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UltraViolet OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

UltraViolet OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Debrief after a long day
  • A rush of euphoria
  • Earthy
  • UltraViolet OG feminized seeds give you a chance to raise a crop of this spectacular indica-dominant cultivar. UltraViolet OG is a sturdy and tolerant strain, but its dense foliage needs skilled care to fulfill its potential. If you’ve got cultivation experience, growing feminized UltraViolet OG seeds shouldn’t pose any problems. These cannabis seeds are part of our feminized s...Show more

    UltraViolet OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    UltraViolet OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    UltraViolet OG feminized seeds give you a chance to raise a crop of this spectacular indica-dominant cultivar. UltraViolet OG is a sturdy and tolerant strain, but its dense foliage needs skilled care to fulfill its potential.


    If you’ve got cultivation experience, growing feminized UltraViolet OG seeds shouldn’t pose any problems. These cannabis seeds are part of our feminized seeds range, making it easier to raise a crop of productive female plants.


    UltraViolet OG is powerfully relaxing and an ideal way to de-stress after a long day. Small amounts elevate your mood and provide a deeply calming sense of physical tranquility. The initial cerebral boost comes on quickly, but the indica side takes effect gradually, allowing less experienced smokers to enjoy without being overwhelmed.


    Read on to learn more about this strain’s flavor, fragrance, effects, and medical applications. You’ll also get some tips for growing fem UltraViolet OG seeds indoors and out, from germination through to flowering.


    What are UltraViolet OG feminized cannabis seeds?


    UltraViolet OG seeds are feminized, which means they don’t contain a Y-chromosome. Feminized marijuana seeds grow into flower-bearing female plants 99.9% of the time. Use fem cannabis seeds to maximize your yields and eliminate the worry of raising unproductive males.


    Here are the facts if you want a rough idea of what to expect from growing UltraViolet OG feminized seeds.


    - Strain Name: UltraViolet OG feminized seeds

    - Phenotype: Indica-dominant hybrid

    - Genetic Background: Purple Indica x Face Off OG

    - THC: 16–20%

    - CBD: 0–2%

    - Flowering Time: 9 weeks

    - Effects: Uplifting, euphoric, relaxing

    - Medical applications: Insomnia, depression, anxiety

    - Flavor / Aroma: Herbal, sweet, earthy

    - Dominant terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene

    - Indoor yield: 12.5 oz. per m²

    - Outdoor yield: 7–10.5 oz. per plant

    - Height: 5 feet

    - Grow Difficulty: Intermediate


    What are UltraViolet OG feminized effects?


    Cannabis grown from fem UltraViolet OG seeds is potent and provides hours of enjoyable effects. The experience is primarily physical, but the strain’s sativa side provides an uplifting shot of euphoria to ensure a pleasant trip.


    Take a hit of Ultra Violet OG, and the cerebral effects emerge quickly. A rush of euphoria brings a positive outlook along with an increase in clarity and focus, perfect for mentally debriefing after a long day. While the quick shot of energy helps get last-minute tasks out of the way, its presence is brief.


    Ultra Violet OG’s indica side creeps in slowly but surely. Within an hour of smoking, the physical properties of the cannabis become evident. Waves of relaxation seem to pulse through your body, soothing tired, sore limbs. Don’t be surprised to find your couch feeling extra-comfy or for your movement to become somewhat sluggish.


    Keep smoking, and the tranquilizing properties of buds from fem Ultra Violet OG seeds intensify. What was a deeply mellow buzz becomes entirely slothful. Couchlock is virtually guaranteed for all but the hardiest smokers, and drowsiness eventually overtakes the majority of users.


    Cannabis grown with Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds contains high amounts of cannabinoids to satisfy all tolerance levels. Buds are loaded with 16–20% THC and 0–2% CBD. The gradual onset of Ultra Violet’s potent physical effects means less experienced users can enjoy this strain in moderation.


    Like most powerful cultivars, Ultra Violet OG may produce minor side effects in large doses. Take it slow to avoid any mild feelings of dizziness or nausea. Stay hydrated to ward off cottonmouth and dry eyes, and prepare some snacks to satisfy your increased appetite.


    What does UltraViolet OG feminized smell like?


    Grow Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds, and you’re in for a sensory treat. The plants develop enormous, dense clusters of dark green and rich purple buds as flowering progresses. This visual spectacle brings with it UltraViolet OG’s alluring fragrance.


    The stunning purple buds emit a rustic, earthy aroma with herbs and sweet floral notes. An abundance of Kush genetics is readily apparent in the sophisticated and pervasive scent that fills the air. The presence of the terpenes nerolidol and limonene impart a fruity sweetness, with linalool helping to create those gentle floral undertones.


    Get your Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds’ buds cured, and the olfactory odyssey continues. Once dried and jarred, Ultra Violet OG’s complex cocktail of terpenes matures and develops an enriched fragrance. The same elements are present, with citrus notes more to the fore and an improved floral scent of violets.


    Sparking up produces a thick, silky smoke that suffuses its sweet, earthy essence into the air. Notes of violet are even more prominent in the smoke, along with a touch of spiciness, making for a full-bodied and memorable aroma.


    The experience continues on the tongue, where inhaling the smooth smoke delivers a sublime blend of flavors. At first, the taste is earthy, but behind the earthiness comes sweet citrus and floral notes with an underlying herbal quality. Exhaling produces a slight spiciness and a slightly sweet aftertaste.


    How to germinate UltraViolet OG feminized seeds


    Once you’ve got your Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds, you’ll want to start germinating. Our cannabis seeds are of the highest quality, genetic stability, and viability. We’re confident that every marijuana seed you buy from us will sprout. However, in the unlikely event of a non-starter, we’ll happily replace your marijuana seeds under our germination guarantee.


    To make use of our germination guarantee, you must follow our germination guide exactly as outlined below. Remember to document each step of the process using either photos or videos.


    Before starting, you’ll need purified water, paper towels, and two shallow dinner plates. Follow these steps when ready:


    - Use purified, dechlorinated water to soak two paper towels. Gently wring out the towels after, leaving them damp but not saturated.


    - Use a damp towel to cover one of the plates. Take your Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds and place them on the towel with an inch of space between each one. Cover the cannabis seeds using another moist towel, then cover with the second plate. Using the second plate as a lid creates a humid environment and allows the towels to stay damp for longer.


    - Find somewhere dark and warm for your homemade germination chamber. Check your marijuana seeds every 12–24 hours. Make sure the towels never dry out at any stage. Spritz with water if they start drying.


    - Your fem Ultra Violet OG seeds start opening within 24–48 hours. Some tougher seeds may take up to 120 hours. Move any germinated marijuana seeds into starting pots. Make an inch-deep hole in the soil, and place the cannabis seeds inside, taproot facing down.


    Check out our germination guide if you’d like to see visual examples and a video guide.


    UltraViolet OG feminized seeds grow guide


    Growing UltraViolet OG feminized seeds is best suited for experienced growers. While the plants stick to manageable heights of around 5 feet, their copious foliage, closely spaced internodes, and incredibly dense flowers require careful management. Inexperienced cultivators may run into problems with moisture retention during flowering, leading to mold and bud rot.


    Plant fem UltraViolet OG seeds in rich bio-organic soil to enhance their terpene profile, resulting in better flavors and fragrances. A more expensive hydroponic system provides growing plants with precise nutrition, leading to explosive growth and increased yields.


    Grow fem Ultra Violet OG seeds indoors to control the environment and limit potential problems accurately. Maintain temperature between 70–79°F and limit relative humidity to 60% during vegetative growth, 50% during flowering, and 40% for the last two weeks. Pruning back the heavy fan leaves aims to maximize airflow and reduce moisture buildup.


    Low-stress training methods like the Screen of Green help promote lateral growth and spread out the closely-packed branches. Scrogging helps prevent mold and improves yields thanks to higher light penetration throughout more of the plants.


    Plants grown with UltraViolet OG feminized seeds flower for nine weeks. Once harvest arrives, your indoor garden should produce around 12.5 oz. /m². Other strains may surpass UltraViolet OG in terms of yield, but you’ll be hard-pressed to match it for quality.


    Outdoor enthusiasts can grow Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds under the sun, where their tough genetic profile allows them to flourish even in the Northern Hemisphere. This strain loves plenty of sunlight and low humidity. Growers in rainy climates should consider sowing in a greenhouse that affords protection from the elements.


    Plants sprouted from fem Ultra Violet Og seeds won’t stretch much taller than their indoor counterparts, so topping isn’t usually required. Tying down outer branches or scrogging produces better results with less stress involved. Pruning is crucial outside, so make sure to cut back excessive growth liberally and often.


    Those in the Northern Hemisphere should plant their Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds in late April or early May and harvest by late September. The plants need a full nine weeks to ripen, with the buds increasing vastly in size during the last 2–3 weeks. Under optimal conditions, each well-maintained outdoor plant provides 7–10.5 oz. of high-quality cannabis.


    What are UltraViolet OG feminized seeds genetics?


    Breeders created Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds by fusing the visually stunning Purple Indica with the heavy-hitting Face Off OG. Both parents contain a wealth of resilient indica genes and high levels of cannabinoids.


    Purple Indica is a beloved but somewhat mysterious indica cultivar that likely made its way out of Afghanistan or Pakistan. These squat little plants are incredibly tolerant of temperature change and harsh conditions. Cooler environments bring out the vivid anthocyanin coloring this strain is famous for.


    As the name suggests, Face Off OG is a highly potent indica with an equally hazy background. While we’re not exactly sure about its origin, most agree OG Kush had a part to play in creating Face Off OG. The dense, kushy buds deliver a face-melting dose of euphoria and relaxation.


    Ultra Violet Og feminized seeds contain the best elements of both parents. These plants have the resilience, visual splendor, and highly resinous flowers of Purple Indica. They also bring Face Off OG’s hard-hitting effects to the table. The result is a must-grow cultivar for fans of powerful indicas.


    Wellness and UltraViolet OG feminized seeds


    Buds from fem Ultra Violet OG seeds are packed with cannabinoids. The balance is heavily in favor of THC over CBD, making this seem an atypical wellness option. However, Ultra Violet OG’s robust suite of effects may still provide welcome relief to users with various medical issues.


    Most medicinal users will come to Ultra Violet OG for its physical properties, but its opening cerebral salvo is far from unwelcome. The upbeat buzz imparts a positive outlook and feelings of happiness that may help ease symptoms of emotional lethargy or even depression. Some users also report this strain increases mental focus and concentration.


    Cannabis grown with Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds delivers a slow-but-steady dose of intense physical relaxation. This gradual onset is ideal for medicinal users who wish to benefit from its powerful effects without becoming incapacitated entirely. Small doses are enough to soothe tired muscles, ease cramps, and relieve pain.


    At higher doses, the sedative properties of Ultra Violet OG become more pronounced. The experience is almost narcotic, leaving even the most hyperactive smoker feeling tranquil and at peace. Those with insomnia may find this strain has the power to beat even the most stubborn bout of sleeplessness.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    UltraViolet OG feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    You’ll find some of the most common questions about growing Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds below.


    Where can I get free Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds?


    Our cheap cannabis seeds page has more than just low-price cannabis seeds. We run BOGO offers on marijuana seeds, with the selection regularly changing. Bookmark our page and check back often; if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to snag some free Ultra Violet OG feminized cannabis seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds?


    Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds produce the best results under the care of an experienced cultivator. Copious foliage and a mild susceptibility to mold make growing these cannabis seeds tricky for beginners.


    What is Ultra Violet OG feminized flower time?


    Plants grown with feminized Ultra Violet OG seeds flower for nine weeks. Remember that bud growth shoots up massively during the last few weeks, so avoid the urge to cut these purple beauties early.


    How long do Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds take to germinate?


    These Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds usually open within 24–48 hours. Some marijuana seeds with thicker shells may take longer but should open within 120 hours. Follow our germination guide above, and we’ll happily replace any unopened cannabis seeds with our germination guarantee.


    How long does it take Ultra Violet OG feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Allow your Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds about 21–23 weeks to go from seed to harvest. Keep in mind this is just an estimate; your growing time may be affected by various factors like lighting, climate, nutrition, etc.


    Give your marijuana seeds a week to open and another three to move through the seedling phase. Once established, plants usually veg for at least 8–10 weeks. Add on Ultra Violet OG’s nine-week flowering period to arrive at a total growing time of 21–23 weeks.


    Grow medium: Ultra Violet OG feminized hydro or soil?


    Both hydro and soil have their benefits, and feminized Ultra Violet OG seeds grow in either. Keep things simple with organic soil, and plants produce supremely tasty buds. If you’d rather have prolific growth and monster yields, the precise control of a hydroponic setup provides both.


    What is the average Ultra Violet OG feminized height?


    Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds grow up to 5 feet indoors. Height remains about the same outdoors. Ideal weather may produce slighter bigger plants, but they tend to become bushier rather than taller.


    Where can I find pictures of Ultra Violet OG feminized marijuana?


    There are some fantastic shots of Ultra Violet OG right here on this page. Check out our Ultra Violet OG Feminized Homegrown Diaries for more. Along with photos, these diaries also give you valuable insight into growing fem Ultra Violet OG seeds.


    When you’re all set up, be sure to come back and start your own Homegrown Diary. It’s a great way to track your growing progress, document the experience, and help like-minded cultivators all at once.


    Where is the best place to buy Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds in the USA?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the only place to buy these fem Ultra Violet OG seeds. Order from us for guaranteed high-quality, genetically stable marijuana seeds every time.


    Once we have your order, we’ll pack your cannabis seeds discreetly and ship them swiftly to your receiving address. Place an order today with any major payment method, and our customer service team is on call to deal with any issues you may encounter.


    Do you stock other Ultra Violet OG seed variants?


    To satisfy different customer needs, we try to stock variants of all our strains whenever possible.


    If you’re interested in creating the next new hybrid, we recommend using regular cannabis seeds. These seeds have the potential to mature into either male or female plants. Creative cultivators use the pollen-producing male plants to crossbreed with other strains, ideally preserving the best characteristics of both. Regular marijuana seeds also allow growers to produce seeds of the same strain for further use.


    Autoflower marijuana seeds give home growers a low-maintenance, fast-flowering option perfect for indoor growing with limited space. Autoflower cannabis seeds don’t depend on photoperiod to start flowering. Instead, they begin producing flowers after spending a few weeks in the vegetative phase. While yields from autoflower strains are usually lower, their rapid lifecycle allows for multiple harvests per year with little fuss.


    Feminized cannabis seeds are generally the most popular choice for home growers. Feminized marijuana seeds don’t contain Y-chromosomes, resulting in 99.9% female plants. An all-female crop of cannabis gives the most productive yields and avoids wasting time and resources on flowerless males.


    The only variant we can offer for this strain at this time are Ultra Violet OG feminized seeds.


    Are there any other names for Ultra Violet OG feminized?


    Ultra Violet OG is sometimes known as Ultra Violet OG Kush. We’re not aware of any other names for this strain.


    Spelling errors


    Among the small mistakes we’ve seen are Ultra Vielot OG, Ultra Violot OG, and Ultra Violette OG. Sticky keyboard fingers were probably the cause of these minor mistakes and shouldn’t interfere with your search for this cultivar.


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