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Pure Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Pure Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • The Haze you know and love
  • Fuel your mind and body with up to 22% THC
  • Dominant myrcene delivers earth and herbs
  • If you’re after long-lasting euphoria, energy, and focus, you’ll love Pure Haze feminized seeds. These cannabis seeds contain top-tier genetics from several landrace strains and come out on top in every way—from their flavors and aromas to their effects and therapeutic uses.  Growing feminized Pure Haze seeds is a worthwhile endeavor that rewards you with exceptional results ev...Show more

    Pure Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    350 - 600
    Height indoor
    180 - 200
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Pure Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    If you’re after long-lasting euphoria, energy, and focus, you’ll love Pure Haze feminized seeds. These cannabis seeds contain top-tier genetics from several landrace strains and come out on top in every way—from their flavors and aromas to their effects and therapeutic uses. 


    Growing feminized Pure Haze seeds is a worthwhile endeavor that rewards you with exceptional results every time, whether you cultivate indoors or out. These feminized seeds promise female-only marijuana plants and take the hassle of male crops out of the equation. Are you ready to add a new cultivar to your collection?


    What are Pure Haze feminized cannabis seeds?


    Pure Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred from various cannabis landrace strains, including Colombian, Mexican, Indian, and Thai. The buds from feminized Pure Haze seeds deliver a powerful psychedelic high that promises mental agility and physical energy. As a result, this cultivar is best suited to daytime use. While you savor its incredible effects, delightful aromas and tantalizing flavors play with your palate. Expect a cocktail of sweet, spicy, fruity, and earthy notes embedded in every nug. 


    Despite these top-tier traits, Pure Haze is a rare cultivar and somewhat of a hidden gem. In the past, home growers struggled to cultivate Pure Haze fem seeds due to the intolerant and demanding nature of these plants paired with an extended flowering time. These challenges almost made Pure Haze obsolete in the early days. Luckily, veteran marijuana enthusiasts recognized its unique characteristics and preserved the genetics. 


    These feminized cannabis seeds are the improved version of the original Pure Haze. They contain stable genetics from the best female parent plants and have excellent germination rates. Every seed you plant ensures female-only marijuana crops more than 99% of the time. Pure Haze feminized seeds are more manageable to grow and have fewer weaknesses than their predecessors. However, these cannabis crops remain temperamental and fussy. First-time cultivators may find fem Pure Haze seeds challenging to grow, so prior experience is recommended. With the correct approach, you can produce juicy, potent, and resinous buds indoors and out.


    What are the Pure Haze feminized effects?


    Pure Haze feminized seeds produce hybrid cannabis crops with around 85% sativa and 15% indica, typically containing 14–22% THC and less than 2% CBD. This cultivar packs a powerful punch, and a few hits are more than enough to fuel your mind and body with abundant energy. Feminized Pure Haze seeds produce marijuana with long-lasting effects. As a result, these buds are best suited to daytime use. 


    If you indulge at night, you could have trouble falling asleep. The journey begins with blissful euphoria that sets a positive tone. Expect to feel happy and full of vigor. Watch your social inhibitions disappear as you become chatty and approachable. Sky-high energy levels are also on the cards, inspiring focus, creativity, and productivity. Whip out your to-do list and tick every item off within a few hours or engage in artistic pursuits. 


    Although Pure Haze fem seeds develop crops with mostly sativa effects, you still get a tinge of indica in the mix. These sensations manifest calmly and form a mellow atmosphere. You don’t need to worry about feeling sedated, as these sensations are only strong enough to alleviate any jitters. Remember to consume the buds from Pure Haze feminized seeds in moderation. Smaller doses help you avoid any paranoid or anxious thoughts, which can easily ruin your trip. Regardless of your intake level, common side effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes can still arise, so stay hydrated and responsible with your dosage. 


    What does the Pure Haze feminized smell like?


    Fem Pure Haze seeds produce dense buds that emit a mostly sour citrus scent. This smell can be overwhelming and intense, so proper ventilation is essential if you’re growing on the low. A powerful lemon aroma wafts into the room when you break these nugs up, brimming with spicy, earthy, and herbal undertones. Once cured and dried, the nugs from Pure Haze feminized seeds offer a smooth and flavorful toke. Expect a refreshing citrus taste with earthy and floral tangs on the exhale. 


    How to germinate Pure Haze feminized seeds


    Once you’re ready to start growing Pure Haze feminized seeds, it’s time to undertake the first step of cannabis cultivation: germination. This process brings your marijuana seeds out of hibernation and lets them know it’s safe to sprout and expose their taproots from their shells. Various germination techniques exist, but some are less reliable than others. As a result, we recommend sticking to the paper towel method mentioned in our germination guide. 


    This technique is straightforward, speedy, and budget-friendly. It also promises a healthy taproot from each of your Pure Haze fem seeds in less than five days. Apart from the consistent results offered by the paper towel method, you also get peace of mind. If any of your purchased Pure Haze feminized seeds fail to pop, you can log a replacement request and get new ones. Remember to capture photo and video evidence of your germination attempt as proof. 


    Once you’re ready to start the germination process, assemble some paper towels, two dinner plates, tweezers, a bowl of purified water, and your feminized Pure Haze seeds. Then, follow our step-by-step guide:


    - Dip two paper towels in a bowl of water and carefully squeeze out the excess moisture. Lay one on top of a dinner plate and set the other aside for later. 


    - Place your cannabis seeds on the plate using tweezers, and make sure you leave at least an inch of space between each one. 


    - When all of your Pure Haze feminized seeds are in place, grab the other paper towel and gently cover them. 


    - Add a splash of water to your plate, but avoid creating puddles. Use extra paper towels to soak up any extra moisture. 


    - Place your germination plate in a dark and humid spot. 


    - Remember to check on your marijuana seeds daily. Make sure they have plenty of water and avoid drying them out. 


    - Once your Pure Haze fem seeds pop, a taproot will appear. If it’s at least a quarter-inch long, it means you can relocate them to a bigger pot. 


    Pure Haze feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Fem Pure Haze seeds are a challenge to grow, particularly for beginners without any previous experience in cultivating marijuana crops. These plants need plenty of maintenance and produce better results with the introduction of high-stress training techniques. They also have a longer flowering period than their feminized counterparts, so you need to practice patience. Expect your plants to bloom for around 9–10 weeks. 


    If you think you have what it takes to tackle these cannabis seeds, make sure you give them ample room, as the crops typically stretch towards the sky. The good news is Pure Haze feminized seeds produce plants that are resistant to mold and mites, making them prime candidates for outdoor cultivation. For optimal results, grow your marijuana seeds in a warm climate that can support the extended flowering cycle. Choose a hot, tropical location with ample sunlight. 


    Hydroponics and soil substrates are both worthwhile options. The former promises faster growth and more frequent yields, while the latter rewards you with enhanced flavors and aromas. An indoor setup gives you full control over every environmental factor, allowing you to give your feminized Pure Haze seeds exactly what they need. These plants thrive in temperatures between 70–80℉ and humidity levels around 40–50%. 


    Regular trims are vital to ensure proper airflow and light penetration to the thicker foliage. Remember to remove dead leaves and cut away unnecessary branches. High-stress training methods like topping can boost lateral growth and increase yields. Top your plants when they’re vegging and install a Screen of Green setup to create an even canopy. To limit the height of plants from Pure Haze feminized seeds, you can place the lights closer to the canopy and raise them as your crops grow. 


    If you decide to opt out of scrogging, make sure to implement a trellis net or attach the branches to stakes. Add small amounts of silica to your nutrient solution to keep the branches strong when flowering begins. If you spot any yellowing leaves, add nitrogen to the next watering. If all goes well, you can expect to collect around 17–21 oz. /m² of indoor cannabis and up to 24 oz. per outdoor plant from these fem Pure Haze seeds. 


    What are the Pure Haze feminized seeds genetics?


    Pure Haze is a combination of various sought-after landrace strains from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and India. As a result, these Pure Haze feminized seeds contain pure genetics from original cannabis cultivars that can be found on almost every continent. Here’s a visual overview of the Pure Haze parent strains:


    - Colombian landrace x Mexican landrace x Thai landrace x Indian landrace = Pure Haze


    Wellness and Pure Haze feminized seeds


    Apart from their notable recreational benefits, Pure Haze feminized seeds are also an exceptional choice for medical marijuana users. These cannabis seeds produce plants with excellent therapeutic properties and can soothe the symptoms of numerous medical conditions. The uplifting effects of this cultivar help clear away any stress, negativity, or unwanted thoughts, resulting in a sunny disposition. 


    If you struggle with depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, you could find relief in the freeing sensations of the plants grown from fem Pure Haze seeds. Those that deal with chronic pain, migraines, cramps, or muscle spasms also use this cultivar to alleviate their aches and pains. 


    Since munchies are inevitable when you consume the buds from Pure Haze feminized seeds, it can assist those who struggle to eat. You won’t feel nauseous, either. If smoking a joint isn’t your thing, you can make concentrates or edibles. These crops are packed with resin and instantly work their magic on your medical ailments. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice. 


    Pure Haze feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    If you still have concerns, check out what we had to say about some of the most frequently asked questions about Pure Haze feminized seeds:


    Can you get other types of Pure Haze cannabis seeds?


    There are three different categories of marijuana seeds, and the one you opt for depends on your experience and personal preferences. Here’s an overview of the various Pure Haze cannabis seeds you can get your hands on:


    - Pure Haze regular seeds: These photoperiod seeds have a 50% chance of producing male or female plants and are best suited to growers who want to create new hybrids and experiment with different genetics. 


    - Pure Haze feminized seeds: These photoperiod seeds have a 99% chance of producing female-only plants without any males and are a top choice for beginner growers. 


    - Pure Haze autoflower seeds: These seeds are usually feminized and are non-photoperiod, which means they flower automatically when they reach maturity. They’re a great option for experienced cultivators, as beginners can struggle with rookie errors that lead to decreased yields and lower quality. 


    Right now, you can buy Pure Haze fem seeds from our online seed bank, with more variants coming soon. 


    Where can I get free Pure Haze feminized seeds?


    Everyone loves a freebie, which is why we’ve added some incredible BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) offers at Homegrown Cannabis Co. If you take advantage of this exclusive promotion, you’ll receive a free pack of marijuana seeds with your existing order. For instance, if you purchase an 8-pack of Pure Haze feminized seeds, you’ll get another one for free—provided it’s part of our current BOGO selection. At the moment, you can choose from the following packs of marijuana seeds:


    - 4 pack

    - 8 pack

    - 12 pack

    - 24 pack


    Can a beginner grow Pure Haze feminized seeds?


    Anyone can attempt to grow fem Pure Haze seeds, but they might not get the same results. This cultivar is notorious for its finicky needs and longer flowering period, so previous cannabis cultivation experience can go a long way. To give your Pure Haze feminized seeds the best shot at life, you need plenty of patience, skill, space, and resources. 


    What is the Pure Haze feminized flower time?


    Pure Haze feminized plants typically flower for around 9–10 weeks. The crops stretch a lot during this stage, so you can force early blooming to limit their height if you have spatial restrictions. The best time to induce flowering is when your plants are between 1–2 feet tall. 


    How long do Pure Haze feminized seeds take to germinate?


    If you follow our foolproof paper towel germination method, you should see taproots emerge from your fem Pure Haze seeds within 1–5 days. Remember to document your germination process using pictures and videos. This way, you can easily request a replacement pack if you encounter unpopped cannabis seeds. 


    How long does it take Pure Haze feminized from seed to harvest?


    Pure Haze feminized seeds take around six to eight months to become harvest-ready. The exact amount of time varies based on the length of the vegetative stage and your setup. Indoor cultivators can shorten the vegging stage by a few weeks by switching the light cycle. Outdoor growers should germinate their Pure Haze fem seeds by early April and harvest their crops towards the end of October. 


    Grow medium: Pure Haze feminized hydro or soil?


    Pure Haze feminized seeds thrive in hydroponic and soil setups, delivering consistent results in both growing mediums. If you opt for a hydro setup, your crops will grow faster and produce slightly higher yields. If you don’t have the patience to wait, this substrate is worth considering. The drawback to hydroponics is the increased cost, which is why many growers opt for a cheaper choice. By planting your feminized Pure Haze seeds in organic, nutrient-rich soil, you can look forward to tastier cannabis buds due to their enhanced terpene profile. 


    What is the average Pure Haze feminized height?


    Thanks to their sativa-heavy genetics, the plants grown from Pure Haze feminized seeds usually reach six feet tall. If you decide to raise them indoors, height-restricting techniques like the Screen of Green can be useful. Alternatively, place your lights closer to the canopy to reduce stretching. 


    Where can I find pictures of Pure Haze feminized marijuana?


    We’ve got high-definition snaps of these gorgeous cannabis crops at the top of this page. You can inspect various images of mature plants, individual colas, and manicured homegrown buds. Another place you can get up close and personal with these plants is Pure Haze Feminized Homegrown Diaries. Here, previous customers who purchased and cultivated Pure Haze fem seeds post images of their own grows, allowing you to see what our marijuana seeds can do. 


    Where is the best place to buy Pure Haze feminized seeds in the USA?


    If you’re ready to buy some Pure Haze feminized seeds, an online seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co is your best bet. Aside from being safe, easy, and convenient, online shopping also comes with a host of other perks, including:


    - Discreet deliveries

    - Straightforward payment options

    - Around-the-clock customer service

    - Germination guarantees

    - Ongoing BOGO promotions

    - Access to a wide variety of premium cannabis seeds

    - Top-of-the-line marijuana seeds with stabilized genetics


    If you’re barred from online shopping, you can visit your local cannabis dispensary to see if they have stock of any Pure Haze fem seeds. 


    Are there any other names for Pure Haze feminized?


    There aren’t any common nicknames for this cultivar, but it’s easy to confuse it with other similar strains like Haze, Purple Haze, Original Haze, etc. Misspellings can end in confusion, so always type Pure Haze feminized seeds into the search engine for crystal clear results. 


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