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Purple Punch Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Purple Punch Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 5
  • Awesome aromas
  • Beginner-friendly strain
  • High THC
  • Purple Punch autoflower seeds pack a knockout of indica effects. Breeders created this cultivar to maximize yield, flavor, and looks. Now we present the autoflowering version of the punchy indigo original. Breeders gathered and blended some of the genetic titans of the cannabis community. The aim was to combine the best traits of all four top-shelf brands in a ...Show more

    Purple Punch Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10_auto_indoor Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor
    Muscle spasms
    Sunny mediterranean

    Purple Punch Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Purple Punch autoflower seeds pack a knockout of indica effects. Breeders created this cultivar to maximize yield, flavor, and looks. Now we present the autoflowering version of the punchy indigo original.

    Breeders gathered and blended some of the genetic titans of the cannabis community. The aim was to combine the best traits of all four top-shelf brands in a single super strain.

    The individual contributors are Hall of Fame-worthy in their fields, but how do they interact, and do they complement each other? Let’s find out.

    What are Purple Punch autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Purple Punch autoflower seeds are a blend of Purple Punch and Critical Auto. The result is a high-yielding, potent, and tasty cultivar that flowers automatically to shorten the lifecycle.

    The resultant flowers are beautiful, with purple and lime-green buds carrying swirls of fiery orange pistils. Dark green, fat-fingered leaves provide contrast to light-colored colas. The nugs aren’t just gorgeous; they contain heavy concentrations of THC and a tonne of flavor.

    Weed grown from Purple Punch auto seeds is indica-heavy, so it’s more relaxing and sedating. This strain is unlikely to lead to immediate sleep, with enough sativa influence to keep most feeling alert and focused.

    This strain may have some positive effects for treating some minor afflictions. Testimonials claim assistance with various health issues, both physical and mental.

    What are Purple Punch autoflower effects?

    Purple Punch autoflower seeds produce hybrid weed that is indica strong at an 80–20 clip. Most consumers enjoy this strain late at night to hasten entry to dreamland.

    These cannabis seeds produce flowers with potent THC levels of 16–18%. Users report initial euphoria that causes happy thoughts and a positive attitude. This cultivar promises maximal peace and happiness with its seriously laid-back effects.

    It also promotes calm and could help with sleep disorders. Many users claim assistance with confronting symptoms of sleeplessness. Couchlock is less likely as the considerable sativa presence offers a pleasant head buzz that improves attention.

    While weed grown with Purple Punch auto seeds reminds of sweet treats, it may also lead to a hunt for some. Hunger pangs or the munchies are well-documented, and users often report improved appetite or reduced nausea.

    What does Purple Punch autoflower smell like?

    The primary terpene in weed grown with Purple Punch auto seeds is limonene which contributes to its taste and smell. Most users report an aroma reminiscent of apple pie, though others swear it’s blueberry muffins attracting them.

    PPA is a famous west coast creation that offers an immediate and distinct grape flavor when you open the jar. Purple Punch auto seeds produce big sweet buds that keep users returning to this bulky, tasty favorite.

    The sweet Kool-Aid grape and blueberry mix is a taste sensation on the inhale. The dessert theme continues as the sugary tone extends to the exhale, in which sweet berries dominate. Users declare an array of fruit flavorings and a touch of spice with this vigorous cultivar.

    How to germinate Purple Punch autoflower seeds

    Poor conditions will compromise your Purple Punch autoflower seeds’ ability to produce the tiny tap root.

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. has decades of experience which all starts with successful germination. Our results have led us to conclude that the paper towel method is simple, effective, and cheap.

    If you get your seeds from us and use this method, we guarantee the kernels pop, or we’ll ship replacements. Document your attempts to provide evidence in the unlikely event of a claim.

    You’ll need:

    - Purple Punch auto seeds

    - Two dinner plates

    - Two paper towels

    - Tweezers

    - Purified water in a bottle with a spray nozzle

    For outdoor growers in the Northern hemisphere, sprouting should occur from early April to May, depending on local weather and especially frost. We recommend indoor germination.

    Follow these instructions:

    - Take a piece of paper towel and wet it with the purified water. It should be damp but not soaked, so squeeze out any excess liquid. Then, lay it down flat on one of the dinner plates.

    - Use the tweezers to place the Purple Punch auto seeds on the damp paper towel. Leave at least an inch of space between them. Do not handle them, as you may transfer pathogens.

    - Wet the second sheet of paper towel, squeezing out any leftovers. Drape that one over the seeds, covering them. There should be no standing water.

    - Take the second plate, invert it, and match the rim to the first, enclosing the cannabis seeds. Put the medium in a warm, dry, dark place.

    - Check the Purple Punch autoflower seeds after 12 hours to determine any progress. Cannabis seeds take between 24–120 hours to produce the tiny white tap root.

    If your cannabis seeds don’t pop within five days, you can toss them out as they are unviable. There are several reasons why marijuana seeds won’t germinate. The most likely culprits are:

    - Improper storage conditions

    - Temperature too high or low

    - Too much or too little water in the medium

    - Sown too deep or shallow

    - Bad seed genetics

    - Bird or insect pests

    - Poor quality water

    - Fungus in soil or pots

    Once your Purple Punch autoflower seeds have sprouted a tap root, transfer them to your medium of choice.

    Purple Punch autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide

    These auto seeds can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. The strain is ideal for cultivators of all ages, as it’s resistant to mold and cold temperatures.

    As these are plants grown from Purple Punch autoflower seeds, the amount of sunlight doesn’t impact when they transition to bloom.

    Indoor cultivators must choose their lighting schedule, opting for either 18/6, 20/4, 24/0, or any other customized variation.

    For most autos, the vegetative phase is usually around four weeks long. With such a short growing phase, any small error or illness can have a defining result at this time. They flourish with temperatures of 70–80 ⁰F and elevated humidity.

    These autos quickly move through the growth stages, with the flowering phase a short 7–8 weeks. Once more than 50% of the trichomes get cloudy, it’s time to harvest. Indoor growers can reap a generous 12–14 oz per m² in prime conditions.

    Outdoors these crops thrive in Mediterranean or continental climates that are warm, dry, and sunny. Ensure you pick a spot out of the wind, and remember, sometimes outdoor autos spend an extra week in the vegetative stage.

    Purple Punch auto seeds grow plants that love high humidity, especially during the flowering phase. When the trichomes change, outdoor growers can expect a yield of over 14 oz. of pretty, purple-tinged buds per plant.

    What are Purple Punch autoflower strain genetics?

    Purple Punch auto seeds mix the incredible genetics of Purple Punch feminized seeds and Critical Auto.

    Breeders forged the latter from a blend of Auto Critical+ and Critical +. Critical Plus is a mix of Big Bud’s heavy-yielding genes and legendary Skunk #1.

    Purple Punch auto produces a colorful, potent, and tasty collaboration. These cannabis seeds match epic strains, each donating its outstanding traits.

    - Iconic Skunk #1 is among the most famous strains on earth.

    - Big Bud got its name for a reason, and you can guess that.

    - Larry OG’s alter ego is Lemon Larry, which gives away its most unique quality.

    - Granddaddy Purple adds its gorgeous mauve hue to the mix.

    Granddaddy Purple, or GDP, is a well-known indica-dominant sleep aid. With THC levels of 16–18%, Purple Punch auto reportedly carries on this family tradition.

    Larry OG is also known as Sour Larry and has west coast icon OG Kush and SFV OG for parents.

    Wellness and Purple Punch autoflower seeds

    Purple Punch auto seeds grow weed that may help with various mental or physical issues. Users report that it induces happiness and positive effects that ease feelings of stress.

    The positive vibe may also help with feelings of depression. Some users prefer using cannabis products to antidepressants as side effects are more predictable. Many users claim that the uplift and energy provided by Purple Punch auto can help shift negativity.

    Some users claim benefits in treating inflammation or even pain with this blend. Cannabis shows potential benefits for various health problems but requires further testing for definitive evidence.

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Purple Punch autoflower marijuana seeds: FAQs

    These seeds aren’t brand new, but growers and breeders are intrigued by this colorful, heavy-duty collaboration. We answer a few of their common queries below:

    Where can I get free Purple Punch autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Purple Punch autoflower seeds have some of the best genetics available. Big yields, huge flavor, and massive color are all present and accounted for. Necessary original, stable genes are there, too. Anyone who doesn’t need to pay for these bad boys is winning.

    Look through the Buy One Get One free (BOGO) offers to score top-quality bonus seeds. Mix packs also combine multiple strains with similar traits, which is excellent for comparison.

    Don’t miss the Cheap Weed Seeds page, which offers quality cannabis seeds at short-term discounts.

    Can a beginner grow Purple Punch autoflower?

    Yes, they can. Purple Punch auto seeds grow thick colas that enjoy warm weather and high humidity. Unfortunately, so do pests, so keep a watch on those.

    Be mindful that the truncated life cycle means any minor missteps can adversely affect the quality of the harvest. Newcomers are best to have some experience to allow for this.

    What is the Purple Punch autoflower flower time?

    Purple Punch autoflower seeds grow exotic cannabis plants that require 50–60 days of flowering before harvest. If all goes well, growers could conclude four crops in a year.

    Indoors, lower the temperature by a few degrees during the overnight dark hours. It can increase the purple coloration that makes these buds so pretty.

    How long do Purple Punch autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    Purple Punch auto seeds take 1–5 days to sprout. Start checking the germination medium after 12 hours but minimize the amount of stray light that gets in.

    Ensure the paper towel doesn’t dry out completely. Spray with a bottle of purified water when needed to keep moist. Replant the popped seeds in their permanent site when the tap root is about half an inch long.

    How long does it take Purple Punch autoflower from seeds to Harvest?

    Purple Punch autoflower seeds take 80–100 days to complete their lifecycle. It depends on the quality and quantity of vital ingredients like water, nutrients, and air. In autoflowering plants, the light doesn’t affect the plant’s bloom timing.

    Germination takes 1–5 days, flowering 50–60. The indica-strong plants need about 4–5 weeks of vegetative growth before they automatically enter flower.

    Grow medium for Purple Punch autoflower: hydro or soil?

    Most agree hydro is more expensive to start up for Purple Punch auto seeds but converts heavier yields in experienced hands. Growing in soil is cheaper and more straightforward, and some claim it results in weed with a broad flavor spectrum.

    Pest potential is higher in a soil medium than in hydro’s almost sterile set-up. Most cultivators have experience with earth, while hydro requires time and dedication to master.

    What is the average Purple Punch autoflower height?

    Like most other autoflower varieties, Purple Punch autoflower seeds grow short, squat plants. The quick life cycle results in plants seldom growing above three feet tall. Most never reach four feet.

    Where can I find pictures of Purple Punch autoflower marijuana?

    Apart from those on this page, look through our Homegrown Diaries to see how your peers have been getting on. Growers post weekly updates documenting their progress in pictures. There are even pictures of Purple Punch autoflower seeds.

    Where is the best place to buy Purple Punch autoflower seeds in the USA?

    It’s not easy to track down these jacked cannabis seeds, but Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the first place to check. We have the broadest range of quality seeds, with over 500 epic strains available. We ship discreetly to your door within days.

    Are there any other names for Purple Punch autoflower?

    We didn’t find any in our research. Don’t confuse Zurple Punch, the progeny of Purple Punch and Zkitllez.

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