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Sweet Tooth Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Sweet Tooth Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Mental clarity
  • Mid range THC for upbeat and happy vibes
  • Pine
  • Sweet Tooth autoflower is a multi-award-winning cannabis cultivar that originates from a line of prestigious ancestors. It excels in various ways, from its sweet-smelling aromas and delicious flavors to its exceptional growing traits and powerful effects. As long as you don’t put them in stressful situations, these autoflower seeds are relatively easy to grow. Sweet Tooth rewar...Show more

    Sweet Tooth Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Sweet Tooth Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Sweet Tooth autoflower is a multi-award-winning cannabis cultivar that originates from a line of prestigious ancestors. It excels in various ways, from its sweet-smelling aromas and delicious flavors to its exceptional growing traits and powerful effects.


    As long as you don’t put them in stressful situations, these autoflower seeds are relatively easy to grow. Sweet Tooth rewards diligent efforts with tasty and potent nugs in as little as 13 weeks after germination.


    Keep reading for the inside scoop on autoflower Sweet Tooth seeds. We’ll go over this strain’s flavors and effects, discuss the best germination and growing techniques, and answer the most frequently asked questions.


    What are Sweet Tooth autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Sweet Tooth is a mostly indica hybrid that first hit the cannabis scene during the 1990s. Thanks to its powerful effects and brilliant flavors, it quickly became a stoner staple. Critics were equally impressed, and it won three consecutive High Times Cannabis Cups from 2001 to 2003.


    This cultivar’s generous THC levels and unique genetic traits result in a blend of mind and body effects. Autoflower Sweet Tooth delivers focus, upliftment, relaxation, and sedation. The journey starts with the cerebral side of things and seamlessly transitions to physical tranquility.


    This strain was named after its famous flavor profile, which users typically describe as sweet, fruity, and tropical. Sweet Tooth autoflower buds smell like a cocktail of peaches, mangoes, flowers, lemons, and earthiness—and they taste just as good.


    These indica-heavy plants have a short and bushy appearance. They rarely stretch to more than three feet tall and are ideal for compact spaces. Autoflower Sweet Tooth seeds produce dense, light green buds with bright amber or pinky hairs.


    Towards maturity, these plants develop a thick covering of sugary trichomes. Some phenotypes also produce a slight purple tinge.


    Raising this iconic cultivar is a straightforward process. The addition of ruderalis genetics gives it faster growing times and allows for multiple harvests a year. Although it’s relatively easy to cultivate Sweet Tooth autoflower, it develops rapidly and leaves little room for error.


    Due to its fast-growing nature, this cultivar doesn't have much time to recover from common cultivation errors. It’s essential to keep autoflower Sweet Tooth crops happy and stress-free to get the best yield size and bud quality.


    These non-photoperiod cannabis seeds are also feminized and offer a 99% chance of producing female-only plants.


    What are the Sweet Tooth autoflower effects?


    Sweet Tooth autoflower is a marijuana hybrid with about 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics. It typically contains 13–16% THC and 0.5% CBD. Its effects are primarily physical, but the generous THC levels promise plenty of cerebral stimulation.


    After a couple of tokes, the trip swiftly begins. The fast-acting effects lift your mood and offer upbeat, positive, and happy vibes. Expect to feel more aware of your surroundings, with colors, sounds, and your sensitivity to touch becoming heightened.


    Autoflower Sweet Tooth buds bring focus, mental clarity, vigor, and upliftment. Although these classic sativa effects do a brilliant job, they’re not overly intense—provided you stick to low doses.


    After 45–90 minutes, the physical sensations creep in. They release tension, loosen stiff muscles, and help you feel relaxed and comfortable.


    Towards the end, you may feel more tired. Take advantage of the drowsy sensations of Sweet Tooth autoflower buds and head to bed for a night of deep and restful sleep.


    The duration and intensity of the effects largely depend on your consumption level. High doses may result in couch-lock, while lower ones keep you relatively mobile.


    These effects aren’t always a bad thing, particularly if you’re after a dreamy cerebral buzz coupled with full-body relaxation.


    Make the most of the autoflower Sweet Tooth strain by consuming it when you need focus, upliftment, and clear-headedness. Remember to clear your schedule afterward to accommodate for the sedating sensations.


    Stick to low yet slightly more frequent doses to get a revitalizing kick as needed. Common side effects of cannabis like cottonmouth and dry eyes occur regardless of your intake level. Alleviate them by drinking plenty of water. Overuse may result in dizziness, paranoia, or anxiety.


    What does Sweet Tooth autoflower smell like?

    Sweet Tooth contains various terpenes, including myrcene, alpha-pinene, limonene, eucalyptol, phytol, alpha humulene, borneol, and beta-caryophyllene. When it comes to this strain’s scent and flavor, these compounds ensure it’s anything but subtle. 


    Sweet Tooth autoflower boasts a powerful fragrance that appears as early as the second week of flowering. This aroma contains a blend of pine, lemon, floral, peach, mango, and earth tones. The taste is equally appealing and bathes your taste buds in sweet, citrus, and flowery notes.


    How to germinate Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds


    The first step to a successful harvest is choosing a suitable germination technique for your Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds.


    Although there are several ways to start your marijuana seeds, we recommend opting for the paper towel method. It’s easy, cheap, and effective. This germination technique is also done indoors, which reduces the risk of pests, bad weather, and tampering.


    Round up the following things to begin the paper towel technique:


    - Two large plates

    - A couple of paper towel sheets

    - A bowl of purified water

    - Tweezers

    - Your autoflower Sweet Tooth seeds


    Next, stick to our detailed germination guide:


    - Soak one paper towel in some water, wring out the extra liquid, and place it flat on a large plate.


    - Grab your tweezers and set each of your cannabis seeds on the damp sheet. Leave a minimum of one inch between each seed and avoid starting too many seeds on the same dish.


    - Fill a spray bottle with purified water, and mist it over your marijuana seeds. Use extra paper towels to soak up any excess moisture. Lift the bottom sheet to check for freestanding liquid.


    - Repeat the first step using another paper towel. Carefully lay it over your Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds as a cover.


    - Use an additional plate as a lid to keep everything safe and secure.


    - Once your germination station is ready, move it to a warm, humid, and dark space. Check on your cannabis seeds every day and add more water to prevent dryness.


    - It should take between 1–5 days for a taproot to sprout from your Sweet Tooth seeds. Move them to an appropriate pot when their taproot is at least a quarter-inch long.


    You receive a germination guarantee with every purchase when you buy Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds online from Homegrown Cannabis Co. This guarantee covers any unpopped marijuana seeds with a free replacement, provided you stick to our terms and conditions.


    One of these requirements is to follow our recommended paper towel method and take photo or video evidence of your sprouting attempt. Check out our germination guide to learn more.


    Sweet Tooth autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Figuring out how to grow Sweet Tooth autoflower is a straightforward job suited to beginner, intermediate, and veteran cultivators. By keeping your crops safe from unfavorable situations, you can ensure an abundant yield in less than 13 weeks.


    These plants have the everyday needs of most strains, but their rapid development rate means they can’t undergo any stress. Brush up on your knowledge of over and underwatering, incorrect transplants, and wrong growing pots to avoid these stressors.


    Sweet Tooth autoflower grows best in nutrient-rich, properly aerated, and 100% organic soil. Aside from enhancing the strain’s incredible flavors, it also promotes higher yields. These plants do well in controlled grow rooms and outdoor setups, but the latter typically offers better results.


    Indoor cultivation calls for proper air circulation, as these crops have a slight susceptibility to root rot and mold. Trapped humidity is common, as autoflower Sweet Tooth is a bushy specimen. Regular trimming of fan leaves promotes better light and air penetration.


    Outdoor growers should opt for areas with lots of sunshine and low humidity levels. Start at the beginning of summer if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere to get multiple harvests before the frost appears.


    Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds take 10–13 weeks from seed to harvest. Flowering begins 3–4 weeks after germination and continues for an additional 6–7 weeks. The average Sweet Tooth autoflower yield is 15–19 oz./m² indoors and 3–7 oz. per outdoor plant.


    What are the Sweet Tooth autoflower strain genetics?


    Sweet Tooth autoflower is a cross between the original Sweet Tooth strain and an unknown ruderalis. Its lineage features genetics from Afghani, Nepalese, and Hawaiian landraces.


    Here’s what each of these parent strains passed on:


    - Afghani: This pure indica landrace comes from Afghanistan. It boasts a sweet yet pungent aroma and offers powerfully sedating effects. Afghani delivers calmness, euphoria, and a full-body stone.


    - Nepalese: This true sativa landrace hails from Nepal. It emits a citrus, lavender, and wood scent with a sweet floral flavor. Nepalese strains are famous for their uplifting, energizing, and euphoric effects.


    - Ruderalis: This cannabis variety naturally grows in the wild and passes on notable characteristics to autoflower Sweet Tooth seeds. Ruderalis genetics help plants grow faster, offer extra resilience against harsh conditions, and allow them to start flowering automatically at a specific age.


    - Hawaiian: This pure sativa landrace originates from Hawaii. It smells like a blend of various tropical fruits, including pineapple and mango. Hawaiian is best known for making you feel happy, chatty, creative, and uplifted.


    Wellness and Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds


    Although Sweet Tooth autoflower is a mostly recreational strain, it could also be useful for those in the medical marijuana community. Its noticeable THC levels and strong indica traits may be an excellent pairing for various medical and physical ailments.


    This cultivar has analgesic properties that act as natural painkillers. It could assist those struggling with physical discomfort and bodily aches and pains. The anti-inflammatory qualities of autoflower Sweet Tooth reduce tension and invoke warm, relaxing sensations.


    Due to its high THC levels, this strain delivers psychoactive effects that lift your mood and promote positivity. It may assist those with anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental conditions.


    The indica-heavy influence of autoflower Sweet Tooth buds may help those with insomnia and other sleep-related conditions. Although the sedating effects only kick in after the cerebral buzz, it may still prove useful in promoting slumber.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Sweet Tooth autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Get detailed answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds:


    Can I get other types of Sweet Tooth seeds?


    Yes. The Sweet Tooth strain is available in several varieties, including autoflower, regular, and feminized cannabis seeds.


    Here’s a brief overview of the various Sweet Tooth seeds on the market:


    - Autoflower seeds: These marijuana seeds are non-photoperiod and don’t rely on light cycle adjustments to begin blooming. They automatically start to flower after a specific period and may also contain feminized genetics. Sweet Tooth autoflower plants are more delicate than other varieties, so it’s imperative to keep them stress-free.


    - Feminized seeds: These cannabis seeds are photoperiod and don’t have male chromosomes, meaning they grow into female crops 99% of the time. Fems reduce the chances of cross-pollination and typically offer higher yields.


    - Regular seeds: These marijuana seeds are photoperiod and naturally occur in nature. They have a 50% chance of growing into male or female plants. Expert breeders often use regular seeds to create new hybrids or explore unique genetic combinations.


    Where can I get free Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds?

    Visit our promotions page to find cheap weed seeds across dozens of strains, including Sweet Tooth autoflower. Our Homegrown Store regularly features deals on hot hybrids, popular picks, new cultivars, and classic strains.


    Why not take advantage of our famous Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers? Here’s what these exciting specials entail:


    - 4 pack: Buy 4 marijuana strain seeds and get another 4 free seeds

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    We frequently update our discounted cultivars. Come back regularly to see if there are any deals on your favorite strains, like autoflower Sweet Tooth.


    Can a beginner grow Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds?


    Yes. Beginners can try their hand at raising Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds, but they must ensure they create a stress-free environment. Due to their rapid development times, these crops don’t usually recover from cultivation errors like their photoperiod counterparts.


    It’s essential to avoid frequent beginner mistakes like under and overwatering, unnecessary transplantation, high-stress training techniques, and unsuitable pots.


    What is the Sweet Tooth autoflower flower time?


    Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds are non-photoperiod, meaning they don’t require a change in light exposure to begin blooming. These marijuana seeds start flowering automatically approximately 3–4 weeks after germination and continue to develop buds for another 6–7 weeks.


    At harvest time, the average Sweet Tooth autoflower yield is 15–19 oz./m² indoors and 3–7 oz. per outdoor plant.


    How long do Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    If your germination attempt is successful, taproots should appear from your Sweet Tooth autoflower cannabis seeds in under a week. Our recommended paper towel method promises a visible taproot in 1–5 days. It’s possible to get different results with alternate techniques.


    If you don’t see any development after two weeks, you may be liable for a replacement. Take advantage of our germination guarantee and contact us to receive another batch at no cost. We require video or photo evidence of your paper towel seed popping attempt to process your claim.


    How long does it take Sweet Tooth autoflower from seed to harvest?


    This cultivar typically completes its life cycle in 10–13 weeks, which accounts for the total time between germination and harvest. Don’t forget to factor in another 2–3 weeks for drying and curing to produce high-quality nugs.


    Due to its ruderalis influence, Sweet Tooth autoflower grows slightly faster than other cannabis varieties. It has a limited vegetative period of 20–30 days and flowers without any assistance.


    Grow medium: Sweet Tooth autoflower hydro or soil?


    These marijuana seeds do best in organic, nutrient-enriched soil indoors and outside. This substrate offers maximum results in the flavor and yield departments. Expect a more pronounced aroma and higher amounts of buds at harvest time.


    What is the average Sweet Tooth autoflower height?


    Due to its heavy indica genetics, Sweet Tooth autoflower typically reaches a maximum height of three feet. It makes up for the lack of vertical height with its thick and bushy foliage. This densely-packed plant is ideal for small growing spaces.


    Where can I find pictures of Sweet Tooth autoflower marijuana?


    The best place to view high-quality images of autoflower Sweet Tooth is on this product page. Scroll from top to bottom and see pictures of new seedlings, vegging plants, flowering crops, and prepared buds.


    Another excellent resource is the Sweet Tooth Autoflower Homegrown Diaries. This tool allows you to create and view cultivation journals, see plant photos, and inspect weekly growing progress. Start your own diary to track the journey of your Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds.


    Where is the best place to buy Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Shop our Homegrown store and choose from hundreds of cannabis seeds with reliable, stable, and premium genetics. Buy Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds online in various pack sizes and enjoy peace of mind with our germination guarantee.


    Here’s what else you benefit from when you choose Homegrown Cannabis Co.:


    - A massive selection of over 500 marijuana seeds across feminized, autoflower, fast version, and regular categories

    - Free replacements on non-germinated weed seeds as per our germination guarantee

    - Friendly and efficient customer service agents that are available around-the-clock

    - Easy, convenient, and secure payment methods

    - Access to regular discounts and promotions

    - Fast and discreet deliveries

    - Free educational material on cannabis cultivation and other relevant topics

    - Free membership to an online community of marijuana enthusiasts


    Like what you hear? Buy Sweet Tooth autoflower seeds online and enjoy fruitful yields of sweet-smelling and mind-boggling cannabis buds.


    Are there any other names for Sweet Tooth autoflower?


    This strain doesn’t have any other names and exclusively goes by Sweet Tooth autoflower. If you ask most marijuana experts, they’d tell you it’s got the perfect name to describe its most famous trait.


    Spelling errors


    Searching for the term ‘Sweet Tooth’ will likely give you results based on the popular TV series. Since many marijuana strains have common names, it’s important to add relevant terms to enhance your online search query. We recommend choosing words like ‘marijuana,’ ‘cannabis,’ and ‘seeds.’


    Here are some common misspellings to watch out for with autoflower Sweet Tooth:


    - Swet Tooth

    - Sweet Toth

    - Swt Tooth

    - Swit Tooth


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