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White Rhino Feminized Cannabis Seeds

White Rhino Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • You're gonna SMASH it!
  • The happiest 20% THC you'll ever toot.
  • The myrcene really brings out the sweetness.
  • White Rhino feminized seeds live up to their incredible namesake in every way, paying respect to the docile yet powerful land mammal. The cannabis plants from these seeds birth massive buds shaped like a rhino's horn and are covered in a silver trichome blanket. White Rhino feminized weed’s strong reputation comes from its mysterious indica heritage. Plus, these buds contain up...Show more

    White Rhino Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    100 - 200
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    White Rhino Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    White Rhino feminized seeds live up to their incredible namesake in every way, paying respect to the docile yet powerful land mammal. The cannabis plants from these seeds birth massive buds shaped like a rhino's horn and are covered in a silver trichome blanket.


    White Rhino feminized weed’s strong reputation comes from its mysterious indica heritage. Plus, these buds contain up to 26% THC and can knock out the most seasoned smoker. Consuming these flowers triggers a deep body stone that’ll have you peacefully grazing on snacks for hours. 


    Not only is it one of the most potent cultivars in our feminized category, but it also produces the biggest yields. Buy White Rhino feminized seeds online and enjoy a night of pure relaxation and sweet dreams.


    What are White Rhino feminized cannabis seeds?


    You may come across many marijuana cultivars in your travels, but none leave a mark like  White Rhino feminized seeds. This strain stands strong, as its proud plants adorn huge horns, honoring its moniker’s grace and beauty.


    White Rhino feminized flowers have a traditional forest green hue, along with a heavy helping of sugary trichomes. Originating in Amsterdam, these cannabis seeds come from crossing White Widow with an unknown indica. Its enormous yields and potent levels of THC have continued to astound the cannabis community.


    White Rhino feminized seeds have two major awards under its belt, one in 1996 and the other given in 2005. This cannabis cultivar’s sumptuous honey and lemon perfume bring about thoughts of a pine forest on a hot day. A few tokes of White Rhino feminized weed is all you need to relax and enjoy your evening with effortless calm.


    It fills you with a warm, happy sensation that usually leaves you sleeping on the couch, with a few packs of snacks in your wake. The intense body stone from consuming White Rhino feminized buds has also made it a popular option for medicinal users. It’s proven to assist with various ailments, including insomnia, arthritis, and chronic migraines.


    Growing White Rhino feminized seeds is an experience anyone can enjoy as their selective genetics ensures no cross-pollination. This cannabis strain is also incredibly resilient, withstanding hostile weather, temperature changes, and the odd amateur mistake.


    What are the effects of White Rhino cannabis?


    Consuming White Rhino feminized weed is much like coming face to face with this powerful mammal. In small quantities, a cerebral high slowly approaches, uplifting your spirit and filling you with a sense of positivity and joy. White Rhino feminized buds then bring about a freeing feeling. It takes hold of your body with increasing intensity, releasing you from any inhibitions.


    An insatiable hunger soon ravishes your thoughts. The only cure is finding a peaceful spot to enjoy your collection of treats and stare off into space. Consuming large amounts of White Rhino feminized weed is how you experience this beast’s ferocious charge. Like a true creeper, effects take their time to reveal themselves. When the high hits you, your mind is sent flying, with your body stuck securely to the couch.


    Some users of White Rhino feminized buds also report intense psychedelic sensations after using larger quantities. A brain-bending buzz takes you on a spectacular trip of distorted visuals and colors. Whatever your dosage of White Rhino feminized weed, your final destination is always the same. It leaves you at dreamland’s doors, ushering in a night of restful sleep.  


    Its high THC percentage can easily overwhelm novice users, leading to feelings of dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. Ingesting White Rhino feminized buds can cause adverse effects like red eyes and cottonmouth. You can avoid these irritations completely by staying hydrated at all times and using OTC eye drops.


    What does White Rhino weed smell like?


    When White Rhino feminized plants first enter their flowering phase, a piercing skunky, ammonia-like smell penetrates the nose. As buds get closer to maturity, their fragrances transform into a delicious earthy aroma that can pique anyone’s interest. These flowers release smells similar to sweet honey and fresh lemons. 


    There is also a noticeable wood-like odor from White Rhino feminized weed that balances its decedent natural flavors. This cultivar gets its unique aromatic profile from its spectacular collection of terpenes. Myrcene dominates these chemicals, which is where White Rhino feminized flowers get their earthy fragrance. The same terpene is found in things like lemongrass, hops, and mangos. Early studies suggest this compound can also offer additional calming properties.


    How to germinate White Rhino feminized seeds


    The first step to hefty harvests involves giving your White Rhino feminized seeds the best start at life. There are multiple techniques one can use to begin the germination process. Some of these options can damage your cannabis seeds, leading to further health issues. Some beginners opt to plant their feminized White Rhino marijuana seeds directly into the ground. While it’s considered a safe option, it can take up to ten days before you see any signs of sprouting.


    We recommend using the paper towel method to grow your White Rhino feminized seeds in five days. If you’re not familiar with this technique, you can follow our germination guide. The best part about this process is it only requires a few inexpensive household items to perform it. You’ll need the following tools:


    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - A non-paper dinner plate

    - A bottle of purified water

    - A clean pair of tweezers


    We’ve summarised our easy-to-follow guide below into a few steps to make germinating your White Rhino feminized seeds a breeze.


    - Wet two sheets of paper towel with your purified bottle of water, ensuring no dry areas.


    - Gently twist the pieces so that you remove excess moisture without tearing the sheets, but leave them moist.


    - Lay one sheet on a clean plate and then, using tweezers, place your cannabis seeds on the wet towel. Avoid using your fingers to move the marijuana seeds as the oil on your hands can contaminate them and hamper results.


    - Cover your White Rhino feminized seeds with the second sheet of paper towel. You can apply light pressure on the top, ensuring they all remain snug.


    - Put your plate of cannabis seeds in a dark cupboard and leave them in there for up to five days.


    - Remember to regularly check on your marijuana seeds throughout this time, ensuring they remain wet. If the sheets start to look dry, spray or gently pour additional water over the top piece.


    White Rhino feminized seeds are ready for the next growth phase when their white taproot measures a quarter inch in length. When transplanting your cannabis seeds, use your tweezers again and avoid using your hands on them directly. Bury your marijuana seeds in holes about a half-inch deep, and then cover and water them every day.


    Grow Guide for White Rhino feminized seeds


    You don't need a skilled hand to raise crops from White Rhino feminized seeds perfectly. Even someone new to cannabis growing can get these plants to produce impressive flowers. All this cannabis strain requires is some love, attention, and regular feeding. Feminized White Rhino marijuana seeds can withstand many hostile conditions thanks to their indica heritage.


    These cannabis plants display an impressive resistance to strong wind and pests, allowing you to grow them outside in most climates. You can also cultivate White Rhino feminized seeds indoors but will need enough vertical space. These plants can reach a massive 6.5 feet if given a chance.


    These cannabis plants produce dense foliage and thick, sturdy branches to keep their large frame erect. Remember to trim the older fan leaves no matter the growing environment you choose for your feminized White Rhino marijuana seeds. This technique helps to direct nutrients to younger areas to promote new growth. It also allows airflow and light to penetrate through the plant, reducing the risk of mold.


    Indoor setups let you raise White Rhino feminized seeds all year round, thanks to the controllable conditions. Maintain temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels around 50%. We also suggest using the Sea of Green method alongside your feminized White Rhino marijuana seeds. This method helps bolster yields and crop health.


    As for growing mediums, these cannabis seeds produce their best results in a hydroponic setup. Nutrient-rich soil is the next best option, enhancing the flavor and fragrance of these sweet buds.


    White Rhino feminized plants have a flowering time of nine to ten weeks. By the end of this period, cultivators can expect a whopping yield of up to 32 oz.m² indoors. If you decide to raise your marijuana seeds outdoors, a Mediterranean climate produces the most impressive harvests.


    You should start growing White Rhino feminized seeds in April if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. It helps if you erect a structure to support this cannabis cultivar’s heavy bounty once it starts to flower. You can start harvesting your White Rhino feminized buds in October. Get the conditions right, and you’re looking at a harvest weighing in at up to 42 ounces per plant outdoors.


    What are the genetics of the feminized White Rhino seeds?


    White Rhino feminized seeds come out of Amsterdam, where breeders balanced and perfected their genetics. Only one of the parents for this mythical beast is accounted for—the other remains a mystery. What we know is that the legendary White Widow strain has itself thoroughly ingrained in its genetic makeup. It’s because of this iconic source White Rhino feminized buds get their thick white trichome frosting and unique herbal taste.


    The consensus amongst the cannabis community points to a North American indica as the other parent strain. It’s from this unnamed predecessor that White Rhino feminized flowers get their ability to knock you out. This 80% indica 20% sativa cultivar holds multiple awards as testament to its genius genetics. 


    One of its most notable achievements saw it win second place at the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup. The other major award came in 2005 at the Champions Cup. White Rhino feminized plants can produce huge buds containing between 20–26% THC. Their CBD percentage is less than 2% but can still offer amazing healing effects.


    Wellness and White Rhino feminized seeds


    White Rhino feminized weed is no stranger to medicinal users, who have used its relaxing qualities for decades. These resinous buds make fantastic cannabis concentrate, allowing patients to consume its healing capabilities in forms other than smoking. In small doses, White Rhino feminized flowers can reignite your desire to eat food. It’s a useful tool for anyone with a poor appetite. It’s also able to suppress nausea.


    One could use these buds to combat negativity and anxiety with their uplifting effects. These capabilities make this cultivar beneficial for patients diagnosed with depression or PTSD. The powerful body relaxation induced by White Rhino feminized weed makes it a brilliant tool for physical pain and stress. It also displays anti-inflammatory properties. 


    Within minutes of ingesting this cultivar, any aches, migraines, and tension quickly disappear. Your body is then left feeling warm and calm for hours. White Rhino feminized buds have become synonymous with sleep. This strain’s dependable dreamy state has made it a solid alternative treatment for anyone with insomnia.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    White Rhino feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    We want you approaching your White Rhino feminized seeds with confidence. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask our community anything you need help with. We've put together a list of the most common questions cultivators ask about these marijuana seeds to get things started.


    What variations of White Rhino cannabis are there?


    While researching this strain, there are three versions you can come across, including feminized White Rhino cannabis seeds. Each variation offers something unique, attracting all kinds of growers. These are:


    - White Rhino regular seeds: These marijuana seeds contain a natural ratio of males and females. They are ideal for novice cultivators learning the ropes or experienced breeders looking to utilize the cultivar’s genetics.


    - White Rhino feminized seeds: This version contains altered genes to ensure every seed grows into a bud-bearing female plant. Not only is the worry of cross-pollination removed, but you can also look forward to astronomical yields.


    - White Rhino autoflower seeds: This version is best suited to experienced growers. These cannabis seeds are known to flower without changing their light schedule. They contain ruderalis genetics and have become popular amongst fans using indoor setups.


    Where can I get free cannabis White Rhino feminized seeds?


    Beware of any charlatans offering free White Rhino feminized seeds. Often these gifts come with additional conditions or poor genetics. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Buy White Rhino feminized seeds online from Homegrown Cannabis Co. for results you can rely on. Why not check out our cheap cannabis seeds section for refreshing specials and deals?


    Can a beginner grow White Rhino feminized seeds?


    It can get tricky raising feminized White Rhino cannabis seeds, but beginners can grow an impressive yield. The cultivar is a resilient indica, withstanding harsh weather, cold temperatures, and the odd amateur mistake. As long as you regularly water and nurture your plants, they’ll reward you.


    What is the flowering time of White Rhino feminized seeds?


    White Rhino feminized plants have a flowering time of nine to ten weeks. It’s during this period that your plants begin to produce those resin-filled buds. Remember to feed your crops nitrogen-free nutrients while in the flowering stage. It’s also recommended to flush your plants two weeks before your harvest to enhance the flavor.


    How long do White Rhino feminized seeds take to germinate?


    If you use the wet towel method, feminized White Rhino marijuana seeds will take up to five days to germinate. If you’re not familiar with the process, you can follow our germination guide. There are other techniques to sprout cannabis seeds, but these methods take longer and risk their health.


    How long does it take White Rhino feminized seeds to go from seed to harvest?


    On average, White Rhino feminized seeds take five months to grow into marijuana plants laden with heavy buds. This length of time depends on many factors. Some of these variables include your skill level, growing conditions, techniques used, and type of cultivating setup.


    Should you grow White Rhino feminized seeds in hydro or soil?


    While you can cultivate feminized White Rhino cannabis seeds using soil, the strain flourishes in a hydroponic setup. The soilless medium allows you to feed your crops massive amounts of nutrients and keep an eye on the pH levels. This liquid substrate can also speed up growth time by a few days.


    How tall do White Rhino feminized seeds grow?


    Forget the indica label—White Rhino feminized seeds can grow into tall plants, reaching over six feet. This cultivar fills out its large stature with thick stems and foliage, giving it enough strength to hold its hefty harvest. Plants expand laterally, too, so give your seeds enough space to grow.


    Where can I find pictures of the marijuana from White Rhino feminized seeds?


    There are a few sources where you can find pictures of feminized White Rhino marijuana seeds, like Homegrown Diaries. Here, you’ll discover images sent to us by our loyal customers who have first-hand knowledge of this strain. You can flick through photos of these cannabis seeds, the plants they grow into, and the beautiful buds they create.


    Where is the best place to buy White Rhino feminized seeds in the USA?


    If you want quality, you need to buy White Rhino feminized seeds online. Not only is it convenient, but you can find special deals and cultivating assistance. Trusted suppliers like Homegrown Cannabis Co offer the best genetics to ensure our customers can grow weed they're proud of. You can also request discreet delivery, helping keep your crops a secret from non 420 neighbors.


    Are there any other names for White Rhino feminized seeds?


    There are no alternative names for feminized White Rhino cannabis seeds. The title alone commands respect, so why change it? Remember to confirm the type of marijuana seeds you buy, as this cultivar is often mixed up with its popular parent strain—White Widow.


    Common spelling errors


    While the spelling of White Rhino feminized seeds seems straightforward, it’s not uncommon to stumble across an error or two. Here are a few examples we’ve come across:


    - Whyte Rino

    - Wite Ryno

    - White Rayno


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