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Maracuya Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Maracuya Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • A passionate connection between euphoria and calm.
  • Powerful cerebral upliftment and body relaxation from 20% THC.
  • Sweet passionfruit and tangy citrus flavors and aromas.
  • Tropical and fruity Maracuya cannabis seeds transport you to a desert island. This delectable mix of Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Orange Bud is as tangy as they come and bursting with passion fruit flavors and fragrances.  This cultivar is sativa-heavy and a rare find, so grab some incredible cannabis seeds for your collection. With a few harvests to your name, grow our feminized ...Show more

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    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Maracuya Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Tropical and fruity Maracuya cannabis seeds transport you to a desert island. This delectable mix of Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Orange Bud is as tangy as they come and bursting with passion fruit flavors and fragrances. 


    This cultivar is sativa-heavy and a rare find, so grab some incredible cannabis seeds for your collection. With a few harvests to your name, grow our feminized Maracuya seeds in soil or hydroponics and enjoy decent yields. 


    In the right conditions, expect crops from these feminized seeds to flower for 8–10 weeks before harvesting sage green nugs covered in orange pistils. Crops only reach 3 feet tall, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivators.


    Expect up to 20% THC levels in the buds to transport your mind to euphoria. Experience better motivation, focus, and creativity levels to help you complete even the most mundane task. 


    Read on to discover all there is to know about Maracuya feminized seeds and crops to grow your own hefty yields.


    What are Maracuya feminized cannabis seeds?


    Maracuya seeds of the feminized variety are modified to grow into female plants only. This feature eliminates the need to sex your crops and get rid of the males. 


    With these marijuana seeds, expect plenty of juicy, smokable buds—99% of our fem seeds sprout females. Maracuya cannabis seeds are ideal for intermediate-level growers with some experience. 


    A good understanding of training techniques helps you get the most from the plants and enjoy bigger yields. The crops need the right environment to thrive—outdoors in a Mediterranean environment or indoors by controlling the climate.


    After harvesting the buds from feminized Maracuya cannabis seeds, light up and enjoy the tropical aromas filling the air and delectable flavors gliding down your throat. 


    Expect your creativity to soar and energy levels to rise, helping you complete anything you’ve been procrastinating about. Feel buzzed and relaxed to improve your mood after just one toke.


    What are the Maracuya feminized seeds’ effects?


    Maracuya cannabis seeds grow sativa dominant buds, and it shows as soon as you take your first toke. 


    Within seconds, your sensory perception feels the effects of colorful visuals and sounds, taking on a psychedelic dimension. Your mood instantly uplifts, and worries and negative thoughts get pushed out of your headspace.


    If you find it hard to let down your guard and chat with those around you, get growing feminized Maracuya marijuana seeds. A couple of puffs of the nugs let your social butterfly soar, and deep and meaningful conversations become your forte. 


    Your boosted creativity levels enable you to partake in artistic endeavors. The high amounts of energy push you to blast through your chores. Despite feeling this vigorous physical boost, the buzz never overwhelms, allowing you to feel relaxed throughout the session. 


    If you’re new to cannabis, keep doses low and slow. Too much of this strain may cause a spacier experience or heavy couchlock. 


    The nugs from Maracuya feminized seeds could cause dry eyes and cottonmouth—common weed side effects. Manage these symptoms by staying hydrated and using over-the-counter eye drops.


    What does Maracuya feminized smell like?


    Maracuya cannabis seeds get their name from the delicious passion fruit. The cultivar produces fruity fragrances as it develops and fills your grow room with tropical aromas. 


    A slight herby tone accompanies this scent, but it’s mainly sweet and tart. As you light up the buds from feminized Maracuya seeds, expect the citrus fragrance to become more apparent and leave traces lingering in your nostrils. 


    Similar sweet tastes swirl around your mouth, reminding you of the acidic fruit. As you exhale, a grassy, lemony aroma dangles in the air, tempting you in for more.


    How to germinate Maracuya feminized seeds


    After finding fem Maracuya seeds for sale, you might want to grow them immediately. Don’t skip germination, though. This vital process ensures your cannabis seeds an excellent start in life.


    There are many popping techniques to try, but we prefer the paper towel method at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Sprouting your marijuana seeds this way ensures you don’t break our germination guarantee.


    We’re so confident in the quality of our Maracuya feminized seeds that we replace them for free if any fail to pop. Document yourself using the paper towel technique with photos and videos as proof. 


    In the rare event they don’t pop, send them along with your claim to make use of the germination guarantee.


    To perform this easy and low-risk technique, gather the following equipment:


    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - Two dinner plates

    - Purified water

    - Tweezers

    - Your pack of Maracuya seeds (feminized)


    Then, follow this step-by-step guide:


    - Wet one paper towel and wring it to get rid of excess water—too much liquid can rot your cannabis seeds. Lay it across one of the dinner plates.


    - Carefully remove each of your feminized Maracuya cannabis seeds from their packet and spread them out—an inch apart—across the paper towel.


    - Repeat the first step with the second paper towel and lay it across the seeds. Lift both towels to allow excess water to drain off the plate.


    - Close the germination station with the second plate and move the setup to somewhere dark and warm—a cupboard or on top of the fridge is ideal. 


    - Check on your seeds daily. Look out for emerging taproots and remove the sprouted marijuana seeds to your next medium. If the towels dry out, spray them with more water. 


    Our Maracuya cannabis seeds should sprout in 1–5 days. If they take longer, they’re likely duds and won’t pop. Get in touch with our team for your free replacements. Check out our germination guide for a visual example of the paper towel technique.


    Maracuya feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Maracuya cannabis seeds develop well in hydroponics and soil but require some experience to get the best harvest. The crops aren’t demanding but need an ideal climate to thrive—think of the Mediterranean in southern Europe, with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. 


    If you live in the right environment, sow your Maracuya feminized seeds outside in organic soil. This allows the plants to stretch as much as possible and encourages better terpene production, boosting flavor and fragrance. Ensure your cannabis enjoys plenty of sunshine for fatter nugs and be ready to harvest by early October.


    Growing Maracuya cannabis seeds indoors means you control the environment. Keep temperatures between 70 and 79°F and humidity at 40 to 50%. Implement the Sea of Green technique to boost bud production when growing four or more plants in a small space. 


    Branches and leaves intertwine to form a canopy and increase the expected yield per square meter. In the right conditions, expect to harvest 12–16 oz. per m² indoors or 12–16 oz. per plant outside.


    What are the Maracuya feminized strain genetics?


    Feminized Maracuya marijuana seeds are a fruity concoction of two flavorful cultivars—Orange Bud and Sweet Pink Grapefruit. 


    With these two tropical strains as parents, it’s no wonder Maracuya is just as exotic. Breeders crossed these two sweet cultivars to create a sativa-dominant, psychedelic offspring.


    Both parents pass down their best traits to Maracuya cannabis seeds and crops. Zesty Orange Bud gifted Maracuya a part of its citrus and tropical flavor profile and energetic and creative effects. 


    Sweet Pink Grapefruit rounds off the juicy fruit aroma and taste, filling you with euphoria and the urge to get things done.


    Wellness and Maracuya feminized seeds


    Maracuya feminized seeds produce bliss-inducing cannabis that may be beneficial to patients with a variety of conditions. 


    Thanks to the happy thoughts the buds deliver, consumers with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress could potentially find relief with a few tokes.


    The long-lasting buzz and relaxing sensations from nugs grown with Maracuya cannabis seeds soothe every muscle in your being. Smoking this strain may alleviate symptoms if you have chronic pain or autoimmune conditions, like arthritis, Crohn's disease, or IBS. 


    Many users with painful illnesses mention how much easier it is to get through their day with less pain after toking Maracuya.


    If you find it difficult to drift off to sleep in the evenings, consuming marijuana from feminized Maracuya seeds has the potential to help. 


    Enjoy a couple of puffs a few hours before bedtime, and by the time your head hits the pillow, you should sleep until morning. Consumers attest to the fresh feeling they experience the morning after, empowering them to start their day on the right foot.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Maracuya feminized marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    If you still have questions about Maracuya feminized seeds, crops, and buds, check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If anything is still unclear, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts.


    Where can I get free cannabis Maracuya feminized seeds?


    It’s rare to find free cannabis seeds, but we provide the next best thing at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We run constant buy one get one free (BOGO) offers and other cheap weed seed deals on a wide range of strains. 


    Keep an eye on the Maracuya cannabis seeds page and look for the BOGO badge. When you see it, click and get twice the amount of seeds. Expect to buy 4 marijuana seeds and get 4 free, buy 8 and get 8 free, and so on.


    Can a beginner grow Maracuya feminized?


    Maracuya feminized seeds grow best when you have some previous experience. These crops need a stable, controlled environment and thrive when implementing low-stress training techniques. We suggest novices try another strain or two before Maracuya.


    What is the Maracuya feminized flower time?


    The buds from feminized Maracuya cannabis seeds flower in roughly 8–10 weeks. This means nugs are ready to collect in early October in the Northern Hemisphere. Once harvested, ensure you dry and cure them before consumption.


    How long do Maracuya feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Although germination can take up to 10 days, you should see results in 1–5 days when you use our recommended paper towel method. If any of your Maracuya feminized seeds fail to pop, take advantage of our germination guarantee for free replacements.


    How long does it take Maracuya feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Marijuana seeds go through four phases before being harvest-ready, lasting 14–22 weeks on average. First, you need to germinate Maracuya cannabis seeds, which takes 1–5 days. Next, they enter the seedling stage for 2–3 weeks. 


    The vegetative phase is next, lasting anywhere from 3–16 weeks. Most growers keep their plants in vegging for 4–8 weeks. Finally, the buds from Maracuya feminized seeds take 8–10 weeks to flower. 


    Grow medium: Maracuya feminized hydro or soil?


    Maracuya cannabis seeds flourish in hydro and soil, so pick whichever suits you best. Planting in soil is cheap, easy to manage, and enhances terpenes in the buds, making for a delicious harvest.


    Hydroponics is more costly to set up but ensures your crops get all the nutrients you feed them and provides bigger yields. Some growers claim this medium also encourages plants to develop faster.


    What is the average Maracuya feminized height?


    Crops from Maracuya feminized seeds remain fairly short at 3 feet tops. The small stature makes them perfect for growing indoors in small spaces. The abundant foliage makes this strain ideal for implementing the Sea of Green training technique.


    Where can I find pictures of Maracuya feminized marijuana?


    Scroll back to the top, and you’ll see photos of the plants and buds from Maracuya cannabis seeds on this page. Alternatively, head over to our Maracuya Feminized Homegrown Diary. 


    Here, fellow growers share images of their crops through every stage of life and share their gardening tips and tricks. Once you plant your Maracuya feminized seeds and start cultivating, share your own diary of your journey.


    How do Maracuya feminized seeds differ from autoflower and regular versions?


    Marijuana seeds come in various types, with autoflower, feminized, and regular being the most common. They differ in how they develop and what they provide to the cultivator. Here’s a description of each:


    - Autoflower cannabis seeds: Auto strains usually remain small, switch from vegging to flowering without changes in the light cycle, and produce smaller yields. This seed type is best for growers with some experience who want to reap more than one harvest a year.


    - Feminized cannabis seeds: This type, like feminized Maracuya seeds, has a 99% chance of developing into female crops. These are ideal for novice growers as there’s no need to sex the plants, and they’re more forgiving of newbie errors.


    - Regular cannabis seeds: When you purchase this type of seed, expect a mix of male and female plants. If you only want to grow weed for the juicy buds, get rid of the males. Breeders choose these seeds to create new strains.


    Where is the best place to buy Maracuya feminized seeds in the USA?


    Find the best fem Maracuya seeds for sale in the country at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Get this strain and your other favorites from our catalog of over 500 cultivars. When you buy marijuana seeds from us, you also enjoy the following resources:


    - A germination guarantee on every seed you buy, promising free replacements for any non-sprouters.

    - Friendly industry experts ready to answer any of your doubts and queries through our customer support.

    - A huge blog full of articles, guides, and the latest news on everything in the 420 community.

    - A wide range of secure payment methods—including crypto.

    - Frequent and rotating promos on a range of strains in our selection.

    - Speedy and discreet delivery countrywide.


    Are there any other names for Maracuya feminized?


    Occasionally, 420 fans might call Maracuya cannabis seeds “Passion Fruit”—the tropical delight the strain is named after. Some others name it according to their genetics, so Orange Bud x Sweet Pink Grapefruit.


    Spelling errors


    As the strain’s name is in Spanish, it’s easy to misspell it. Make a note of how to write the cultivar, or you might get something else at your door instead of the feminized Maracuya cannabis seeds you wanted. Avoid the following mistakes:


    - Maracooya

    - Maracoya

    - Marracuya

    - Maricuya


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