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Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Mesmerizing flavors and a spellbounding high
  • Clear your calendar for a day on the couch - up to 19% THC
  • Earth and fruity aromas with a taste like fruit salad
  • Do you want to grow gorgeous-looking marijuana plants that produce limb-locking effects and delectable flavors? If so, Purple Kush feminized seeds are what you need. These cannabis seeds are legendary in the world of weed. They come from a long line of epic parent strains, resulting in highly sought-after marijuana plants with top-notch traits.  With every batch of feminized Pu...Show more

    Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Do you want to grow gorgeous-looking marijuana plants that produce limb-locking effects and delectable flavors? If so, Purple Kush feminized seeds are what you need. These cannabis seeds are legendary in the world of weed. They come from a long line of epic parent strains, resulting in highly sought-after marijuana plants with top-notch traits. 


    With every batch of feminized Purple Kush seeds, you get to grow marijuana plants with stable genetics, sky-high THC levels, delicious tastes and smells, and spellbinding effects. Purple Kush feminized seeds are moderately easy to grow and develop a crop of female-only cannabis plants 99% of the time. What more can you ask for?


    What are Purple Kush feminized seeds?


    Purple Kush feminized is a pure indica cultivar and a combination of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. It boasts 17–27% THC and a maximum of 2% CBD. This legendary cultivar is famous in the cannabis community and was one of the first strains peddled by Kyle Kushman in his early days—serving as the inspiration behind his alias. 


    Feminized Purple Kush weed is an indica lover’s dream. After a couple of tokes, it delivers a light cerebral buzz paired with a strong indica kick that instantly hits your body. Expect to feel happy, relaxed, sleepy, and somewhat hungry. It’s perfect for post-work relaxation or a rainy day spent doing absolutely nothing. Stoners across the globe adore the delicious flavors and scents that emanate from feminized Purple Kush buds. 


    Due to their epic genetics, these nugs smell sweet, fruity, earthy, and occasionally spicy. When you smoke them, you taste sweet berries and subtle splashes of sandalwood. Feminized Purple Kush cannabis seeds are moderately easy to grow. Experienced breeders won’t have any problems growing these beautiful weed plants, but beginners may struggle with their demanding needs and implementing specific techniques. 


    If you give your crops everything they need to prosper, you end up with a gorgeous ganja garden of top-quality, high-yielding Purple Kush feminized plants. You also get a 99% guarantee of female-only crops with these feminized cannabis seeds. You can spend less time weeding out the male plants and more time on producing healthy, thriving crops. 


    What are the Purple Kush feminized effects?


    Purple Kush feminized seeds develop 100% indica plants. They deliver powerful physical effects and intense cerebral sensations, courtesy of their high THC volume. These effects are long-lasting and intense, so make sure you clear your calendar before consuming anything. The trip begins with a subtle mental high that lifts your spirits and erases negativity. Expect to feel joyful and euphoric—but without any overwhelming bursts of energy. 


    Instead, the physical effects of Purple Kush feminized weed make you feel lazy, relaxed, and completely mellow. If you have one too many tokes, it sends you into a deep couch-lock—ideal for days where you have nothing to do except lay back and relax. Alternatively, you can use it to wind down after a long working day and guarantee yourself a good night’s rest. 


    In a nutshell, feminized Purple Kush marijuana relaxes your body, soothes your mind, and allows you to forget your everyday worries. As always, remember to consume this strain in moderation—especially if you’re not a regular cannabis user. Overindulging can result in mild side effects like dizziness, paranoia, headaches, cottonmouth, and dry eyes. It’s crucial to stay hydrated throughout your smoke session. 


    What does Purple Kush feminized weed smell like?


    Purple Kush feminized marijuana contains an abundance of terpenes. These compounds are responsible for the unique fragrance of every weed strain. Here are the various terpenes that give Purple Kush its signature scent:


    - Alpha Cedrene

    - Alpha Pinene

    - Beta-Caryophyllene

    - Borneol

    - Cadinene

    - Camphene

    - Citral

    - Eugenol

    - Farnesene

    - Fenchol

    - Humulene

    - Myrcene

    - Ocimene


    Thanks to this wonderful combination, Purple Kush feminized weed boasts a sweet, fruity, and earthy aroma. When you take a whiff, it smells like sweet grapes combined with subtle earthy undertones. More experienced users might also catch a spicy scent. When toked, Purple Kush feminized cannabis tastes like a delicious fruit salad. It emits sweet berry flavors and leaves a soft sandalwood aftertaste. 


    How to germinate Purple Kush feminized seeds


    To start growing your feminized Purple Kush cannabis seeds, you first need to complete step one: germination. Although you can use several different techniques to start your marijuana seeds, not all of them produce quality results. We recommend following the paper towel method in our germination guide. It’s quick, easy, uses basic household items, and produces a visible taproot within 1–5 days.

    By documenting your germination attempts of this process with photos and videos, you can request replacement seeds if any of yours don’t pop—as per our germination guarantee. 


    To start your cannabis seeds, gather the following tools:


    - Two paper towel sheets

    - A dinner plate

    - A bowl of purified water

    - Tweezers


    Next, follow these steps to give your Purple Kush feminized seeds the best start at life:


    - Wet two paper towels and gently squeeze out any excess water. Place one on top of your dinner plate and set the other one aside. 


    - Using tweezers, place your weed seeds on the plate, leaving an inch of space between them. 


    - Once all your cannabis seeds are in place, cover them with the other paper towel. 


    - It’s important to keep your marijuana seeds moist during germination, so pour some extra water on them if things look dry. If there’s excess water at the bottom, soak it off with some more paper towels. 


    - Place your plate in a warm, dark spot—like a cupboard or drawer. Leave them for a few days, but check there’s sufficient moisture regularly. 


    - When you see your cannabis seeds develop a quarter-inch-long taproot, it means they’re ready to be planted. 


    Purple Kush feminized seeds grow guide


    Feminized Purple Kush seeds are a favorite of cannabis growers. Although they require some extra love and care, the effort is worth it and results in top-quality, bud-heavy yields. These pure indica plants develop a short, bushy stature. They tend to grow more laterally and exhibit a maximum vertical height of around three feet. 


    If you don’t have high ceilings in your grow room, Purple Kush feminized seeds are an excellent option. Plus, you can use the Screen of Green technique to boost horizontal growth. These plants boast emerald and violet foliage, with bright orange pistils protruding from their purple-hued buds. When matured, they display popcorn-like nugs dripping in sticky resin. 


    You can grow Purple Kush feminized seeds anywhere, including outside, indoors, or in a greenhouse. For better quality buds, opt for an inside setup. Or, grow al fresco for higher yields. Alternatively, blend the two worlds and grow inside a greenhouse. If you choose to grow your feminized Purple Kush seeds indoors, selecting a hydroponic setup is more beneficial—albeit expensive. However, it offers the following perks:


    - Faster plant growth

    - Increased yields

    - Higher potency levels


    Choosing a soil medium also produces excellent results if you want to keep things as Mother Nature intended. Remember to opt for organic, nutrient-rich soil for extra flavor. Due to the bushy nature of Purple Kush feminized crops, you need to ensure your grow room has proper airflow. Otherwise, you risk a mold or mildew attack from trapped moisture. 


    It’s essential to maintain warm temperatures of around 69–79℉ and check the lower parts of the plants receive enough light. As such, you need to trim and prune your crops. If all goes well, you can expect an indoor yield of around 17 oz. /m² after eight weeks of flowering. 


    Feminized Purple Kush seeds also flourish outdoors, provided you plant them in a warm, dry, and sunny region. This resilient strain can survive some harsh conditions but avoid exposing it to cold, frosty weather. The bitter leaves of Purple Kush feminized crops protect them from harmful parasites and pests, allowing your plants to grow beautifully. In the Northern Hemisphere, you can plant your Purple Kush feminized seeds in April and harvest them towards the end of September. Expect to yield up to 28 oz. per plant. 


    What are the Purple Kush feminized strain genetics?


    Feminized Purple Kush cannabis seeds hail from Oakland, California. They’re the result of crossing Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Hindu Kush is a pure indica cultivar, while Purple Afghani is also laden with indica genetics. Thanks to its hard-hitting parents, Purple Kush feminized weed is typically 100% indica. Over the years, Purple Kush has lent its sought-after genetics to several children strains, including:


    - Platinum Purple Kush

    - Purple OG Kush


    Wellness and Purple Kush feminized seeds


    Apart from its obvious recreational uses, Purple Kush feminized weed is also a fantastic alternative to modern medicine. Although it only contains less than 2% CBD, its indica genetics deliver total physical relaxation. As such, it can assist with a variety of bodily conditions. 


    Feminized Purple Kush cannabis is excellent for treating stress. A few tokes release tension in the mind and body and help you unwind from your daily grind. It’s also an effective pain-reliever, alleviating discomfort related to migraines, arthritis, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia. A moderate dose instantly allows you to move easier. 


    Purple Kush feminized weed typically induces munchies, which can help those with eating disorders or loss of appetite. With this strain, it’s difficult to turn down food. Plus, it fights off nausea and gives you the strength to continue healing. Thanks to this strain’s above-average THC content, it can also relieve symptoms of certain mental conditions. 


    Its slight cerebral effects can assist those who struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or bipolar disorder. Purple Kush feminized weed is a go-to for insomniacs. Its powerful properties can instantly lull you into a deep, relaxing sleep that leaves you feeling energized and refreshed. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice. 

    Purple Kush feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    If you still have questions, you may find your answers below. We’ve replied to some of the most common queries about feminized Purple Kush cannabis seeds:


    Can you get other types of Purple Kush cannabis seeds?


    There are three distinct categories of marijuana seeds. Your choice of weed seeds typically depends on your growing style and experience. Here’s a breakdown of the different cannabis seeds you can buy:


    - Purple Kush regular seeds: These seeds produce male and female plants and are most suited to breeders wanting to develop new cultivars. 


    - Purple Kush feminized seeds: These seeds guarantee a 99% chance of female-only plants, eliminating the risk of cross-pollination. As such, they’re usually beginner-friendly. 


    - Purple Kush autoflower seeds: These seeds can be feminized or regular, but their main selling point is they’re non-photoperiod and flower automatically when they reach a certain age. They’re better suited to more experienced growers, as mistakes can impact the quality and yield size. 


    Where can I get free Purple Kush feminized cannabis seeds?


    It can be a mission to get your hands on some free goodies, which is why we provide some exciting BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) promotions at Homegrown Cannabis Co. With our BOGO offers, you get an extra batch of the marijuana seeds you purchased. For example, if you buy a 4-pack of Purple Kush feminized seeds, you get another one free. 


    Here are our current weed seed pack options:


    - 4 pack

    - 8 pack

    - 12 pack

    - 24 pack


    Can a beginner grow Purple Kush feminized?


    It depends. Feminized Purple Kush seeds are moderately easy to grow, but beginners might struggle with incorporating the necessary breeding techniques, like scrogging. As a result, these marijuana seeds are typically more suited to experienced cultivators. As they grow, you need to keep up with general maintenance like trimming and ensure your crops receive enough light and don’t harbor excess moisture. 


    Luckily, Purple Kush feminized plants produce bitter-tasting leaves, reducing the occurrence of pests and parasites. As a result, they make excellent outdoor crops. These cannabis seeds are feminized, ensuring an all-female crop and no need to search for and remove male plants. As such, you get guaranteed buds and no duds. 


    What is the Purple Kush feminized flower time?


    Purple Kush feminized plants have a total flowering time of about eight weeks. During the final two to three weeks, the most bud development occurs. After that, you can expect to yield around 17 oz. /m² indoors and 28 oz. per plant outdoors. 


    How long do Purple Kush feminized seeds take to germinate?


    You can typically see a healthy taproot sprout from your feminized Purple Kush cannabis seeds within 1–5 days of germination. These results are based on the use of the paper towel method as per our germination guide. Remember, if you decide to use another technique, you won’t be able to request a replacement from us, and you’ll void the germination guarantee. 


    How long does it take Purple Kush feminized seeds to go from seed to harvest?


    On average, it takes Purple Kush feminized seeds around five months to become harvest-ready. This period depends on several factors, including:


    - Your skill level

    - The techniques you use

    - Your growing conditions

    - Your cultivation setup


    Keep in mind that it’s possible to shorten the life cycle of your indoor cannabis plant by prematurely reducing the amount of light it receives. This method forces early flowering. 


    Grow medium: Purple Kush feminized hydro or soil?


    To help your feminized Purple Kush seeds thrive, opt for a hydroponic setup paired with the Screen of Green technique. Hydro promotes rapid growth, boosts yields, and increases potency. However, it can be costly, so select a soil medium if you don’t want to splurge. Nutrient-rich organic soil is excellent for upping terpene production and producing more flavorful weed. 


    What is the average Purple Kush feminized height?


    Feminized Purple Kush seeds develop short and bushy crops that only reach about three feet tall. If you’re low on vertical space, these marijuana seeds are a fantastic choice. Remember, you can also incorporate the scrogging technique for more horizontal growth. 


    Where can I find pictures of Purple Kush feminized marijuana?


    You can find some crystal clear, high-quality images of Purple Kush feminized plants on this detailed product page. Alternatively, head over to the Purple Kush Feminized Homegrown Diaries for honest and accurate pictures of our customers’ homegrown crops. You can also follow them on their growing journey or make your own diary to showcase your feminized Purple Kush plants. If all else fails, try doing a quick online search for more images. 


    Where is the best place to buy Purple Kush feminized seeds in the USA?


    If you’re on the hunt for feminized Purple Kush seeds for sale, we suggest looking online. The best place to purchase feminized Purple Kush seeds is from a safe, secure, and reputable online seed bank—like Homegrown Cannabis Co. We offer a one-stop-shop packed with hundreds of premium marijuana seeds in a variety of categories. Plus, you can benefit from the following perks:


    - Fast and discreet delivery

    - Easy payment options

    - 24/7 customer support

    - Germination guarantee

    - Affordable prices

    - Regular BOGO offers

    - High-quality weed seeds with stable genetics

    - Educational resources from our in-house experts


    If you can’t shop online and live in a state that permits cannabis sales, you can take a trip to your local dispensary. However, there’s a chance you won’t be able to find Purple Kush feminized seeds or some of the other strains we stock. As such, we recommend shopping online for a wider variety. 


    Are there any other names for Purple Kush feminized?


    In some cases, tokers may refer to this strain as Kush, but we recommend sticking to Purple Kush to keep things clear. 


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