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Rainbow Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Rainbow Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 9
  • GG#4 meets Zkittlez: sticky
  • 22% THC and a bouncing
  • High levels of caryophyllene really rainbow the flavors.
  • If you’re on the hunt for a cannabis cultivar with powerful genetics, hard-hitting sensations, and explosive flavors, we’ve got something that might rock your boat: Rainbow Glue feminized seeds. This cultivar rewards you with an abundant crop of female-only weed plants, and it also ticks a bunch of other boxes.Rainbow Glue feminized seeds are uncomplicated to grow, deliver medi...Show more

    Rainbow Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    500 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Rainbow Glue Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    If you’re on the hunt for a cannabis cultivar with powerful genetics, hard-hitting sensations, and explosive flavors, we’ve got something that might rock your boat: Rainbow Glue feminized seeds. This cultivar rewards you with an abundant crop of female-only weed plants, and it also ticks a bunch of other boxes.

    Rainbow Glue feminized seeds are uncomplicated to grow, deliver medium-sized yields, and produce buds that exhibit a striking appearance. They also boast steep THC levels and deliver a balance of mental and physical effects.

    Let’s not forget about the emanating fruity, sweet, spicy, earthy, and chocolate notes delightful flavors that Rainbow Glue feminized weed is known for. Take your growing game to the next level with these feminized seeds. We guarantee you’ll be itching for more seeds in no time.

    What are Rainbow Glue feminized cannabis seeds?

    What are Rainbow Glue feminized seeds, and why do you need to add them to your weed inventory? Let’s see why this popular cultivar has got every canna-enthusiast dying to get their hands on some of its feminized marijuana seeds.

    This cannabis hybrid contains the genetics of two West Coast giants: Zkittlez and Gorilla Glue #4. Its THC levels reach 24%, while its CBD content is typically less than 2%. Rainbow Glue feminized weed has a 60% indica and 40% sativa mix, giving you a beautiful blend of mental and physical effects. 

    It soothes, relaxes, and sedates your entire body while simultaneously allowing your mind to experience uplifted, euphoric, and happy sensations. 

    Thanks to the influence of Zkittlez, weed grown from feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds offers a tantalizing experience for your taste buds. Expect an eruption of sweet, fruity, spicy, chocolate, and earthy tastes. Pair its sensational effects with this explosive flavor profile, and you’ve got yourself a winner. 

    Rainbow Glue feminized seeds are relatively easy to grow. The only thing you need to watch out for is a lack of light and air, as it could cause mold. Other than that, feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds are a breeder’s dream. You can buy some of your own feminized cannabis seeds today and join dozens of satisfied growers.

    What are the Rainbow Glue feminized effects?

    The beauty of this cultivar lies in the sensations it produces. Unlike some indica-leaning hybrids, buds grown from Rainbow Glue feminized seeds contain a phenomenal fusion of mind and body effects. You won’t have to settle for one or the other—you can simply enjoy its powerful capabilities as they wash over you.

    Your journey starts with the sativa side of things, giving your brain a small dose of alertness and increased sensitivity to smells, sounds, and visuals. You’ll also sense the cerebral euphoria, which is responsible for those happy and uplifting emotions.

    At the same time, the physical sensations kick in. Your muscles loosen, and your body feels more relaxed. Accept the inevitability of couch-lock and a night of deep sleep at the end. Due to the potency of weed grown from feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds, users with a low tolerance should start slow and easy.

    To make the most of this feminized cultivar, we recommend consuming it when you want to unwind, relax, and spend time doing absolutely nothing. Avoid smoking buds from Rainbow Glue feminized seeds when you have important meetings, or lunch with your in-laws—unless they’re on board with it, of course.

    What does the Rainbow Glue feminized smell like?

    Once you smell the aroma of weed grown from Rainbow Glue feminized seeds, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another cultivar that comes close to its distinct scent. Rainbow Glue contains a fusion of various terpenes. These organic compounds are responsible for the signature scent of marijuana strains.

    Here’s a brief overview of the terpenes you can find in Rainbow Glue feminized weed and the aromas they exude:

    - Limonene: Citrusy 

    - Linalool: Floral with a hint of spice

    - Pinene: Pine 

    - Myrcene: Earthy and musky with a tinge of fruit

    - Caryophyllene: Spicy

    - Terpinolene: Herbal and floral

    Buds from Rainbow Glue feminized seeds smell like a delectable dessert dish, emitting notes of chocolate, candy, and sweet fruits. A dash of spicy, earthy, and floral undertones is also present. The flavor of this feminized cultivar is similar. It coats your taste buds with a slight woody musk, but the delicious flavor of sweet grapes and sour lemons quickly catches up.

    How to germinate Rainbow Glue feminized seeds

    Before you can begin growing feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds, you need to germinate them. If you want to get speedy and efficient results, your best bet is to follow our detailed germination guide.

    It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with our foolproof germination method. It promises a healthy taproot in less than five days, and it’s your best line of defense in case anything goes wrong. Make sure you record your germination attempts through photos and videos.

    This way, you can get a replacement batch of Feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds without hassle. Follow the steps below to germinate Rainbow Glue feminized seeds:

    1. Gather your supplies, which include:

    - A dinner plate

    - A bowl of water

    - Tweezers

    - Paper towels

    - Cannabis seeds

    2. Grab a paper towel and gently wet it in the bowl of water. Twist it carefully to remove excess moisture, and then repeat the process with a second paper towel.

    3. Place one paper towel on your plate and use tweezers to set your cannabis seeds on top. Leave an inch of space between each marijuana seed.

    4. Gently cover your marijuana seeds with the second paper towel.

    5. Pour some water on the plate to ensure your cannabis seeds have enough moisture, but not enough that it forms puddles. You can check the level of water by lightly lifting the lower paper towel.

    6. Now that you’ve started your cannabis seeds, it’s time to find a warm, dark spot to let them sprout—like the bottom of your cupboard.

    7. Check on them daily, ensuring they have plenty of moisture and no dryness. After a couple of days, you’ll see them pop and produce a gorgeous taproot.

    8. Once the taproot grows about a quarter of an inch, you can proceed to plant your marijuana seeds with the aid of some tweezers.

    Rainbow Glue feminized seeds grow guide

    Rainbow Glue feminized seeds produce plants with a fat and bushy structure. Its appearance reveals chunky green colas and bright orange stigmas, topped with a thick layer of sticky, snow-white trichomes.

    In the early stages of development, weed from feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds displays a vivid green hue. As it ripens, a violent shade begins to emerge—starting with its large leaves and ending with its plump flowers.

    This indica-dominant hybrid can stretch to a maximum of 5.5 feet, but you’ll only see those heights under the most optimal growing conditions. If you skimp on the nutrients or cultivate them in a harsh environment, plants grown from Rainbow Glue feminized seeds could only reach about 3.5 feet or less.

    Before growing your own batch of feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds, there are a few things you need to know. This cannabis cultivar is a good fit for all kinds of growers. Its branches are sturdy and resilient, persevering in the face of frosty weather and windy settings.

    Plants grown from Rainbow Glue feminized seeds can thrive indoors, outside, and in a greenhouse—the choice is yours. Although cultivating feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana plants is a piece of cake; you do need to pay extra attention to one specific concern: its dense foliage.

    Due to their vigorous development, weed grown from feminized Rainbow Glue seeds takes on a super bushy appearance in record time, creating a potential lack of light and airflow. If your plant doesn’t get enough oxygen, it could generate an excess buildup of moisture—which is the leading cause of mold and mildew.

    On top of that, the branches beneath the rest might not get enough light, inhibiting your plant’s ability to “breathe” correctly and potentially stunting its growth. To avoid these problems, you should trim and prune your plants regularly. This way, the weed you grow from Rainbow Glue feminized seeds can thrive.

    If you decide to cultivate inside, follow these handy tips:

    - Keep your plant in tip-top shape by feeding it premium nutrients. Use a rich nitrogen mix initially and switch it up with some phosphorus when it begins blooming.

    - Use an organic soil medium for better nutrient absorption.

    - Employ the Sea of Green (SOG) method for continuous harvests or to cut down the vegging time.

    To benefit from the perks of outdoor cultivation, check out these growing tips for Rainbow Glue feminized seeds:

    - Choose a warm, dry, and sunny climate.

    - When the last frost ends in April, plant your cannabis seeds and expect to harvest in October.

    Feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds have a flowering time of eight to nine weeks. When it comes to yield size, outdoor grows are king—producing up to 21 oz. per plant in most cases. Under perfect conditions, some breeders have collected up to 35 oz. per plant. If you opt for an indoor setup, you can expect to gather 17 to 19 oz./m².

    What are the Rainbow Glue feminized strain genetics?

    This cultivar is a cross between two heavy-handed titans: Gorilla Glue #4 and Zkittlez. The former is the product of a pollination accident, creating a highly acclaimed, mostly indica hybrid that glues your body to the closest available spot—hence its fitting name.

    Zkittlez, on the other hand, is an award-winning indica-dominant cultivar that boasts a mouthwatering taste of sweet and fruity flavors. The addition of the flavor-filled Zkittlez strain was the primary purpose of this cannabis collaboration, elevating the user’s experience and enhancing the cultivar’s effects.

    Wellness and Rainbow Glue feminized seeds

    Apart from showering you with recreational benefits, Rainbow Glue is also an excellent cultivar to add to your medicinal arsenal. Feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds produce buds with an ideal balance of mental and physical effects, so you can use them to treat various conditions. A few tokes of this cultivar can assist with:

    - Chronic pain

    - Stress

    - Anxiety

    - Depression

    - Insomnia

    - Muscle cramps

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Rainbow Glue feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you looking for the lowdown on the most commonly asked questions about feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds? Take a squiz at our detailed answers to the FAQs below and become an expert on this feminized weed cultivar in no time. If you get stuck and can’t find an answer to a specific concern, feel free to contact us for more information.

    Where can I get free cannabis Rainbow Glue feminized seeds?

    If you’re in pursuit of some free weed seeds, keep an eye out for our cheap cannabis seeds and Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) promotions. When this offer is active, you’ll receive another pack of feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds with your purchase—for free! If you buy another promotional strain, you’ll get an extra batch of that cultivar with your order.

    Check if your favorite strains display the BOGO banner, and you’re all set to get more for less every time you shop with us. Bookmark our BOGO page or look out for the BOGO banner on selected cannabis strains to stay updated on the latest offers.

    Can a beginner grow Rainbow Glue feminized?

    Yes. Rainbow Glue feminized seeds are a fantastic addition to any cannabis breeder’s garden—no matter your level of experience. These feminized marijuana seeds are resilient and quickly adapt to indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse setups.

    Although this feminized cultivar does most of the work on its own, you’ll need to give it an extra bit of attention. Famous for their rapid growth, Rainbow Glue feminized seeds quickly develop a densely bushy structure that can fall prey to mold—so make sure you keep up with regular pruning and trimming.

    What is the Rainbow Glue feminized flower time?

    You don’t have to wait long to get your hands on some of these delicious buds. Feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds have a flowering time of eight to nine weeks. Once your plants reach full maturity, you can collect between 17 and 21 oz./m² indoors. You can get up to 35 oz. per plant outdoors.

    How long do Rainbow Glue feminized seeds take to germinate?

    If you follow our germination guide, all your Rainbow Glue feminized seeds will sprout within a maximum of five days—our Homegrown guarantee! In most cases, your marijuana seeds should reveal a taproot even sooner—typically as fast as 24 to 48 hours after you start them.

    How long does it take Rainbow Glue feminized to go from seed to harvest?

    In total, it takes around six months for Rainbow Glue feminized seeds to become harvest-ready. If you’re growing inside, you can shorten this period by reducing the amount of light your plants receive.

    Once your cannabis seeds go through the seedling stage, they’ll enter the vegetative phase and then finish off the cycle with a 60—65 day flowering period. You’ll know when the buds from feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds are in their final week of blooming. The leaves take on a vivid violet hue, while their flowers boast a sticky resin covering and drip in frosty white trichomes.

    Grow medium: Rainbow Glue feminized hydro or soil?

    You can grow weed from Rainbow Glue feminized seeds in any medium you like. This cultivar soaks up the benefits of hydro and soil, but opting for the latter could be a better choice—especially for more inexperienced growers.

    Choosing to go soilless means easier nutrient absorption, and it could net you a slightly higher indoor yield. A soil-based medium can also intensify this strain’s explosive aromas. On the other hand, a hydroponic setup can provide the ideal environment for amplified plant growth, but it requires a bigger budget and a greener thumb.

    What is the average Rainbow Glue feminized height?

    Plants grown from feminized Rainbow Glue marijuana seeds typically don’t reach heights of more than 5.5 feet. Most breeders report an average of 4.5 feet indoors and 5.5 feet outdoors.

    Where can I find pictures of Rainbow Glue feminized marijuana?

    If you want to access authentic, high-quality photos of Rainbow Glue feminized seeds, plants, and buds—you’re in the right place. Once you’ve read through everything, take a minute to scroll down this product page again and inspect the images.

    Alternatively, you can join the Rainbow Glue Feminized Homegrown Diaries for a unique insight into the cultivation journey of some of our customers. If all else fails, you could also do a quick online search for additional pictures of this feminized cultivar.

    Where is the best place to buy Rainbow Glue feminized seeds in the USA?

    Online shopping is simple, convenient, and completely secure. To take advantage of these benefits, why not purchase your Rainbow Glue feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.? Apart from providing a one-stop-seed-shop, you also get to enjoy these perks:

    - Discreet delivery.

    - Straightforward payment options.

    - Super fast shipping.

    - Around-the-clock customer service.

    - A massive selection of top-tier cannabis cultivars.

    Join the Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Rainbow Glue feminized pics and any Rainbow Glue feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Rainbow Glue feminized images—those crystals drive us wild!

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