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Super Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Super Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • The ultimate stress-reliever
  • Mid range THC for nothing but positive thoughts and feelings
  • Aromas of skunk with citrus and wood and a spicy taste courtesy of caryophyllene
  • It’s impossible to dislike Super Skunk feminized seeds and the buds they produce, no matter who you are. At first, these ultra-sticky nugs give off a smell reminiscent of their pungent parent. But when you smoke them, a sweet, decadent surprise awaits your senses. There are many reasons why these cannabis seeds top the charts in our feminized category. They’re very easy to rais...Show more

    Super Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Super Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    It’s impossible to dislike Super Skunk feminized seeds and the buds they produce, no matter who you are. At first, these ultra-sticky nugs give off a smell reminiscent of their pungent parent. But when you smoke them, a sweet, decadent surprise awaits your senses.


    There are many reasons why these cannabis seeds top the charts in our feminized category. They’re very easy to raise, grow quickly, and produce astonishing harvests that’ll leave you breathless.


    This marijuana strain is the perfect option for anyone looking to relax after a long day. It’s like climbing aboard an express train to tranquility, leaving behind any physical and mental stress.


    Order your feminized Super Skunk seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. for your one-way ticket to dreamland.


    What are Super Skunk feminized cannabis seeds?


    Super Skunk feminized seeds first entered the marijuana market in the 90s after breeders crossed Skunk #1 with Afghani. The legendary mashup produced a unique indica-heavy hybrid that not only possessed its parents' traits but also improved on them.


    These medium-sized cannabis plants don’t have a lot of foliage, making it easy to see the large, resinous buds appearing along the branches. As harvest season draws near, these flowers display a refreshing green hue and are covered in a blanket of silver trichomes.


    Many confuse the buds from fem Super Skunk seeds with their famous parent due to the strong ammonia-like fragrance. Only when you light them up and taste the sweet citrus flavors can you tell them apart.


    Consuming these delicious nugs takes you on a relaxing ride that fills you with focus and euphoria. After washing away any stress from your mind and body, find a comfortable spot to sink into and drift off to sleep.


    Anybody can experience these therapeutic benefits for themselves by growing Super Skunk fem seeds at home. You don’t need any previous experience to raise them and can look forward to massive yields in record time.


    What are the effects of Super Skunk feminized cannabis?


    A few puffs of cannabis from Super Skunk feminized seeds is enough to put anyone in a good mood. These indica-dominant buds waste no time getting into your system, sending a warming buzz around your body.


    You’ll first notice your mood significantly improve as a wave of euphoria lifts you out of any negative mindsets. You’re able to shake any unnecessary stress and enjoy the present moment savoring everything you see, smell, and can taste.


    Rather than feeling hazy after consuming the buds from fem Super Skunk seeds, your brain receives a refreshing jolt. You’re able to enjoy complete mental clarity and focus while you pursue artistic hobbies or conversations with friends.


    After some time passes, expect the sudden urge to eat everything in your fridge. It’s always a good idea to get a few healthy snacks before your session to avoid staring blankly at an empty cookie jar.


    Once you’ve satiated your hunger, you’ll feel a strong relaxing effect take hold. During this point, the buds from Super Skunk fem seeds reveal their true indica power. You’ll find yourself stretched out on the couch, enjoying the soft sensation on your skin.


    Eventually, all that’s left is for you to stop resisting the temptation to slip under the blankets and drift off to sleep. These sedating effects are unavoidable, so it’s best to keep these sticky buds for evening sessions or lazy days.


    Low cannabis tolerance fans should enjoy the buds from feminized Super Skunk seeds in small amounts as large doses can overstimulate your mind. Overindulgence may potentially lead to feelings of anxiety and disorientation.


    What does Super Skunk feminized marijuana smell like?


    The first thing you’ll notice when you come in contact with the cannabis from Super Skunk feminized seeds is its smell. These buds give off a strong ammonia musk similar to its namesake. On closer inspection, your nose will pick up traces of citrus and woody tones, adding an irresistible layer to the fragrance.


    Smoking these sticky nugs releases an unexpected sweet taste in your mouth that’s far from your typical skunk variety. A combination of oranges, lemon, and candy comes together to produce a refreshing treat in your mouth.


    The marijuana from feminized Super Skunk seeds changes its flavor one last time as you release the smoke from your lungs. Look forward to a slightly spicy aftertaste with hints of earth that complement the sweet inhale perfectly.


    These unforgettable flavors and fragrances are a result of this cannabis cultivar’s special combination of terpenes. Our in-house testing reveals caryophyllene as the most dominant of these compounds, similar to cinnamon, pepper, and cloves.


    Unlike any other terpenes in cannabis, caryophyllene works in a similar way to the main cannabinoids. It’s able to activate your endocannabinoid receptors and benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties.


    How to germinate Super Skunk feminized seeds


    Germinating your Super Skunk feminized seeds is a thrilling step that marks the beginning of your cannabis grow. Many first-time cultivators don’t realize the importance of this procedure, choosing to use strange techniques that often lead to poor results.


    A common practice for novice cultivators involves planting marijuana seeds directly into the soil in a garden. While this method recreates the natural process, it can take ten or more days before you see any signs of growth.


    A more dependable way to germinate your feminized Super Skunk seeds is by using the paper towel method. Not only is this technique easy and cheap, but it’s also more convenient, promising taproots within only five days.


    Through our years of experience, we’ve learned just how effective this technique is, which is why it’s part of our germination guarantee. You’ll need to provide proof of its use in case of unsuccessful cannabis seeds to qualify for a refund.


    If you’re not familiar with the procedure, you can read our in-depth germination guide. There’s no need for any fancy tools; all you’ll need to perform this method is the following:


    - Two large ceramic plates

    - One small ceramic bowl

    - A pair of tweezers

    - A roll of paper towel

    - A bottle of purified water


    Once you’ve got the items listed above along with your Super Skunk fem seeds, follow these steps for easy germination:


    - Pour the purified water into a ceramic bowl.


    - Tear off two paper towel sheets and soak them in the liquid until completely wet.


    - Take the pieces out and gently squeeze them, removing the water but leaving them moist.


    - Lay one wet paper towel sheet flat on a large ceramic plate.


    - Use tweezers to pick up your fem Super Skunk seeds and put them on the moist sheet.


    - After spacing your marijuana seeds out, cover them with the second moist sheet of paper towel.


    - Take a second ceramic plate and place it upside down over the cannabis seeds to prevent light from entering.


    - Put the plates with your Super Skunk feminized seeds in a cupboard for five days.


    - Check on the marijuana seeds every day, keeping them moist the entire time.


    - Move the cannabis seeds into pots once they display a white taproot measuring a quarter inch in length.


    Super Skunk feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    It’s an absolute pleasure raising Super Skunk feminized seeds, no matter how much experience you’ve got growing cannabis. These strong plants imitate their iconic parents, surviving harsh climates while requiring little TLC to flourish.


    Crops can also resist pests, pathogens, and moisture-related problems, allowing you to grow them outside in the garden. While you can cultivate these marijuana seeds anywhere, they tend to produce their best buds under controlled indoor conditions.


    The easy-going nature of fem Super Skunk seeds means you can pick any growing medium that suits you. We suggest choosing a mixture of soil and coco coir if you’re just starting out as it's simple to use. This type of substrate also tends to enhance the flavor and fragrance of your nugs for extra appeal.


    More experienced cultivators can raise these cannabis seeds using a hydroponics setup. This growing medium gives you full control over the amount of nutrients going to your plants for bigger builds and faster growth.


    There’s no need to top or train your crops to maintain a manageable size, as plants won’t grow over five feet. It’s also unnecessary to prune many leaves as the foliage doesn’t get too thick. At the same time, it’s a good idea to remove any older leaves to redirect nutrients and maintain ventilation.


    If you decide to raise Super Skunk fem seeds indoors, a temperature range of 68–78 degrees Fahrenheit works best. It’s also a good idea to install an odor filter and ensure your ventilation system works correctly.


    Cultivators germinating multiple marijuana seeds at once can use the Sea of Green method to bolster yields. This growing technique is also brilliant for maximizing the use of confined spaces.


    Plants from feminized Super Skunk seeds take 8–9 weeks to flower once they’ve fully vegetated. By the end of this period, indoor growers can look forward to yields measuring 18–21 oz./m².


    Cultivators who choose to raise these cannabis seeds outdoors find a Mediterranean climate best suits these crops. Start the germination process by April and prepare to harvest your marijuana in October. Crops raised under optimal conditions produce yields weighing between 21–25 oz./plant.


    What are the genetics of the feminized Super Skunk strain?


    Since their creation in the 90s, Super Skunk feminized seeds have kept the indica torch burning bright in our hearts. They first entered the marijuana market when breeders mixed two classic cultivars, namely: Skunk #1 and Afghani.


    Skunk #1 is one of the most popular cannabis strains on the planet, and for a good reason. This indica-dominant hybrid is responsible for the iconic aroma and high THC levels within these buds. It’s also the reason plants flower so quickly and produce massive yields.


    The second parent of these marijuana seeds, Afghani, is a famous indica landrace with untold physical power. It passes down its ability to trigger a strong couch-lock and leave your body buzzing with delight.


    Breeders continued altering the genetics of this cannabis cultivar, leading to the creation of feminized Super Skunk seeds. They removed its ability to hold any Y-chromosomes, ensuring 99% of these photoperiodic plants produce their sought-after buds.


    Our in-house testing reveals THC levels between 14–18% within these marijuana flowers, similar to both parent strains. What’s more, expect its CBD percentage to come in at around 2%, enhancing this cultivar’s potential wellness effects.


    Wellness and Super Skunk feminized seeds


    While many fans of feminized Super Skunk seeds enjoy these buds in a recreational sense, they also offer therapeutic benefits. Anyone can utilize these flowers to combat mental and physical stress in seconds.


    One of its most common uses is to reduce pain in your joints and soothe any muscle spasms. Moreover, patients with arthritis find these buds especially useful due to their anti-inflammatory properties.


    The buds from Super Skunk feminized seeds are brilliant for easing pressure around your head. Anyone can use these nugs to ease the discomfort caused by headaches and chronic migraines.


    This marijuana strain’s tendency to increase your desire for food makes it highly effective in dealing with a poor appetite. Plus, its ability to remove any feelings of nausea allows you to nourish your body and keep it down.


    The uplifting qualities brought on by consuming the nugs from fem Super Skunk seeds are brilliant for combating negativity. Anybody feeling anxious or depressed can swap out these uneasy sensations for a more positive mindset.


    Consuming this sedating strain in the evening ensures an effortless transition into the dream realm. Patients looking to combat insomnia tend to find these buds very beneficial in this regard, promising a restful sleep.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information isn’t advice and shouldn't be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Super Skunk feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    The last thing we want is for you to regret your purchase. Here are some commonly asked questions about Super Skunk fem seeds to help you pick the best cannabis cultivar for your lifestyle.


    What variations of Super Skunk cannabis are there?


    While shopping for this strain, you’ll likely come across three different versions, including Super Skunk feminized seeds. Each of these options contains a unique blend of genetics to give slightly different results.


    To ensure you pick the best variation of this cannabis cultivar, here’s a quick rundown of the three different versions: 


    - Regular seeds: These types of marijuana seeds are relatively untouched and have a 50% chance of turning into male or female plants. While this option is suited to beginners, they’ll need to sex crops early to ensure quality yields.


    - Feminized seeds: This stabilized version promises a flower-bearing plant 99% of the time. It’s regarded as the easiest option to raise, allowing novice cultivators to produce massive harvests. 


    - Autoflower seeds: The most advanced version of these cannabis seeds contains ruderalis genetics and grows in half the time. Experienced cultivators can utilize this version's ability to flower regardless of light to raise multiple crops throughout the year.


    Where can I get free Super Skunk feminized seeds?


    There’s nothing like getting Super Skunk fem seeds for free. Visit our BOGOs section to view the latest deals and promotions. You may find a buy one, get one free offer, helping you stretch your budget for bigger returns.


    These limited-time deals come in various sizes, including packs of 4, 8, 12, and 24. Pick which option suits you, and receive double your order of marijuana seeds upon delivery. Remember to check out our promos section every day to stay updated.


    Can a beginner grow Super Skunk feminized seeds?


    Anyone can raise feminized Super Skunk seeds regardless of how much experience they have under their belt. Plants will thrive in most conditions due to their tough genetics and resist harmful pests and pathogens.


    Another reason these cannabis seeds are so beginner-friendly is that they have a 99% chance of producing flower-bearing plants. You also don’t have to worry about sexing your crops, removing a large cultivating headache.


    What is the flowering time of Super Skunk feminized?


    It takes between 8–9 weeks for the plants grown from fem Super Skunk seeds to complete the flowering phase. During this period, it’s important that you slowly lower the amount of light given to crops and change over to bloom nutrients.


    If you start growing your marijuana seeds outside in April, your crops should flower in late July or early August. Once October rolls around, you can start harvesting the mature flowers and experiencing their relaxing effects.


    How long do Super Skunk feminized seeds take to germinate?


    It takes up to five days to germinate Super Skunk fem seeds using the paper towel method. This technique is quick, inexpensive, and doesn't require any previous experience to complete it successfully.


    While there are other ways to sprout marijuana seeds, none offer the consistent results this method can. We require proof of you using this technique to comply with our germination guarantee in case of any duds.


    How long does it take Super Skunk feminized to go from seed to harvest?


    After germinating your feminized Super Skunk seeds, you’ll need to wait another 6–7 months before collecting any buds. A few factors influence the growing time of crops, like the type of setup and its conditions.


    We recommend adding two weeks onto this timeframe to get an idea of when you get to use the buds. You’ll need to dry the flowers for 5–7 days, followed by at least another week of curing.


    Grow medium: Super Skunk feminized hydro or soil?


    Super Skunk feminized seeds will flourish in both soil and hydroponic growing mediums. When it comes to picking the best option, you need to consider your skill level and the type of setup.


    We suggest using soil if you're new to marijuana cultivation or prefer raising crops outdoors. This type of substrate enhances your buds' flavor and keeps your plants strong and healthy.


    Raising cannabis seeds with hydroponics is better suited to experienced cultivators and indoor setups. You need to ensure your plants receive the correct ratio of nutrients and keep humidity levels low to stop bud rot from occurring.


    What is the average height of Super Skunk feminized plants?


    The cannabis plants grown from fem Super Skunk seeds won’t exceed five feet in height. These crops typically remain small in stature, like most indica-dominant strains, expanding their branches out laterally instead.


    These characteristics allow you to raise these plants in confined indoor setups without any training. While it’s not necessary to top or train crops, regular pruning is vital to maintain sufficient ventilation.


    Where can I find pictures of Super Skunk feminized marijuana?


    Check out a Super Skunk feminized Homegrown Diary to view photos of this cultivar at every stage of its growth. You’ll also find images showing the development of the large, sticky nugs, giving you an idea of what to aim for.


    Each of the pictures you find comes from our community of growers who’ve raised our Super Skunk fem seeds. Plus, these diaries contain helpful tips and notes left by the cultivators that grew them.


    Where is the best place to buy Super Skunk feminized seeds in the USA?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is, without a doubt, the best place to buy Super Skunk feminized seeds. We pride ourselves on our high-quality products with strong, stable genetics that promise delicious buds every time.


    Our store features over 450 different cannabis cultivars for sale across the US, along with the option for discreet delivery. We also offer a bunch of free educational material to learn more about the intricacies of marijuana cultivation.


    Are there any other names for Super Skunk feminized?


    There are no common nicknames for feminized Super Skunk seed. This dreamy cultivar has built a respected reputation in the cannabis community over the years and requires little introduction. To ensure you purchase the correct marijuana strain, only buy from trusted stores selling it under its correct name.


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