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Purple Gelato Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Purple Gelato Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • Hits hard
  • Around 22% THC clears your mind and sparks inspiration
  • Like blueberry muffins with lemon sherbet
  • Purple Gelato feminized seeds stay true to their name. They produce gorgeous, violet-tinged crops laden with sweet, sticky buds. Don’t let the dessert aromas of blueberry pie, lemon sherbert, mint, and lavender fool you, though.  These THC-rich nugs pack a powerful punch, delivering a celestial blow of bodily bliss and cerebral tranquility. Purple Gelato feminized was once an i...Show more

    Purple Gelato Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    500 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    400 - 600
    Height indoor
    150 - 220
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Purple Gelato Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Purple Gelato feminized seeds stay true to their name. They produce gorgeous, violet-tinged crops laden with sweet, sticky buds. Don’t let the dessert aromas of blueberry pie, lemon sherbert, mint, and lavender fool you, though. 


    These THC-rich nugs pack a powerful punch, delivering a celestial blow of bodily bliss and cerebral tranquility. Purple Gelato feminized was once an incredibly hard-to-get specimen, but now you can grow this indica-dominant hybrid yourself. 


    With these feminized seeds, heavy yields and resin-caked buds are the only things on the menu. Read on to see why Purple Gelato feminized seeds are so popular and how you can grow your own stash of sweet, heavenly bud. 


    What are Purple Gelato feminized cannabis seeds?


    Purple Gelato feminized seeds are the divine culmination of stellar genetics, dedication, and a whole lot of patience. A cross between Purple Haze and Gelato, this indica hybrid was commercially unavailable for the longest time. 


    The first parent strain is an old-school sativa classic popularized by Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 song “Purple Haze.” Its high-energy buzz and trippy effects are evident in Purple Gelato feminized weed; only they’re more nuanced.


    The other parent strain, Gelato, softens the energetic blow with its powerful body buzz and euphoric effects. With Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert genetics, it’s a balanced hybrid offering the best of both worlds.


    As the bud-child of these sought-after cultivars, Purple Gelato feminized marijuana aces the highest expectations with flying colors. Whispers of its hard-hitting potency, psychedelic edge, and tantalizing flavors spread like wildfire from its native Californian home. 


    Soon, everyone and their uncles wanted to get their hands on some premium-grade Purple Gelato feminized seeds but couldn’t—until now. After painstakingly crossing and backcrossing the parent cultivars, our breeders developed a stabilized progeny with all of its world-class characteristics intact.


    Purple Gelato feminized is a bushy crop reaching about 5 feet tall on average. Although indica-dominant, it’s taller than pure indica varieties. It’s also fussier, requiring a skilled hand and lots of TLC. Still, the heavy yields of sweet, sapid buds loaded with THC makes it all worthwhile. 


    These Purple Gelato feminized seeds produce an all-female crop, so you won’t waste time and resources weeding out pollinating male crops. As harvest time nears, exposing Purple Gelato feminized plants to a cold snap brings out shades of deep purple. 


    While they have no bearing on potency or flavor, these gorgeous violet hues boost the bag appeal of the fudgy, fragrant, resin-soaked nugs. A generous covering of icy-white trichomes and fiery amber pistils also give the buds a shimmery, vibrant appearance.


    With eye-candy qualities, dessert-like flavors, and powerful effects, you’ll want to skip dinner and indulge in Purple Gelato feminized weed instead.


    What are the Purple Gelato feminized effects?


    Purple Gelato feminized cannabis is a hard-hitter in the most heavenly ways. With 19%–22% THC, its respect-evoking potency is enough to incapacitate even the most hardened veteran toker. As such, newbies and low-tolerance users should tread carefully.


    In moderate doses, Purple Gelato feminized nugs promise an intense energetic buzz balanced out by equally powerful physical effects—without the couch-lock. At first, a refreshing effervescence washes over your mind, clearing the brain fog and sparking inspiration.


    Gloomy thoughts and troubles disappear, your mood becomes lighter, and fresh ideas and thoughts fizz to the surface. A subtle psychedelic edge adds another dimension to the experience. A wonderfully peculiar sense of time dilation manifests together with heightened sensory perception.


    Colors take on a different glow while sounds reveal previously unnoticed charm. You’ll feel delightfully giddy before Purple Gelato feminized weed shows off its physical effects. After a while, an intense relaxation creeps in.


    It starts at your neck, slowly spreading to your limbs as tension, aches, and discomfort evaporate. The experience leaves you revitalized and blissfully serene without rendering you immobile—with the correct dosage, that is.


    While it’s hard to resist, an excessive dose of Purple Gelato feminized marijuana can quickly overwhelm the senses. In such cases, dizziness, headaches, paranoia, and anxiety can manifest. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are also likely but easily mitigated with lots of water and eye drops.  


    What does the Purple Gelato feminized weed smell like?


    Purple Gelato feminized weed captures the senses in more ways than one. As a true dessert strain with a rich terpene profile, the buds exude decadent aromas and toothsome flavors. A sublime blend of lemon sherbert and blueberry muffins hit the nose first, underscored by notes of earth, lavender, and fresh herbs. 


    A subtle minty orange scent also becomes apparent when you grind the nugs up. Flavor-wise, Purple Gelato feminized buds have a sweet, slightly zesty taste reminiscent of ripe berries, freshly squeezed lime, and pine.


    How to germinate Purple Gelato feminized seeds


    Healthy crops start with successful germination, but it’s a delicate process that requires care and patience. While there are various ways to sprout your Purple Gelato feminized seeds, we recommend the below technique. It’s quick, budget-friendly, and fuss-free.


    First thing’s first. Wash your hands and gather the following items:


    - Your cannabis seeds

    - Two sanitized dinner plates

    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - Distilled or purified water

    - A pair of sterilized tweezers


    Like all marijuana seeds, Purple Gelato feminized seeds are sensitive in the beginning stages of their lives. They’re Mother Nature’s babies, requiring a safe, bacteria-free environment to sprout. That’s why your equipment and water need to be sterile. 


    With the above items in tow, follow these easy steps to germinate your Purple Gelato feminized seeds:


    - Step 1: Use the purified water to moisten one sheet of paper towel and place it onto a dinner plate. It shouldn’t be dripping or sopping wet.


    - Step 2: Use the tweezers to space your Purple Gelato feminized seeds out onto the wet paper towel. Leave about an inch between each one.


    - Step 3:  Wet the second paper towel and place it over your marijuana seeds. Again, it shouldn't be dripping with water. 


    - Step 4: Ensure there’s no accumulated water on the plate before covering the cannabis seeds with the second dinner plate.


    - Step 5: Store the dinner plates in a warm, dark place like a shelf, drawer, or cupboard. Make sure your marijuana seeds are moist at all times.


    - Step 6: After 1–5 days, your Purple Gelato feminized seeds will sprout taproots. You can then plant them into seedling containers like red solo cups.


    When you buy Purple Gelato feminized seeds online with us, remember to check out our germination guide. It contains vital info on your germination guarantee.


    Purple Gelato feminized grow guide


    Purple Gelato feminized plants are demanding crops that require effort, experience, and finely tuned conditions for a successful harvest. You can grow your crop indoors or out, although an indoor setup gives you better control over environmental factors. 


    Either way, warm, humid conditions with lots of sunshine are ideal (think Mediterranean-type climates). Purple Gelato feminized is also a pretty heavy feeder, so don’t skimp on the nutrients. 


    A hydroponic setup is an excellent option as it delivers nutes directly to the roots, resulting in more vigorous growth and better harvests. On the other hand, organic soil enhances the buds’ terpenes and flavors. You can also add natural amendments like bat guano, wood ash, worm castings, and Epsom salts for nutrition.


    Alternatively, you can grow your Purple Gelato feminized plants in soilless media like coco coir or peat moss. Due to their size (5–7 feet), it’s best to use 3–5 gallon fibrous pots indoors and 5–10 gallon pots outside. 


    Spacious pots encourage optimal root development for better growth and bigger yields. Here are a few additional growing tips for the best possible harvest:


    Use the Sea of Green (SoG) method


    Purple Gelato feminized plants are the perfect candidates for the SoG method. It involves shortening the vegetative phase by switching the light schedule to 12/12 early. You’ll also create a canopy, allowing for enhanced light and air exposure. 

    As a result, your Purple Gelato feminized crops are smaller (ideal for restricted spaces) and ready to harvest sooner. It sounds counterintuitive, but this technique actually allows for a larger overall yield. 

    Implement low-stress training (LST) techniques during the vegetative phase


    LST training can significantly boost bud production, too. It involves gently bending and securing the branches to create an even canopy. With equal light exposure across all of your Purple Gelato feminized plants, the smaller, secondary buds can develop into dense, fat nugs. You can also pair LST with high-stress (HST) training methods like topping or FIMing. 

    These tactics remove apical dominance and encourage lateral growth, resulting in more secondary colas for increased yields. 


    Regularly prune your Purple Gelato feminized crops


    It’s also a good idea to trim away any non-essential fan leaves, especially if they’re obstructing airflow or light exposure. Frequent pruning helps your plants use their energy for optimal bud development. Cutting away too many leaves can negatively affect your crops, though, so don’t overdo it.


    Maintain the ideal temps and relative humidity (RH) levels


    Purple Gelato feminized crops prefer a moderately warm and humid environment, so keep the temperature between 70℉–80℉. Relative humidity levels should stay in the 40%–50% range during the vegetative phase and about 10% lower in the flowering phase. 


    Watch the pH balance


    The correct pH levels are crucial for healthy crops to absorb adequate nutrients. If you grow your Purple Gelato feminized plants in soil, keep the pH between 6.0–7.0. Hydroponics or soilless growing media should have a pH of  5.5–6.5.


    Bring out the purple hues


    You can stimulate the production of anthocyanins (the pigments that give this strain its purple hue) by dropping the evening temperatures. Once your Purple Gelato feminized plants are in the flowering stage, you can lower the nighttime temperature. You need a 10℉ difference between day and night temperatures for best results.


    Purple Gelato feminized plants take 8–10 weeks to flower. If all goes well, they’ll reward you with around 17–21 oz. of delicious bud per m². Outdoors, you can reap around 14–21 oz. per plant around mid-October.


    What is the Purple Gelato feminized strain’s genetics?


    These feminized Purple Gelato cannabis seeds are the magnificent offspring of two legendary cultivars: Purple Haze and Gelato. The first parent is a famous sativa-dominant powerhouse with highly energizing effects and distinct berry and spice aromas. 


    It’s also where the Purple Gelato feminized strain gets its trippy edge and ability to turn shades of lavender. On the other side of the family tree, we have Gelato, a balanced hybrid known for its body-melting potency, uplifting effects, and dessert-like flavors.


    Here’s a closer look at the genetic history of Purple Gelato feminized:


    - Purple Thai x Haze = Purple Haze 

    - Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbert = Gelato

    - Purple Haze x Gelato = Purple Gelato


    As you can see, Purple Gelato feminized seeds also contain genetics from Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, a phenotype of GSC known for its minty flavors and therapeutic effects. Then there’s Sunset Sherbert, a delectable indica hybrid containing GSC traits along with Kush genetics from its Pink Panties parent.


    On the flip side, the sativa hybrids, Haze and Purple Thai, bring their exotic landrace genetics into the mix. Durban Poison, another sativa landrace, and OG  Kush, a classic, balanced hybrid, also feature in the Purple Gelato feminized strain’s ancestry.  


    Wellness and Purple Gelato feminized marijuana


    Besides its heavenly aromas, cerebral effects, and pleasurable body high, Purple Gelato feminized weed is popular for other reasons. Unlike high-CBD strains, Purple Gelato feminized weed only contains 0.6% CBD. Nonetheless, it remains a crowd favorite among medicinal tokers.


    Its anxiolytic qualities soothe jagged nerves, helping to combat chronic stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, its uplifting effects bring inner peace, which can ease the burden of depression. Purple Gelato feminized cannabis is also an effective pain relief aid. Its fast-acting analgesic and anti-inflammatory traits can remedy countless ailments, including:


    - Chronic pain

    - Muscle spasms

    - Joint stiffness

    - Aches

    - Cramps

    - Migraines 


    As such, Purple Gelato feminized weed can provide symptomatic relief for conditions like fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus. It’s also an effective anti-nausea aid and appetite booster. With its sedative effects, Purple Gelato feminized marijuana helps combat insomnia and erratic sleep patterns, too.  


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Purple Gelato feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Do you want to buy Purple Gelato feminized seeds but still have a query or two? The FAQs below have all the answers to common questions about this delightful dessert strain. Check them out and if you still have a query, feel free to contact us. 


    Cannabis education is just one of our commitments, so we’re always happy to help. 


    Where can I get free cannabis Purple Gelato feminized seeds?


    Well, you can get free marijuana seeds here at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. We have a dedicated collection of “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO) deals that we update regularly. You can also get rewards and freebies when you join our loyalty program, Homegrown Stash.


    Can a beginner grow Purple Gelato feminized?


    Purple Gelato feminized plants are finicky and demanding, so it’s best to have some experience under your belt before growing them. You can sharpen your cultivation skills by starting with some of the easiest seeds to grow. Once you’re confident in your abilities, you can tackle Purple Gelato feminized seeds. 


    What is the flowering time of Purple Gelato feminized?


    Purple Gelato feminized crops have a flowering time of 8–10 weeks. In the great outdoors, Mother Nature takes care of light cycle changes, and your plants will enter the flowering stage accordingly. Indoors, you need to manually trigger flowering by adjusting the light schedule to 12/12—that’s 12 hours of light and 12 hours of undisturbed darkness.   


    How long do Purple Gelato feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Purple Gelato feminized seeds take 1–5 days to germinate with the tried and trusted method we recommend. Remember to keep your cannabis seeds moist throughout this process and follow our germination guide for best results. It’s also a crucial part of our germination guarantee.


    How long does it take Purple Gelato feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Once germinated, Purple Gelato feminized seeds take about 20–23 weeks to become harvest-ready. The germination and seedling stage lasts roughly 3–4 weeks, while the vegetative phase takes another 8–9 weeks. After that, flowering lasts around 8–10 weeks. 


    If you have an indoor setup, you can shorten the vegetative phase and flip your plants early, like with the Sea of Green (SoG) method.


    What is the difference between Purple Gelato feminized, regular, and autoflower seeds?


    Purple Gelato seeds that are feminized produce female-only photoperiodic plants. Regular cannabis seeds blossom into both male and female crops, ideal for breeders. Meanwhile, autoflower marijuana seeds contain ruderalis genetics. These plants flower according to age and not light schedule changes (unlike photoperiodic crops).


    Grow medium: Purple Gelato feminized hydro or soil?


    Purple Gelato feminized plants are heavy feeders, so a hydroponic system works well. It delivers nutes to the crops directly via the roots. That said, organic soil is also a viable option, especially if you want to retain maximum terpenes and flavor.


    Make sure it’s high quality, brand new, and nutrient-rich, though. Amendments like worm castings, wood ash, and bat guano are excellent ways to add nutrition.


    What is the average height of Purple Gelato feminized?


    Purple Gelato feminized plants reach an average height of about 5 feet. Outdoors, they can easily grow to around 7 feet. You can implement low-stress (LST) and high-stress (HST) training techniques like topping or FIMing to keep your plants shorter. These methods stimulate lateral growth while boosting bud development for better yields. 


    Where can I find pictures of Purple Gelato feminized marijuana?


    You can find pictures of Purple Gelato feminized plants and their splendiferous, sticky buds on this page. You can also check out our Purple Gelato Feminized Homegrown Diaries for first-hand accounts and images uploaded by fellow growers. 


    When you buy feminized Purple Gelato cannabis seeds with us, you can start your own diary, track your plants’ progress, and share your harvest success with the world.


    Where is the best place to buy Purple Gelato feminized seeds in the USA?


    Not to toot our own horns or anything, but the Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best place to buy Purple Gelato feminized seeds in the USA. Not only have we been in the industry for over 20 years, but we also have one of the longest-standing collections of original mother plants on the globe. 


    Besides premium quality cannabis seeds, we also offer guaranteed delivery across the USA and a germination guarantee. Add our phenomenal range of stabilized hybrids, our dedication to cannabis education, and our prolific partnerships with 420 legends into the mix, and it’s a no-brainer.


    So get your Purple Gelato feminized seeds and start your cannabis cultivation journey today.


    Are there any other names for Purple Gelato feminized?


    No, Purple Gelato feminized weed doesn’t have any other names. That said, many people confuse it with its parent strain, Gelato. The Gelato strain is a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbert hybrid. Meanwhile, Purple Gelato is a Gelato and Purple Haze cross.


    Spelling errors


    Typical spelling mistakes of “Purple Gelato feminized” include:

    - Purpel Gelato feminized

    - Purrple Gelato feminized

    - Purple Jellato feminized

    - Purple Gelato femenized

    - Purple Gelato fiminized


    Because it’s also the name of a dessert, be sure to include phrases like “cannabis seeds” or “marijuana seeds” when you’re searching for Purple Gelato feminized seeds online.


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