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Sour Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sour Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 7
  • Joyful giddiness awaits
  • Up to 20% THC - be prepared for stimulated creativity
  • Earthy and diesel aromas
  • Many users enjoy the Sour Cookies strain for its relaxing effects. The cultivar boosts your mood and energizes the body, with many people getting creative when lighting up. The Sour Cookies seeds flower quickly into short plants with sparse foliage. The large amount of buds on the spindly branches make up for the lack of leaves. Grow this versatile strain outdoors or inside a g...Show more

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    THC Level
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    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    60 - 90
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Sour Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Many users enjoy the Sour Cookies strain for its relaxing effects. The cultivar boosts your mood and energizes the body, with many people getting creative when lighting up.

    The Sour Cookies seeds flower quickly into short plants with sparse foliage. The large amount of buds on the spindly branches make up for the lack of leaves. Grow this versatile strain outdoors or inside a grow room. 


    A strong lineage assures growers that their harvests will be well worth the gardening effort. Sour Cookies cannabis seeds get their strength, effects, and flavors from the legendary Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies hybrids. 


    With such a lineage, you know that Sour Cookies seeds are a strong breed of marijuana that packs a punch. To get hold of these sought-after feminized seeds, pop over to the Homegrown Cannabis Co. online store and get your first pack today.


    What are Sour Cookies feminized cannabis seeds?


    A sativa dominant hybrid, Sour Cookies seeds are well known for producing trichome-rich harvests. The plants are short with thin branches—but make up for a lack of foliage with plenty of glistening buds. The strain is ideal for beginner growers and perfectly suited for indoor setups in soil-filled pots. The hybrid does equally well outside in warm, sunny conditions.


    Crops germinated using Sour Cookies feminized seeds have a pungent taste and aroma, with a hint of nutty pine. Even though they don't have the traditional sweetness of Girl Scout Cookies, the effects make up for the lack of sugar. A terrific strain to use in social settings, it brings out the talkative side of people while keeping them happy and rolling in fits of giggles. 


    The THC strength can cause some to consume too much by accident—which then brings on the couchlock and sleepiness, so toke in moderation. Start with smaller doses and increase your intake as your body builds up a tolerance. 


    What are the Sour Cookies feminized seeds effects?


    Once harvested, Sour Cookies feminized seeds produce cannabis that’s slow to take effect. Users may consume too much if they're impatient, resulting in strong effects. The strain hits pretty hard, with the THC levels at 15–20% and low CBD of less than 2%. 


    Once the strain takes hold, the initial feeling is one of happy giddiness. Euphoric bliss chases away any stress or distressing thoughts, settling the user into a temperate mood. You notice a cerebral boost followed by a shot of energy. It's a great variant to use with friends as it makes you chatty and more friendly. Even though you want to talk, your ideas may be muddled and your focus fuzzy. 


    Don't be surprised if you experience an onset of giggle fits. This strain makes everything seem funny, but it also helps tremendously with creative thinking. If you need to brainstorm ideas or explore artistic endeavors, then the plants grown from Sour Cookies feminized seeds are ideal. 


    Your body starts feeling the effects soon after the onset of the mental stimulation. Prepare for increased calmness and an easing of tight muscles. You feel a lot of energy still and likely want to be active. If you use the strain in moderation, the experience could last for a few hours.

    You'll probably succumb to couch lock if you take a few too many hits too fast. Once the effects wear off, make sure you're close to a bed because deep sleep is inevitable.


    What do the Sour Cookies feminized seeds smell like?


    Given the name, you may expect the product of Sour Cookies feminized seeds to smell like baked biscuits. That's not the case for this strain, with the aroma taking on a more earthy scent with a touch of diesel. You might pick up some nutty pine notes with an intense yet citrus finish.


    The sourness is more present in the flavor profile than the scent. It's most noticeable on exhale and lingers on the tongue. A few cheesy notes also make themselves known in this complex mix. The Sour Cookies seeds grow into plants that lean more towards the Sour Diesel heritage than the sweetness of Girl Scout Cookies. 


    How to germinate Sour Cookies feminized seeds


    Once you've gotten hold of some Sour Cookies marijuana seeds, use the method below to germinate them. This technique is one of the simplest for sprouting cannabis seeds. If you stick to the instructions, you're bound to have success.

    The plate and paper towel method is easy for growers of all levels. If you prefer images to written instructions, check our germination guide for details. You can scale up the number of plates and towels to match the number of seeds you want to germinate.


    What you need:


    - 2 thick paper towels

    - Distilled or filtered water (room temperature)

    - 2 plates of the same size

    - Tweezers

    - Sour Cookies feminized seeds




    - Wet one of the towels and place it on a plate. It should be damp but not completely soaked. 

    - Drop the fem Sour Cookies seeds on the towel about an inch apart using the tweezers.

    - Moisten the second towel and place it over the first, covering the seeds.

    - Cover the setup with the second plate—use elastic bands to keep them together if needed. 

    - Store the setup in a cool, dark area to germinate. Ideally, the area should be between 70–85°F.

    - Check on the plates daily, and make sure that the towels remain damp—spray them with water if required.

    - Taproots could start emerging as early as 24 hours, but be patient as sometimes it can take as long as five days for Sour Cookies seeds to sprout.

    - Once you see the taproots, the seedlings are ready to move to their permanent grow area. 


    We’re proud of the quality of our seeds and are confident that you’ll have the best results when using Homegrown Cannabis Co. products. We offer a germination guarantee on all Sour Cookies seeds if you don’t get the results you expect. Ensure that you document your progress with images and videos to have supporting evidence of any claims for replacement seed packs. 


    Sour Cookies feminized seeds grow guide


    Sour Cookies feminized cannabis seeds are an easy-to-grow variant. They have a relatively short flowering period of 8–9 weeks. The strain does equally well indoors and outdoors.

    To grow Sour Cookies seeds indoors, use some two-gallon pots for the seedlings. The hybrid does best with around 18 hours of light to boost growth after germination—continue these lighting times for two weeks after the taproots appear. 


    The flowering phase kicks in once the crops reach their full potential. The Sour Cookies fem seeds cultivar enjoy a moderate climate with temperatures at 70 to 79°F and humidity levels between 40 and 50%. 


    The environment is a lot easier to control if the setup is indoors. Implementing the Sea of Green (SOG) technique is also beneficial for the strain. Experienced growers use this method to force early flowering and harvesting. It often produces bigger yields and makes the most of small spaces.


    Outdoors, Sour Cookies marijuana seeds grow into healthy plants that flower in early July. Growers can expect to harvest by mid to late September. The bushes have long, thin stems that aren't very strong. As the crops develop, it's advisable to insert some support to hold up the limbs. The plants don't need much trimming as the foliage is sparse. 


    The lack of leaves allows for proper air circulation. It decreases the likelihood of disease, with moisture-loving pests and pathogens staying away. However, it still helps if you prune any dead or unnecessary leaves. Expect harvests of up to 14 ounces/㎡ indoors or 14 ounces/plant outdoors once the plants are fully mature.


    What are the Sour Cookies feminized seeds strain genetics?


    Sour Cookies fem seeds have an interesting heritage. A combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel brings some unique properties to this hybrid. Let's take a closer look at the two parent strains:


    - Girls Scout Cookies (aka GSC) - A sativa dominant cultivar with a strong flavor. Expect your tongue to enjoy citrus lemon flavors balanced by an earthy undertone. THC levels sit on the higher side at 16–21%.

    Users report effects of euphoria, happy bliss, and relaxation. The Girl Scout Cookies strain is a superstar in cannabis circles. It’s won several High Times Cannabis Cup awards since its appearance around 2012. One of its accolades is first-place for Best Hybrid at the Southern California Cannabis cup of 2013. 


    - Sour Diesel (aka Sour D or Sour Deez) - A prolific hybrid with a strong sativa dominance. The lemony citrus comes through on the taste accompanied by the intense flavor of Diesel.

    This strain uplifts your spirits and boosts your mood while relaxing the body and mind. Sour Diesel has had celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa and Redman hail its energizing prowess.  


    Sour Cookies cannabis seeds have taken many properties from their parent strains. The plants bring forth the flavor blend of Sour Diesel, while the effects carry through with happiness and relaxation inherited from both parent hybrids.


    Wellness and Sour Cookies feminized seeds


    Marijuana is thought by many people to be a miracle cure for certain diseases. Research into the effectiveness of cannabis for medical purposes is still ongoing. Cultivators of Sour Cookies feminized seeds say the plants may assist in combating the symptoms of various illnesses. 


    The high THC but low CBD levels help stimulate appetite, which is beneficial for people who struggle to eat, especially after certain medical treatments. Potential benefits also include some relief from symptoms of Glaucoma. 


    Many patients that suffer from fatigue and stress seem to have a boost in energy when using the strain. Even though the THC found in the seedlings of Sour Cookies seeds has pain-relieving properties, it works better in conjunction with CBD. Due to this strain's mood-enhancing properties, it’s a suitable treatment for people experiencing depression.


    It's also effective in treating PTSD while soothing away symptoms of anxiety. Bear in mind that every person's experience and results will differ. Many of the claims above come from users but haven't been medically tested. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Sour Cookies feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Even after reading our informative article, you may have some questions. If so, browse through the most common ones below for the answers you're seeking about Sour Cookies cannabis seeds. 


    What's the difference between regular, autoflower, and feminized Sour Cookies seeds?


    Cannabis seeds are available in three variants; regular, feminized, and autoflower.  The three types of seeds have differing properties. Our premium feminized seeds are created to only develop into female buds, giving you larger usable harvests. Regular seeds usually produce plants with a 50% male and female split. 


    Regular and feminized seeds are easier to grow and depend on changing light cycles to flower. Autoflower seeds move through the growth stages into the flowering phase without a change in light.

    The auto variants also have a faster growth rate. They are, however, more challenging for cultivators to bring to full maturity. Novice growers should start with the feminized Sour Cookies seeds or another in the fem category.  


    Where can I get free cannabis Sour Cookies feminized seeds?


    It's unlikely that you'll find an offer of free Sour Cookies feminized seeds anywhere. Your best option is to get your premium packs from Homegrown Cannabis Co. You can buy Sour Cookies seeds online at the best prices.


    We have plenty of BOGO (buy one get one free) offers going at any one time. Various seeds appear during the year on our cheap seeds page. Visit the site to see if Sour Cookies fem seeds are one of the strains available on the buy-one-get-one-free special, or look out for the BOGO badge on this page. 


    Can a beginner grow Sour Cookies feminized seeds?


    Sour Cookies fem seeds are suitable for beginner growers. The plants don't need complicated setups and do well planted directly into soil outdoors or in pots inside a room. Caring for the plant is also simple. It doesn't need much trimming, and due to the sparseness of foliage, the bushes aren't at risk of attracting moisture-loving pests and diseases. 


    What are the Sour Cookies feminized seeds flower time?


    When your plants bloom, expect the flowering time of Sour Cookies seeds to be between 8–9 weeks. If you establish your crops in a Sea of Green setup, you might be able to shorten the time.


    How long do Sour Cookies feminized seeds take to germinate?


    All cannabis strains have a similar germination time. Depending on the method you use, taproots can appear within 24 hours. However, it can take as long as ten days for the seeds to sprout. Use our paper towel method, and it should take 1–5 days. Keep in mind our germination guarantee in the rare case your Sour Cookies seeds don't pop.


    How long does it take Sour Cookies feminized seeds from seeds to harvest?


    Sour Cookies seeds can take 10–29 weeks to complete a growth cycle. The time frame depends on which environment the plants are grown in. Some growers can shorten the cycle by playing with light exposure or using different growing mediums. 


    The growth cycle has four stages. 


    - Germination takes 2–10 days

    - The seedling stage lasts 2–3 weeks

    - The vegetative phase follows at around 3–16 weeks

    - The flowering stage takes 8–9 weeks


    Grow medium: Sour Cookies feminized seeds hydro or soil?


    Sour Cookies feminized seeds are quite resilient, and the plants can grow indoors and outdoors. It's better to plant this strain's seedlings into soil. Indoors you can use pots, and outdoors you anchor them directly into the ground. As long as the climate is temperate, your crops should flourish. 


    What is the average Sour Cookies feminized seeds height?


    When growing your Sour Cookies marijuana seeds indoors, you can expect the plants to reach 3.5 feet. Crops that develop outdoors in soil can grow as high as 6 feet. 


    Where can I find pictures of Sour Cookies feminized seeds marijuana?


    You might go looking for pictures of Sour Cookies seeds or the adult plants online using one of the search engines. However, you'll most likely land up with images that have nothing to do with the strain you want.

    The most reliable source of relevant pics is right here on this page. Alternatively, look on the Sour Cookies Feminized Homegrown Diaries page. There, you’ll find images from fellow growers and advice for each stage of the cultivation journey.


    Where is the best place to buy Sour Cookies feminized seeds in the USA?


    You’ll find the best Sour Cookies seeds for sale at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our store has quick delivery times and a superb after-sales service. We put our germination guarantee behind our seeds so you'll always get the best quality we can offer. 


    Are there any other names for Sour Cookies feminized seeds?


    Sour Cookies seeds are known only by this name. The hybrid has a strong enough reputation that it doesn't need aliases. There are several other variants of marijuana seeds that include Sour Cookies as part of their cross blends, but don't confuse those with the original Sour Cookies fem seeds.  


    Spelling errors


    When searching for Sour Cookies marijuana seeds online, you have to be certain to enter the correct spelling. To get accurate results, be sure to put in the name followed by the type of seed you're looking for, whether it's 'regular,' 'feminized,' or 'autoflower.' Incorrect spelling might give you the wrong cannabis strain information.


    Some common misspellings of Sour Cookies seeds include:


    - Sower Cookie seeds

    - Sour Cookie feminised seeds


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