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NYC Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

NYC Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 30
  • An auto with massive buds
  • Feel on top of the world with up to 20% THC
  • The name says is all - diesel all the way
  • Named after the city that never sleeps, NYC Diesel Auto can awaken even the most tired soul. Its strong mental stimulation will keep you on the go, while its relaxing body effect prevents you from going into overdrive. Our NYC Diesel autoflower seeds grow into the market’s most stable phenotype of delicious sativa. Discover this multi-award-winner and fuel yourself with enough ...Show more

    NYC Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    300 - 350
    Max Yield outdoor
    100 - 150
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    NYC Diesel Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Named after the city that never sleeps, NYC Diesel Auto can awaken even the most tired soul. Its strong mental stimulation will keep you on the go, while its relaxing body effect prevents you from going into overdrive.


    Our NYC Diesel autoflower seeds grow into the market’s most stable phenotype of delicious sativa. Discover this multi-award-winner and fuel yourself with enough energy to explore the city that never sleeps. Start your morning right with its sweet flavors and enthusiasm-inducing properties. Activate the feel-good bomb in half the time with autoflower seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    What are NYC Diesel autoflower cannabis seeds?


    NYC Diesel autoflower seeds are your ticket for a garden of energy-boosting herbs. This wonder-strain is the child of two landraces from opposite sides of the globe, crossed with the renowned Jack Herer cultivar. Breeders introduced ruderalis genetics to the mix, making it fast-flowering and more accessible than ever.


    The melting pot of genomes stuns growers and stoners with unprecedented quality. It’s no wonder that it earned not one, not two, but five Cannabis Cup awards in the early 2000s. Many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy the original even today. The auto variety packs even more of a punch for 420 industry buffs.


    Why should NY Diesel auto marijuana seeds be on your radar? The flavor and effect profiles made this cultivar a favorite among thrill-seekers and sweet tooth stoners. Its moderate THC levels and stimulating high make it the ideal wake ‘n’ bake. Light up in the morning to energize for the day ahead. Wake up in style and forget all about the jitteriness that comes from an espresso shot too many.


    Despite the name, buds from New York Diesel autoflower seeds are anything but bitter and biting. Instead, you get only a light fuel aroma. The rest is all fruity and floral notes that delight novices and connoisseurs alike. The bouquet is memorable and refreshing, adding a tinge of sweetness to everything you do.


    Grab a treat from your homegrown stash with the NYC Diesel seeds’ autoflower variant. This cannabis seed variety introduces ruderalis to the traditional sativa genome. There’s no longer the need to wait around as the long-flowering sativa does its thing. You’re collecting the colas as early as nine weeks after germination.


    Crops from NYC Diesel autoflower seeds look more mountain-grown than equatorial. The previously minty foliage now becomes mossy and crystalline with trichomes as the harvest window draws near. The structure resembles a Christmas tree, not tropical vines. These beauties fit even restricted spaces with absolute ease.


    See your crops through a short seed-to-harvest period and grow two batches per outdoor season. Keep replenishing your stash with the freshest possible bud. Light up whenever the days seem too dreary to handle, all thanks to the top-tier marijuana seeds from Homegrown.


    What are the effects of NYC Diesel autoflower seed-grown weed?


    Weed from NYC Diesel autoflower seeds shoots you straight to the Statue of Liberty. Several puffs in, and you feel like you’re on top of the world. For the next couple of hours, nothing can rain on your parade.


    These buds drip in cannabinoids, but their THC levels are moderate. You get an average of 12–14% of this psychoactive compound. CBD contents remain minimal, and many fragrant terpenes make up the rest of the resin production. 


    Don’t be fooled, though. A toke is enough to send you soaring through New York skies. An NYC Diesel autoflower grown blunt immediately makes itself known to every cell of your being. The effects are predominantly cerebral, firing up the neurons. An unstoppable rush of euphoria banishes bad thoughts and puts you in a go-getter mood. Mental gates open to allow a free flow of creative juices.


    This rush is oh-so-sativa. It delivers everything you’d expect from uplifting cannabis. Whether you’re planning on tackling that pile of papers, attending a game night, or dancing the evening away, this weed has your back.


    At first, the body vibrates with power. Any sluggishness disappears from your muscles, leaving you light on your toes. Even something as vigorous as a CrossFit workout is no biggie for your empowered system. Take advantage of this invigoration while it lasts, though.


    Several hours in, NYC Diesel autoflower seeds remind you of the indica contents in their genetic makeup. Your mind is still open, but the body slows down. A deep stone sets in, leaving you lazy and looking for a seat. This is a good time to put on your comfort show or engage in a deep conversation with a friend. As intoxication dissipates, you’re relaxed and ready to call it a day. This cultivar isn’t one to induce a couch-lock, but your late afternoon isn’t likely to turn into a night of wild partying.


    What does the NYC Diesel autoflower smell like?


    A kerosene perfume fills the room as soon as crops from NY Diesel auto cannabis seeds start ripening. Experienced smokers can already discern fresh fruit and zesty citrus, too. These notes make the pungent base pleasant on the nostrils. Dried flowers carry distinct lime, lemon, apple, and fuel layers. You could smell this weed from the depths of Central Park, and most stoners would recognize it upon the first whiff.


    Combustion takes this complexity to the next level. Your room fills with a heavy, permeating smoke of diesel and red grapefruit. The fragrance translates to the flavor, inducing coughing fits in newbies—a surefire sign of potent pot in your possession. The exhale leaves a taste of ripe oranges with only a tinge of bitterness on the tongue. This smoke is rare and unique with this cultivar. Buds from NYC Diesel auto strain seeds combine everything we love about stinky and sweet strains into one gift for all five senses.


    How to germinate NYC Diesel autoflower seeds


    Buy NY Diesel autoflower seeds online at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and forget all about sprouting concerns. Our germination guarantee provides replacements for any cannabis seed that doesn’t pop. You’ll have to follow our suggested germination method to become eligible, though.


    We suggest only one tried-and-tested technique to standardize results and help every grower achieve abundance. It’s called the paper towel germination method, and it produces near-perfect results. (Our guarantee is here to cover the rest).


    Here’s how to sprout cannabis seeds like the pros:


    - Gather supplies. You need a clean plate, two paper towels, a bottle of water, tweezers, and your New York Diesel autoflower seed pack.


    - Moisten one paper towel. Wring it of excess water and lay it on the plate.


    - Using your tweezers, gently pick up a cannabis seed. Place it on the paper.


    - Repeat for each seed you want to plant. Leave an inch of space between each.


    - Cover the seeds with another moist paper towel. Tilt the plate to drain any pools that formed.


    - Leave the plate in a warm and dark spot. A kitchen drawer or cupboard is perfect.


    - Check on your seeds once a day. Using your tweezers, remove all that popped. Re-moisten the rest and leave for another 24 hours.


    - Repeat for five days. Plant seeds in moist soil.


    If anything we described above seems unclear, please check our germination guide. It contains explanations, visual representations, and handy tips for each step. Follow our instructions to ensure each NYC Diesel autoflower seed sprouts and set your garden up for success.


    NYC Diesel autoflower cannabis seeds: Grow guide


    Is NYC Diesel autoflower easy to grow? To some extent. An experienced hand goes a long way with this variety, though. Moderate height is a massive bonus with this cultivar. Crops from NYC Diesel autoflower grow quickly and stretch to four feet tops. Mature plants are still compact enough for tiny spaces and discreet operations.


    The fast flowering time is a blessing and a curse. You’re collecting colas before you know it, but the short life cycle leaves little room for rookie error. For that reason, we’d reserve this strain for intermediate growers capable of providing optimal conditions from start to finish.


    As long as you get the basics right, everything else is a breeze with our NYC Diesel seeds’ auto variant. These are also feminized, developing into a garden of only female non-photoperiod plants. Seedless, smokable colas are only two months away.


    How to grow NYC diesel autoflower seeds? Indoor setups do wonders for harvest size and quality, especially with well-fertilized soil and strong grow lamps. Control humidity and keep the grow room warm to replicate tropical conditions. Top and prune your crop regularly to ensure light exposure to its lower bud sites. 


    The entire life cycle lasts nine weeks. The flowers should be almost yellow with pistils and supremely sticky before the harvest. Yields are decent, producing 14–17 ounces of fragrant flowers per square meter of your setup.


    You can also sow your NYC Diesel autoflower seeds outdoors. Crops show surprising resistance to changing temperatures and mold issues. All it takes is rich soil and plenty of sunshine to get them humming in delight.


    Plant in May and for a late-July harvest, and then repeat for another batch in September. Yields are lower while trichome production skyrockets in natural conditions. You get only five ounces per plant, but bud quality is something to write home about.


    What are the NYC Diesel autoflower strain genetics?


    We can thank clever breeders and cannabis ruderalis for NYC Diesel autoflower seeds. This non-photoperiod strain borrows its fast-flowering properties from the third marijuana family. It grows short and resistant to adverse weather and pays no heed to the light schedule. All cannabis seeds sprout, grow, flower, and ripen in two months.


    Breeders used feminized seeds for this purpose, though, adding another layer to the family tree. Let’s take two steps back and uncover how the original sprouted into existence.


    - NYC Diesel fem is a cross of the initial cultivar (also called NYC Diesel) and Jack Herer. 


    - The first NYC Diesel blends two landraces, Mexican and Afghani. Its offspring delivers cerebral effects, physical stimulation, and some indica qualities.


    In a nutshell, the equation for NYC Diesel auto strain seeds is as follows:


    - ([Afghani x Mexican] x Jack Herer) x ruderalis


    Wellness and NYC Diesel autoflower seeds


    Remember the melting pot of strains we discussed? Each parent of NYC Diesel autoflower seeds carries some healing potential. Combine them all, and you get a wellness booster capable of tackling a wide range of physical and psychological conditions.


    Doctors might prescribe this cultivar for:


    - Chronic muscle and joint pain

    - Acute pain from injuries

    - Headaches and migraines

    - Stress and anxiety

    - Depression

    - Insomnia

    - Fatigue

    - Nausea and eating disorders


    How does weed from NYC Diesel auto strain seeds help with these conditions? Anxiety disappears once this pot infuses you with good vibes. There’s also a jolt of energy that beats fatigue. Depression, the blues, and a lack of motivation have nothing on this strain’s creative power that inspires you to enjoy life.


    This cerebral punch comes accompanied by physical effects, too. You enjoy a sativa-style energy rush that lets you move around with ease. At the same time, the indica side of NYC Diesel autoflower seeds soothes pain and inflammation, relieving you of any discomfort.


    As the stone settles in, you get hungry and sleepy. The munchies encourage you to have a wholesome meal, even if you struggle with proper eating habits. The ensuing drowsiness eases you into a peaceful slumber without the help of medication.


    Growing from NY Diesel auto cannabis seeds puts wellbeing on the horizon. Light it up to take on the day and never let burnout get to you. Tackle tasks and immerse yourself in hobbies and activities unrestrained by the stresses of daily life. You’ll notice your happiness levels rise with each toke—and beyond.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    NYC Diesel autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Do you have any additional questions about NYC Diesel autoflower seeds? Are you on the lookout for quick info before you hit the purchase button? Scroll down and find your answers. If we missed any crucial piece of information, please reach out to our support team. A representative will get back to you with timely and relevant responses.


    What are the strain variants of NYC Diesel?


    NYC Diesel seeds auto are the top choice for impatient and experienced cultivators. Some people prefer taking their time and collecting higher yields in the fall, though. If this is you, try our NYC Diesel feminized seeds and grow as nature intended (minus the pollination risk).


    Where can I get free cannabis NYC Diesel autoflower seeds?


    Cannabis seed handouts are hard to come by without the right seed bank. It’s a different story with our ‘buy one get one free’ promos. BOGO grants you an additional NYC Diesel auto strain seed pack with every purchase. Take advantage and double the benefits of shopping with us.


    Can a beginner grow NYC Diesel autoflower?


    NYC Diesel autoflower seeds are best suited for intermediate growers. A dedicated rookie could achieve abundance with this variant, but skillful handling makes a difference. Previous experience lets you bypass rookie errors. That way, you never ruin a harvest with a nutrient deficiency, burn, or overwatering.


    What is the NYC Diesel autoflower flower time?


    Crops from NY Diesel auto marijuana seeds need 8–9 weeks to become harvest-ready. Their flowering time equals the entire seed-to-harvest period, thanks to the non-photoperiod nature of this variety. The first few weeks go to vegetative growth, while the latter half focuses on bud production and maturation.


    How long do NYC Diesel autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Your NYC Diesel autoflower seeds will sprout in 24–120 hours. No two cannabis seeds are alike. Some might germinate overnight, while others need a whole five days to pop. Don’t despair if a seed fails. Check that you did everything right and reach out to our team for replacements.


    How long does it take NYC Diesel autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    NY Diesel auto cannabis seeds are much-loved for their fast-flowering nature. That’s the trick with autos— their entire life cycle equals the time a photoperiod counterpart would need to flower. With this cultivar, you can collect ripe colas only nine weeks after your marijuana seeds have popped.


    Grow medium for NYC Diesel autoflower: hydro or soil?


    NYC Diesel autoflower seeds can thrive in any growing medium, but soil is the way to go. This traditional option makes it easy to feed and water your crops. It also enhances the aromatic bouquet and terpene production. You get buds with supreme perfume and potency.


    What is the average NYC Diesel autoflower height?


    Crops from NYC Diesel seeds’ autoflower variant remain pretty short. Outdoors, they stretch to four feet tall, tops. They tend to remain below three feet tall if vertical space is limited. The short vegetative period makes these plants focus on flower production rather than stem, branch, and foliage development.


    Where can I find pictures of NYC Diesel autoflower marijuana?


    Scroll up to see snaps of this stunning strain. You’ll find mature crops from autoflowering seeds of NYC Diesel, as well as individual mouth-watering buds. Visit the NYC Diesel Autoflower Homegrown Diary to see more. Real growers share their progress with our marijuana seeds on that portal.


    Where is the best place to buy NYC Diesel autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Are you ready to buy NY Diesel autoflower seeds online? Look no further than Homegrown. Our cannabis seeds are the best on the market, promising genomes that never fail. Shopping with us also guarantees:


    - Safe and discreet shipping

    - Various payment methods

    - Tips from industry experts and community members

    - Educational resources


    Are there any other names for NYC Diesel autoflower?


    NYC Diesel autoflower seeds share their name with the Capital of the World. As a result, enthusiasts rarely resort to nicknames when describing this superstar strain. Dispensaries and smokers might opt for another style of this moniker, using:


    The full city name (New York Diesel)An alternative abbreviation (NY Diesel)


    Spelling errors


    Stoners aren’t prone to making mistakes while describing this cannabis VIP. After all, it’s named after the most famous city in the world. How can you go wrong? While exploring online, add a keyword to get relevant results. Type ‘marijuana seeds,’ ‘strain,’ or ‘weed’ to help the search engine.


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your NYC Diesel autoflower pics and any NYC Diesel autoflower seeds grow reports you might have. We can’t get enough NYC Diesel autoflower images. Those crystals drive us wild!


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