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Purple Punch Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Purple Punch Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 6
  • A full-bodied
  • 23% THC and the best sleep ever.
  • Caryophyllene-dominant with BIG
  • Purple Punch brings together two mostly Indica cultivars that share one thing in common – an intensely sedating body high. Much of this hybrid plant’s genetic make-up is a direct influence of the highly regarded medicinal cultivar, Granddaddy Purple (GDP). Apart from delivering a stimulating but relaxing smoking experience, this heavy-hitter is also a visually stunning plant an...Show more

    Purple Punch Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    450 - 550
    Max Yield outdoor
    500 - 600
    Height indoor
    90 - 150
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Purple Punch Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Purple Punch brings together two mostly Indica cultivars that share one thing in common – an intensely sedating body high. Much of this hybrid plant’s genetic make-up is a direct influence of the highly regarded medicinal cultivar, Granddaddy Purple (GDP). Apart from delivering a stimulating but relaxing smoking experience, this heavy-hitter is also a visually stunning plant and arguably the most recognizable of the purple lineage. Another of its notable traits is its complex blend of grape and berry scents.


    If the color purple denotes royalty, Purple Punch feminized seeds are dukes of the canna kingdom. Sweet tasting, high-yielding, and resinous, they deliver all qualities of your dreams in one gorgeous strain of ganja. Our feminized seeds let you join their massive fanbase.


    What are Purple Punch feminized cannabis seeds?


    Start calling yourself Jack. Feminized Purple Punch seeds are enchanted beans that make your wishes come true. From the flavor profile to the very appearance of ripening colas, they embody sweetness. What makes them so good? The name of these cannabis seeds speaks volumes of quality. This strain develops gorgeous purple pigmentation in flowering and delivers a smooth punch for the mind, body, and soul.


    Their genetic background is stellar. This indica-dominant hybrid is a Grandaddy Purple x Larry OG cross. It combines the superstar traits of the former with lesser-known, but just as delectable qualities of the latter. Our Purple Punch feminized seeds are bred to produce only female cannabis, eliminating the risk of pollination. The cultivation challenge is still not quite beginner-friendly, but it’s worth every ounce of effort you put into it. 


    This cannabis strain is astonishing from the get-go. Trichomes are dripping from this potent plant, with its thick, sturdy branches carrying heavy colas and violet sugar leaves. The yields are massive. Cone-shaped mint green flowers emerge early, developing fiery streaks, a purple hue, and shimmering frosting. Bud collection becomes a sticky business! Each cola oozes scents of grape, vanilla, and citrus after eight weeks of flowering. The THC punch comes in an innocent cloud of smoke, transporting you straight to relaxation land. 


    The effects elevate the mood and give you a jolt of euphoria, reminiscent of a sugar high. The body high is heavy and sedating, making it ideal for late afternoons and evenings at home. Sweet tooth stoners, old-school cannabis enthusiasts, and medical marijuana users love feminized Purple Punch seeds. They’re sufficiently potent for veterans, gentle to novices, and multi-layered enough to keep connoisseurs occupied. Are you ready to experience the joy with this dessert-tier cultivar? Get Purple Punch feminized seeds in the USA and cultivate this beauty in your at-home weed garden. 


    What are the effects of Purple Punch feminized weed?


    Purple Punch feminized seeds pack quite a punch in the psychoactive department. They aren’t as potent as some powerhouses in the offer. Still, with contents regularly in the 15–20% range, they deliver an avalanche of mind-and-body effects that never miss the mark. Despite the innocent sweetness, toking in moderation is your key to a good time. The effect profile is mellow enough not to cause paranoia or dizziness. Overdoing it will make you fall asleep before experiencing the full scope of the incoming bliss, though. 


    Plants grown from feminized Purple Punch seeds deliver an immediate cerebral jolt. Numbness spreads across your forehead, pairing euphoria with tranquility, allowing no worries through. There’s cognitive stimulation in the picture, too. This cultivar gets the creative juices flowing, getting you to think outside the box and engage in creative endeavors with absolute enjoyment. Brain invigoration doesn’t translate into physical energy here. 


    These flowers are 100% indica on the body. They loosen the limbs and spread a warm heaviness from your core to the tips of your fingers and toes. The only activity you’ll want is nourishing your body. A serious case of the munchies has you reaching for a snack from the depth of your cushions. You savor each bite like it’s your first. Dozing off is pretty much a guarantee as intoxication leaves your bloodstream. You lose yourself in a deep sleep and wake up the next morning, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. Roll up a blunt from your Purple Punch feminized seed-grown stash at the end of a long, dreadful day. You’ll forget all about it and see your life in a new, better light.


    What does Purple Punch feminized smell like?


    Purple Punch feminized seeds develop into aromatic cannabis plants. Their saccharine perfume delights your senses and lingers for hours after your smoking session. The very flowers smell of blueberries and citrus, in line with their violet hue. The scents become richer once the buds grown from feminized Purple Punch seeds dry in your jars. A smooth vanilla base and herbal notes become pronounced, teasing your senses. It’s an even deeper, more delicious affair upon combustion. 


    Light it up, and your room fills with smells of freshly baked blueberry muffins. The vanilla base permeates the room. The purple fruit salad tickles the nose and explodes into a juicy, aromatic bouquet. Everything becomes even more delectable in your mouth. The rich base of earthy vanilla coats the tongue. Zesty grape and citrus top notes explode into a sea of flavors to enchant your taste buds. 


    You’ll note hints of pepper and exotic spices in the aroma, too. This seemingly sweet and innocent smoke carries layers upon layers to explore. Novices love Purple Punch feminized weed for their dessert aroma that tastes nothing like traditional cannabis. Old-school stoners use these buds as palate cleansers between stinkier strains of ganja. 


    How to germinate Purple Punch feminized seeds


    Once your order of feminized Purple Punch seeds arrives, it’s time to make those babies pop and get planting. Germination isn’t a must, but it boosts your success rate. Moisture and warmth in this stage inform the hormones beneath the shell that it’s time to activate. Each little marijuana seed has the chance to develop into a lush cannabis plant. 


    Sprouting your marijuana seeds is a straightforward at-home process. You don’t need any extra equipment, either. Why not set a foundation for prosperity down the line? We provide a germination guarantee for any grower who follows our preferred paper towel method. It’s as easy and efficient as it gets. Here’s how to sprout your Purple Punch feminized seeds:


    - Get your equipment ready. You’ll need bottled water, two paper towels, a plate, clean tweezers, and your seed pack.


    - Moisten one paper towel. Be sure that it’s not dripping.


    - Place the paper towel on the plate. Check for pools, as they can make the vulnerable cannabis seeds rot.


    - Use your tweezers to carefully pick up a marijuana seed and place it on the paper.


    - Repeat for each cannabis seed you want to sprout. Leave about an inch of space between each. 


    - Cover the cannabis seeds with another moist paper towel.


    - Leave the plate somewhere warm or dark, such as a cupboard or a drawer.


    - Check your marijuana seeds after 24 hours. Use the tweezers again to remove any that have sprouted.


    - Moisten again and leave the rest for another day.


    A taproot is a sign of germination success. It’s a tiny white root protruding from the marijuana seed shell, hinting at the many thick roots to come. Don’t despair if you’re not seeing taproots after 24 hours. The paper towel method is effective, but it sometimes needs up to five days to do its magic. Keep checking until every seed pops. If the process seems confusing, our germination guide has your back. Visit the page to get neat visuals of each step and ensure you’re getting everything right.


    Purple punch feminized cannabis seeds: brief grow guide


    Feminized Purple Punch seeds can be a bit fussy. They have several handy genetic traits, but also some that add to the cultivation challenge. Most perks stem from the indica dominance in this strain. The crops don’t grow too tall, focusing on lateral branching. Each bud spot is sturdy enough to carry the weight of its flowers. Our feminized marijuana seeds produce only female cannabis plants. Weed farmers don’t need to worry about separating males from females or seeded colas. On the other hand, this cultivar doesn’t boast the whole scope of traditional indica resistances. Purple Punch feminized seeds and plants are susceptible to pests, especially caterpillars. 


    A trained trimming hand and a watchful eye make this cultivar grow to its full glory. At its best, it’s three to four feet tall, bushy, frosty, violet, and high-yielding. You can plant indoors or out, depending on your postal code. In either case, note that a warm, dry climate is your recipe for success. Many growers keep these beauties indoors for optimal climate control and the stickiest possible results. 


    The Sea of Green (SOG) technique does wonders for feminized Purple Punch plants in grow rooms. You’ll collect over 22 oz. of fresh buds per square meter after eight to ten weeks of flowering. Outdoor cultivators sow Purple Punch feminized seeds in the USA in April. These charmers grow a bit taller in the great outdoors, making pruning a necessity for optimal plant health. Pick a sunny spot and be careful of extreme weather for harvests of around 28 oz. per crop in early October. How’s that for a chill winter ahead?


    What is the Purple Punch feminized seeds genetics?


    Purple Punch feminized seeds are ideal for those cultivating smokable weed. They produce only female flowers—thanks to modern breeding that enabled breeders to alter the genetic makeup. Wonders of breeding wouldn’t be enough without stellar ancestry to support excellence throughout. Lucky for us, this strain has quality written all over its gene pool. This indica-dominant hybrid originates from two first-rate cannabis plants. It blends the gorgeous grape shades of Grandaddy Purple with the sour punchiness of Lary OG. 


    What else do these parents bring to the table?


    - Grandaddy Purple is indica-dominant, sedating, and healing. It also supplies gorgeous pigmentation and grape and berry flavors to its offspring.


    - Larry OG is a potent and easy-going hybrid. Its feel-good effects perfectly combine with the fresh lemon aroma of the smoke. 


    Feminized Purple Punch seeds stand as genetic offspring of these two VIP cultivars. It carries the qualities of both sides of its family tree. This strain is resinous, euphoric yet calming, and as delicious as weed comes. Its purple streaks scream GDP. The happy high displays Larry OG features that remind stoners of this fabulous ocean-grown strain. 


    The stability and sea of beneficial traits made Purple Punch feminized seeds a bestseller, but not only for at-home growers. It’s also the genetic base for many modern cultivars. Strains with this name in their lineage often have the same violet pigmentation, fruity flavor profile, and balanced effects that make you feel your best on all fronts.


    Wellness and Purple Punch feminized seeds


    Purple Punch feminized seeds are sweethearts of the medical marijuana community. Despite being low-CBD, their potency and indica-dominance make them supremely healing. Relief is guaranteed to come after several puffs, whether you’re dealing with light discomfort or a heavy case of insomnia. The moderately high THC levels promise an effective weed therapy that combines fun and healing. They remain low enough not to overpower the patient. True to their GDP parentage, feminized Purple Punch seeds help you manage physical and mental health conditions. 


    The feel-good effects permeate every sphere of your being. They have the goal to set you back on the path towards living your best life, and they make it happen. When it comes to mental health, colas grown from these marijuana seeds are double trouble. The jolt of happiness and creativity combats depression and PTSD, getting you to see the world in brighter colors and enjoy every second of being alive. At the same time, the carefree mindset eliminates the last hints of anxiety and worry. 


    You find it much easier to overcome the hurdles and tackle your tasks. Goodbye stress, hello seamless productivity. There’s support incoming for the body, as well. The terpene profile makes Purple Punch feminized seeds analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Users report relief from chronic pain, muscle spasms, headaches, and migraines. Some anecdotes even claim it reduces swelling post-injury. This strain works best when used before bed. It’s too sleepy for a daytime toke. When you consume it in the evening, it helps you rest, recover, and feel ten times better the very next day.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Purple Punch feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Do you have any questions about Purple Punch feminized seeds? The answer is right here. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please reach out to us. Our customer support team will make sure to add your inquiry to the list. 


    Which Purple Punch strain variants are available?


    Feminized Purple Punch seeds produce smokable colas of pure delight. At the moment, only this seed variant is available at Homegrown. Since we don’t stock the other options, here’s what you can try instead: 


    - Purple Punch reg: try your hand at breeding with Granddaddy Purple regular, a famed parent of this strain.

    - Purple Punch auto: check out Gelato autoflowering for a similar treat for all senses.  


    Where can I get free cannabis Purple Punch feminized seeds?


    Random people and brick-and-mortar dispensaries rarely hand out free cannabis seeds. We sometimes do. Homegrown organizes ‘buy one get one free’ promotions, sending an extra seed pack with your order. Keep an eye on the Purple Punch feminized seeds page. Hit that Purchase button when you see a BOGO badge. Alternatively you can sign up to our newsletter and be notified of new BOGO offers.


    Can a beginner grow Purple Punch feminized?


    Feminized Purple Punch seeds are best suited for intermediates. Rookies could cultivate them, but it takes skill to fend off pests and manage foliage density. If you’re a beginner eager to give it a shot, sharpen your trimming scissors and research plant health. You’ll make it work with enough dedication.


    What is the Purple Punch feminized flowering time?


    Purple Punch feminized seeds take between eight and ten weeks to ripen. Once your crop enters flowering, it develops a thick coating of shimmering resin. Sweet scents of fruit and herbs emanate from the buds. Purple pigmentation comes out to greet you.


    How long do Purple Punch feminized seeds take to germinate?


    You’ll see taproots on your feminized Purple Punch seeds in 24 to 120 hours. The paper towel method is efficient, but no two cannabis seeds are identical. Some take their time to pop. Keep providing heat and moisture for total success. 


    How long does it take Purple Punch feminized from seeds to harvest?


    The seed-to-harvest period changes with the growing setup. It lasts anywhere from three to six months. You’re in complete control of vegging indoors. The only period to respect is at least eight weeks of flowering. The situation requires a bit more patience outdoors. Your Purple Punch feminized seed-grown crops are harvest-ready in early October. 


    Grow medium: Purple Punch feminized hydro or soil?


    Purple Punch feminized seeds can thrive in soil and hydro. Most growers go for the more natural earth-based growing style. This way you don’t need to worry too much about trimming. Also, the yields are generous enough even without introducing this extra element.


    What is the average Purple Punch feminized height?


    Weed plants from Purple Punch feminized seeds are a bit taller than your usual indica cannabis. They stretch to around four feet without space restrictions and up to three feet with limited headroom. Most energy still goes to foliage and branch production, especially with regular pruning. 


    Where can I find pictures of Purple Punch feminized marijuana?


    You’ll find images of this gorgeous strain right here on this Purple Punch feminized seeds page. We feature snaps of a fully-grown plant and individual sticky colas. Would you like to see more? Subscribe to the Purple Punch feminized Homegrown Diaries. That’s where our community posts progress pics and real-life experiences with these marijuana seeds. 


    Where is the best place to buy Purple Punch feminized seeds in the USA?


    If you’re ready to purchase, Homegrown is here. Our feminized Purple Punch seeds for sale are high-quality and affordable.


    Here’s what you also get by shopping with us:


    - A germination guarantee

    - A fem cannabis warranty

    - Safe and discreet shipping

    - Various secure payment methods

    - 24/7 customer support


    Why would you go elsewhere?

    Are there any other names for Purple Punch feminized?


    ‘Purple Punch’ is such a good name that no nickname is necessary to prove its quality. Still, stoners are a creative bunch. They’re fond of calling this strain:


    - Grandaddy Larry

    - Grape Punch

    - Blueberry Muffins 

    - Purple Sticky Punch


    Don’t these pet names put a smile on your face?


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Purple Punch feminized pics, and any Purple Punch feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough Purple Punch feminized images; those crystals drive us wild!


    If you want to stock buy bulk Purple Punch feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our Purple Punch feminized seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.


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