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Wedding Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Wedding Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 40
  • BIG flavors
  • 25% THC
  • Limonene-dominant with notes of strawberry ice-cream.
  • A true example of marriage between indica and sativa, Wedding Cake feminized seeds produce a holy union blessed by cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Wedding Cake claimed the title of Best Hybrid in Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup in 2018 and featured in the 20 top trending strains in High Times magazine in 2019—proof of its pedigree. These award-winning cannabis seeds are a must-have. T...Show more

    Wedding Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    500 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    100 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Wedding Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    A true example of marriage between indica and sativa, Wedding Cake feminized seeds produce a holy union blessed by cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Wedding Cake claimed the title of Best Hybrid in Amsterdam’s Cannabis Cup in 2018 and featured in the 20 top trending strains in High Times magazine in 2019—proof of its pedigree.


    These award-winning cannabis seeds are a must-have. They’re widely sought after for their high potency and yields, flavorous fragrances, and above-average pain relief. Will the big day—when you’re harvesting this delicious cultivar—come soon? Let’s learn more about this alluring strain.


    What are Wedding Cake feminized cannabis seeds?


    Wedding Cake marijuana seeds: what makes these top-tier seeds worth your time and effort? The Wedding Cake strain is a mouthwatering cultivar and one of our most in-demand selections of feminized seeds.


    Seed Junky Genetics are the masterminds behind this creation. By crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, it gave rise to the potent Wedding Cake strain feminized seeds we’re offering today. Wedding Cake is one of our top strains among our feminized seeds, staying true to its name by indulging the tastebuds of avid cultivators with its delectably sweet flavors.


    These marijuana plants receive their name from being entirely coated by THC crystals, like a well-iced wedding cake. As a result, it flaunts abundantly resinous, dark green flowers that turn a glorious purple—yet this is just the cultivar’s decorative layer.


    Wedding Cake repeatedly reaches high levels of up to 25% THC, beneficial for both recreational and medicinal users. Its buds have a CBD percentage of 0.8%, making Wedding Cake feminized seeds a popular strain among the medical scene. It delivers quick relief from stress and pain.


    Wedding Cake is ideal for those with a bit of experience in the weed cultivating field with an intermediate growing level. It delivers high yields and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing.


    What are the Wedding Cake feminized seeds effects?


    The top-reported effects caused by the Wedding Cake strain are creative, euphoric, giggly, hungry, relaxed, and sleepy. Everything a stoner wants from their cannabis plant! Wedding Cake’s potency is at the top of its class with up to 25% THC. As a result, it delivers a fairly intense high, creating a stony headspace feel and a full-body buzz, calming any stress and anxiety you’re feeling.


    These cannabis seeds have a perfect balance of indica and sativa genetics, which is truly represented well in the high. The sativa effect typically shines through first, inducing an immediate mental effect, accelerating the pace of your mind. Next, the strain initiates multiplex ideas while you begin warming up towards an invigorating energy uplift.


    The mental stimulation is powerful, and some novices may find it a tad too intense. Therefore, we highly recommend lower doses. Avoid overindulging in Wedding Cake. Shortly after consuming the Wedding Cake strain, it begins to hit the body, and you’ll experience a leisurely lazy feeling originating from the soothing physical nature of its indica parents. 


    As time passes, the feeling of relaxing heaviness intensifies throughout the body, leaving you in a classic couch-lock. Wedding cake’s cerebral stimulation continues throughout the high, heightening your appreciation for any colors, images, and music surrounding you as well as boosting your creativity. 


    Grab some friends and do some arts and crafts on the couch while taking a few tokes of  Wedding Cake. Don’t forget to bring some snacks along as well, as Wedding Cake is known to kick start the munchies; you’ll thank us later!


    The weed produced from feminized Wedding Cake seeds is an excellent mood booster and can give rise to laughing fits. It’s best shared with a friend if you’re in need of a giggle. After a few hours, your eyelids will grow heavy, and Wedding Cake will place you into a deep slumber, possibly the best sleep you’ve ever had.


    What does Wedding Cake feminized smell like?


    The first whiff has a powerfully sweet vanilla smell, much like a Wedding Cake. Cultivators have also reported a lemon, orange, and spice pop, conveying a citrusy incense fragrance. While your Wedding Cake strain feminized seeds are growing, the plant emits a rich, earthy, dank aroma. As your plant matures, a strong and detectable skunky scent increases, something to keep in mind if you have nosy neighbors.


    Wedding Cake is an exquisite combination of Girl Scout Cookies sweet earthy scent with Cherry Pie's fruity zest, along with its own slight hint of vanilla. Imagine smelling an oatmeal cookie with berry ice cream on top; now that’s a mouthwatering combination! Cultivators rave about the sweet earthy vanilla smell of Wedding Cake feminized seed’s weed. So skip the traditional wedding bouquet and walk down the aisle with a bunch of these flowers instead.


    How to germinate Wedding Cake feminized seeds


    Germination is possibly the most critical part of a plant's life cycle. Most plant seeds can be germinated by simply popping them directly into the soil. Cannabis seeds, on the other hand, are more fragile and require your tender love and care before planting.


    If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to germinating marijuana seeds, your chances of failure are very high. Give your Wedding Cake feminized seeds the best possible start in life by following our established germination guide.


    Our guide contains step-by-step instructions to walk you through the popular paper towel method, so you don’t have to think twice about whether you’re germinating your seeds properly. You’ll only need a few simple materials that you can easily find at home, being:


    - Purified or bottled water

    - Tweezers

    - Paper towels

    - A dinner plate

    - Your seeds 


    Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be able to plant your marijuana seeds within 24 to 120 hours:


    - Moisten two paper towels and carefully ring out any excess water.

    - Place one of the wet paper towels onto your plate.

    - Place your seeds neatly onto the towel an inch apart.

    - Cover your seeds with the other paper towel.

    - Ensure there’s no free-standing water by lifting up the paper towel.

    - Put the plate in a warm dark place, such as in a cupboard or a drawer.

    - Allow your seeds to sit for 24 to 120 hours, and make sure you keep them moist.

    - Once you spot a healthy taproot, your seeds are ready for planting.


    There are several methods to germinating cannabis seeds, each having its own success rate, advantages, and disadvantages. However, we advise following our method to ensure you achieve the best results. For the rare occasion seeds don’t sprout, make sure you record photographic evidence. After confirmation, we’ll replace the seed for you, lickety-split!


    Wedding Cake feminized seeds grow guide


    Like all cannabis plants, Wedding Cake feminized seeds require the correct amount of nutrients, light, water, and humidity. In this controlled setting, Wedding Cake flourishes when the temperature remains around 70°F. After an 8 to 10-week flowering period, Wedding Cake can produce up to 19 ounces of tightly packed buds for every square meter indoors.


    When growing indoors, It’s vital to ensure the growing lights reach all parts of the plant. So opt to invest in high-density discharge lamps to provide your plant with sufficient light. If growing outdoors, these cannabis seeds thrive best in a dry and warm environment, similar to a sunny Mediterranean climate. Due to this fact, growing this cultivar outdoors is suitable in areas with a moderate year-round climate.


    It can tolerate temperature fluctuations and prefers a temperature around 70°F outdoors as well. In the Northern Hemisphere, each plant can yield around 28 ounces of dense buds. Prune off Wedding Cake’s lower leafage to encourage sufficient airflow and prevent pathogen growth. This strain also takes quite well to a humid environment, so remember to adjust your humidifiers accordingly. 


    Although Wedding cake is not the easiest plant to grow, it does have some cultivating benefits. This plant can fight disease and damage successfully. In particular, it can face spiders, mold, bacteria, mildew, insects, mites, and viruses quite effectively.


    What are the Wedding Cake feminized strain genetics?


    Wedding Cake inherits much of its potency from its Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie parents, bringing an elegant twist from its Durban Poison X Grandaddy Purple and OG strain heritage. Wedding Cake has Girl Scout Cookies to thank for its sweet, earthy essence, crystal-coated buds, and high THC levels. Cherry Pie is responsible for Wedding Cake’s berry aromas and uplifting calming nature.


    Wedding Cake feminized seeds contain mainly indica genetics, with 60%. Its Sativa genes make up the remaining 40%, giving you the initial energetic, euphoric high. Here is the lineage of this delectable treat:


    - Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie = Wedding Cake


    Wellness and Wedding Cake feminized seeds


    Wedding Cake is cultivated heavily worldwide for the medical benefits it provides. It’s the perfect natural substitute for opioid-based medicine and rarely has any adverse side effects, such as nausea often caused by pharmaceutical medicines. There’s a reason stressed spelled backward is desserts. Here are all the problems that can be put at ease by our delicious Wedding Cake treat:


    Pain and cramp relief


    Wedding cake’s potent anodyne properties act as a strong painkiller, providing bodily relief from any aches or pains. You can use it to treat various health conditions, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, headaches, and joint pains, to name a few. Its soothing body high puts your muscles at ease, freeing them of any tension. It also relieves cramps and intestinal contractions.


    Stress and depression 


    Wedding Cake feminized seeds produce buds with high THC levels. Its psychoactive compounds hold significant therapeutic value and act as an uplifting mood booster, eliminating any worries. They help the consumer feel more present, reducing the weight of life’s problems. Its hybrid nature also allows the consumer to feel euphoric, ridding of any feeling of self-doubt.


    Its happy relaxing high doubles as a comforter, relieving those who face chronic stress and psychological distress. At the same time, it also stabilizes your emotions, assisting in controlling symptoms of anxiety,  PTSD, and depression.


    Appetite Stimulant 


    Wedding Cake is the perfect strain to boost your appetite and is guaranteed to give you the munchies! This strain is excellent at assisting those who suffer from loss of appetite caused by anorexia, chemo, or medications.




    Patients suffering from sleep disorders can benefit significantly by taking a few puffs of Wedding Cake before bed. The potent strain puts your mind and body at ease. It’s known to instill profound drowsiness and will lull anyone into a deep slumber. Wedding Cake also enhances the quality of your sleep, making you feel rejuvenated in the morning.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advised and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Wedding Cake feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the answers to all your cannabis queries. We’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions in one spot, making your growing experience a piece of cake.


    Where can I get free cannabis Wedding Cake feminized seeds?


    With their promising potent yields, these widely sought-after seeds are usually not the type given away for free—your chances are low of finding free Wedding Cake strain feminized seeds. Trust us, Wedding Cake seeds are worth the investment and won’t disappoint!


    Can a beginner grow Wedding Cake feminized?


    Wedding Cake has an intermediate growing difficulty. Therefore, we advise beginner growers to gain some cannabis cultivating experience before growing feminized Wedding Cake seeds to avoid any letdowns. If you’re new to cultivating marijuana, we’ve got you covered with our vast range of easy-to-grow beginner seeds.


    What is the Wedding Cake feminized flower time?


    Once you spot the buds turning into colorful hues of pink and purple, you know it’s time to harvest this beauty. Within 8-10 weeks, you’ll be able to indulge in her sweet earthy goodness. Try waiting it out and harvest at 9-10 weeks to maximize your plant’s potency.


    How long do Wedding Cake feminized seeds take to germinate?


    If you follow our germination guide, your seeds will sprout anywhere within 24-120 hours. Once your seeds have sprouted and you can see a healthy taproot, they’re ready to be planted. Within about a week, you’ll see your little seed sprouting from the soil.


    How long does it take Wedding Cake feminized from seeds to harvest?


    As mentioned above, Wedding Cake’s flowering time is between 8–10 weeks, depending on your preferred ripeness. Add an extra week or two on for veg, and you’ll have a maximum of 11–12 weeks.


    Grow medium: Wedding Cake feminized hydro or soil?


    Feminized Wedding Cake seeds flourish in either a hydroponic setup or in soil. Using a hydroponic setup will, however, give you the best results. Experienced growers can make the most of this strain by using the Sea of Green technique, taking advantage of Wedding Cake’s stoutness while shortening its vegetative stage.


    What is the average Wedding Cake feminized height?


    When properly cared for and provided with the correct nutrients, moisture and lighting, Wedding Cake can reach a height of between 100–150 cm. It’s a relatively short bushy plant, thanks to its indica genetics—perfect for keeping your weed plant discreet.


    Where can I find pictures of Wedding Cake feminized marijuana?


    Due to Wedding Cake’s popularity, you can find pictures of her beauty all over the internet. Our website provides you with thriving Wedding Cake pictures posted by our satisfied customers in the review section. View first-hand what you can look forward to when buying our high-quality cannabis seeds.


    Where is the best place to buy Wedding Cake feminized seeds in the USA?


    Seeing as Wedding Cake seeds feminized are pretty popular among cannabis cultivators, you’re able to find them at most local dispensaries and seed banks. You can skip any hassles and find a quality batch of Wedding Cake marijuana seeds from us.


    Are there any other names for Wedding Cake feminized? 


    Wedding Cake goes by the nickname Pink Cookies—both entertaining names ideal for this strain! The nickname most probably originates from its sweet vanilla flavor and its buds’ pink and purple hues, resembling colorful cookies. Wedding Cake also received its nickname because of its parent strains being Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, or Pink Cookies.


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