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Northern Lights #10 Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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Northern Lights #10 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 10
  • Say goodbye to the blues
  • Up to 30% THC for total mind and body relaxation
  • Pine and musky aromas with a sweet and sour taste
  • Northern Lights #10 seeds are the tenth of eleven phenotypes created by a master breeder in Holland in the late 1970s. The strain’s parent is the world-renowned Northern Light (NL) from Seattle, and it boasts exceptional qualities from a Thai sativa and a pure Afghani landrace. Growing Northern Lights #10 seeds gives you a robust, fast-blooming, resilient cultivar that offers b...Show more

    Northern Lights #10 Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    450 - 550
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    80 - 200
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Northern Lights #10 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Northern Lights #10 seeds are the tenth of eleven phenotypes created by a master breeder in Holland in the late 1970s. The strain’s parent is the world-renowned Northern Light (NL) from Seattle, and it boasts exceptional qualities from a Thai sativa and a pure Afghani landrace.


    Growing Northern Lights #10 seeds gives you a robust, fast-blooming, resilient cultivar that offers bountiful yields of gorgeous nugs. Using feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. gives you a 99.9% chance of all-female bud producers, ensuring a fuss-free cultivation venture.


    The herb is perfect for users looking for an uplifting experience to melt away worry and anxiety. Its indica effects offer tokers a relaxing end to a pleasurable session. Read on to learn more about Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds.


    What are Northern Lights #10 feminized cannabis seeds?


    Feminized Northern Lights #10 seeds have an amazing parentage, resulting from crossbreeding Northern Lights and a secret hybrid. 


    The renowned indica, developed in Seattle in the late 1970s, found its way to Holland, where breeders used it to father eleven phenotypes. As the number #10 in the name suggests, Northern Lights #10 seeds are tenth among their siblings.


    This variety of marijuana seeds is genetically modified to eliminate male chromosomes and produce only female plants. You don’t have to identify the genders and remove the pollinators, meaning the growth process is straightforward.


    The cultivar thrives outdoors in warm and sunny weather. You can also grow the cannabis seeds indoors and enjoy an abundant yield by controlling the temperature and humidity level. Plants from feminized Northern Lights #10 seeds are resistant to mold and pests, meaning they require less attention.


    The herb’s aroma and flavor stimulate your nose and taste buds, making it hard to resist. The combination of indica and sativa effects provides users with a balance of cerebral and physical sensations.


    Here are the attributes of Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds:


    - Type: Indica dominant

    - THC: 30–35%

    - CBD: 1%

    - Top reported effects: Calming, relaxing, 

    - Top reported flavors: Juniper, earthy, citrusy

    - Dominant terpene: Limonene

    - Flowering time: 7–8 weeks

    - Difficulty: Beginner

    - Yield: Indoors 18–21 oz./m2, outdoors 25–28 oz. per plant


    What are the Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds effects?


    Smoking buds from Northern Lights #10 seeds that are feminized is the perfect way to unwind after a long, hard day. After a couple of hits from the potent strain, experience a euphoric burst that fills your mind and boosts your mood. Notice your worrisome thoughts and anxiety melt away.


    As the feminized Northern Lights #10 marijuana seeds’ indica effects set in, every muscle relaxes, making you want to lie down and self-reflect. The calming sensation relieves stress and eases body tension and fatigue before helping you drift off into a deep slumber.


    It’s difficult to resist the delicious nugs from feminized Northern Lights #10 cannabis seeds, but go slow and savor every moment of your session. You’re less likely to feel the common side effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes.


    If you experience those mildly unpleasant symptoms, drinking plenty of water and applying eye drops provide quick relief.


    What does the Northern Lights #10 feminized smell like?


    Buds from Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds tease your nose with a fragrance of pine and musk, with hints of cedarwood, maple, hashish, and sandalwood. The herb’s captivating aroma draws users to it like bees to honey. 


    The strain’s woody scent is a prelude to the upcoming sensations. When exhaling, smokers can’t resist the delicious nugs that leave a sweet and sour aftertaste mixed with floral flavors. 


    How to germinate Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds


    To give your plants an excellent start to life, don’t grow your Northern Lights #10 seeds without germinating them first. It’s a vital part of the growth process that ensures your crops have strong taproots to help develop. 


    Our germination guide and the simple method we recommend can help you with the procedure. Follow the pictorial steps or watch the instructional video.


    We’re so confident in our technique that we guarantee a free replacement in the unlikely event any of our Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds don't sprout. To qualify, record the process and send us the video and pictures.


    Although there are many germination methods, we find our paper towel technique very effective and produces results as early as 24 hours. 


    You’ll need the following items for the procedure:


    - Your feminized Northern Lights #10 marijuana seeds

    - Two dinner plates

    - Two sheets of paper towels

    - Unchlorinated water

    - A pair of tweezers

    - A spray bottle 


    Next, follow this step-by-step guide:


    - Spray and moisten one of the paper towels and lay it on a dinner plate. Don’t soak it, as too much water can rot your marijuana seeds. Wring it to remove excess liquid, if necessary.


    - Use the tweezers to gently set your Northern Lights #10 seeds on the paper towel, keeping them an inch apart.


    - Dampen the other paper towel and place it over the seeds. Ensure they’re not dripping wet before covering the setup with the second dinner plate.


    - Store the cannabis seeds somewhere dark, like in a drawer or cupboard.


    - Inspect your Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds daily to ensure they don’t dry out. Spray them with more water, if needed.


    - Remove marijuana seeds with taproots and transplant them into your grow medium. 


    Repeat the final two steps every day. You should get seedlings within 1–5 days using our method. Contact us for your replacement seeds if you don’t see results past that period.


    Northern Lights #10 feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Feminized Northern Lights #10 cannabis seeds are ideal for beginners. Besides growing all-female bud producers, the crops are resilient to threats like mold, pests, and diseases. 


    Plants have a solid structure, chunky branches, and dense colas of buds covered with a thick coat of trichomes. Their size makes them ideal for indoor gardens. Regularly pruning the excess foliage helps prevent moisture buildup and mold growth.


    Crops from Northern Lights #10 seeds that are feminized love the sun’s warmth as in Mediterranean-like climates. In the Northern Hemisphere, with proper care, expect to collect 25–28 oz. of buds per plant around the first week of October.


    Indoor cultivation is ideal for controlling growing conditions. To produce massive yields from your Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds, keep the temperature between 70–80°F. Optimal humidity levels are around 40–50% during flowering and about 10% lower before harvesting.


    In your indoor garden, use a hydroponics set-up and Sea of Green (SOG) technique to accelerate the vegging process and improve yields. With optimal growing conditions, prepare to harvest 18–21 oz./m2 of delicious nugs after 7–8 weeks of flowering. 


    What are the Northern Lights #10 feminized strain genetics?


    Feminized Northern Lights #10 cannabis seeds are amazing because they’re descendants of extremely potent strains. One of the herb’s parents is a secret hybrid, while everyone in the 420 community knows the other—Northern Lights, a.k.a. NL.


    The latter is a multiple award winner, thanks to its exceptional roots. It’s the offspring of two super landraces—Afghani and Thai—where it gets the genetics that made breeders choose it as a parent for their excellent hybrids.


    Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds benefit from the happy and relaxing effects of their Afghani grandparent. A pure indica from the Hindu Kush mountain region, it’s where #10 inherits the traits that produce resilient plants with potent buds.


    Thai is a 100% sativa cultivar originating in Thailand. The potent strain provides Northern Lights #10 seeds the euphoric buzz and delicious flavors tokers love about the herb.


    Combining the genetics of the superstar strains in its roots makes the herb’s buds a hit with recreational and medical marijuana users


    Here’s the herb’s lineage:


    - Northern Lights #10 seeds = Northern Lights x secret hybrid

    - Northern Lights = Afghani x Thai landraces


    Wellness and Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds


    Feminized Northern Lights #10 cannabis seeds are sought after by medical marijuana patients because of their potential to provide relief from ailments. Besides being a hit with recreational users, there are reports of the strain’s therapeutic benefits.


    The euphoric and mood-boosting effect buds from Northern Lights #10 seeds may help stress, worries, and anxiety melt away, uplifting users’ spirits. The strain is said to potentially benefit people with bipolar disorder because there are no known side effects compared to prescription drugs. 


    The indica effect might relieve those with aches and pains, as it relaxes every muscle and joint in the body. Some stories speak of positive results people experience with chronic issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraines.


    Smoking buds from Northern Lights #10 seeds may help those with insomnia as it calms your mind and body, lulling you into a deep slumber.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Northern Lights #10 feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    For more information on feminized Northern Lights #10 seeds, check out our experts’ responses to frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answers to your queries, please get in touch with our team.


    What are regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds?


    If you’re looking to grow smokable buds, choose Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds. Genetically altered to eliminate male chromosomes and produce all-female crops, they offer a hassle-free cultivation experience, eliminating the need for sexing and removing pollinating plants. 


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. also sells the other two types of cannabis seeds:


    - Regular seeds are natural, meaning they are unaltered by man. There’s a 50:50 chance of developing plants of both genders. Breeders use the marijuana seeds to propagate new ones and hybrids.


    - Autoflower seeds are the result of crossbreeding regular strains with a ruderalis cultivar. Plants are smaller and produce lower yields. They naturally switch from vegging to flowering and have a shorter life cycle, allowing you to have multiple harvests in a year.


    Where can I get free cannabis Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds?


    Free marijuana seeds are hard to find, but you can get feminized Northern Lights #10 seeds at no cost here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Check out our regular Buy One Get One free (BOGO) deals and cheap weed seeds offer.


    When fem Northern Lights #10 seeds are for sale during this promo, you get a complimentary pack of cannabis seeds for every one you buy. Here’s how it works:


    - 4-pack deal: Four seeds + another four free seeds

    - 8-pack special: Eight seeds + another eight free seeds

    - 12-pack offer: 12 seeds + another 12 free seeds


    Take advantage of the fantastic offer during the limited period when you see Northern Lights #10 seeds with the BOGO badge.


    Can a beginner grow Northern Lights #10 feminized?


    Yes. Plants from Northern Lights #10 feminized marijuana seeds are resistant to diseases, pests, and molds, making them perfect for novices. Being feminized cannabis seeds, growers don’t have to identify and segregate the genders to remove the male pollinators.


    Learning to prune the thick foliage is helpful as it improves airflow, keeps moisture levels low, and prevents mold development. Expect crops from feminized Northern Lights #10 seeds with minimal care to produce bountiful yields.


    What is the Northern Lights #10 feminized flower time?


    Plants from Northern Lights #10 feminized cannabis seeds flower in about 7–8 weeks. For outdoor crops in the Northern Hemisphere, expect to collect your stash of nugs in early October.


    Dry and cure your harvested buds to boost their potency and quality. This important process enhances their aroma and reduces harshness.


    How long do Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Although the germination duration varies, expect to see taproots appear from your Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds within 1–5 days using our paper towel method. 


    Inspect your seeds daily to ensure they don’t dry out. Remember to record your process. If any of our marijuana seeds don’t pop within that period, we’ll replace them for free under our guarantee.


    How long does it take Northern Lights #10 feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Your Northern Lights #10 feminized marijuana seeds should take roughly 19–22 weeks to get through the four stages of their life cycle before being harvest-ready. 


    Although all cannabis seeds are different, they usually go through the following phases:


    - Germination: 1–5 days

    - Seedling: 3–4 weeks

    - Vegetative: 8–9 weeks

    - Flowering: 7–8 weeks


    Grow medium: Northern Lights #10 feminized hydro or soil?


    Feminized Northern Lights #10 cannabis seeds flourish in the soil and hydroponics, so it’s a matter of preference. If cost is a factor, opt for the former as it’s cheaper than the latter.


    If you choose the traditional way, use an organic medium to improve the herb’s terpenes. These compounds enhance your buds’ fragrance. 


    Implement hydroponics to maximize yields from small grow spaces. The setup helps plants from feminized Northern Lights #10 seeds grow quicker. Be careful not to overfeed nutrients as it can cause “nute burn.”


    It’s important to maintain the following pH levels:


    - Soil: 6.0–7.0

    - Hydro: 5.5–6.5.


    What is the average Northern Lights #10 feminized height?


    The height of plants from Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds varies. Although they typically grow to 31 inches, some have reached as tall as 78 inches on occasions. Take note of this variance when planning for indoor cultivation. 


    Where can I find pictures of Northern Lights #10 feminized marijuana?


    Find pictures of buds and plants from Northern Lights #10 seeds at the top. For images from cultivators of the marijuana seeds, check out the Northern Lights #10 Feminized Homegrown Diaries. It’s where they document their growing process and post videos and photos.


    Start your diary when you cultivate the herb and share your experience with fellow Feminized Northern Lights #10 cannabis seeds gardeners.


    Where is the best place to buy Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds in the USA?


    The best place to buy Northern Lights #10 seeds feminized is from a reputable seed bank like us. With more than 20 years of supplying growers with premium cannabis seeds, we offer our customers the following benefits:


    - A seed collection with hundreds of phenotypes, including many hard-to-find ones.

    - Free seed replacement germination guarantee.

    - Regular promotions where you get cheap and free marijuana seeds, including Northern Lights #10 seeds.

    - Secure, encrypted online ordering system to safeguard your private and financial information.

    - Popular payment options, including cryptocurrency.

    - Fast and discreet delivery of your purchase to your doorstep.


    Our blog is also a huge resource of cultivation information and tips written by industry experts. There’s also a community of cannabis seeds growers who share their experiences and stories.


    Are there any other names for Northern Lights #10 feminized?


    There aren’t any nicknames for Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds, although their parent strain is known by its initials “NL.”


    Spelling errors


    When searching for the herb, be sure to do the following to get the result you seek:


    - Include “#10,” as the strain’s parent and ten siblings carry the same name. You don’t want to get the wrong cultivar.

    - Add “feminized seeds” as “Northern Lights” by itself refers to the natural phenomenon “aurora borealis.”

    - Avoid misspellings such as "Northern Lites" and "Nothern Light."


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