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Maui Wowie Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Maui Wowie Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Like floating in the ocean off Hawaii
  • A mid range sativa - perfect to get stuff done
  • Dominant myrcene for earth and a terpene cocktail for the tropical fruits
  • Maui Wowie feminized seeds let you raise a crop of this legendary sativa-dominant cultivar. Maui Wowie needs an accommodating environment to fulfill its potential, making for a strain best suited to experienced growers. This heavenly Hawaiian hybrid isn’t difficult to grow once you provide the right conditions. It's the strain’s sensitivity to suboptimal environments that requi...Show more

    Maui Wowie Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    350 - 450
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    10-12 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Maui Wowie Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Maui Wowie feminized seeds let you raise a crop of this legendary sativa-dominant cultivar. Maui Wowie needs an accommodating environment to fulfill its potential, making for a strain best suited to experienced growers.


    This heavenly Hawaiian hybrid isn’t difficult to grow once you provide the right conditions. It's the strain’s sensitivity to suboptimal environments that requires skilled management. Satisfy Maui Wowie’s needs, and it thrives indoors and out. As part of our feminized seeds range, Maui Wowie seeds deliver productive results every time.


    Just a few tokes of Maui Wowie delivers a delightful, soaring, cerebral experience filled with energy and positive vibes. This tropically fruity phenotype is the perfect way to kickstart your day or give yourself a mid-morning shot of energy to see you through till the evening. Indica effects are expressed on a smaller scale but provide a chilled-out buzz as the heady experience winds down.


    Keep reading for info on Maui Wowie’s effects, fragrance, flavor, medicinal applications, and more. You’ll also get some tips on raising these feminized Maui Wowie seeds, helping you to maximize your harvests.


    What are Maui Wowie feminized cannabis seeds?


    Maui Wowie seeds are feminized and contain zero male chromosomes, which means they develop into female, flower-producing plants virtually every time. Feminized seeds give you the best chance at cultivating an all-female crop of cannabis. You can focus on pampering your plants without worrying about raising unproductive males.


    You’ll find the facts for this strain below. Take a look for a rough idea of what to expect from growing Maui Wowie feminized seeds. The information listed here is expanded upon in the following sections.


    - Strain Name: Maui Wowie feminized seeds

    - Phenotype: Sativa-dominant hybrid

    - Genetic Background: Hawaiian sativa in-bred line (IBL)

    - THC: 14–19%

    - CBD: 0–1%

    - Flowering Time: 9–11 weeks

    - Effects: Uplifting, euphoric, stress-relief

    - Medical applications: Social anxiety, depression, reduced energy

    - Flavor / Aroma: Sweet, citrus, tropical

    - Dominant terpenes: Limonene, myrcene, pinene

    - Indoor yield: 12–16 oz. per m²

    - Outdoor yield: ~32 oz. per plant

    - Height: 6–7 feet

    - Grow Difficulty: Intermediate


    What are Maui Wowie feminized seeds effects?


    Cannabis grown with Maui Wowie feminized seeds is fast-acting and long-lasting. The primarily mental experience is potent but welcoming enough for less-experienced smokers who consume in moderation.


    Inhale the lusciously fruity smoke, and it goes straight to your head. An explosion of positivity leads to almost instantaneous feelings of euphoria. You feel on top of the world thanks to Maui Wowie’s giddy cerebral kick. Share a bowl with friends, and conversation flows freely, interrupted only by frequent laughter.


    The uplifting qualities of Maui Wowie come hand in hand with increased energy and motivation. Just a small amount gives you that invigorating pick-me-up you need to get off the couch and get things done. In conjunction with its powerful psychoactive properties, the energizing buzz provides artistic users with boundless inspiration and creativity.


    Maui Wowie’s elevating sativa side lasts for a deliciously long time, gradually tapering off into a mellow, contented buzz. The strain’s indica effects are less impressive but no less enjoyable. As your thoughts turn inwards, awareness of your body increases, and you notice a gentle sense of relaxation seep into every extremity.


    Maui Wowie’s laid-back physical properties ease stress, relieve tension, and soothe tired limbs. Couch-lock is rare with this strain—you’ll be free to move around without issue, but you simply won’t want to. Consuming moderate amounts doesn’t cause drowsiness by itself, but you may find yourself naturally tired after an energetic day with Maui Wowie.


    Feminized Maui Wowie seeds produce cannabis containing 14–19% THC and up to 1% CBD. These moderately high cannabinoid levels mean less-experienced users can consume in moderation without becoming overwhelmed while also satisfying higher tolerance levels.


    Respect your limits when smoking Maui Wowie, and you’re guaranteed a great time. Consuming too much too quickly may lead to some minor side effects. If you experience mild feelings of nausea, dizziness, or paranoia, don’t worry. Stop smoking, sit back, relax, and wait for these feelings to pass after a short time.


    What does Maui Wowie feminized smell like?


    Maui Wowie feminized seeds develop into tall, slender plants that produce moss-colored fluffy buds covered in resinous trichomes. Maui Wowie flowers begin exuding their alluring, mouth-watering aroma as flowering progresses.


    Fresh flowers fill the air with a lip-smacking combo of tropical and fruity fragrances. An abundance of limonene and myrcene in the cannabis creates a beautiful blend of tart citrus and sweet pineapple and mango notes.


    Dried and cured buds allow the scent of the marijuana to mature and intensify. The zesty orange and lemon notes are more prominent, and its syrupy sweetness is even more pervasive. Beneath the sweet and sour fruit fragrances is a hint of herbs and a slight earthiness.


    The same elements are found in the buds from Maui Wowie feminized seeds once you light up. The rich, thick smoke quickly fragrances a room with its irresistible fruit cocktail of smells. The faint earthy notes of the cured buds become more apparent when sparked, creating a funky, fruity atmosphere.


    Maui Wowie cannabis doesn’t disappoint on flavor. Drawing in the smoke delivers a torrent of tropical flavors that deliver on the promise of its fragrance. The taste is overwhelmingly sweet, with robust pineapple and mango notes enhanced with a slight tang of lemon. Exhaling leaves an unsurprisingly sweet aftertaste with a subtle twist of fresh herbs.


    How to germinate Maui Wowie feminized seeds


    After receiving your Maui Wowie feminized seeds, the first thing to do is to start germinating. We offer a germination guarantee replacing any unopened seeds, but you must follow our guide exactly, documenting each step in either pictures or video.


    Gather purified water, paper towels, and two plates, then follow these steps:


    - Wet two paper towels using the purified water. Don’t use unfiltered tap water as it may contain chlorine, negatively affecting germination. Make sure the towels aren’t completely soaked by gently wringing out any excess liquid.


    - Put a damp towel on a plate and lay your Maui Wowie feminized seeds on top. Leave an inch of space between the marijuana seeds before covering them with another towel. The second plate goes on top, blocking out light and helping to create a humid environment inside.


    - Take your plate germ chamber and put it somewhere warm and dark. Monitor every 12–24 hours and ensure the towels never dry out.


    - Your first feminized Maui Wowie seeds should open within 24–48 hours but may take up to 120. Transport opened marijuana seeds to their starter pots. Place them an inch deep in the soil, with the taproot facing down.


    For an illustrated and video version, check out our germination guide.


    Maui Wowie feminized seeds grow guide


    Like many pure sativa strains, growing Maui Wowie feminized seeds requires a touch of experience and skill in managing large plants. Maui Wowie exhibits a typically stretchy sativa growth profile that demands plenty of vertical space or significant training. Its purebred status and tropical origin make it highly mold-resistant and humidity-tolerant.


    Grow feminized Maui Wowie seeds in living, bio-organic soil and expect an even tastier crop of cannabis thanks to improved terpene development. If you have a hydroponic setup, you’ll find meeting this strain’s nutrient needs a breeze and see enhanced growth and yields as a result.


    Sowing fem Maui Wowie seeds indoors is the best choice for those of us not blessed with a subtropical climate. Keep temperatures in the preferred range of 75–84°F for vigorous growth. Your ‘nighttime’ temps should never drop lower than 60°F. Any lower can send plants into shock, resulting in stunted growth.


    Temper this strain’s stretchy tendencies by topping or using low-stress training methods. A Screen of Green helps to promote lateral growth and breaks apical dominance in taller plants like Maui Wowie. Mold is an extremely rare occurrence thanks to a natural tolerance of damper conditions along with its slender, wispy leaves.


    Sprout, care for, and see your feminized Maui Wowie seeds through to maturity, and they’ll reward you handsomely. Experienced indoor growers achieve yields of 12–16 oz. /m² after 9–11 weeks of flowering.


    Outdoor cultivation is where Maui Wowie feminized seeds really shine, but only with the right weather. This IBL phenotype is native to Hawaii, so you’ll need a similar climate to maximize its potential. With plenty of sun and warm, subtropical conditions, Maui Wowie truly impresses.


    Plant your fem Maui Wowie seeds outdoors, and the resulting plants can reach heights of 7 feet or more. Repeated topping helps keep their size more manageable and less prone to breakage as they stretch. Unmanaged plants require staking or tying up to support the thin, bud-bearing branches.


    Maui Wowie can withstand slightly cooler environments, but it's generally ill-advised. Insistent growers in the Northern Hemisphere should harvest by mid-October. Under absolutely ideal conditions, experienced cultivators coax out up to 32 oz. of tropical cannabis from every plant.


    What are Maui Wowie feminized seeds’ genetics?


    Maui Wowie first appeared in the US during the sixties. At the time, its THC levels were far above the competition. While today’s ultra-modern poly-hybrids may have it beat on paper, Maui Wowie has remained a firm favorite, showing that it’s not all about the figures.


    This in-bred line (IBL) is essentially a Hawaiian landrace strain that’s been selectively backcrossed to retain its genetic purity.


    Maui Wowie feminized seeds contain untouched sets of genes, making them highly genetically stable and resilient. The resulting plants rarely fall prey to genetic issues and problems other hybrids experience.


    Wellness and Maui Wowie feminized seeds


    Cannabis grown from Maui Wowie feminized seeds possesses an overwhelmingly high ratio of around 19:1 THC:CBD. Analgesic properties are limited, but its powerful cerebral effects may still prove beneficial in providing relief for a range of issues.


    Users with reduced energy levels or a lack of motivation may find Maui Wowie’s energizing qualities provides a much-needed boost to productivity. The invigorating buzz helps get your body moving without entirely obliterating your mind.


    The uplifting, positive effects of Maui Wowie cannabis may also provide some psychological relief. A robust sense of euphoria lifts spirits and fosters a cheerful outlook that may help ease feelings of stress or even depression. Introverted or socially anxious users also find Maui Wowie helps to remove inhibitions, increase confidence, and ease social interaction.


    Maui Wowie’s physical properties are subtle but not unwelcome. This strain’s gently soothing side may relieve minor physical issues like muscular tension, cramps, and general tiredness.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Maui Wowie feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Here’s a quick list of some of the most common questions we get from growers planting Maui Wowie feminized seeds.


    Where can I get free Maui Wowie feminized seeds?


    Get yourself over to our cheap cannabis seeds page. Along with reduced-price cannabis seeds, we also run an endlessly rotating selection of buy-one-get-one offers. Pop in regularly, and you might get lucky with a BOGO on Maui Wowie feminized cannabis seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Maui Wowie feminized seeds?


    Beginners can grow Maui Wowie feminized seeds but won’t achieve the same results as a skilled cultivator. This strain, while resilient, is very sensitive to temperature changes and over or under-feeding, making it best for experienced growers.


    What is Maui Wowie feminized flower time?


    As with many pure sativa strains, plants grown with feminized Maui Wowie seeds take quite a while to mature. Flowering lasts 9–11 weeks. Be patient, and resist the urge to harvest early; the last two weeks see buds increase massively in size.


    How long do Maui Wowie feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Most high-quality cannabis seeds like these Maui Wowie feminized seeds open within 24–48 hours. Seeds with particularly tough casings may take up to 120 hours in some instances. In the highly unlikely event of a dud cannabis seed, we’ll happily replace it under our germination guarantee.


    How long does it take Maui Wowie feminized from seeds to harvest?


    An exact answer here is tricky, as various factors like photoperiod and climate affect the growth of your plants. A rough estimate from seed to harvest would be 21–23 weeks, broken down as follows.


    Allow one week for germination and three more to complete the seedling phase. The established plants then go through vegetative growth for approximately eight weeks. This strain flowers for 9–11 weeks, giving a total growing time of 21–23 weeks.


    Grow medium: Maui Wowie feminized hydro or soil?


    Feminized Maui Wowie seeds grow in any medium, so the choice is yours. Simple soil setups boost the terpene profile of the cannabis, enhancing its flavor. Hydroponic systems afford precise control over nutrition, improving growth rates and yield.


    What is the average Maui Wowie feminized height?


    Maui Wowie feminized seeds grow to around 6 feet indoors and unmanaged. Outdoors, in plenty of sun, these plants easily reach heights of 7 feet or more.


    Where can I find pictures of Maui Wowie feminized marijuana?


    You’ll find some excellent pics of Maui Wowie on this page. Check out our Maui Wowie Homegrown Diaries as well, where you’ll find tons of pics from our users.


    Once you’ve got your feminized Maui Wowie seeds in the ground, come back and start your own grow journal. You’ll be able to track your cultivation journey easily while also providing invaluable help to our other home-growers.


    Where is the best place to buy Maui Wowie feminized seeds in the USA?


    The only place to buy fem Maui Wowie seeds is right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our cannabis seeds are all highly viable, genetically stable, and affordable.


    Place an order today, and we’ll discreetly pack your marijuana seeds before shipping them swiftly to your location. We accept all major payment methods, and our customer service team is ready to help with any of your queries or concerns.


    Do you stock other Maui Wowie seed variants?


    We always try to stock a range of regular, autoflowering, and feminized marijuana seeds whenever we can. Our regular cannabis seeds are perfect for budding breeders. Regular cannabis seeds sprout into both male and female plants. Use these unaltered seeds to create a never-before-seen hybrid or amass a personal seed stash.


    Breeders create autoflowering marijuana seeds by crossing with a ruderalis strain. By removing the plants’ reliance on photoperiods, they flower automatically after a short vegetative period. Autoflowering strain variants tend to grow shorter and faster than their regular or feminized counterparts, allowing for multiple harvests in a year.


    Feminized marijuana seeds give growers the best odds at raising a crop of bud-bearing females. They have no Y-chromosome, which means in virtually every instance, they only develop into female plants. Feminized marijuana seeds are best for growers looking to maximize yields.


    Feminized Maui Wowie seeds are the only variant available for sale on Homegrown Cannabis Co. at this time.


    Are there any other names for Maui Wowie feminized?


    Maui Wowie is sometimes referred to as Hawaii Maui Wowie. You may also come across different spellings like Mowie Wowie or Maui Wowee.


    Spelling errors


    Spelling mistakes are common with this strain. We’ve seen Mawee Wawee, Mowy Wowee, and even Moowy Woowy. Maui is tricky to remember, so it’s not too surprising to see some errors here and there. Any small slip-ups like the examples should still get you where you need to be when searching online.


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