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Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • A soaring
  • Clear-headed bliss
  • Woody
  • Potent and hardy, the cannabis from Power Plant feminized seeds inspired the creation of various other strains. Seductively aromatic and highly potent, this trendsetting sativa-dominant hybrid appeals to most tokers with its soaring, euphoric buzz and earthy, woodsy aroma. Even though Power Plant feminized seeds were bred in the Netherlands during the '90s, the strain was creat...Show more

    Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    500 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    90 - 150
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Potent and hardy, the cannabis from Power Plant feminized seeds inspired the creation of various other strains. Seductively aromatic and highly potent, this trendsetting sativa-dominant hybrid appeals to most tokers with its soaring, euphoric buzz and earthy, woodsy aroma.


    Even though Power Plant feminized seeds were bred in the Netherlands during the '90s, the strain was created by crossing two South African landraces. As a result, the breeders got an exceptional all-rounder and multi-award-winning strain with amazing medicinal properties, capable of treating a broad spectrum of health issues.


    For recreational users, weed from these feminized seeds delivers a long-lasting, blissful and energetic high, making it an outstanding choice for all social gatherings. Power Plant feminized seeds are an easy to cultivate strain, suitable for any grower, cultivating method, growing conditions, and grow medium. As a high-yielding cultivar with THC levels as high as 21%, every grower should have at least one Power Plant feminized cannabis plant in their garden.


    What are Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds?


    Power Plant feminized seeds were created by crossing two South African landraces during the '90s in the Netherlands. Feminized Power Plant cannabis is highly renowned in recreational circles for its hard-hitting effects and highly valued for its medicinal properties in medical marijuana communities.


    With THC levels as high as 21%, weed from these marijuana seeds boasts a soaring, euphoric high and an earthy, woodsy aroma, appealing to many consumers. After sampling this pot, it's easy to understand why Power Plant feminized cannabis is a multi-award-winning cultivar. Amongst others, this strain was awarded:


    - First place at the High Life Cup in '08 and '09

    - First-place best sativa at the Lift Expo in '16

    - Second place best sativa at the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup in '16


    As a popular daytime strain, weed from feminized Power Plant cannabis seeds has an energizing and uplifting effect, boosting your vigor while keeping you perfectly clear-headed. Despite being sativa-heavy, the cannabis from Power Plant feminized seeds' indica side tones down the chatterbox effect just enough to prevent you from getting out of control verbally.


    Due to the uplifting effects of weed from these cannabis seeds, it's a choice cultivar amongst medical marijuana (MMJ) patients suffering from chronic aches and pains. Apart from this strain's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it's also highly effective for treating a host of psychological issues.


    Weed from Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds is widely available in state-licensed dispensaries, but why buy your ganja when you can grow it yourself? Power Plant feminized seeds are a breeze to cultivate as they develop into small and robust plants that, with only minimal TLC, produce humungous buds, delivering a fantastic yield. The high-quality feminized Power Plant cannabis seeds available from Homegrown Cannabis Co. also ensure you don’t need to worry about accidental pollination.


    What are the effects of feminized Power Plant cannabis?


    Aptly named Power Plant, this sativa-dominant cultivar, with THC levels as high as 21%, is bound to deliver a potent sativa-leaning high. While weed from Power Plant feminized seeds delivers a powerful cerebral impact, uplifting your mood into blissful euphoria, it leaves you clear-headed and able to function normally.


    As this buzz intensifies, you'll experience increased vigor and energy. The herb induces creativity, allowing you to pursue new ideas and complete old projects. Feminized Power Plant cannabis' indica side brings on a calming effect to maintain the balance, ensuring you won't become silly or hyperactive, making it an excellent prework smoke.


    Due to Power Plant feminized cannabis turning anyone who smokes it into a chatterbox, the stain is ideal for use before attending a party or social gathering. Weed from these cannabis seeds also works exceptionally well when you need to pull an all-nighter, as it provides you with enough energy to complete all tasks at hand efficiently.


    That said, if you have trouble falling asleep or want to get in bed early, it's best to avoid using this strain at night. While weed from Power Plant feminized seeds have many positives, it does have some downsides. Common side effects include dry, red, and bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth, so it's essential to keep yourself hydrated when consuming this exceptional ganja.


    What does Power Plant feminized cannabis smell like?


    Feminized Power Plant cannabis' wonderfully pungent scent is greatly attributed to the strain's modest but powerful terpene profile, consisting of:


    - Alpha Pinene

    - Limonene

    - Linalool

    - Beta Pinene

    - Terpinolene

    - Humulene

    - Myrcene

    - Ocimene

    - Caryophyllene

    Upon first smelling the delicious fragrance of weed from Power Plant feminized seeds, it's almost as though you're communing with nature. While breaking the buds apart, the fragrance entices the senses with its intense woody, earthy, and herbal aroma. When smoked, the taste profile of Power Plant feminized cannabis becomes sharper and spicier, hitting you with distinct notes of dank earth and wood, underlined by hints of pepper.


    Described as fairly neutral, weed from these marijuana seeds isn't very skunky and doesn't fit the typical sweet and fruity fragrance profile typically associated with other types of Mary Jane. Exhaling the smoke produced by feminized Power Plant cannabis delivers more of the same gritty and woody essence, leaving you with a spicy aftertaste lingering in your mouth.


    How to germinate Power Plant feminized seeds


    Germinating cannabis seeds sounds a lot more challenging than it is, especially if you're using the right sprouting method. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we believe in keeping things as straightforward as possible. For this reason, we endorse the paper towel germination technique. It's a highly effective, simplified approach used by thousands of marijuana cultivators worldwide.


    Here's a quick breakdown of this germination method:


    Step 1: Get together everything you'll need:


    - Your cannabis seeds

    - Tweezers

    - Bottled or sterilized water

    - Some paper towels

    - A dinner plate


    Step 2: Moisten two paper towels and squeeze out excess water.


    Step 3: Lay the first paper towel over the dinner plate.


    Step 4: Place your cannabis seeds about an inch apart on top of the plate.


    Step 5: Lay the second paper towel over the cannabis seeds and add extra water if necessary.


    Step 6: Carefully lift the paper towels to see if water is visible on the plate. If there is any, be sure to wipe it down.


    Step 7: Put the plate containing your marijuana seeds in a warm, dark space for 24 to 120 hours. Remember to check on them to ensure they're still moist frequently.


    Step 8: Once your cannabis seeds develop a healthy taproot, they're ready for planting.


    Step 9: Using the tweezers, gently pick up your cannabis seeds and place them root first into their new housing


    Disclaimer: The germination guarantee offered by Homegrown Cannabis Co. is subject to the cultivator using the paper towel approach, as laid out in our germination guide. The use of any other technique may nullify this agreement.


    Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Feminized Power Plant cannabis seeds are truly a pleasure to cultivate. Even first-time growers can have huge success growing this cultivar. As a feminized strain, the development of male plants is almost entirely eliminated, reducing the risk of accidental pollination.


    Even though Power Plant feminized cannabis only grows between three and five feet tall, it's a heavy-yielding strain with humungous buds that often reach a foot in length. Power Plant feminized plants exhibit sativa growth traits, stretching upwards. Indoor cultivators need to keep this characteristic in mind, ensuring they provide their crop ample space to grow. If you're growing Power Plant feminized cannabis indoors, we suggest implementing a Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup, as it:


    - Improves vigorous growth

    - Increases the yield

    - Enhances potency

    - Maximizes your available grow space


    Plants from these marijuana seeds also require regular pruning and trimming. While feminized Power Plant cannabis is ideal for stealth growing, it emits a strong scent that quickly spreads through your entire home. Installing an odor filtration system is crucial.


    Under optimal conditions, indoor growers can expect a generous yield of 19–21 oz./㎡ of exceptionally potent weed after a flowering period of eight to ten weeks. Growing Power Plant feminized seeds outdoors can be even more rewarding. Although these weed plants prefer being raised in a warm and sunny Mediterranean-like climate, they can thrive in cooler places as well, if your timing is right. 


    Due to the potent scent of Power Plant feminized cannabis plants, it's essential to choose a spot far from nosy neighbors and prying eyes. Well-taken care of plants graciously reward the cultivator with as much as 28 oz./plant of deliciously aromatic weed no later than mid-October.


    What is the strain genetics of feminized Power Plant cannabis?


    The exact genetic lineage of Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds is somewhat of a mystery. We know that Dutch breeders created this exceptionally potent and multi-award-winning sativa-heavy hybrid in 1997 by crossing two South African landraces. Since its creation, though, Power Plant feminized seeds have become a staple in the cannabis industry, used to parent various similar and highly-popular strains.


    Wellness and Power Plant feminized seeds


    Despite its outstanding recreational uses, Power Plant feminized cannabis gained an immense following in medical marijuana circles for its array of excellent medicinal properties. As a sativa-heavy cultivar, weed from Power Plant feminized seeds is quite popular for treating mental health issues.


    The strain's intense euphoric effects wash away stress and worries, replacing them with an uplifting feeling, happiness, and a more positive outlook, making it ideal for dealing with:


    - Depression

    - Bipolar disorder

    - Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)

    - Anxiety

    - ADD and ADHD


    Due to feminized Power Plant cannabis' high THC content, the strain has exceptional anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it perfect for treating conditions like:


    - A wide variety of chronic pains, such as backache

    - Muscle spasms

    - Inflammation

    - Fibromyalgia

    - Arthritis 

    - Migraines


    As with many other cannabis strains, weed from Power Plant feminized seeds induces the munchies, making it a great choice for dealing with nausea and poor appetite related to:


    - Various medical treatments for severe illnesses such as chemotherapy in cancer patients

    - The use of conventional medicine

    - Eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia


    Take note: When consuming feminized Power Plant cannabis, it's crucial to keep to low dosages. Overindulging in this cannabis may cause headaches, dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Power Plant feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    In writing the Power Plant feminized seeds product page, we aimed at being as thorough as possible regarding the information we provided. Consumers are always left with a question or two, though. Therefore, we've looked at and answered the most frequently asked questions about feminized Power Plant cannabis seeds below. If you still don't find the answer you're looking for, please contact our customer services department online.


    Where can I get free Power Plant feminized seeds?


    At Homegrown Cannabis Co. it's our goal to provide our consumers with highly competitive prices on our huge range of cannabis seeds. To further this effort, we often run BOGO (buy one get one) deals on all our classic weed strains, including feminized Power Plant cannabis seeds. So, if you're searching for some of the best-priced marijuana seeds, with occasional two-for-one sales to boot, look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    Can a beginner grow Power Plant feminized cannabis?


    Yes, Power Plant feminized seeds are an easy to cultivate, beginner-friendly strain. Plants from these cannabis seeds are small and robust, making them a breeze to manage. All they require to thrive is regular trimming and pruning. Apart from that, these plants are feminized, greatly eliminating accidental pollination and the need to sex your crop.


    What is the flowering time of feminized Power Plant cannabis?


    Plants grown from Power Plant feminized seeds indoors typically rewards the cultivator with 19–21 oz./㎡ of highly potent ganja after flowering for eight to ten weeks. Raising these weed plants outside, growers can expect a yield of up to 28 oz./plant of mouthwatering delicious weed no later than mid-October.


    How long do Power Plant feminized seeds take to germinate?


    24 to 120 hours. Using the paper towel approach outlined in our germination guide, cultivators can expect their Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds to sprout within five days. If any of the marijuana seeds you bought from Homegrown Cannabis Co. fail to pop, contact our customer services department online for a replacement order.


    How long does it take Power Plant feminized cannabis to develop from seed to harvest-ready?


    Some specific factors influence the time it takes for plants grown from Power Plant feminized seeds to reach maturity:


    - The cultivars flowering time

    - Which phenotype you're cultivating

    - The growing medium you're using (organic soil, perlite, coco, etc.)

    - If you're raising your plants inside or outdoors

    - Whether you shorten your crop's life-cycle by forcing them to flower early


    These factors considered, your feminized Power Plant cannabis plants can take four to seven-and-a-half months to reach maturity.


    Grow medium: Feminized Power Plant cannabis hydro or soil?


    Feminized Power Plant cannabis does well when grown in organic soil or a hydro setup, especially when combined with the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method. That said, depending on your preference, raising your Power Plant feminized cannabis crop in:


    - Organic soil boosts terpene production, resulting in more aromatic and longer-lasting weed.


    - A hydro setup promotes vigorous growth, ultimately producing higher yields and more potent ganja.


    What is the average height of Power Plant feminized cannabis plants?


    Plants grown from feminized Power Plant cannabis seeds are small and robust specimens that usually reach between three and five feet tall. Power Plant feminized seeds are a high-yielding strain that develops huge colas, often up to a foot long, despite their small stature. The small size of these plants, and because they can thrive in just about any environment, make them ideal for indoor and stealth cultivation.


    Where can I find pictures of Power Plant feminized marijuana?


    We've added many Power Plant feminized seeds, buds, and plant images on this product page for your viewing pleasure. If you require more visual stimulation, feel free to join Homegrown Diaries, where you're bound to find many more pictures of this exceptionally potent strain. We designed Homegrown Diaries for cultivators worldwide, granting them a platform on which they can share:


    - Cultivating hints and tips

    - Grow reports

    - Their experiences cultivating various cannabis strains

    - Their passion for marijuana cultivation


    Where is the best place to buy Power Plant feminized seeds in the USA?


    With some luck, you should be able to find Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds at your local dispensary in legal states. They're usually more expensive, though, and there are no guarantees. The cheapest, easiest, and safest place to get feminized Power Plant cannabis seeds is through a reputable online seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    We offer our clients some of the best prices on cannabis seeds currently available with a seed germination guarantee in place. To make things even more affordable, we frequently run BOGO deals on selected cultivars. We also package and ship all orders discreetly to your destination of choice within the borders of the USA.


    Are there any other names for Power Plant feminized cannabis?


    As with most cannabis cultivars, doting fans often come up with an alias or two for their favorite strains. In the case of Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds, the strain is often also referred to as:


    - Pure Power

    - Daytime High


    Spelling errors


    Using incorrect search parameters when looking for marijuana seeds online often leads to the wrong results. If you're looking for Power Plant feminized seeds online, avoid making the following mistakes:


    - Power Plant

    - Power Pant feminized seeds

    - Power Plant femmed seeds

    - Powr Plant feminized seeds


    For the best results when searching online, use "Power Plant feminized seeds."


    What's the main difference between regular, feminized, and autoflower marijuana seeds?


    There are three main types of cannabis seeds; regular, feminized, and autoflower. While all of these serve the purpose of producing weed, there are distinct differences between them:


    - Regular marijuana seeds get produced by completely natural weed plants. They're photoperiod specimens capable of developing into male or female plants, making them ideal for breeding purposes.


    - Feminized weed seeds are genetically modified photoperiod strains. They're bred to develop into female plants only, making them ideal for high-quality marijuana production.


    - Autfolower cannabis seeds have ruderalis genes in their genetic makeup, allowing them to flip over into the flowering period regardless of the light schedule they're exposed to.


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your feminized Power Plant cannabis pics, and any Power Plant feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Power Plant feminized cannabis images; those crystals drive us wild!


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