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Sour Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Sour Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 90
  • Fast
  • 23% THC is a POTENT percentage.
  • Caryophyllene-dominant and so chemmy
  • Sour Diesel autoflower seeds are the upgraded version of an East Coast legend. The famous lovechild of Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk barely needs an introduction. This hybrid has a clean, easy-to-grow profile and is high in THC levels. With its robust, zesty, and earthy flavor combination, it’s an excellent choice for those who want a bit of everything. If you’re an amateur grower...Show more

    Sour Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    75 - 100
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Sour Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Sour Diesel autoflower seeds are the upgraded version of an East Coast legend. The famous lovechild of Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk barely needs an introduction.
    This hybrid has a clean, easy-to-grow profile and is high in THC levels. With its robust, zesty, and earthy flavor combination, it’s an excellent choice for those who want a bit of everything. 
    If you’re an amateur grower, or you’d like multiple harvests per season, you’ve come to the right place. Sour Diesel autoflower seeds are perfect for master gardeners with limited space. 
    These autoflower seeds grow into a sativa-heavy herb, also known as Sour D. Even the weariest smokers eventually come back for another puff of this potent pot. As for growing it — great genetics, elating effects, and nifty nugs await. 

    What are Sour Diesel autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Imagine your favorite easy-to-grow marijuana seeds flowering without a change in the light cycle. That’s what autoflowering cannabis seeds do. This magic results from crossing two popular strains with a ruderalis phenotype—bringing the best of both worlds. 
    You can trace Sour D’s origins back to the 1990s. The cannabis community believes that this old-fashioned strain was bred by a chap named Asshole Joe, or AJ for short — even though it’s apocryphal. 
    Fast-track to the present, this legendary strain has parented strains like Sour Tsunami and Sour Bubba. Homegrown Cannabis Co. took it one step further by removing the male chromosomes — leaving you with Sour Diesel feminized auto seeds. 
    This process guarantees female-only plants and marijuana seeds that grow faster than your average photoperiod type. Best of all, you can easily plan around these cultivars as they automatically flower after around ten weeks. 
    Sour Diesel Auto has a long and elongated bud structure. The calyx is angled outwards towards a silver blanket of trichomes. Its dense and hardy nugs have medium-sized internodal spacing — making it an excellent choice for those with limited space.
    This strain has a cerebral wave that will keep you focused and creative. It's a great choice to enjoy in public or for working on a project. 

    What effects can you expect from Sour Diesel autoflower weed?

    “Sour Diesel is one of my favorites to smoke because it gives me good motivation, gives me energy.” Def Jam rapper, Redman
    Smoking Sour Diesel auto weed induces an energizing high that can last for hours. The high starts with a heady, cerebral rush and a jolt of energy — don’t be surprised if your chatty self shows up. This strain brings none of the couch-lock that comes with indicas.
    Sour D isn’t usually recommended for newbies because of its high THC content — it packs a serious punch that might catch low tolerance users off-guard. If you decide to take it for a spin regardless, remember to take it low and slow. 
    The nugs from these cannabis seeds help you concentrate on your work and are a great motivator. If you’re in a creative field, you’re in luck as it brings about bursts of inventive energy. Many artists make use of Sour Deez when in the studio or in need of inspiration. 
    The indica presence in this cultivar won’t cause drowsiness, but it helps maintain the energy levels for a while. However, be aware that you might crash as the high lasts for a while. 
    Sour Diesel auto’s high is not for the faint-hearted—don’t be surprised if the smoke gets you coughing. Buds grown from the Sour Diesel autoflower seeds can have an aphrodisiac effect, enhancing intimate moments for users. 

    What does Sour Diesel autoflower weed smell like?

    Sour Diesel autoflower buds have a pleasant, sweet, and slightly sour taste. Its dominant note is kerosene with some added sour fruit tones. The clear, cerebral high that accompanies the fuel-like aroma hits some seriously high notes. On inhalation, you’ll notice a skunky sour taste that blends with a lingering mix of ammonia and gasoline upon exhalation. 
    These Sour Diesel autoflower seeds grow into impressive plants with a sharp petroleum scent. Grinding the nugs only intensifies the pervasive smell. You might also be surprised by the subtle, pleasant citrus and exotic wood aromas mixed in with the bitter, herbal notes. 
    If you’re looking to stay discreet when smoking and growing, even the best Sour Diesel auto seeds won’t do the trick. The scent is too strong.

    How to germinate Sour Diesel autoflower seeds

    Starting your marijuana-growing journey with Sour Diesel autoflower seeds is like learning to ride a bike with training wheels. This compact strain is easy to grow whether you’re a novice or a champion. Even though they’re tolerant of newbie mistakes, starting them off right is critical. 
    These steps will help you effortlessly germinate your Sour Diesel auto cannabis seeds:
    Step 1 - Gather purified water, tweezers, your Sour Diesel autoflower seeds, paper towels, and two dinner plates. 
    Step 2 - Dampen your paper towels with purified or bottled water. Discard any excess moisture. 
    Step 3 - Place one of the wet paper towels on a dinner plate.
    Step 4 - Use your tweezers to place your cannabis seeds onto the wet paper towel carefully. Space them about one inch apart. 
    Step 5 - Cover the seeds with the other paper towel and add just enough water to moisten them. 
    Step 6 - Lift the paper towels to make sure there’s no accumulation of water. 
    Step 7 - Cover your plate with the second one and place it in a dark spot like a cupboard or drawer. 
    Step 8 - Leave your marijuana seeds in there for 24–120 hours and make sure they stay moist. 
    Step 9 - Once you see the beautiful white taproot shooting out, you can transplant your seedlings. 
    Take a look at our germination guide for an in-depth look at the process. 
    The germination guarantee that comes with your Sour Diesel autoflower seeds is only applicable when you follow the above method. If you want to kick your germination into high gear, nutes like the Germ Genie come in handy. It strengthens that gorgeous taproot and boosts early growth with the help of kelp.

    Sour Diesel autoflower seeds grow guide

    Consider your prayers answered with these Sour Diesel autoflower seeds. Homegrown Cannabis Co. makes it super easy to grow your own potent, mouth-watering weed straight through the year. 
    These marijuana seeds are beginner-friendly and resilient—even the greenest growers can get away with masterly yields. What’s more, this strain is resistant to pests and diseases, and it grows pretty much anywhere. So you can plant them indoors, outdoors, in a greenhouse, or even a grow tent, and they’ll flourish. 
    You can now harvest your Sour Diesel auto in the blink of an eye with shorter flowering times. We’re talking 8–9 weeks at most. This variant makes multiple harvests easy as it’s not dependent on the season. 
    These cannabis seeds are a dream come true for most growers as the seed-to-harvest period is only around ten weeks. However, some people leave it for a bit longer to further develop potency and flavor. 
    The SOG and ScrOG methods will help you make the most of the compact plants. You can get away with nothing more than good nutrition and water. 
    Growing Sour Diesel auto seeds is anyone’s game. Thanks to its mold-resistant nature, it grows perfectly in warm or cool climates, indoors and outdoors—as long as there’s proper lighting. You don’t have to worry about compromising top-notch yields for a shorter flowering time. 
    Sour Diesel is known as the no-nonsense strain, and the auto-flowering type simply adds to that. Enjoy cultivating superior herbs all year round. These marijuana seeds are great for growing indoors as they sprout into short and bushy plants. You can harvest up to 14 ounces of gorgeous buds per meter square. 
    Let's take a quick look at some tips for indoor growing: 
    - As easy as they are to grow, these plants thrive in 20/4 or 22/2 light cycles. 
    - Keep your temperatures steady. Depending on which lights you use, they can increase the heat in your grow room or tent. 
    - The beauties enjoy humidity. 
    - Make sure that they have enough space to grow as they’re short but bushy.
    Taking it outdoors is super easy with the stealthy Sour Diesel autoflower seeds. They deftly handle warm and cold weather and are mold- and pest-resistant. When growing outside, you can expect to harvest up to six ounces per plant. 
    Here are some outdoor growing tips:
    - Plant in spots with loads of sunlight. 
    - Consider planting in pots if you live in an area with a lot of rain, so you can quickly move your herbs. 
    - Protect your plants from harsh winds and frost. The quick flowering doesn’t leave much time for correcting broken or harmed plants. 

    What are the Sour Diesel autoflower strain genetics?

    The Sour Diesel autoflower is the product of the original Sour D crossed with a ruderalis strain. This combination is quite straightforward, so let's take a look at the original genetics.
    - Chemdog 91: Also known as Chem91 or Chemdawg. This mysterious East Coast hybrid is the cause of the strong fuel-like aroma that comes with Sour Diesel. Patients choose Chemdog 91 to eliminate symptoms of stress, pain, and anxiety.
    - Super Skunk: The super-popular off-spring of Skunk#1 and Afghani. It's most famous for its relaxing effects, used by many for chronic stress and pain relief. This strain also comes with a super skunky scent, adding to Chemdog’s already strong aroma.
    We’re not quite sure what AJ thought when he put these two strains together, but we thank him nonetheless. Sour Diesel has become a classic for both medical and recreational users.

    Wellness and Sour Diesel autoflower seeds

    Sour Diesel Autoflower seeds grow buds that are a clear favorite in social and medicinal circles. However, with a CBD content of less than 2%, it’s not your typical medical strain. Nonetheless, it continues to break boundaries and help people with various conditions. 
    Sour Diesel autoflower weed can aid in treating the symptoms of conditions such as: 
    - Arthritis- PMS and menstrual cramps- Muscle spasms and body aches- Chronic pain- ADD and ADHD- Stress and depression
    What makes Sour Diesel auto so great is its effects’ longevity. Users experience a strong sense of euphoria without a body-numbing couch-lock. This strain is especially great for daytime use thanks to its clear-headed, energetic high. 
    Patients struggling with arthritis, pain, and cramps appreciate the anti-inflammatory properties of Sour Diesel auto. It successfully treats these symptoms without the often severe side effects of over-the-counter meds. 
    ADD and ADHD patients gain focus and concentration, which makes navigating daily tasks easier. The drugs usually used for these conditions often make patients feel heavy-bodied. The nugs from these cannabis seeds also help epilepsy patients.
    Sour Diesel auto lets stress and depression sufferers take a break with a light head-high that leaves them calm and joyful. It’s best to take this strain early in the day to enjoy the burst of energy. 
    Patients that struggle with appetite or nausea issues will benefit from the munchies caused by toking this legend. HIV/AIDS and cancer patients often turn to the gorgeous buds grown from these cannabis seeds to relieve many symptoms. 
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Sour Diesel autoflower seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out the FAQs below for any other questions you might have about growing Sour Diesel autoflower seeds. We look at the most common questions and provide some helpful answers. So pop into our Homegrown Forum if you have any other burning questions or want to get in contact with us. 

    Where can I get free cannabis Sour Diesel autoflower seeds?

    We’ve always got cheap cannabis seeds and BOGO (Buy One Get One free) promotions running. We often change the seeds on offer, so keep your eyes peeled for Sour Diesel Auto seeds and grab some for free. By joining the Homegrown Stash Loyalty Program, you can grab loads of freebies, among other rewards.

    What’s the difference between Sour Diesel autoflower, feminized, and regular? 

    Regular seeds are just that; you have a 50/50 chance of growing male and female plants. They also have normal flowering and growing times. Feminized Sour Diesel cannabis seeds no longer have male chromosomes, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have males plants popping up. These seeds are perfect for growers who are after big yields. 
    Autoflowers usually have a shorter growing period and are smaller than their counterparts. These plants don’t need to follow a light cycle to transition into flowering—making Sour Diesel seeds perfect for newbies or those in need of quicker yields.

    Can a beginner grow Sour Diesel autoflower?

    Growing Sour Diesel autoflower seeds is definitely beginner-friendly. Growers love this strain because it’s super sturdy and now even easier to grow as an autoflower. With proper nutrition, these plants are very resilient whether you opt for indoor or outdoor setups.

    What is the flowering time for Sour Diesel autoflower weed?

    Unlike its photoperiod counterpart, Sour Diesel auto doesn’t require a change in the light schedule to enter the flowering phase. You’re looking at 56–63 days or 8–9 weeks flowering time. Your plants will produce incredible buds without the usual uninterrupted darkness.

    How long do Sour Diesel autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    As with most other autoflowering seeds, germination takes between 1–5 days or around 24–120 hours. Some seasoned growers submerge their seeds in clean water before starting the germination process. The soaking helps to soften the outer shell of the beans. Be careful to only soak for 12–24 hours; otherwise, your seeds might rot. 

    How long does it take Sour Diesel autoflower from seeds to harvest?

    Sour Diesel autoflower seeds are perfect for the not-so-patient grower. From seed to harvest is only about ten weeks or 70 days after germination. The shorter life cycle is perfect for areas with short summers, and in other states, you can push for multiple harvests. 

    What is the outdoor yield of Sour Diesel auto? 

    When growing outdoors, you can expect to harvest between 1.8–6 ounces of potent, dank bud per plant. Granted, the conditions they are growing in are favorable. These beans of joy will make you very happy. Keep in mind that plants that don’t receive sufficient nutes, water, and light probably won’t produce good yields. 

    What is the average indoor yield for Sour Diesel auto? 

    Your Sour Diesel autoflower seeds should yield between 12.3–14.1 ounces when grown in the right conditions. You can enjoy a fresh batch of these plants every ten weeks, straight through the year. 

    Should I grow my Sour Diesel autoflower in hydro or soil?

    Sour Diesel auto seeds make growing weed easy. Once that taproot shoots, your plants will thrive in just about any setup. Growing in soil is the preferred option for newbies as there are fewer variables to control. Whether you opt for top-quality soil or perlite, coco coir, or a mix, you’re in for a great experience.

    What is the average Sour Diesel autoflower height?

    Sour Diesel auto has an average height of 75-100 cm. It might not be one of the largest plants, but this makes it ideal for indoor growth. Not to mention those that would like to stay low-key. 

    Where can I find pictures of Sour Diesel autoflower marijuana?

    You can find pictures of Sour Diesel auto plants throughout this article. If you’d like to see some more photos of the various phases, take a look at the Sour Diesel autoflower Homegrown Diaries. Weed aficionados from everywhere use this platform to document and share their journey with fellow growers.

    Where is the best place to buy Sour Diesel autoflower seeds in the USA?

    You could probably find some cannabis seeds at a dispensary in your area, but you don’t always get what you pay for. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we ensure the best Sour Diesel auto seeds in the USA. We do regular quality checks, and our genetics are proven. 
    We also offer discreet shipping, a germination policy, secure payment options, and loads of promotions. 

    Are there any other names for Sour Diesel autoflower?

    Yes, there are other names and nicknames for Sour Diesel Auto. In some areas, it's known as East Coast Sour Diesel. In other places, they have shortened the names to Sour D and Sour Deez. 
    Spelling errors
    Finding some odd spellings of your preferred strain could easily send you veering in the wrong direction. Don’t worry; it seems as though Sour Diesel autoflower seeds are popular enough for folks to spell the name correctly. You might see the likes of “Sor Diesel” or “auto Sour Diesel Haze feminised seeds,” which is just another localization.  
    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Sour Diesel autoflower pics and any Sour Diesel autoflower seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Sour Diesel autoflower images; those crystals drive us wild!
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