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Venom Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Venom Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Gentle mental stimulation
  • Mid range THC to melt all your stress away
  • Earthy. herbal
  • Cannabis enthusiasts adore Venom seeds, as they produce plants with beautiful buds, landrace genetics, and easygoing effects. This marijuana strain contains relatively low THC levels and minimal amounts of CBD—ideal for inexperienced users or those looking for a soaring cerebral buzz that’s not overly intense. Venom feminized seeds are a joy to grow and produce hardy, high-yiel...Show more

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    Max Yield indoor
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    Height indoor
    80 - 130
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Venom Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Cannabis enthusiasts adore Venom seeds, as they produce plants with beautiful buds, landrace genetics, and easygoing effects. This marijuana strain contains relatively low THC levels and minimal amounts of CBD—ideal for inexperienced users or those looking for a soaring cerebral buzz that’s not overly intense.


    Venom feminized seeds are a joy to grow and produce hardy, high-yielding, and low-maintenance plants. They flourish inside and outdoors, preferring the former yet easily adapting to the latter under the right conditions.


    Ready to add an elite cultivar to your collection? Buy Venom feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. and enjoy generous yields of exceptionally invigorating buds.


    What are Venom feminized cannabis seeds?


    Venom is a sativa-dominant hybrid that originates from a two-way cross between Durban Poison and Carmen. This iconic cultivar boasts tamer psychoactive effects with an additional dose of medicinal potential. It’s perfect for newbies, low tolerance users, and veterans that want gentle mental stimulation without extreme potency.


    The buds grown from fem Venom seeds are fast-acting. Expect a mild euphoric rush that lifts your mood, offers a more positive outlook on life, and melts away your worries. Creativity, calmness, and focus accompany the upliftment, making Venom an excellent daytime strain.


    Courtesy of their Durban Poison genetics, Venom fem seeds produce plants with a unique aroma of fruits, mint, pine, herbs, and earth. The flavor of these buds is sourer, offering a potent contrast to the fruity smell.


    Despite their sativa-influenced heritage, Venom feminized cannabis seeds grow into plants with more of an indica appearance. These medium-sized crops reach an average height of 2.5–4.5 feet and have relatively bushy foliage. Their forest-green flowers shine with a shimmering coat of trichomes and feature golden-colored pistils.


    Venom seeds are easy to grow and have low maintenance needs, making them suitable for various types of breeders. These plants perform at their peak in a controlled setup, as it allows for optimal temperature and humidity levels—reducing the risk of trapped moisture. Outdoor crops aren’t susceptible to pests, mold, or disease but may require periodic prunes.


    These Venom seeds are also feminized, so you never have to worry about separating the males. These seeds offer a 99% guarantee of growing into all-female plants, reducing the risk of unwanted pollination and producing more bud-bearing crops.


    What are the Venom feminized effects?


    Venom is a marijuana hybrid with mostly sativa genetics. It contains moderate 10–14% THC and a maximum of 1% CBD. It’s a fantastic choice for inexperienced or low tolerance users and those looking for gentle mental stimulation without intense psychedelic effects.


    Venom marijuana seeds produce buds with quick-acting effects. After one or two tokes, you instantly feel a mild wave of upliftment, joy, and euphoria. This cultivar melts your stresses away, fills you with positivity, and boosts your mood. It’s also common to be chattier and more sociable.


    A heightened sense of mental clarity emerges, keeping you clear-headed and focused on the task at hand. Expect a subtle surge of energy, motivation, and productivity that makes for an excellent wake ‘n bake toke.


    Make the most of the buds grown from Venom fem seeds however you like. Release your artistic juices, kick back with like-minded friends, or tick some things off your to-do list. Whatever you decide to do, you can rest assured that this mental vigor will never feel too intense. Instead, it’s natural, blissful, and easygoing.


    The revitalizing sensations also make an impact on your body. The good news is that the nugs grown from fem Venom seeds don’t make you feel tired or lethargic—instead, they offer relaxing, tension-relieving, and pain-killing effects. Even at their peak, you remain calm and focused.


    Although this cultivar isn’t as potent as its ancestors, overconsumption can still result in adverse reactions. Stick to moderate doses to prevent paranoia, dizziness, or anxiety. Up your water intake and use eye drops if you get cottonmouth or dry eyes.


    What does Venom feminized smell like?


    Venom seeds produce plants with a rich terpene profile including ocimene, myrcene, alpha-pinene, terpinolene, and linalool. As a result, these cannabis plants emit an aromatic blend of herbal, fruity, sweet, earthy, pine, and mint notes.


    The buds grown from Venom feminized seeds have a contrasting flavor that delivers a surprising hint of sour, fuel-like pungency. These complementing smells and tastes make for a one-of-a-kind sensory experience.


    How to germinate Venom feminized seeds


    Germination is an essential part of every cannabis plant’s life. Always start your marijuana seeds indoors to keep them safe from harmful external influences. If you must germinate them outside, plant them in pots to make relocation easier.


    You can pop your Venom marijuana seeds with the help of several germination techniques, but we recommend following our approved paper towel method. This germination process is simple, affordable, and consistent.


    Start by rounding up the following items:


    - Paper towel sheets

    - A bowl of purified water

    - Two large plates

    - Tweezers

    - Your Venom cannabis seeds


    Next, stick to our step-by-step germination guide:


    - Soak a paper towel in water, gently squeeze out the excess liquid, and spread it flat on a plate.


    - Use tweezers to arrange your cannabis seeds on top of the damp sheet, ensuring you leave an inch of space between them. We recommend germinating a maximum of 2–3 seeds on a single plate.


    - Use a spray bottle to mist water over your Venom seeds, and soak up extra moisture with spare paper sheets. Check for puddles under the bottom towel.


    - Repeat step one with a fresh paper towel, but lay it over your marijuana seeds as a cover this time.


    - Flip another dinner plate over and use it as a lid.


    - Put your germination station in a dark, warm place and check it daily to avoid dryness.


    - Taproots will emerge from your Venom cannabis seeds over the next 1–5 days. Gently move them to a suitable pot when they’re a quarter-inch long.


    Our germination guarantee offers free replacements for unpopped seeds. Send us video or photo proof of your paper towel germination attempt, and we’ll gladly give you a new pack. Read our detailed germination guide for more information.


    Venom feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Venom feminized cannabis seeds are a brilliant option for all kinds of growers, including first-timers. Aside from their low maintenance needs, these plants are flexible, high-yielding, and promise female-only cannabis crops.


    These medium-sized plants reach a maximum of 4.5 feet and easily fit into small growing spaces. They’re suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, although they tend to perform better in a controlled environment. Hydroponics and soil are both suitable substrates, depending on your specific growing goals.


    Venom fem seeds have a natural resistance to pests, mold, and disease. However, the bushy foliage can retain moisture, which means periodic maintenance sessions are a must. Regular pruning enhances air circulation and reduces the chances of mold. Indoor growers need to maintain a temperature of around 70–80℉ and a maximum relative humidity of 50% for optimal results.


    Consider using the Sea of Green training technique if you have a small grow room. Place several plants a foot apart to create a canopy of evenly-sized crops. Aside from maximizing space, this method removes unnecessary lights by concentrating fewer lamps over a smaller area.


    Select a warm, sunny, and dry location if you want to grow your Venom feminized seeds outdoors. These plants typically adapt to cooler climates, so don’t write off the Northern Hemisphere, where harvest occurs no later than mid-October.


    After 9–10 weeks of flowering, this cultivar delivers 15–17 oz./m² indoors and up to 21 oz. per outdoor plant.


    What are the Venom feminized strain genetics?


    This marijuana masterpiece is a cross between Durban Poison and Carmen. Breeders selected the best female specimens from each parent cultivar and forced them to pollinate, resulting in these feminized Venom seeds.


    Here are the unique traits that the Venom strain inherited from this dynamic duo:


    - Durban Poison: This pure sativa landrace hails from South Africa. It’s known for its famous fruity flavors and powerful psychedelic effects. It’s a favorite of medical and recreational tokers.


    - Carmen: This gentle indica-dominant hybrid contains sky-high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. It delivers relaxing physical sensations and boasts a delightful mandarin flavor.


    The plants grown from Venom seeds encompass all these characteristics, from their refreshing scent and revitalizing buzz to their exceptional holistic qualities and resilient growing traits.


    Wellness and Venom feminized seeds


    Although the Venom strain only contains a maximum of 1% CBD, it still holds plenty of value in the medical marijuana community. Many patients report that it effectively mitigates the symptoms of various mental and physical conditions.


    Venom cannabis seeds produce sativa-dominant buds that offer uplifting, joyful, and mildly euphoric effects. These positive sensations may help those with anxiety, depression, chronic stress, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


    This cultivar is a natural analgesic and assists with numerous physical conditions. The plants grown from Venom feminized seeds are useful for treating mild aches, chronic pain, arthritis, cramps, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia.


    The Venom strain revitalizes your mind and body, making it an effective antidote for lethargy. Use these invigorating buds to cure your fatigue and help you focus on your daily tasks. Like other cannabis strains, Venom usually brings on the munchies. As a result, it may assist those who want to increase their appetite.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Venom feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Get detailed answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Venom feminized cannabis seeds below:


    Can I get other types of Venom seeds?


    Right now, these marijuana seeds are only available in the feminized version—but breeders could introduce new variants in the future.


    Here’s a summary of the various types of cannabis seeds on the current market:


    - Feminized seeds: These marijuana seeds are photoperiod and have a 99% chance of growing into female plants. Fems are recommended for beginners and recreational breeders interested in high yields.


    - Autoflower seeds: These cannabis seeds are non-photoperiod and begin to flower automatically after a limited vegging period. Autos can also be feminized and are more suited to intermediate cultivators.


    - Regular seeds: These marijuana seeds are photoperiod and have a 50% chance of growing female or male plants. They’re best suited to hybrid development and genetic experiments, as male crops don’t produce buds.


    - Fast version seeds: These cannabis seeds have a combination of autoflower and photoperiod qualities. They’re typically feminized and offer faster flowering times than any other marijuana variant.


    Where can I get free Venom feminized seeds?


    Our Homegrown store features a range of promotional offers that reward you with free Venom seeds with your purchase. Take advantage of discounted 12 packs, classic cultivar deals, popular strain discounts, new hybrid specials, and our crowd-pleasing Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deals.


    Here’s what you get when you redeem a BOGO deal:


    - 4 pack: Net a total of 8 seeds from a selected promotional cultivar

    - 8 pack: Net a total of 16 seeds from selected promotional cultivar

    - 12 mix pack: Net a total of 24 random seeds from the current cultivar selection

    - 24 mix pack: Net a total of 48 random seeds from the current cultivar selection


    Not seeing your favorite strain? We frequently rotate the available cultivars to ensure all our customers find something they like. Stay tuned for a highly anticipated discount on Venom marijuana seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Venom feminized seeds?


    Yes. Whether you’re a first-time grower or still learning the ropes of cannabis cultivation, you shouldn’t run into any trouble with Venom cannabis seeds. This strain is versatile, resilient, and easy to grow. It works well with low-stress training techniques and boasts a natural resistance to disease and pests.


    What is the Venom feminized flower time?


    The plants grown from Venom feminized seeds have a flowering time of 9–10 weeks. Expect to get around 15–17 oz./m² of indoor buds and up to 21 oz. per outdoor crop at harvest.


    How long do Venom feminized seeds take to germinate?


    These marijuana seeds typically pop in a day or two, but results may vary with different germination styles. If you use our suggested paper towel method, your feminized Venom seeds should start in less than five days.


    On rare occasions, you may encounter cannabis seeds that don't want to pop. Our germination guarantee covers these rare scenarios by offering free replacements for ungerminated seeds. Send us photo or video evidence of your germination attempt using our approved paper towel technique to qualify.


    How long does it take Venom feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Fem Venom seeds have a life cycle of 6–8 months, which starts after germination and ends at harvest. The exact period depends on several things, including the use of training methods, the quality of your grow setup, and how long your plants remain in the vegetative phase.


    You can shave a few weeks off your plant’s life cycle time by flipping the lights earlier than usual. This technique forces your crops into early flowering when they stretch to around two feet. Don’t try this if you’re still a novice, though—it could stress your plants and reduce their quality.


    Grow medium: Venom feminized hydro or soil?


    The crops grown from Venom fem seeds don’t have a specific substrate preference and thrive in soil and hydroponics. These grow mediums have different pros and cons, so it’s important to make your decision after considering your personal circumstances.


    Soil is inexpensive, easy to manage, and enhances terpene development. Opt for an aerated, organic, and nutrient-rich soil to produce buds with better flavors and aromas. The benefits of hydro include lightning-fast growth, more control, and increased yields. Aquaculture can be costly and complicated, so it’s more suited to experienced growers.


    What is the average Venom feminized height?


    Venom seeds produce indica-heavy plants that stretch to approximately 2.5–4.5 feet. Their manageable size makes them an ideal fit for tight quarters. Use the Sea of Green technique to maximize every inch of available growing space.


    Where can I find pictures of Venom feminized marijuana?


    This product page features several snapshots of these stunning cannabis plants. Scroll from top to bottom and inspect high-quality pictures of fresh weed seeds, delicate seedlings, flowering crops, and manicured buds.


    Visit the Venom Feminized Homegrown Diaries for a sneak peek at what these premium marijuana seeds can produce. This free online resource features a detailed strain profile, real reviews, and grow diaries from our amazing customers that track every step of their progress. Why not make your own journal after you buy Venom seeds?


    Where is the best place to buy Venom feminized seeds in the USA?


    Our Homegrown store boasts reliable, stable, and top-quality cannabis seeds with premium genetics. Find Venom seeds for sale in 4, 8, 12, and 24 packs—each accompanied by a germination guarantee that replaces unpopped seeds.


    Enjoy the following perks every time you shop with us:


    - More than 400 cannabis seeds in regular, auto, fem, and fast version categories

    - 24/7 customer support

    - Discreet, safe, and speedy deliveries

    - Free access to an online cannabis community of growers, tokers, and lovers

    - Access to regular promotions and discounts

    - Secure, simple, and seamless payment options

    - Free educational resources on growing marijuana and other 420 topics


    Are there any other names for Venom feminized?


    Venom seeds are also known as Carmen x Durban Poison—the two strains behind their creation.


    Spelling errors


    A typo can make or break your online search query. Although the Venom strain has a simple name, mistakes happen. Here are some common misspellings to avoid:


    - Vemon seeds

    - Vernon seeds

    - Vemom seeds

    - Venon seeds

    - Vector seeds


    Always add words like ‘cannabis’ and ‘seeds’ to your search query to get relevant results.


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