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Super Skunk Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Super Skunk Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Like being wrapped in a comforter
  • Mid range THC for cheesy grins and fits of giggles
  • Aromas of skunk and damp forest
  • Homegrown Cannabis Co. presents the upgrade for the upgrade—breeders have concocted a Super Skunk autoflower strain that produces a quick-flowering, high-THC cannabis strain. Putting super in front of iconic Skunk was brave, but the progeny remains true to the best traits of its trail-blazing predecessor. Birthed in 1990, this was the first ‘super’ strain. It accentuates flavor...Show more

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    Super Skunk Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. presents the upgrade for the upgrade—breeders have concocted a Super Skunk autoflower strain that produces a quick-flowering, high-THC cannabis strain. Putting super in front of iconic Skunk was brave, but the progeny remains true to the best traits of its trail-blazing predecessor.


    Birthed in 1990, this was the first ‘super’ strain. It accentuates flavor, potency, and even weight in a step-up in quality from its gold standard parent. Legendary Skunk #1 genetics boosted with a double-dip of Afghani means Super Skunk succeeds in updating a legend to make waves in its own right.


    Super Skunk autoflower seeds shorten the life cycle, hurrying you towards a bountiful harvest of delectable, top-shelf buds. Super Skunk has been up there for over thirty years, too. Read on to learn more about this famous strain, garnering all the information needed to grow your own.


    What are Super Skunk autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Super Skunk autoflower seeds do not produce photoperiod plants. They pay no attention to the amount of light they receive but instead flower once the plant gets to a certain size (not age). The growing medium and conditions can influence (hence the variation) the length of this vegetative phase. 


    Natural autoflower varieties are usually ruderalis cannabis. This possible sub-species grows in Eastern Europe, Russia, and especially Siberia. The short windows of good weather mean the plants spend only 3–6 weeks in the vegetative stage before switching to bloom. 


    Parent Skunk #1 is generally considered the first true commercial cannabis hybrid strain. Breeders created its successor by blending with an Afghani strain. The offspring retains several Skunky traits, including the iconic smell, but also leans further to the indica side.


    Breeders match ruderalis plants with indica, sativa, or hybrid strains to reproduce this autoflower ability. In some locations, growers can complete back-to-back outdoor crops in a single summer season.


    Super Skunk autoflower produces weed with elevated THC levels of 14–19%. After a relatively brief flowering period, growers can look forward to a decent haul of high-grade marijuana to add to their stash. 


    What are the Super Skunk autoflower seeds effects?


    Super Skunk autoflower produces marijuana buds that growers, users, and connoisseurs continue to treasure. The happy euphoria and seamless easing of anxiety attract and convert still, three decades since its inception. Its longtime reputation as ‘the ultimate stress reliever’ is rarely contested.


    Autoflower Super Skunk seeds are indica-heavy to the tune of 80%. The consensus holds that indica plants offer physical relaxation and a full-body stone, while sativa versions provide energy and creative inspiration. 


    The sativa hits first with most cultivars, and Super Skunk autoflower is no different. An immediate rush of euphoria boosts happiness and can prompt cheesy grins and an uncontrolled case of the giggles. Find a comfortable spot to spend a few hours with friends, using the cerebral uplift to explore various subjects. 


    Eventually, the indica pervades, and the user becomes more laid-back and chilled, like being wrapped in a comforter. Super Skunk auto seeds weed doesn’t often fully knock you out, though. It’s strong enough to cause couch-lock but rarely does unless the dosage is high. Dosage is always key. Some people use higher doses exactly for this reason. Insomniacs, in particular, report finding some peace with weed grown with Super Skunk autoflower. 


    Try not to overdo it with this strain because THC levels could cause some mild side effects. As with most modern, top-end cultivars, you may suffer red eyes and cottonmouth, indicating dehydration. Keep eyedrops handy and stock up on some water or fruit juice. 


    You may also be in for a bout of the munchies. Avoid wrecking your diet by stocking some healthy snacks in advance. While most people find this affliction funny, it couldn’t be more serious for those struggling with eating disorders. 


    What does the Super Skunk autoflower smell like?


    This question is a no-brainer with Super Skunk auto, although the slightly cheesy mustiness isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Named after a small, stinky, two-toned mammal, this marijuana is pungent. Bred on the west coast of North America, Skunk got its name for its apparent similarity to the critter’s potent, off-putting sulphuric spray. Super Skunk autoflower inherits a genetically-similar flavor profile. 


    The strong, dank aroma based on earthy tones is reminiscent of a damp forest with fungus growth. In the vegetative stage, the aroma is minimal, but that changes, and how! The smell of your Super Skunk autoflower crop intensifies as flowering advances and starts to include some citrus and sweet tangs, too. 


    It’s best to assess the palate of this cultivar once the buds have been dried and cured. Then, breaking open the tight nugs unleashes the terpene combination tokers covet. The spicy earthiness combines with sweet and savory tones. 


    The buds of autoflower Super Skunk seeds display their flavors prominently when combusted. The cheesy potency tempers sweet lemon and grapefruit tones that dominate the inhale. The exhale reverts to wooden and earthy notes all wrapped up in the remnants of the citrus skunkiness. 


    How to germinate super skunk autoflower seeds


    The first part of growing your own is vital to give your plants the best start to life. Germination rates vary widely with methods and seed types. Homegrown Cannabis Co. presents a technique that works so well we guarantee our cannabis seeds will sprout. And in the unlikely event that they don’t, we’ll replace them—if you’ve followed and documented this process. It’s simple, cost-effective, and easy. 


    You’ll need:


    - Two dinner plates.

    - Absorbent paper towel

    - Super Skunk autoflower seeds

    - Purified water in a spray bottle

    - Tweezers




    - Use the purified water to wet one piece of paper towel. Squeeze out the excess, and lay it down flat on one of the dinner plates. There should be no standing water if you peel up the paper towel.


    - Use the tweezers to place the Super Skunk auto seeds on the damp towel. Leave at least an inch of space between them.


    - Spray the second paper towel and wring it out. Then, cover the seeds with it.


    - Invert the second plate and match it to the first, enclosing the medium. Make sure the plates match well and that no stray light gets in. 


    - Germination requires darkness. Keep the plates in a warm, dark spot that you can easily access. You’ll need to check whether they have sprouted every few hours.


    - Keep an eye on the paper towels and ensure they don’t dry out completely. Lightly spray them as required.


    A small white taproot should appear within 24–120 hours (1–5 days). Some sprout even earlier, so check carefully from about 12 hours in. If the Super Skunk autoflower seeds haven’t sprouted after five days, throw them away. If they haven’t yet germinated, they won’t. Document your germination process to share with others online.


    If you’re unsure of any part of the process, access our germination guide. It shows chronological progress with quality photos and even a video presentation. You can also get real-time answers on our forums.


    Super Skunk autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Super Skunk autoflower is relatively easy to grow and the kind of strain novices could attempt. We do recommend that you have some experience; due to the short vegetation stage, the plants don’t bounce back well from mistakes. These plants are tough and resistant to pests, mold, and other pathogens. They have a symmetrical growth pattern and need very little extra TLC. 


    These auto Super Skunk cannabis seeds can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Their diminutive stature makes them an obvious choice for indoor grow operations. They perform best within a temperature range of 70–80⁰F. Relative humidity (RH) should decline from 60% in the seedling stage to 40% during flowering. 


    Plants grown with Super Skunk auto seeds begin to flower when they reach a certain maturity or size. Plants can reach sexual maturity at differing rates, but most strains require 3–6 weeks of vegetative growth. In photoperiod plants, the vegetative phase can be much longer. 


    A Super Skunk autoflower grow produces apically-dominant plants that look like Christmas trees. These are autoflower cannabis seeds, so topping or fimming your plants is not a good idea. The brief vegetative phase means the plant will have insufficient time to recover and negatively impact yield.


    Indoors, growers must check on their trichomes after 7–8 weeks of bloom. Harvests are moderate with Super Skunk autoflower yield at over five ounces of lime-green superweed per m². Cultivators don’t have to change the lighting schedule to prompt flowering, meaning the buds can grow thicker and fuller. These plants will automatically enter flowering even if they receive 18 hours or more of ‘sunlight’ per day.


    Outdoor growers can aim for back-to-back crops in helpful climates. Super Skunk auto seeds grow best in sunny, temperate, or continental conditions. Avoid exposed or windy spots but demand great access to sunlight. Outdoor farmers can harvest over three ounces per plant in prime conditions. 


    What are the Super Skunk autoflower strain genetics?


    These Super Skunk autoflower seeds combine the traits of two of the OGs of cannabis culture. Blending Super Skunk and legendary indica powerhouse Northern Lights creates a cultivar with roots in the dawn of legalization in the Netherlands. The addition of a ruderalis variant usurps the autoflower capacity and some of the robust traits of this eastern European subspecies. 


    Breeders created the original Super Skunk in 1990 by merging Skunk #1 with Afghani to upgrade the first commercial strain. Skunk is a 65–35 indica-sativa split bred by blending an Afghani landrace with two exotic golden sativas from Colombia and Acapulco. 


    This cultivar elevates the Afghan influence to inflate the indica-dominance to 80–20. Super Skunk auto seeds produce marijuana with moderate to potent THC levels of 14–19%.


    Wellness and Super Skunk autoflower seeds


    The main effect of weed grown with Super Skunk autoflower is relaxation. As an indica-heavy strain, this cultivar can cause a heavy body-stone, and eventual couchlock is likely with continued use. The considerable sativa presence (20%) does maintain some focus so that maintaining concentration is possible. THC levels mean tokers can use this strain during the day.


    Some people use Super Skunk autoflower weed to contend with stress, anxiety, and depression. A toke leads to immediate elation and euphoria that spreads slowly through your body. Users report reduced self-consciousness and ease in social situations. 


    Others laud this indica-strong cultivar for its pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing properties. Many users claim great benefits in treating arthritis and other inflammatory issues. 


    Like most strong cannabis strains, Super Skunk autoflower seeds produce marijuana that can eventually induce sleep, a boon for people who don’t often get a full night’s rest. Those struggling with appetite issues can take advantage of marijuana’s penchant for piquing their hunger.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Super Skunk autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    While Super Skunk has been general knowledge worldwide since the last millennium, Super Skunk autoflower is a much newer animal. Growers, users, and wellness advocates want to know more, so we address a few popular queries:


    Where can I get free cannabis Super Skunk autoflower seeds?


    These Super Skunk seeds autoflower are an update to a great historical strain that dredges memories of murky, smoky coffee shops of early ‘90s Amsterdam. It’s not easy to find such an in-demand strain for free. 


    Your best bet is to check out one of the larger online seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. The huge range means you may get lucky and spot Super Skunk autoflower seeds in a combination mix pack or even in our regular Buy One Get One Free offers. 


    Bookmark our cheap seeds page and check back regularly to see if Super Skunk autoflower seeds are featured.


    Can a beginner grow Super Skunk autoflower?


    Growing Super Skunk autoflower seeds is a fairly straightforward process. The plants are hardy and need very little help apart from nutrition, watering, and light. We don’t recommend beginners start with an autoflower variety because of the brief vegetative phase. 


    How the plants navigate this truncated stage of the life cycle impacts subsequent yield. Early mistakes can prove disastrous and mean minimal yields and a longer learning curve. On their first try, novices usually find they reap greater rewards with feminized seeds. 


    What is the Super Skunk autoflower flower time?


    Super Skunk autoflower needs about 7–8 weeks of flowering before the pistils turn red and the trichomes become milky. At this stage, the crop emits the legendary skunk aroma that continues to create and inspire new strains. Effective drying and curing translate to flavor retention when the time comes to test this beauty.


    How long do Super Skunk autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Super Skunk auto cannabis seeds should always germinate within 1–5 days. Some take as little as 12 hours, so keep an eye on the seeds and be ready to transplant them. If the sprouted seeds remain in the germination medium too long, the delicate taproot can be open to attack by disease. If they don’t germinate in five days, they won’t, and you can throw them out. 


    Remember, our germination guarantee kicks in if you’ve followed and documented the paper-towel method detailed above.


    How long does it take Super Skunk autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    - Germination: 1–5 days

    - Vegetative phase: 3–6 weeks

    - Flowering phase: 7–8 weeks

    - Total: 10–15 weeks


    In autoflowers, the transition from the vegetative stage to bloom is not actually about age. Instead, it’s about maturity and size, so plants that reach a certain size start flowering. This varies considerably with prevailing conditions.


    Are there other types of Super Skunk seeds?


    Breeders sell cannabis seeds in three main categories; regular, feminized, and autoflowering.


    Regular seeds are the result of natural or engineered cross-pollination and grow plants of either sex. Bud growers only want female plants for the coveted, seedless sensimilla. Male plants pollinate the females and result in more seeds and less bud. Male plants and regular seeds are needed for breeding.


    Modern feminized seeds produce female plants 99.9% of the time. Females can also be forced to produce pollen which necessarily only has XX chromosomes. By pollinating female plants with this female pollen, the offspring can only be female. Here at Homegrown Cannabis Co., we also trade Super Skunk feminized seeds. 


    Both regular and feminized are photoperiod plants that respond to light fluctuations with the seasons. Autoflower Super Skunk seeds flower instead when they reach a certain size.


    Grow medium: Super Skunk autoflower hydro or soil?


    The debate between hydro and organic soil grows has raged for decades. Most experts now agree soil accentuates the flavor profile, while hydroponic operations are more sterile and produce greater yields. 


    A key consideration is the cost, as setting up hydro systems can be expensive. In the long run, hydro saves on nutrients and even water. In the short term, soil is easier, and most people already have some experience growing with this medium.


    What is the average Super Skunk autoflower height?


    Autoflower varieties have brief vegetative stages and stay short and squat, making the most of the space indoors. Indica-dominant auto Super Skunk seeds grow a typical apically-dominant shape that rarely rises above four feet (48 inches).


    Where can I find pictures of Super Skunk autoflower marijuana?


    Quality pics of the Super Skunk autoflower’s gorgeous, growing, light-green buds with yellowish pistils adorn this very page. Look out for the pics of the dried and cured end result, too—they show the reddened pistils and deep green of the trichome-encrusted nugs. 


    Growers also share their experiences in our Super Skunk autoflower Homegrown Diaries section. They document their progress online with photos and data. 


    Prolific Google is more likely to lead to misinformation or confusion, in this case. 


    Where is the best place to buy Super Skunk autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Larger online seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. have covered all your cannabis cultivation needs. We have nearly 500 epic seed strains available in regular, feminized, or autoflower versions.


    Brimful with 30 years of growing experience, the website is an online library of data-driven information detailing all facets of growing cannabis, from buying to drying. 


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. delivers nationwide in a matter of days, so order your autoflower Super Skunk seeds to join the club. You could be germinating your super seeds within days.


    Are there any other names for Super Skunk autoflower?


    This cultivar is hardly ever called ‘Special Skunk auto’ these days as the ‘super’ moniker seems to have firmly stuck.


    Spelling errors


    Spelling errors can derail your search; you’re looking for Super Skunk autoflower.


    - Supa Skunk autoflower

    - Souper Skunc autoflower

    - Sooper Skunk awtoflower

    - Super Skunk autoflour


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