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Mexican Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Mexican Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • For Mexican-fiesta kind of feels.
  • 23% THC for intense psychoactive cerebral activity.
  • Tangy citrus notes with earth
  • Wrap up your cannabis enchilada with Mexican Haze feminized seeds and delve into the most energized sensations you've ever imagined. This sativa dominant strain boasts true Acapulco character by crossing the genetics from Mexican and an unknown hybrid. A blend of Mexican classics with their infamous recreational and growing traits came together to create this stellar cultivar f...Show more

    Mexican Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    600 - 700
    Height indoor
    90 - 200
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Mexican Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Wrap up your cannabis enchilada with Mexican Haze feminized seeds and delve into the most energized sensations you've ever imagined. This sativa dominant strain boasts true Acapulco character by crossing the genetics from Mexican and an unknown hybrid.


    A blend of Mexican classics with their infamous recreational and growing traits came together to create this stellar cultivar favored by many. The perfect wake and bake smoke provide long-lasting physical energy effects coupled with cerebral stimulation.


    Crops from Mexican Haze feminized seeds prefer subtropical climatic growing conditions. Give these plants what they need, and reward yourself with bountiful yields. Learn all there is to know about raising crops from these cannabis seeds and how you can revel in the citrusy flavors and aromas after harvesting.


    What are Mexican Haze feminized cannabis seeds?


    The lineage of Mexican Haze feminized seeds has satisfied the needs of cannabis connoisseurs since the 1960s. Crossing the genes of Acapulco Gold, Jack Herer, and an Original Haze (all Mexican landraces) gave rise to this sativa-heavy charmer.


    The physical appearance of these crops impresses cultivators with their sharp green foliage displays, creating a tropical bed of cannabis. Covering the trichome bejeweled colas are long, open, resinous buds—surrounded by striking amber pistils. Thanks to the strong heritage of Mexican Haze fem seeds, these crops mature into high-yielding females. During flowering, the buds are heavy, and the stalks often need structural support.


    Feminized Mexican Haze seeds produce tall and slender crops with wide internodal spaced branches. They allow for comfortable airflow preventing moisture buildup, making the plants highly resistant to common diseases.


    If you need some extra motivation to get a head start on your day, then puffing on buds produced from Mexican Haze feminized seeds is the ideal choice. The moderate THC levels allow potent yet pleasant effects to overcome the body and mind. If you've ever wondered what "sativa-happy" feels like, now you'll experience it first hand. Besides the mind-blowing recreational and cultivating advantages of Mexican Haze feminized seeds, cannabis enthusiasts also have the privilege of their therapeutic benefits.


    What are the Mexican Haze feminized seeds effects?


    The terpenes in the buds produced from Mexican Haze feminized seeds compliment the THC levels. Ranging from 15–23%, expect a satisfying and potent experience. Well known for their wake and bake qualities, you'd appreciate the powerful uplifting and euphoric effects early in the day.


    Shake off the early morning lethargy and start your day with buds from fem Mexican Haze seeds. Uplift your mood after a few puffs with happy and focused thoughts; physically, you feel energized, ready to take on any tasks.


    Mental clarity paves the way for heightened senses. Visually everything becomes clearer—colors and objects are more vivid while sounds are louder. You're not transitioning into anything supernatural; however, you may experience some psychedelic feelings.


    The cerebral high is satisfying and intense—nothing too overwhelming as the indica traits settle in, making sure everything feels well balanced. Feminized Mexican Haze seeds grant tokers delectable nugs to bake on and rid themselves of negative emotions.


    Soon after, a whimsical state nestles the thoughts, and senseless chats and giggles follow. This strain is ideal for an evening of social encounters with friends. There's nothing better than experiencing a buzz of this caliber and laughing at silly things with peers.


    When puffing on the buds grown from Mexican Haze feminized seeds, be mindful about your intake. A few deep inhales from these nuggets are potent, and first-time tokers may be overwhelmed if they overindulge. 


    Tokers may also experience benign discomforts even with moderate doses. These side effects include dry eyes and cottonmouth, mild paranoia, or slight anxiety due to the heightened mental stimulation. Keep hydrated throughout your puffing sesh to alleviate some of these downsides. 


    What does the Mexican Haze feminized smell like?


    Heating a joint filled with buds produced from Mexican Haze feminized seeds exudes refreshing citrus notes that satisfy the olfactory senses. The inhale is a fruity infusion of oranges and lemons. These citrus notes are detectable during the exhale and accompanied by undertones of earthy wood scents that linger in the smoke-filled air.


    While these are the most notable flavors and aromas found in the buds grown from feminized Mexican Haze seeds—some subtle notes are picked up too. Let's have a look at the terpene profile that makes up a bowl of citrus delight:


    - Beta-Caryophyllene: Pepper and woody scents. 

    - Terpinolene: Smokey and woody aromas.

    - Myrcene: Earthy, herbal, and clove notes

    - Limonene: Citrus for the taste and smell.

    - Linalool: Floral and citrus notes

    - Cymene: Citrus, earth, and woody scents


    How to germinate Mexican Haze feminized seeds


    Before starting your growing journey, you need to germinate your Mexican Haze feminized seeds. Below is some useful information to add to your grow guide:


    - Use good seeds. Healthy seeds are hard, brown, and have dark stripes running across the shell. Green seeds won't germinate easily. Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed bank only stocks high-quality marijuana seeds.


    - Comfortable temperatures for the seeds to germinate are 70–90℉ while keeping humidity at 80–90%.


    The taproot that appears once your Mexican Haze feminized seeds have germinated is what grows into the plant's main stem. Take extra caution when handling the seeds not to harm the roots. For the best success, use the paper towel method as detailed below. This is the process that we recommend and is the only one covered by our replacement guarantee. If, in the unlikely event that one of our seeds doesn’t pop, we’ll replace it for you. Please photograph/video your germination activities to help us out.


    Cannabis seeds need three things to pop successfully:


    - Water

    - Heat

    - Air


    You'll need the following supplies: 


    - Two sheets of paper towels

    - Two plates

    - Your seeds

    - A spray bottle with purified room temperature water

    - Tweezers


    The process:


    - Use the spray bottle to wet the paper towels enough to be damp and not saturated.


    - Put one of the papers onto a plate.


    - Evenly spread the Mexican Haze fem seeds, around an inch apart, on the damp paper towel using the tweezers.


    - Place the other paper towel over the seeds but don't push down.


    - Cover the seeds with the second plate and put them in a cupboard or drawer with warm temperatures of 72℉.


    - Monitor the saturation of the paper towel until you see the tap root appearing.


    - Once the little roots appear, your marijuana seeds are ready to be planted into soil for outdoor growing or rock wool cubes for indoor hydro cultivation.


    - Use the tweezer to handle the seeds when moving them into their growing medium.


    - After planting the seeds, they begin sprouting anywhere from 1–4 days.


    Your Mexican Haze feminized cannabis seeds have now transitioned and are in full motion to grow into robust crops. Check out the homegrown Cannabis Co. germination guide for optimal results.


    Mexican Haze feminized seeds grow guide


    Once your feminized Mexican Haze seeds have germinated and sprouted, decide whether you're raising them indoors or out. The crops grow well in either environment, but cultivating indoors is most preferred—allowing you to have complete control over the elements and enjoy a harvest throughout the year. Four essential elements for growing healthy crops produced from Mexican Haze fem seeds are light, water, nutrients, and airflow.


    These crops are beginner-friendly, thanks to their straightforward growing characteristics. Because of the wide internodal spacing between branches, there's no need to worry about inconsistent moisture buildup. Too many damp spots around the leaves cause a breeding ground for mold and mildew.


    If you're opting to grow your Mexican Haze feminized seeds indoors, be aware of their climatic requirements. These crops thrive in subtropical climates with hot and humid summers and cool to mild winters. Replicating the natural outdoor conditions is essential, with temperatures ranging from 70–80℉ and relative humidity at 50%.


    Use hydroponics as a growing medium along with the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method to increase yield production. Adopting the ScrOG technique allows you to maximize your growing space by using every square foot. The low-stress training encourages the plants to grow horizontally.


    Crops grown from Mexican Haze fem seeds grow up to 7 ft tall inside and a staggering 10 ft outside with natural sunlight. After ten weeks of flowering, you're presented with bountiful yields of 14–18 oz./m² indoors and 21–25 oz./plant outdoors.


    Outdoor growing is always encouraged if you're living in the right climate to support the needs of the crops you're raising. Natural light has never been bad for the life cycle of cannabis plants. The more sunlight the leaves absorb, the taller your crops will grow, which explains the great height it reaches outside.


    Mexican Haze feminized cannabis seeds are sativa heavy and have photoperiod characteristics, so they'll transition into flowering under a 12/12 (12 hours of light / 12 hours of darkness ) light cycle. 


    Due to the sativa attributes, the leaves are slender which need occasional pruning and trimming. The resin dripping buds produced from Mexican Haze feminized seeds are heavy and covered in shimmering trichomes. Structural support during flowering is vital to prevent the branches from snapping.


    These Homegrown Cannabis Co's Mexican Haze seeds are feminized—reducing the chances of unwanted males growing among the crops. Unwelcomed pollination is only guaranteed if no other males are within close range of your growing space.


    What are the Mexican Haze feminized seeds’ genetics?


    By crossing the feminized genes of Mexican with a Secret Hybrid, breeders stunned cannabis fans with a sativa dominant female variant of Mexican Haze. Mexican Haze feminized cannabis seeds originate from classic Mexican landrace cultivars like Acapulco Gold and Original Haze. Traces of Jack Herers' genes completes the circle of Mexican Haze.


    Acapulco Gold is the foundation of this Haze strain with its trusting sativa leaning characteristics providing tokers with the energized and cerebral high. Original Haze tops this cultivar off with its long-lasting euphoric high and hallucinatory sensations. At the same time, Jack Herer seals the deal with the easy-to-grow qualities of Mexican Haze feminized seeds. All three classic strains burst with citrus flavors and aromas, which is why Mexican Haze feminized buds predominantly exude citrus notes.


    Wellness and Mexican Haze feminized


    The effects of this cultivar are also beneficial to cannabis connoisseurs who like to tap into the therapeutic qualities of weed strains. It's believed that toking on the buds produced from Mexican Haze fem seeds assists mental and physical ailments.


    The powerful energetic, and uplifting feelings experienced reportedly help with discouraging emotions, restlessness, and nervous reactions. The mental stimulation and enhanced focus capabilities are said to help users who have ADHD. Some consumers say when the relaxing sedative feelings settle in, they tend to be relieved from aches, pains, tension, and other physical uneasiness.


    The terpenes found in feminized Mexican Haze seeds all contribute to the wellness benefits of this cultivar. Limonene and cymene provide anti-inflammatory properties. The elevated mood is courtesy of caryophyllene, terpinolene, myrcene, and linalool.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advised and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Mexican Haze feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Some frequently asked questions are always on the horizon for getting to know the ins and outs about your favorite selection of cannabis seeds. Let's cover some relating to the Mexican Haze feminized seeds.


    Where can I get free cannabis Mexican Haze feminized seeds?


    No need to hustle away to Mexico. The Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed store is ready to meet your recreational and cultivating needs of acquiring feminized Mexican Haze seeds. With the availability of cheap cannabis seeds via the buy one, get one free promotion, you may see these seeds appear here, and you'll be able to grow your own in no time.


    Can a beginner grow Mexican Haze feminized?


    Cultivating crops produced from Mexican Haze fem seeds is a breeze, making them a favorite among novice growers. Continue to follow your regular maintenance schedules, even though these beauties are kind to their carers and won't give much of a hassle.


    What is the Mexican Haze feminized flower time?


    Expect a flowering time of ten weeks when growing your crops produced from Mexican Haze feminized seeds indoors. On average, outdoors in the northern hemisphere isn't any different, with harvest time around mid to late October.


    How long does Mexican Haze feminized take to germinate?


    The average germination time frame for Mexican Haze feminized seeds is 24–120 hours. It's also important to follow the correct and recommended germinating methods to ensure a quick and healthy start to your seeds' life cycle. Don’t forget our germination guarantee on the odd occasion a seed doesn’t sprout.


    How long does it take Mexican Haze feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Providing your crops produced from Mexican Haze feminized seeds with required lighting, nutrients, and care outdoors, you'll be harvesting your buds by late October. Due to the photoperiod characteristics of these cannabis seeds, expect a growth cycle estimated as follows: 


    - Germination of seeds: 1–7 days

    - Seedling stage: 1–2 weeks

    - Vegetative stage: 2–8 weeks (18 hours of light/6 hours of dark)

    - Flowering stage: 10 weeks (12 hours of light/12 hours of dark)

    - Harvest takes place within week 17–18


    Keep that your crop will only go into its flowering stage once it receives fewer hours of light.


    Grow medium for Mexican Haze feminized: hydro or soil?


    Growing your crops produced from feminized Mexican Haze seeds indoors in hydroponics using the ScrOG system is much preferred. You're able to control the growing environment, and with the help of the Screen of Green setup, you can manipulate its growth pattern. An added benefit is shortening the growth cycle and further increasing yield production.


    What is the average Mexican Haze feminized height?


    When growing outdoors, Mexican Haze plants grow up to 10 ft tall. Regular trimming helps keep the height shorter if you're trying to hide from nosy neighbors. In an indoor setup, they grow up to 7 ft.


    What are regular, feminized, and autoflower Mexican Haze seeds?


    As you’ve discovered, feminized Mexican Haze seeds only produce female crops and need a manual change in the light cycle to begin flowering. Feminized seeds are more popular since their growing characteristics guarantee yields of tasty buds.


    Regular seeds are the most natural form of cannabis seeds and grow as male or female plants. These seeds are predominantly used by breeders who wish to pollinate females to produce seeds for creating new strains.


    Autoflower seeds produce resilient crops; they automatically transition into their flowering stages without 12/12 (light/dark) light adjustments. We don’t stock the autoflower variant of Mexican Haze yet, but we encourage you to try out the auto of Jack Herer in the meantime.


    Where can I find pictures of Mexican Haze feminized marijuana?


    You're able to sneak a peek right here on this webpage with beautiful images of plants produced from Mexican Haze feminized seeds' colas. Some pictures of the dried buds are also available. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has various videos to watch to get you excited about starting your growing journey. Mexican Haze feminized Homegrown Diaries provides you with detailed information from real growers who've tried their hand at cultivating this Mexican fiesta. 


    Where is the best place to buy Mexican Haze feminized in the USA?


    Without a doubt, Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best and only place to get yourself some A-grade Mexican Haze feminized seeds in the USA. Our seed store brings the luxury of sorting and selecting your marijuana seeds online with a reliable and discreet shipping ethos.


    Are there any other names for Mexican Haze feminized?


    The name Mexican Haze feminized is classic, and there's no need to dub it as anything other. It's still good to know how the name is made up. The name Mexican is predominantly derived from Acapulco Gold, which holds close relations to the port in Mexico. Haze part of this cultivars' name is brought in from Original Haze and Jack Herers' classic Haze lineage. The combined genes from these legends make crops produced from Mexican Haze feminized seeds well known and high in demand.


    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Mexican Haze feminized pics and any Mexican Haze feminized grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Mexican Haze feminized images; those crystals drive us wild!


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