worth it for those hefty yields.

    What is the average feminized White Widow height?

    One glance, and you can see that feminized White Widow seeds have sativa heritage. These babies reach up to 78 inches and will need some pruning unless you have a high ceiling. Outdoor growers may need to heighten their walls if state regulations require their weed to be out of view. 
    Fortunately, you can top your plants to shorten them and give them a shrubbier look. Their height reflects their quality, and feminized White Widow stands as tall as its reputation.

    Where can I find pictures of White Widow feminized marijuana?

    Google-search has some detailed images of feminized White Widow, but we all know the algorithm might show you a different strain altogether. So instead, visit the Homegrown website to see pics of the best feminized White Widow seeds.
    The site also has fantastic pictures of the gorgeous buds and the beautiful plants. Additionally, you can watch a brief video with the most crucial information on all your favorite strains.

    Where is the best place to buy White Widow feminized seeds in the USA?

    There’s no place like Homegrown for the best White Widow feminized seeds in the USA.  Not only do we have the broadest range of the highest quality seeds in the world, but you’re also supporting an American seed bank. You can choose from a massive selection of various seed packs and strains. Whatever your choice, Homegrown offers reliable, discreet shipping across the U.S.A.

    Are there any other names for White Widow feminized?

    Although some people may claim that they’re the same, feminized White Widow seeds and the “Black Widow” strain are siblings, but not the same. White Widow is too cool for any other name and too famous for anyone to want to change it.
    Join Homegrown Forum, and share your stories! Post your Feminized White Widow feminized pics, and any White Widow grow reports you might have. We can't get enough White Widow images, those crystals drive us wild!
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