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Sour Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sour Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • An all-day delight
  • Around 20% THC and suddenly everything seems funnier
  • Limonene for citrus
  • There’s a reason Sour Kush seeds have won multiple awards since their creation. This indica-leaning hybrid puts you on cloud nine in seconds while spreading a soothing sensation around your body. Anyone searching our feminized seeds category for an uplifting option for day-to-day use won’t find a better option. Not only do these buds taste amazing, but they won’t make you feel ...Show more

    Sour Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    450 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    600 - 800
    Height indoor
    90 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Sour Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    There’s a reason Sour Kush seeds have won multiple awards since their creation. This indica-leaning hybrid puts you on cloud nine in seconds while spreading a soothing sensation around your body.


    Anyone searching our feminized seeds category for an uplifting option for day-to-day use won’t find a better option. Not only do these buds taste amazing, but they won’t make you feel sleepy despite their indica label.


    Order your feminized Sour Kush seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. and discover what it’s like consuming a living legend.


    What are Sour Kush feminized cannabis seeds?


    Sour Kush seeds produce some of the most sought-after cannabis in the US. These popular indica-dominant buds result from mixing a classic sativa strain with a renowned indica cultivar.


    These four-foot plants eventually produce incredible smelling flowers that seem to be soaking in THC. Once fully mature, these bright green nugs have fiery orange hairs shooting out in every direction and a shimmering trichome blanket.


    You don’t need to get too close to cannabis from feminized Sour Kush seeds before you smell it. These flowers release a powerful fuel-like aroma, along with lemon and earthy notes.


    Fans of this marijuana strain say it triggers an uplifting yet relaxed sensation in your mind and body. There’s also evidence to suggest these buds may alleviate stress, offering a wealth of medicinal benefits.


    The best part about Sour Kush feminized seeds is that anyone can grow them at home. They thrive indoors and outside in your garden and promise to produce medium to high yields in 30 weeks.


    What are the effects of Sour Kush feminized cannabis?


    Marijuana grown from Sour Kush seeds has a balanced effect on your mind and body once consumed. In small doses, these buds offer everything you’d want in an all-day option. They don’t make you feel lethargic either, letting you enjoy your day in a mellow mood.


    When you indulge in these dried herbs, the first thing you'll notice is a powerful euphoria that seeps into your head. Your perspective of yourself and the world shifts, becoming more positive while any negativity disappears.


    Everything you come across is funny and uplifting after smoking cannabis from feminized Sour Kush seeds. You’ll find yourself laughing on your own or with friends at the slightest bit of humor. It also acts as a social lubricant, pairing well with parties and meaningful conversations within intimate circles.


    It doesn’t take long for the buds from Sour Kush feminized seeds to work their way into your body. The feeling of built-up tension, aches, and pains vanish without a trace, leaving you in a relaxed bubble.


    Higher doses tend to increase the sedating properties of this cannabis cultivar, locking your limbs to the sofa for hours. Either ride out these lethargic feelings or close your eyes and drift off to dreamland.


    Overindulging in the marijuana from Sour Kush seeds happens from time to time. Users with a low cannabis tolerance may experience slight anxiety and dizziness. These mild adverse effects don’t last long, and you’ll soon feel like your normal self again.


    What does Sour Kush feminized marijuana smell like?


    Marijuana from Sour Kush seeds gives off a strong fragrance that’s impossible to forget. These buds surround your senses with a mixture of citrus, diesel, and earthy notes that put your salivary glands into overdrive.


    Breaking apart these nugs and smoking them intensifies their smell more. A swirl of lemon, spices, and herbal tones dance on your taste buds as you take your first toke. The smoke released by this strain can cause coughing. Keep that in mind when consuming cannabis from feminized Sour Kush seeds.


    Releasing this tantalizing vapor from your lungs transforms its flavor slightly, leaving a spicy tang on your tongue. This aftertaste sticks around in your mouth for a few minutes allowing you to sit back and relish the rich flavors.


    It comes as no surprise that the dominant terpene found in the nugs from Sour Kush feminized seeds is caryophyllene. It’s said to have a spicy fragrance and is commonly found in cinnamon, black pepper, and cloves.


    How to germinate Sour Kush feminized seeds


    Many beginners overlook the importance of germinating Sour Kush seeds, not understanding that it forms the foundation of your grow. Luckily, there’s an easy way to complete this crucial stage and give your cannabis crops the best chances of survival.


    It's called the paper towel method and promises a 99% success rate for marijuana seeds. Not only is this procedure incredibly simple to perform, but it also ensures successful results in less than five days.


    If you’re not familiar with this technique, we recommend using our comprehensive germination guide to sprout feminized Sour Kush seeds. It’s also worth noting that we ask all customers to follow these steps to comply with our guarantee policy.


    You don’t need any fancy equipment to complete this procedure. All you’ll need is a few things from around the house, such as:


    - Tweezers

    - A roll of paper towel

    - Two ceramic plates

    - A ceramic bowl

    - Purified water


    Once you’ve collected the necessary tools, get your Sour Kush feminized seeds and follow these instructions for successful germination:


    - Fill a ceramic bowl with mineral or spring water. (Tip: Add a few drops of our Germ Genie to your solution to enrich the liquid with beneficial nutrients.)


    - Tear off two separate paper sheets and soak them in the water.


    - Remove both pieces and gently squeeze them to remove excess moisture.


    - Fold one paper towel sheet in half and lay it flat on a ceramic dinner plate.


    - Pick up your Sour Kush seeds with tweezers and place them gently onto the moist sheet.


    - Ensure cannabis seeds have enough space and cover them with the second wet paper towel.


    - Cover the plate of marijuana seeds with a second ceramic dish to block out the light.


    - Put everything into a cool, dark cupboard and leave it there for up to five days.


    - Check on your feminized Sour Kush seeds every day to ensure they don't dry out.


    - Once you see a white taproot emerging from your seeds, transfer them to your chosen growing medium.


    Sour Kush feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Many first-time cultivators think it’s hard to raise Sour Kush seeds because of their prestigious label. But in truth, these rugged crops can survive almost any environment, making them an ideal choice for beginners.


    Their indica genetics allow these marijuana plants to resist pests and pathogens easily. They also don’t mind fluctuating temperatures, allowing cultivators to raise these cannabis seeds outdoors without a fuss.


    Experienced growers love feminized Sour Kush seeds as they pair well with a hydroponics setup. Your ability to control the nutrient intake of crops allows you to accelerate growth and increase potential yields. Remember to keep an eye on humidity levels, ensuring it stays below 50% to avoid mildew and mold.


    We suggest beginners raise Sour Kush feminized seeds in soil as it’s the easiest substrate to manage. Plants use the minerals within this growing medium to stay healthy and improve their immune systems. It also enhances the flavor and fragrance of buds, making it a popular choice for most cultivators.


    If you opt for a soil-type medium, we recommend raising your crops in fabric pots. The material is better for Sour Kush seeds as it allows their roots to breathe. It’s also a more environmentally friendly option.


    Many people new to growing weed are scared their plant will dry up and overwater it. The best way to feed your crops is to use either your finger or a digital device to tell the moisture level in the soil. Only water your plant when your finger remains dry after sticking it into the substrate up until your knuckle.


    There’s no need to top crops from feminized Sour Kush seeds as they remain short in stature. Low-stress training is a better option for cultivators looking to limit the vertical height of their plants.


    If you’re growing multiple plants at once, use the Sea of Green method to promote bigger yields. This technique also allows you to maximize space in a confined area, making it a brilliant option for indoor cultivators.


    The ideal temperature range for raising Sour Kush feminized seeds in a grow tent is 68–77 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your lights on an 18/6 schedule, reducing it to 12/12 during the 10–11 weeks of flowering. After this period, indoor cultivators can look forward to yields weighing 16–18 oz./m².


    A Mediterranean-like climate will suit Sour Kush seeds perfectly when raised outdoors. Growers in the Northern Hemisphere need to start germinating in April. Harvest season rolls around in mid to late October, producing yields of 14–18 oz./plant.


    What are the genetics of the feminized Sour Kush strain?


    Sour Kush seeds are the product of breeders combining two opposing superstar strains. They mixed Sour Diesel, an electrifying sativa, with OG Kush, an iconic indica hybrid hailed for its physically relaxing properties. Each of these parents passes down their best traits, resulting in a marijuana masterpiece.


    Sour Diesel is responsible for the exhilarating cerebral rush you experience when you start smoking these buds. It’s why your tongue picks up spicy flavors as you inhale. This parent's Super Skunk genes also mean feminized Sour Kush seeds offer bigger yields with accelerated flowering times.


    OG Kush is, without a doubt, the main star of the show, influencing the majority of properties displayed by Sour Kush seeds. Its fabled indica genes from Fire OG and the White ensure each toke sends your body deeper into a relaxed state. It’s also due to this parent that these buds hold high THC levels and a noticeable earthy fragrance.


    Breeders then took things further by removing the ability for cannabis seeds to have a Y chromosome. The change ensures that 99% of feminized Sour Kush seeds become flower-bearing females. It also means cultivators don’t need to check for males or worry about poor-quality harvests.


    After multiple in-house tests, we’ve found the average THC content within these buds is 16–21%. CBD comes in at around 2%, which isn’t high, but it’s enough to offer a plethora of medical applications.


    Wellness and Sour Kush feminized seeds


    Cannabis from Sour Kush seeds has become a premium choice for medicinal consumers searching for an all-day option. Taken in moderation, these buds don’t make you feel drowsy, allowing you to target a variety of mental and physical discomforts no matter the time.


    The majority of patients who choose this cannabis cultivar use it to fend off pain in any part of their body. For instance, these buds may alleviate tension in your muscles, chronic migraines, cramps, and arthritis.


    A well-documented side effect experienced after ingesting these dried flowers grown from feminized Sour Kush seeds is increased hunger. It activates neurons in your brain that tell you to eat, making them a potential solution for anyone with a poor appetite. They could also reduce any feelings of nausea, allowing you to keep your meal in your stomach.


    Marijuana from Sour Kush feminized seeds could potentially help when it comes to anxiety and depression. These buds tend to reduce mental stress with their uplifting qualities, assisting patients in changing negative thoughts into a positive mindset.


    Medium to high doses of this flavorful cannabis usually amplifies any sedated feelings, sending you to sleep not long after consumption. This well-known effect of marijuana from Sour Kush seeds may help patients looking to combat insomnia and get a good night’s rest.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Sour Kush feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Our aim is to ensure you’re fully confident and comfortable raising feminized Sour Kush seeds at home. Below you’ll find a collection of the most frequently asked questions along with a brief answer to clear things up.


    What variations of Sour Kush cannabis are there?


    There are three different types of Sour Kush seeds available to cultivators, each offering something unique. Here’s a brief explanation of each variation to help you figure out which option best suits your needs:


    - Regular seeds: These marijuana seeds are the original version of this cultivar, producing female plants 50% of the time. Beginners need to remove the males from their garden while breeders can use them to create new hybrids.


    - Feminized seeds: Sour Kush feminized seeds are the most popular variation of this cannabis strain. They have a 99% chance of becoming flower-bearing plants and offer bigger yields.


    - Autoflower seeds: This special version contains ruderalis genetics that allows crops to flower regardless of how much light they get. These cannabis seeds are best suited to experienced cultivators as they require constant attention and care.


    Where can I get free Sour Kush feminized seeds?


    Head over to our BOGOs section to get your free feminized Sour Kush seeds while the limited-time offer lasts. If you miss out, don't worry. We’re constantly updating our promotions page so this buy one, get one free deal will become available again.


    Purchase this cannabis cultivar in various pack sizes containing 4, 8, 12, and 24 marijuana seeds. We’ll double your order at no extra cost, allowing you to grow more crops and produce even bigger harvests.


    Can a beginner grow Sour Kush feminized seeds?


    Anyone can raise Sour Kush seeds at home, even if it’s your first time growing marijuana. These rugged crops will survive in most conditions and produce generous harvests without much maintenance.


    Our feminized cannabis seeds also have a 99% chance of becoming a female plant. There’s no need for you to check your garden and ensure no males have sprouted. This marijuana strain also forgives the odd mistake, allowing beginners to learn without needing to stress.


    What is the flowering time of Sour Kush feminized plants?


    It takes 10–11 weeks for the plants from Sour Kush feminized seeds to complete their flowering phase. The succulent buds will begin appearing along the branches during this period, fattening up with every passing day.


    These photoperiodic cannabis crops start flowering in a natural setting when days become shorter. If you grow indoors, don’t forget to decrease your light schedule when it’s time for plants to start producing buds.


    How long do Sour Kush feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Expect our feminized Sour Kush seeds to germinate within five days when you use the paper towel method. The process is straightforward, allowing anyone to complete it, and promises a 99% success rate.


    This technique has become an integral part of our germination guarantee, so remember to record yourself doing it for evidence. If our cannabis seeds don’t sprout, we’ll replace them at no extra cost.


    How long does it take Sour Kush feminized to go from seed to harvest?


    On average, it takes 26–30 weeks for Sour Kush seeds to grow and produce a potent harvest. Various factors determine this time frame, from the type of setup and medium used to the conditions surrounding crops.


    Start the germination process in April if you decide to raise these marijuana seeds outdoors. Plants will soak up the summer sun and produce medium to high yields around mid to late October.


    Grow medium: Sour Kush feminized hydro or soil?


    One of the many reasons Sour Kush feminized seeds are so popular is because they thrive in any growing medium. Picking the right one all comes down to your skill level, and your goals for your grow.


    We suggest beginners raise their cannabis seeds in soil as it’s easier to work with and contains essential minerals for plants. This type of substrate is also preferred by cultivators looking to enhance the flavor and fragrance of buds.


    Hydroponics is better suited to experienced growers propagating marijuana seeds indoors. This technique allows you to control the nutrient intake of crops to promote bigger and faster-growing yields.


    What is the average height of Sour Kush feminized plants?


    Plants from feminized Sour Kush seeds tend to stop growing once they’re four feet tall. During the vegging stage, these cannabis crops prefer to expand out their strong indica-influenced branches laterally. Only when they start flowering will they begin to stretch vertically.


    Thanks to their small frame, there’s no need to train these marijuana plants, making them perfect for cultivators with confined space. Remember to prune the leaves regularly to prevent mold.


    Where can I find pictures of Sour Kush feminized marijuana?


    Discover loads of images of this cannabis strain on a Sour Kush feminized Homegrown Diary. Here, you’ll find pictures of this marijuana plant from seed to harvest and the succulent buds it produces.


    Every photograph on our site comes from our customers who’ve raised Sour Kush seeds at home. Why not start your own diary to track the progress of your cannabis crops and share tips with other cultivators? 


    Where is the best place to buy Sour Kush feminized seeds in the USA?


    You’ll find top-shelf feminized Sour Kush seeds for sale at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our mission is to ensure everyone gets a chance to cultivate quality marijuana from home with ease. Stabilized genetics also ensure 99% of cannabis seeds become flower bearing-females.


    There are also 400 other incredible cultivars for sale, each offering something different in terms of flavor and effects. There’s even the option to have your Sour Kush seeds delivered discreetly to your door.


    Are there any other names for Sour Kush feminized?


    Yes. There are a few different nicknames for this beloved cannabis cultivar. Many fans refer to this cannabis strain as Sour OG, while others call it Sour OG Kush. Remember to use the correct name while searching our comprehensive cultivar list to get the right marijuana seeds.


    Spelling errors


    It’s very common for people to get the spelling of Sour Kush seeds incorrect while searching an online store. Others confuse it with similarly named marijuana strains, leading them to something with completely different effects.


    Here are a few examples of incorrect spelling we’ve come across in our years of experience:


    - Sour Cush fem

    - Sower Kush marijuana seeds

    - OG Sour Coosh feminized

    - Sowa Og Kush


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