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Orange Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Orange Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • You'll be coming back for more
  • 18% THC delivers energy with a touch of euphoria
  • As you'd expect
  • A quintessential Californian cultivar, Orange Skunk feminized seeds are renowned for its zesty aroma and flavor. Introduced in the 1990s, she still turns heads today, and clubs and dispensaries are rarely without her.  These Orange Skunk feminized seeds are a must-have addition to any seed collector's stash. The result of two iconic cultivars, this hybrid lineage is evident in...Show more

    Orange Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    600 - 700
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    100 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    Orange Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    A quintessential Californian cultivar, Orange Skunk feminized seeds are renowned for its zesty aroma and flavor. Introduced in the 1990s, she still turns heads today, and clubs and dispensaries are rarely without her. 
    These Orange Skunk feminized seeds are a must-have addition to any seed collector's stash. The result of two iconic cultivars, this hybrid lineage is evident in every puff. 
    The citrus edge and carefree high of California Orange and Skunk #1's unmistakable skunky flavor and energizing uplift combine to make this an unmissable cultivar. Orange Skunk feminized combines two cannabis legends but still stands in its own right as a widely-enjoyed strain. 
    Let’s learn more about this strain?

    What are Orange Skunk feminized cannabis seeds?

    On one side, Skunk #1 is one of the most iconic cultivars in existence, anybody who’s had the pleasure knows why. On the other hand, orange Skunk is a hardy plant, offering users the relaxing effects of the Afghani strain and the head-high of Acapulco Gold.
    Combined with the clear-headed, old-school classic California Orange, that leaves us with a fantastic cultivar that leaves you relaxed but ready to get things done. The focussed stone of Orange Skunk feminized keeps users coming back for more. 
    Despite relaxing your body, Orange Skunk offers an uplifting experience with waves of creativity. Orange Skunk is a predominantly-Sativa cultivar and boasts an average 18% THC content. 
    Interestingly, not even 1% CBD has ever been found in Orange Skunk, meaning that essentially it has only trace amounts of CBD. 
    As the name suggests, there is a definite orange taste when this bud is smoked or prepared as edibles. The other clue in the name is the dank, skunky flavors that complete this strain’s palette. Hardly a giant, feminized Orange Skunk seeds grow up to three feet indoors and as tall as four feet when grown outdoors. However, don’t be deceived by her height. 
    Orange Skunk can produce a hefty crop, as much as 40oz. per plant outdoors. Flowering for 8–9 weeks, Orange Skunk feminized needs to be harvested before the end of September when grown outdoors in the north. Otherwise, it’s mid-October. 
    Growers lean more towards feminized seeds. Imagine having to get rid of half your plants because they turned out male. With Orange Skunk feminized seeds, those worries are a thing of the past. With such a rich genetic heritage, including Afghani, Orange Velvet, Columbia Gold, and Jack the Ripper, to name a few, this isn’t a cultivar most people want to pass up on. 

    What are Orange Skunk feminized effects?

    The first thing users notice is a wave of energy, laced with a euphoric and chilled high. Users report feeling happy straight away, and these feelings continue throughout the stone. Her energetic properties are felt in the mind, and users talk about increased levels of focus, suitable for a pre-work boost. 
    When enjoying Orange Skunk feminized you’ll experience a heightened sense of creativity and productive thinking. This strain is fantastic for artists or office workers who might need a puff in the right direction. 
    Eventually, you’ll feel incredibly relaxed and want to enjoy a good few hours of deep sleep. The cannabis grown from Orange Skunk feminized seeds offers her users a clear-headed high with a body rush that leaves you tingling and uplifted. 

    What does Orange Skunk smell like?

    In the name of this cultivar, we find the two main ingredients—the prominent California Orange aroma, coupled with the unmistakable dank stench of Skunk #1. Owing to her genetic lineage dating back to at least Orange Velvet, the pronounced zesty tones she offers are irresistible. 
    Skunk #1 is a reference point for describing cannabis smells, and that same trademark whiff is present in Orange Skunk. Going back a couple of generations, Afghani lends some of her spicy scents to complete the aroma of Orange Skunk feminized.

    How to germinate Orange Skunk feminized seeds

    Follow our step-by-step germination guide to ensure your Orange Skunk feminized seeds always germinate. 
    - Before starting, get ready the things you’re going to need: your seeds, some purified, or bottled water, a regular pair of tweezers, two pieces of kitchen paper, and a normal dinner plate.
    - Now you’ve got everything prepared, dampen two paper towels and gently wring out any extra water.
    - Evenly lay a paper towel on the plate. It’s a good idea to work on a sideboard or table.
    - Next up, put the seeds on the kitchen paper, being careful to spread them out, and leave about an inch between each of them.
    - Things get a bit fiddly here. Lay the other paper towel carefully on the first seeds. If necessary, slowly add more water to keep everything moist.
    - Slow and stray, lift the paper towel and get rid of any excess water.
    - Finally, leave the plate in a warm, dark place, somewhere like a drawer or cupboard.
    - All done, just leave the seeds for 24 to 120 hours, add more water if necessary, and be careful to not let them dry out. 
    - When your Orange Skunk feminized seeds have a healthy taproot, they are ready for planting.
    Be sure to follow our germination guide; otherwise, you may void your germination guarantee.

    Orange Skunk feminized seeds grow guide

    Growing Orange Skunk feminized seeds is a walk in the park, even for beginners. The genetic heritage makes this a very resistant cultivar that can stand up to some of the harshest conditions. 
    For the last few decades, growers have chosen feminized seeds to pretty much eliminate any chance of finding young males growing amongst their crop. Males can ruin your plants by pollinating the females—not what you want. We recommend choosing Orange Skunk feminized Seeds to improve your chances of only growing females.
    Orange Skunk feminized seeds thrive in sunny outdoor conditions but can also do well in colder temps. A relatively hardy cultivar, Orange Skunk can produce up to 40oz. per plant when grown outdoors and protected from harm. 
    An essential consideration for growing Orange Skunk feminized seeds indoors is pruning and trimming. She can grow to be very bushy, so keep Orange Skunk in shape to improve light penetration and ventilation in your grow space. 
    As she starts to mature, you can see grape-shaped nuggets covered in a sticky layer of trichomes. As expected, orange pistils are visible as she reaches maturity. For nutrients, we would recommend using some Germ Genie early on in the life cycle to give your Orange Skunk feminized a boost and maximize your yield. 
    Ideally, Orange Skunk feminized seeds want to be planted outside where the plant can stretch out as she grows. She rewards your efforts with a yield of up to 40oz. per plant. If you take good care of her indoors, pruning and trimming regularly, you can expect to be compensated with yields of 21–24oz. per m². 

    What are the Orange Skunk strain genetics?

    With parents as cool as California Orange and Skunk #1, it’s hardly surprising that Orange Skunk feminized turned out so well. California Orange has been a cannabis-enthusiast favorite since her birth, thought to be around 1980. Loved for her delicious taste, THC concentration levels and user experience, it’s easy to see why so many people love her. 
    On the other side of the family tree, we see Skunk #1. Skunk #1 set the tone as a strong ‘all-rounder’ with her rich lineage, a cultivar that relaxes and stimulates at once. Growers all over adore Skunk #1 for her huge buds and enormous yields. 
    Combining all this rich genetic heritage, we end up with Orange Skunk feminized seeds, a cultivar that seems to have it all in terms of flavor, effects, and maximum harvest. 

    Wellness and Orange Skunk

    Leaving users feeling happy and uplifted, Orange Skunk is incredible as an antidepressant that can provide much-needed relief. Her relaxing, worry-free qualities make Orange Skunk an outstanding cultivar for dealing with anxiety. 
    Many people use Orange Skunk feminized to rid themselves of stress, after a long day or in anticipation of one. Before heading to the medicine cabinet, it’s worth trying Orange Skunk to help treat your migraine. Great for conditions like spasms and muscle pains, the euphoric body high of Orange Skunk leaves patients feeling comfortable and at ease.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Orange Skunk feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    So you’re thinking about growing some Orange Skunk feminized seeds. Here are the most popular, and common questions other growers and enthusiasts have regarding Orange Skunk feminized seeds.

    Where can I get free cannabis Orange Skunk feminized seeds?

    Here at Homegrown Cannabis Co., we’re dedicated to producing the finest quality seeds, and we also have different cheap cannabis seeds across our range. If you’re looking for feminized Orange Skunk seeds for sale, and for free, check out our BOGO’s (Buy One Get One) and see what’s available. 

    Can a beginner grow Orange Skunk?

    Due to how solid it is, Orange Skunk feminized is well suited to beginners. What’s fantastic with Orange Skunk is that the more you take care of her in terms of pruning and trimming, the higher yield you’ll be awarded at the end. 
    An excellent motivation for a newbie grower. If you’re looking for something similar but less demanding, why not try Skunk #1? The Skunk #1 cultivar shares half her genetic heritage with Orange Skunk feminized but may be a bit more suited to a first-timer. 
    Of course, you sacrifice something of the energetic vibes of Orange Skunk, but Skunk #1 is famous for its soothing and mellowing effects. 

    What is the difference between autoflower, fast and feminized seeds? 

    Orange Skunk feminized seeds produce a regular cannabis plant when grown, one that flowers when it thinks the summer is over, or when you change the light cycle. By choosing Orange Skunk feminized seeds over Orange Skunk regular seeds you run next to no risk of finding male plants in your batch, males which will pollinate and contaminate the bud-producing females. 
    Not all growers are as dedicated and some of us just want to grow some weed at home with as little effort as possible. Autoflower seeds give you a cannabis plant that doesn’t need a change in light-cycle to enter bloom. 
    Orange Skunk autoflower seeds are a genetic mix of hybrid and ruderalis, the plant has a gene that tells it when to flower; based on size and age. More and more growers are turning to fast versions, specially bred strains that flower in two weeks less than a regular strain. 
    Fast versions are produced by breeding in some ruderalis genetics with the hybrid strain to make a plant that will reach harvest even quicker. 

    Will Orange Skunk feminized seeds grow better outdoors or indoors?

    Outdoors or indoors really depends on what’s available for you, the state you live in, and the climate there. Factors like space and cost play a big part in deciding whether to grow outdoors or indoors. 
    Growing Orange Skunk feminized seeds indoors means you control the climate; temperature and humidity. Indoor grows do require a lot of setups, and the size of your grow room plays a big part in the size of your yield. Cost is also an important consideration if you’re thinking of growing indoors. 
    Growing our Orange Skunk feminized seeds outdoors generally produces a bigger yield, this is because the plant is free to grow bigger outdoors. The main concerns growing outdoors are changes in climate, unexpected weather for example, and also neighbors depending on the legality in your state. 
    Orange Skunk feminized seeds grow well indoors or outdoors so just choose whatever is best for you. 

    What is the Orange Skunk flower time?

    The size of the buds and the rate of growth is enough to keep most growers hypnotized throughout the 8–9 week flowering time. Growing outdoors, Orange Skunk feminized is ready to harvest early to mid-October. Be careful if you’re growing in the north or somewhere colder, as Orange Skunk needs harvesting before the end of September.

    How long do Orange Skunk Seeds take to germinate?

    If you follow our germination guide, you should expect to see taproots from your Orange Skunk feminized seeds in as little as 24 hours. Just remember, you should allow up to 120 hours for your seeds to sprout. After germination, your Orange Skunk feminized seeds are ready to be planted. 

    How long does it take Orange Skunk from seeds to harvest?

    Orange Skunk feminized seeds don’t typically have a long life cycle. Always make sure that you’re using the correct nutrients. For a regular life-cycle, here is what you can expect:
    - Germination takes 1–5 days.  - You have your seedlings for 1–3 weeks. - The vegetative state finishes around eight weeks after planting. - Not being a fast version, this cultivar needs to flower for 8–9 weeks, which takes us up to around 18–20 weeks for the full growth cycle. 
    We recommend that you allow six weeks for the weed that you’ve grown from your Orange Skunk feminized seeds to cure properly. Then, after all of that, you have some months-supply of formidable buds that you can enjoy with friends.  

    Grow medium: Orange Skunk hydro or soil?

    Want to get the most out of your Orange Skunk feminized seeds? It’s hard to go wrong growing this strain outdoors in soil, as long as the climate permits. Growers have reported yields of up to 40oz. per plant. 
    Growing with hydroponics is excellent for Orange Skunk, and she grows well if given the proper nutrients. If you want to grow Orange Skunk feminized seeds indoors in soil, just make sure to trim and prune her well, and you can still expect a decent yield of upwards of 20oz. per m².

    What is the average Orange Skunk height?

    Orange Skunk feminized reaches around three feet tall for indoor growers, a pretty easy to manage size for most setups. For outdoor growers, Orange Skunk can grow as high as six feet tall. 

    Where can I find pictures of Orange Skunk marijuana?

    Growers from all over the USA share photos of their grows all the time over on the Orange Skunk feminized Homegrown Diary. Take a look and add some photos of your Orange Skunk feminized grow—we’re always happy to see people’s pictures.  

    Where is the best place to buy Orange Skunk Seeds in the USA?

    Due to the popularity of this cultivar, you won’t have trouble finding feminized Orange Skunk seeds for sale. We offer a huge variety of top-quality seeds, at affordable prices. Once you find the product you’re looking for, we can deliver it anywhere in the USA; we always use discrete packaging too, so need to worry about watchful eyes. 
    During your cannabis-growing journey, it’s very likely you’ll have questions or be looking for advice—Homegrown Cannabis Co. partners with some of the top experts in the cannabis world to offer you expert tips and how-to guides. What are you waiting for?

    Are there any other names for Orange Skunk feminized seeds?

    Although the name of the original strain is Orange Skunk, we are talking about the feminized seeds, so these are Orange Skunk feminized seeds. You might also see it called:
    - Orange Skunk feminized - California Orange x Skunk #1
    Remember, these cultivars are completely different:
    - Orange Bud - Agent Orange - Orange Velvet - Super Skunk
    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Orange Skunk pics and any Orange Skunk feminized grow reports you might have. We can't get enough of Orange Skunk feminized images, those crystals drive us wild!
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