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Raisinberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Raisinberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • Take a trip to paradise
  • 18% THC for a cosy
  • Musky pine aroma followed by a pepper and sage flavor
  • Afghanistan is famed in the cannabis community as home to some of the most sought-after strains in the world. Raisinberry autoflower brings us a heavenly blend of two legendary strains, Northern Lights and Mazar.  The buzzing indica hybrid gives you a trip you won’t soon forget. Thanks to autoflowering genetics, we now have a more stable, fast-maturing version. Seasoned cannabi...Show more

    Raisinberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    90 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    Raisinberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Afghanistan is famed in the cannabis community as home to some of the most sought-after strains in the world. Raisinberry autoflower brings us a heavenly blend of two legendary strains, Northern Lights and Mazar. 


    The buzzing indica hybrid gives you a trip you won’t soon forget. Thanks to autoflowering genetics, we now have a more stable, fast-maturing version. Seasoned cannabis growers will jump for joy at its marvelous characteristics.


    If you’re ready to take on Raisinberry autoflower seeds,  browse our selection of autoflower seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and order yours today. Read on to learn everything about this powerhouse cultivar, including its effects, benefits, and how to germinate and cultivate them.


    What are Raisinberry autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Raisinberry may sound like an exciting mix of fruits. In this case, it’s an exotic hybrid of marijuana seeds. The name references the colors it displays when developing. As you watch Raisinberry autoflower grow, you find it putting on a show for you as it stretches out in all its glory.


    Thick branches provide shelter for beautiful glowing colas. Bright green nugs burst from the branches, streaked with gorgeous purple hues. Its height is manageable and easy to take care of, reaching around 3–4 ft. tall. Raisinberry autoflower boasts a sturdy structure, making it resilient and a fantastic growing choice. When harvest time arrives, the beautiful Afghani plant is ready to ease your mind and take you on an adventure.


    What are the Raisinberry autoflower seeds effects? 


    Awaken the mind and take a trip to paradise when you enjoy a hit of the buds from Raisinberry autoflower seeds. You’re in for a special treat reminiscent of the Afghani mountain ranges. Reserve your buds for nighttime use, as they calm you down and lull you into a deep state of relaxation. Just sink into the couch with a cozy blanket and feel yourself drift away.


    The first thing you notice when smoking Raisinberry autoflower is that all your stress and worries disappear into thin air. An immediate wave of happiness envelops your mind. The cerebral buzz can be quite intense, locking you into feelings of complete bliss. You feel yourself sink into a tranquil state.


    Your body follows suit as you feel all your muscles and joints relax. Autoflower Raisinberry seeds are indica-dominant, so smoking the buds gives you a well-rounded, soothing feeling. Make sure you grab your favorite snacks before you smoke, as hunger will likely strike once you hit the peak. You’ll be so relaxed that you won’t want to make another trip to the fridge.


    Smoking Raisinberry autoflower before bed is ideal, especially if you’ve been struggling to sleep. The calm waves help you drift off into a wonderful, peaceful slumber. The THC levels are about 18%, in the higher range of potency. You only need a little bit to feel those potent effects. You’ll be fine if you take it easy and don’t overindulge.


    Auto Raisinberry seeds may have adverse reactions if you smoke too much of the buds. Overconsumption can cause paranoia, headaches, or dizziness. Some common side effects of marijuana seeds may present themselves, such as red eyes and dry mouth. Prevent those by drinking lots of water and using eye drops.


    What does the Raisinberry autoflower smell like?


    Raisinberry autoflower may sound like it has a fruity flavor, but there are hardly any fruity profiles evident in this natural-smelling cultivar. Once it starts maturing, you catch a whiff of musk and pine bursting from the flowers. 


    Break open the nugs, and a blend of sweet and spicy aromas entice your nostrils. Raisinberry auto seeds grow delicious buds that, when smoked, fill your mouth with pepper, pine, and sage. It’s a delightful mixture of sweet and spicy flavors and fragrances that entice you in for another puff.


    How to germinate Raisinberry autoflower seeds


    Germination is one of the most important processes a cannabis grower should know. It helps you secure a healthy, successful crop. Getting your Raisinberry autoflower seeds to sprout is vital before continuing with cultivation. The best method to use is the paper towel method.


    You can pull off this method easily by gathering two paper towels, two dinner plates, tweezers, and distilled water. Once you’ve got your materials, ensure you clean and sterilize everything to avoid contamination of your autoflower Raisinberry seeds.


    Then, follow the instructions below to achieve the best results:


    - Lightly moisten a paper towel using distilled water. Pour your water into a spray bottle to make this easier. The paper towel should be slightly damp but not dripping.


    - Lay the paper towel on a dinner plate. 


    - Use the tweezers to gently place the Raisinberry autoflower seeds on the moist paper towel. Keep your seeds spread apart, with at least an inch of space between them.


    - Take the second paper towel, moisten it, and then drape it over your seeds.


    - Cover your new setup with the second dinner plate, ensuring there’s nowhere for excess sunlight to get in.


    - Move the Raisinberry auto seeds to a warm, dark area with stable room temperatures. 


    - Keep an eye on your seeds, ensuring they remain moist. If you see them starting to dry out, spray the paper towel with more water so the seeds can absorb it.


    - Cannabis seeds sprout little taproots anywhere between one and five days. Once they do, move your autoflower Raisinberry seeds into their permanent growing medium.

    Sometimes, marijuana seeds won’t sprout after five days. If this is the case, they’re labeled ‘dud’ seeds and likely won’t sprout—you can throw them away. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we provide a germination guarantee with all of our cannabis seeds. Make sure you follow our germination guide to ensure success.


    Take a video of your Raisinberry autoflower seeds germination attempts. If they don’t sprout, send us the video evidence, and we’ll replace your seeds free of charge. Always buy Raisinberry auto cannabis seeds from a reliable seed bank to ensure stable genetics and good quality seeds. 


    Raisinberry autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Marijuana seeds thrive in different conditions depending on the strain you’re growing. The first and best thing to do is buy organic, nutrient-rich soil for your seeds. Raisinberry autoflower is a special hybrid that flowers automatically and matures faster than the average marijuana plant. This doesn’t necessarily make it easier to grow, though. The quick development means there’s no time to recover from rookie errors.


    You need to supply your crops with a lot of care and ensure they grow in the best environment. Check on your crops regularly and examine them closely to ensure healthy development and avoid any harsh weather conditions. 


    Raisinberry autoflower thrives both indoors and outdoors. If you plant inside, provide it with 18–20 hours of light and ensure adequate airflow and ventilation. Implement a Sea of Green setup indoors by bunching your plants close together. This maximizes available vertical space and increases yields. Indoors, the Raisinberry autoflower yield is 15–19 oz. per ㎡. The plants flower in just 5–6 weeks, rewarding you with heavenly, gorgeous-looking buds.


    You can grow your crop outdoors too, and they’re quite resilient and adaptable in most conditions. The ideal environment is consistent, warm weather, but it can flourish in cold weather too. The outdoor Raisinberry autoflower yield is 15–21 oz. per plant. Due to its short life cycle, you can plant more than one crop per year.


    What are the Raisinberry autoflower strain genetics?


    Raisinberry autoflower is an interesting hybrid of the popular strains Northern Lights and Mazar. They hail from the beautiful mountainous areas of Afghanistan. The added benefits of its autoflowering ruderalis genes mean they’re not photoperiodic. You don’t need to worry about switching light schedules, as the plants start flowering by themselves.


    Auto Raisinberry seeds continue the legacy of their parents with the following reminiscent characteristics:


    - Northern Lights is a multiple-award-winning cultivar that gives Raisinberry its uplifting and soothing effects. Thanks to highly revered genetics that go back several strains, expect nothing but supreme quality when smoking Raisinberry autoflower.


    - Mazar is just as exotic as it sounds. It brings a well-rounded head and body high and blissful feelings to the table. It’s also won several awards, so you know you’re in for a good time once you harvest your crop. 


    Auto Raisinberry seeds give the grower a truly memorable experience, from the moment they germinate to the seconds after you light a joint from the buds. Sit back and enjoy the stunning cerebral and physical experience coursing through your being. 


    Wellness and Raisinberry autoflower seeds


    Raisinberry seeds autoflower are popular for recreational use, and some users have also noted they can provide fantastic therapeutic benefits for the mind and body. Reports mention that the indica effects help mental and physical relief. The calming sensations can chase away anxiety, stress, and pain. It may help alleviate sleeplessness or insomnia and fill your mind with happy, peaceful thoughts.


    Raisinberry autoflower may also be beneficial in the following areas:


    - Soothes sore joints and muscles.

    - Eases mental and physical tension.

    - Alleviates headaches and nausea symptoms.

    - Boosts mood and relaxation.


    Each person may react differently to marijuana. Keep your doses low when smoking Raisinberry autoflower to prevent any adverse side effects. Learn to know your own reaction to different cannabis strains, and choose the one that best suits you.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Raisinberry autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    We’ve covered all the main information about autoflower Raisinberry seeds above, but you may still have some burning questions. Check out the most common questions below with bite-size answers.


    Where can I get free cannabis Raisinberry autoflower seeds?


    You can find affordable cannabis seeds with great deals at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Raisinberry autoflower seeds are available in different-sized packs, and you’ll save money when buying bulk. Even better, we offer free seeds in our buy one get one (BOGO) deals. Keep an eye on the cheap cannabis seeds page for frequent BOGO sales.


    Can a beginner grow Raisinberry autoflower?


    Autoflower marijuana seeds aren’t the easiest to grow and are best suited for growers with some experience. The fast-maturing genetics of auto Raisinberry seeds means they don’t have enough time to heal from unexpected damage. There’s little to no room for rookie mistakes, so try your hand at feminized seeds first.


    What is the Raisinberry autoflower flower time?


    The average flowering time of autoflower Raisinberry seeds is 35–42 days, or 5–6 weeks. This is quite fast compared to other cannabis seeds, which gives you the benefit of planting multiple crops a year. 


    How long do Raisinberry autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Raisinberry autoflower seeds can sprout within one and five days when using the paper towel method. Follow the instructions above and germinate your seeds in a warm, dark area with high humidity levels. Document your progress in case you get any dud seeds, and we’ll replace them as soon as possible.


    How long does it take Raisinberry autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    Seed-to-harvest times differ for each strain and are never exactly the same. Raisinberry autoflower needs about 10–18 weeks until they’re ready to harvest. Germination lasts 1–5 days using the paper towel method; seedlings 2–3 weeks; vegetation takes around 3–8 weeks. The final stage is flowering, which takes 5–6 weeks before you can finally harvest your crop.


    Grow medium: Raisinberry autoflower hydro or soil?


    Soil is the most popular, more natural approach. Use organic, nutrient-rich soil for your Raisinberry autoflower seeds to bring out the terpene profile. They also thrive in hydroponics, which comes down to grower choice. Hydroponics is excellent for increasing yields and providing the right amount of nutrients, but setup costs are higher to start.


    What is the average Raisinberry autoflower height?


    When growing Raisinberry auto seeds, you’ll be pleased with their compact size, which allows you to raise them in smaller rooms. They reach 3–4 ft. tall, and this height may be slightly bigger when cultivated outdoors. Don’t expect massive plants with this cultivar.


    Where can I find pictures of Raisinberry autoflower marijuana?


    At the top of this page, you’ll see high-quality, accurate images of Raisinberry autoflower. Check out our Raisinberry Autoflower Homegrown Diaries for more. You’ll find pictures and videos from other growers who’ve also grown this strain, and you can even contribute your own.


    Where is the best place to buy Raisinberry autoflower seeds in the USA?


    There are many seemingly great seed banks out there, but Homegrown Cannabis Co. is where you want to be. Buy Raisinberry auto cannabis seeds and many more from our wide selection of high-quality seeds. We also provide you with the following perks: 


    - A massive selection of different cannabis seeds from around the world, available in feminized, autoflowering, regular, and fast version seeds

    - Many useful and educational resources, various blogs, and a forum for cannabis growers worldwide.

    - Secure payment and fast, discreet delivery

    - Ongoing sales, deals, and promotions on various seeds

    - A germination guarantee with free replacement if you get dud cannabis seeds

    - 24/7 customer support


    What makes Raisinberry autoflower seeds different from other marijuana variants?


    The difference between Raisinberry autoflower seeds and other variants such as feminized and regular seeds is their ability to flower without lighting changes. There are three common variants of marijuana seeds:


    - Regular marijuana seeds: You have a 50% chance of getting a male or female crop with these seeds. Separate the males to prevent cross-pollination and use them for breeding, and harvest the females for THC-filled buds.


    - Autoflowering marijuana seeds: Like Raisinberry autoflower seeds, these seeds have been crossed with ruderalis genetics to produce non-photoperiodic plants. They don’t require changes in the light schedule and automatically enter the flowering phase in as little as 2–4 weeks.


    - Feminized marijuana seeds: Usually a popular choice for most growers and fantastic for beginners. These seeds guarantee an all-female crop with high yields of sticky buds for you to enjoy.


    Are there any other names for Raisinberry autoflower feminized?


    Yes, some sources list it as ‘Northern Lights x Mazar autoflower,’ ‘Autoflower Northern Lights x Mazar,’ or ‘Northern Mazar Auto Fem.’ Some sources also call it ‘Spiritual Punk.’ When ordering your Raisinberry autoflower seeds, always check the information, and ensure you get them from a reliable source.


    Spelling errors


    When looking to buy Raisinberry auto cannabis seeds online, make sure you spell the name correctly: Raisinberry autoflower.


    Avoid these potential spelling errors:


    - Rasinberry

    - Rasinburry 

    - Raizinberry 

    - Raisinbirry 

    - Raisinbery 


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