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Runtz Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Runtz Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Let your mind wander
  • Up to 27% THC for a mellow trip followed by couch-lock
  • Sweet
  • It’s easy to see why Runtz feminized seeds have become one of the most desirable cannabis cultivars in the market today. Its resin-soaked buds produce an irresistible fruity fragrance that’ll kick your taste buds into overdrive. Your smile only gets bigger after ingesting feminized Runtz cannabis, triggering a long-lasting euphoria that improves your mood. Its THC levels can re...Show more

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    Runtz Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    It’s easy to see why Runtz feminized seeds have become one of the most desirable cannabis cultivars in the market today. Its resin-soaked buds produce an irresistible fruity fragrance that’ll kick your taste buds into overdrive. 
    Your smile only gets bigger after ingesting feminized Runtz cannabis, triggering a long-lasting euphoria that improves your mood. Its THC levels can reach up to 22%, making it one of the more potent cultivars available from our feminized category.
    Growing Runtz feminized seeds isn’t for the faint of heart—with the proper techniques and a skilled hand, you too can enjoy fields of award-winning cannabis.

    What are Runtz feminized cannabis seeds?

    It’s by no means a coincidence that Runtz feminized seeds share their name with the classic candy. This cultivar lives up to its moniker in every way, producing a fragrance and flavor matching the fruity sweets to a tee.
    Inhale the creamy smoke from Runtz feminized weed into your lungs, and your mouth quickly fills with the taste of tropical fruits. Release its sweet nectar, and a succulent berry flavor emerges, lingering on your pallet for hours.
    The high is nothing short of exhilarating. While slightly indica-leaning, Runtz feminized weed promises the best of both worlds, affecting your mind and body. Plus, with up to 22% THC, this cultivar makes itself known to your senses, releasing its powerful effects over a long period. What’s more, the buds from Runtz feminized seeds boast some serious bag appeal.
    Before harvest, exposing the flowers to cold temperatures will draw out their colors, producing rich purple and vibrant green hues. These gorgeous buds also offer fantastic resin production due to the thick, juicy layer of trichomes that coat them.
    Feminized Runtz cannabis seeds come from crossing two balanced hybrids, Gelato and Zkittlez. Both parents have amassed a following in their own right—mixed together, the very best traits from each strain shine through. 
    Runtz feminized weed has also made waves in the medical marijuana community, helping patients soothe their body pain and lighten their disposition. This cultivar can also offer an effective way for people with depression and anxiety to release their negative thoughts.
    You can smoke Runtz feminized weed any time of day in small doses and utilize its energizing effects. Alternatively, you can have an extra helping of this sugary treat at night and quietly drift off into dreamland.
    Growing a batch of feminized Runtz cannabis seeds can get tricky, even with its resistance to mold. We recommend that rookie growers try out a more manageable option before attempting to raise this cultivar.

    What are the effects of the Runtz feminized strain?

    The smooth, silky smoke from Runtz feminized weed acts like a velvet staircase, ascending you to new heights. Within minutes, you’ll feel an energetic buzz take hold of your body as your mind enters a euphoric state. You’ll notice slight visual distortion, revealing the psychedelic properties of Runtz feminized cannabis. 
    Don’t expect any appliances around your house to spring to life. Instead, this mellow trip acts as a fantastic social lubricant, giving you plenty to talk about with friends. A powerful wave of relaxation soon washes over your body, revealing the indica side of feminized Runtz cannabis. 
    Depending on your dosage, you’ll either feel at peace with the world or require a comfortable seat to ride out the rest of this high. You retain mental clarity throughout this calming phase, so grab a good book or your favorite film, and allow your mind to wander.
    Runtz feminized weed can lead to a sedated sensation if you have a few extra helpings of this sugary treat. Don’t let your lust for the taste of this cultivar get the better of you.  Overindulging can cause dizziness, headaches, and paranoia, especially for those with low tolerances.
    Apart from these side effects, users report feeling dry eyes and cottonmouth. Thankfully, a glass of water and over-the-counter drops will rehydrate your spirits.

    What does Runtz feminized weed smell like?

    The fragrance of Runtz feminized weed is possibly one of the most desirable traits about this cultivar. Take in a deep breath, and many can recall fond childhood memories associated with the candy that influenced this stain’s name.
    Open a bag of these adult treats, and allow your senses to indulge in an assortment of fruity flavors, such as banana, berry, citrus, and apple. Runtz feminized weed has its mixture of aromatic terpenes to thank for its irresistible aroma. 
    Caryophyllene dominates this blend, similar to cinnamon and cloves. It’s said that this terpene provides anti-inflammatory properties. We need further research to confirm this healing effect. For now, we’re happy soaking up its scent, and we’re sure you will too.

    How to germinate Runtz feminized seeds

    If you hope to get the most out of your Runtz feminized seeds, you’ll need to give them the best start. Those new to cannabis cultivation place their marijuana seeds in the ground without the proper preparation.
    While this natural technique works, it can take around two weeks before you see if your Runtz feminized seeds are growing or not. We recommend following our germination guide no matter your skill level, as it offers incredible results in just five days.
    What’s more, our method suits all budget types, requiring only a few everyday household items to complete the procedure. Below, you’ll find a list of everything you need:
    - A dinner plate- A bottle of purified water- Two paper towel sheets- A pair of clean tweezers- Your cannabis seeds
    Follow these steps to germinate your feminized Runtz cannabis seeds without any hassles:
    - Take your bottle of purified water and pour it over the two paper towel sheets, ensuring they become entirely wet. 
    - Gently twist both pieces to remove any excess liquid.
    - Lay one moist paper towel sheet on your plate, then use tweezers to place and space out your marijuana seeds. You should avoid using your fingers when handling your marijuana seeds as the oil on your hands can contaminate them.
    - Cover your cannabis seeds with the second sheet of moist paper towel, gently pressing down with your hand to ensure they remain snug.
    - It’s always a good idea to tilt your plate over a sink and allow any built-up water to drain from the surface.
    - Find a dark space, like a cupboard that won’t get disturbed, and leave your plate there for up to five days.
    - Remember to check in with your marijuana seeds every 24 hours. If the paper towels become dry, pour or spray additional water on them, keeping them moist the entire time. 
    - When your cannabis seeds produce a taproot measuring around a quarter inch in length, you can move them to your chosen growing medium.
    - As a rule of thumb, you should make holes in your soil no deeper than a half-inch. 
    - Use your tweezers to plant the marijuana seeds in the growing medium, and continue their daily feeding as required.

    Grow Guide for Runtz feminized seeds

    As we’ve previously mentioned, Runtz feminized seeds require an experienced hand to unlock their true potential. You can expect incredible results when you get the conditions for these marijuana seeds right. Thankfully, its resilient parents handed down their strength to this cultivar, making it highly resistant to mold.
    Runtz feminized seeds can survive outdoors but will truly flourish in a grow tent. The plants can grow as tall as five feet, but with limited vertical space, remain a manageable size. You’ll need to have complete control over the elements inside your grow tent if you want the best from this strain.
     First, ensure that the temperature surrounding your Runtz feminized plants are as follows: 
    - Day time: Between 71 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. - Nighttime: Between 64 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 
    The relative humidity inside your grow tent depends on the particular growth stage of your marijuana seeds. These levels are:
    - 55 to 70% during vegetation- 35 to 50% throughout flowering 
    Next comes the choice of growing mediums. Hydroponics is a brilliant option for cultivators who want to speed up the growth of Runtz feminized seeds. On the other hand, mineral-rich soil is a fantastic way to enhance the flavor and fragrance of your buds. While soil contains many nutrients, this cultivar requires additional nitrogen supplements, especially during the vegging phase. 
    You’ll want to use a combination of fimming and topping to increase the overall yield produced by your feminized Runtz cannabis seeds. Both training techniques encourage more bud sites to form but can weigh down the branches. Install a net to support the growing buds, eliminating the risk of stems breaking.
    You’ll also need to regularly prune the fan leaves to ensure light and air can penetrate through the thick foliage. A few days before harvesting your Runtz feminized weed, expose your crops to colder temperatures. This technique forces the buds to change color and display purple hues. 
    Outdoor crops require a semi-humid climate to thrive. The spot you choose for your marijuana seeds must also receive loads of sunshine. Cultivators living in the northern hemisphere should plan on planting their Runtz feminized seeds in April.
    This fruity cultivar has a flowering time of nine weeks, meaning you can expect to harvest its bountiful buds in October. Indoor growers can look forward to yields around 18 ounces per square meter. In contrast, outdoor cultivators can see up to 21 ounces per plant.

    What are the genetics of the feminized Runtz strain?

    Runtz feminized seeds first entered the market in 2018 and quickly set the cannabis community ablaze with excitement. The exact genetic blend of this exceptional cultivar remains shrouded in mystery. Yet, we have an idea of how it came about.
    Breeders combined Zkittles, a highly acclaimed candy-like strain, with Gelato, an oh-so-creamy cultivar, pushing the sugar boundaries. After perfecting this sweet cannabis cocktail, Runtz feminized seeds manage to display the best traits from both parents.
    It pays homage to Zkittles through its decadent flavor and fragrance, as well as the purple colors tinting its buds. Runtz feminized weed then gets its dash of fruit from Gelato, as well as its brilliant medical applications. The mixture was such a hit with marijuana fans; Leafly named it 2020’s cultivar of the year, perhaps immortalizing this strain forever.
    Tests show that this hybrid is almost perfectly balanced, containing 50% sativa and 50% indica genes. On average, feminized Runtz cannabis contains 19 to 22% THC, placing this cultivar in the higher potency bracket. Its CBD levels appear low, coming in just below 2%, but manage to provide a wealth of wellness advantages.

    Wellness and Runtz feminized seeds

    There are a host of reasons why Runtz feminized weed gained popularity amongst medicinal marijuana users. Its balanced genetics provide healing benefits to both your body and mind. The best part about this cultivar is that patients can consume it throughout the day, thanks to the boost in energy it provides. 
    Anyone with fatigue should keep the dose of Runtz feminized weed low. Bump up your consumption, and you’ll unlock a sedated sensation better suited to patients with insomnia.
    Although the buds contain low levels of CBD, the cultivar acts as a brilliant tool to soothe body pain. Runtz feminized weed also doubles up as a stress reliever, removing any tension in your muscles from whatever’s bugging you. 
    There’s substantial evidence that suggests this tasty strain can assist people with depression and anxiety, eliminating negative thoughts. It can also provide further assistance to patients diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. As further tests with Runtz feminized weed continue, we could find even more medical applications for it.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Runtz feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    If you’re unsure whether Runtz feminized seeds are the right choice for you, fear not. To make things easier, we answer a list of the most common questions put forward by growers interested in this tantalizing cultivar.

    What variations of Runtz cannabis are there?

    Although new to the marijuana scene, this highly sought-after cultivar comes in three versions, including the popular Runtz feminized seeds. These variants are:
    - Runtz regular seeds: While the presence of male plants scares most cultivators, some see the potential in them. Breeders can use this pack of male and female seeds to create their own cannabis hybrid, borrowing traits from this award-winning strain. 
    - Runtz feminized seeds: This pack offers quality cannabis seeds curated to perfection, so you get the most out of your crops. We take the hassle of male plants out of the equation, replacing them with females, giving you more bud for your buck.
    - Runtz autoflower seeds: We’re all impatient, hoping to see a field of green days after planting our cannabis seeds. While autoflower seeds don’t grow that quick, they’ll provide a substantial yield faster than any other version of this cultivar.

    Where can I get free cannabis Runtz feminized seeds?

    Locating a batch of free feminized Runtz cannabis seeds remains a dream for most marijuana enthusiasts. You could wish upon a star or cut out the middleman and head straight to our cheap cannabis seeds and BOGO’s section. Here, you’ll find various weed seeds in a price range to suit any budget.

    Can a beginner grow Runtz feminized seeds?

    Raising a successful batch of Runtz feminized seeds requires patience and a trained hand. It’s not the ideal choice for beginners, but those seeking a challenge may find this bud a worthy advisory. You need to use a nitrogen-rich supplement for additional nutrients. Plus, pay close attention to your plant’s water intake, and train them along the way to maximize their potential. 

    What is the flowering time of Runtz feminized seeds?

    Runtz feminized seeds offer cultivators a flowering time of nine weeks. After which, you can grab your pruning scissors and reap your just desserts. You can shave a few days off this period by using a few different techniques, like growing indoors and using a soilless medium.

    How long do Runtz feminized seeds take to germinate?

    You’ll need to wait up to five days for your feminized Runtz cannabis seeds to begin germinating. We recommend following our germination guide to ensure you get the best results from your batch of marijuana seeds. This technique is easy, even for beginners, and suits all budgets.

    How long does it take Runtz feminized seeds to go from seed to harvest?

    Once you’ve planted your Runtz feminized seeds, you’ll need to wait up to seven months before harvesting its award-winning bud. Raising this cultivar is an exhilarating experience, adding to the end result. Cultivators in the northern hemisphere start their cannabis seeds in April, harvest crops by mid-October.

    Should you grow Runtz feminized seeds in hydro or soil?

    You have the option to use soil or hydroponics with your feminized Runtz cannabis seeds and get incredible results no matter what. It all comes down to what you hope to achieve from raising this cultivar. Hydroponics tend to speed up its growth rate, while soil draws out its flavor and fragrance, enhancing its profile.

    How tall do Runtz feminized seeds grow?

    In most cases, the plants grown from Runtz feminized seeds can reach heights around the five-foot mark indoors. Your crops could get taller if raised under optimal conditions in an outdoor environment. Fewer restrictions to its size allow the roots to dig deep down and support bigger plants.

    Where can I find pictures of the marijuana from Runtz feminized seeds?

    You can find pictures of this cannabis plant and the beautiful buds it creates in our Runtz feminized Diary. Here, you’ll discover images of seed to flower, sent to us by our incredible community raising this cultivar at home.  

    Where is the best place to buy Runtz feminized seeds in the USA?

    Getting your hands on a pack of Runtz feminized seeds is by no means an easy task. Thankfully, you can rely on Homegrown Cannabis Co to have your back. We offer the best quality cannabis seeds on the internet at prices that make our competitors green with envy. Plus, we provide discreet delivery across the US.

    Are there any other names for Runtz feminized seeds?

    Feminized Runtz cannabis seeds have skyrocketed in popularity, leading to some fans calling it Runtz OG. The title, no doubt, staking claim to the original genetics that lead to this award-winning blend before others try to replicate this brilliant cocktail.
    Common spelling errors
    The spelling for Runtz feminized seeds often gets confused with its namesake, leading to some confusion. Here are a few common errors made while searching for it:
    - Candy runts- Runs- Rounds
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