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Maple Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Maple Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Find your sweet spot with gradual tokes.
  • 18% THC provides a psychedelic high and physical calm.
  • Enticing infusions of sweet incense and woody kush.
  • Maple Leaf feminized seeds grow into sweet-scented crops. These plants descend from exotic genetics and inherit unique flavors and effects that entice you to give them a try. The cultivar has an intriguing history which makes it even more desirable.  Buds from these feminized seeds have a plump yet tapered appearance. They feature eye-catching light green hues and a generous la...Show more

    Maple Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    Maple Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Maple Leaf feminized seeds grow into sweet-scented crops. These plants descend from exotic genetics and inherit unique flavors and effects that entice you to give them a try. The cultivar has an intriguing history which makes it even more desirable. 


    Buds from these feminized seeds have a plump yet tapered appearance. They feature eye-catching light green hues and a generous layer of delicious resin. Some tokers claim this fat structure earned it the name Maple Leaf. 


    During the late flowering stage, the nugs from feminized Maple Leaf seeds exude sweet, subtle fragrances with hints of wood and citrus. The flavor profile is a similar blend of fruit, florals, and wood, but with a zesty twist on the exhale. 


    There are also buttery notes which encourage you to savor every puff. The effects display the cultivar's indica lineage. It takes a few tokes to feel the buzz, but the sensations are powerful when it hits. 


    Tokers experience a mental calm combined with physical relaxation. Some report that buds from fem Maple Leaf seeds also have aphrodisiac qualities. The cultivar is THC-rich with negligible amounts of CBD. Health users also favor the cultivar, claiming it alleviates the symptoms of various medical conditions. Let's dive in and explore what this delectable cultivar has to offer.


    What are Maple Leaf feminized cannabis seeds? 


    Maple Leaf feminized seeds sprout an all-female crop 99% of the time. This offers growers the convenience of knowing all the plants may produce buds. The strain is indica with an interesting backstory. 


    Legend has it that these cannabis seeds hail from Mazar-I-Sharif and almost vanished during the Cold War. Many believe collectors preserved the strain by smuggling it across borders. The buds look like bright green fat-based cones, slightly resembling the Maple Leaf, which it's named after. 


    When growing feminized Maple Leaf marijuana seeds, expect soft, sweet fragrances. The dominant scents are wood, citrus, and sweet incense. These translate well into the flavor, and the aftertaste is reminiscent of the classic Kush cultivars. Nugs contain 14–18% THC levels and CBD content below 2%. 


    The cultivar is potent and hits after two to three tokes affecting you cerebrally first. A wave of euphoria uplifts you, instilling positive energy that lasts over an hour. When these effects wane, the physical aspect occurs. 


    Cultivating Maple Leaf feminized seeds suits growers of all experience levels. The strain is resilient and thrives in various environments. It's also a firm favorite among medicinal tokers who claim it helps with certain health conditions.


    What are Maple Leaf feminized seeds effects?


    Buds from feminized Maple Leaf weed seeds are powerful. Thanks to the high THC content, a buzz can last several hours. A warm headrush ensues after a few tokes, bringing on a trippy euphoria that uplifts you. Waves of positivity wash away any forms of sadness or stress. 


    About 30 minutes later, a relaxing sensation trickles down your body. The feeling is stimulating and heightens the libido. These aphrodisiac properties make it a great cultivar for an intimate evening in. 


    When these effects settle, a warmth engulfs you and relaxes every muscle. This is your cue to get cozy, as some tokers can experience body melt and sedation. Buds from fem Maple Leaf seeds may induce hunger, but each user's experience differs. 


    Due to the high THC levels, sensitive users may experience mild discomfort. These include headaches, dry eyes, and cottonmouth mouth. In rare instances, you might also feel dizzy or nauseous. Offset these by staying hydrated and keeping a bottle of eyedrops nearby. 


    What does the Maple Leaf feminized smell like?


    When you raise Maple Leaf feminized seeds indoors, sugary aromas waft through your grow room from the flowering phase. Once harvested, the scents get stronger and have a distinct woodiness. Crush them to reveal a blend of fruit, incense, and earth. The exotic fusion tempts you to taste it.


    Set these fat nugs alight and enjoy similar flavors with hints of spice and vanilla on the inhale. As the smoke hits the back of your throat, the citrus dominates, and a zesty tang teases your tastebuds.

    The maple incense comes to the fore on the exhale, sweetening the experience. The citrus and vanilla aftertaste lasts a few minutes after your last toke, enticing you in for another.


    How to germinate Maple Leaf feminized seeds


    When you cultivate Maple Leaf feminized seeds, the first step is getting them to pop. There are several germination methods to choose from, but the paper towel option has an incredible success rate. All you need are a few household items and your premium cannabis seeds. Gather the following to begin::


    - A bowl of water

    - 2 paper towels

    - Marijuana seeds

    - 2 dinner plates (same size)

    - Spray bottle (optional)

    - Tweezers 

    - Cloth




    Step 1: Dip a paper towel into the bowl of water and wring out any excess fluid.


    Step 2: Place it in the center of one of the dinner plates. 


    Step 3: Use the tweezers to gently place your Maple Leaf feminized seeds on the damp paper towel. Space them about an inch apart to give the roots enough space to develop without tangling or breaking. 


    Step 4: Moisten the second paper towel in the bowl of water and squeeze out any extra fluid. 


    Step 5: Cover the cannabis seeds with the damp paper towel. 


    Step 6: Dry any free-standing water droplets on the plate using the cloth.


    Step 7: Use the second plate to cover your makeshift germination setup and place it in a cool, dry spot. Check on the marijuana seeds daily and moisten them with the spray bottle if necessary. The fem Maple Leaf seeds should sprout within 1–5 days. To learn more about this technique, look at our germination guide. 


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. backs this straightforward germination method with a guarantee. If any of your marijuana seeds don't sprout, contact us for a free replacement. Be sure to document the process with photos or videos to qualify. 


    Maple Leaf feminized cannabis seeds grow guide


    Once you’ve germinated your feminized Maple Leaf weed seeds, transfer them to your preferred grow medium. These crops mature beautifully outdoors or indoors, and even beginners can cultivate them successfully. They reach a medium height of 4–5ft and thrive in loamy soil. 


    Cultivate these cannabis seeds outdoors in a sunny spot. The Mediterranean is best, with moderate humidity levels. Put up a protective canopy to shield your plants from heavy rainstorms or hail, as these can cause damage. 


    When cultivating these marijuana seeds indoors, keep the temperature warm at around 75℉. Ensure adequate ventilation to minimize the risk of pathogens settling on the thick foliage. Regularly trimming these plants boosts bud health while simultaneously improving light exposure and airflow. 


    The crops produced by Maple Leaf feminized seeds can withstand most training techniques. Enhance your yield by implementing a Sea of Green (SOG) technique. To implement this method, plant multiple crops close together to create a canopy of buds that focuses mainly on one heavy bloom.

    These crops are sturdy and produce generous yields. Indoor varieties offer around 14–17 oz./m2, and outdoor varieties produce 21 oz./plant.


    What are the Maple Leaf feminized strain genetics?


    Maple Leaf feminized seeds stem from a fusion of Mazar and Afghan Kush. The cultivar inherits the earthy incense and Kush scents from the latter. Both parents are powerful indicas with high THC levels. Mazar also contributes to the flavor profile, passing on earthy notes and subtle spice. These typically come from the caryophyllene terpene they contain. 


    Like Afghan Kush, Maple Leaf is potent with sedative effects. Many assert the buds derive their aphrodisiac qualities from Mazar. Its exotic lineage makes this strain unique. Maple leaf has similar effects to its parents, starting with a warm cerebral rush that slowly makes its way down your body and relaxes you. 


    Wellness and Maple Leaf feminized seeds


    Some medical tokers cultivate feminized Maple Leaf marijuana seeds for the strain’s reported health benefits. They assert that the high THC level combined with several strong terpenes result in the buds having healing qualities. 


    Users who need an extra boost in the bedroom claim it stimulates arousal and relaxes both body and mind. They also report that the cultivar helps induce sleep for those with insomnia. Other claims include stress relief and assistance with pain. 


    The main terpene in these buds is myrcene. Tokers assert it has the following benefits:


    - Anti-inflammatory properties

    - Muscle relaxant qualities 

    - Aphrodisiac traits 

    - Sedative effects


    Buds from Maple Leaf feminized seeds also contain pinene, caryophyllene, and cedrene. You can find pinene in various herbs like rosemary and basil. Some tokers believe it has anti-inflammatory properties that assist with pain. They also claim weed with this terp has anti-anxiety qualities, helps open airways, and can combat memory impairment. 


    Some medicinal tokers cultivate Maple Leaf feminized seeds for the reported benefits of the caryophyllene terpene. Experts assert it has antioxidant qualities and helps with behavioral disorders like anxiety and depression.

    Some also claim this terpene soothes the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. Cedrene is a less common terpene that some people believe can assist with inflammation. They also report it has antimicrobial and analgesic qualities. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Maple Leaf feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions 


    Now we’ve covered the most important aspects of Maple Leaf feminized seeds, let’s look at some of the most commonly asked questions.


    Where can I get free Maple Leaf feminized seeds?


    At Homegrown Cannabis Co., you can get free cannabis seeds with our buy-one-get-one (BOGO) free deals. Look out for the badge on selected products to qualify. Popular offers include:


    - Buy 4 get 4 free

    - Buy 8 get 8 free

    - Buy 12 get 12 free


    The online marijuana seed store also features other promotions and offers premium quality cheap weed seeds. 


    Can a beginner grow Maple Leaf feminized?


    Yes. Maple Leaf feminized seeds suit cultivators of all levels. They grow into sturdy, resilient plants that thrive in several grow mediums. This strain is ideal for novices as it has a natural resistance against most pathogens. 


    What is the Maple Leaf feminized flower time?


    Crops from these marijuana seeds flower for 6–8 weeks, and if cultivated outdoors, the buds are ready by late September or early October. Resist the urge to harvest too soon, as allowing them to mature properly enhances their profile.


    How long do Maple Leaf feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Maple Leaf feminized seeds germinate at different times. Even ones from the same pack may sprout days apart. Other factors that affect the duration are: 


    - Humidity 

    - Light exposure 

    - Germination method 

    - Seed quality 


    When you buy Maple Leaf fem seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., using the paper towel technique comes with a guarantee. The method is quick and easy, resulting in germination within five days.


    How long does it take Maple Leaf feminized from seed to harvest?


    Maple Leaf feminized marijuana seeds go through four development stages from seed to harvest. The total duration depends on the grower. Let’s look at each phase:


    - Germination

    - Seedling 

    - Vegetative

    - Flowering


    Germinating your cannabis seeds takes 1–2 weeks, depending on your technique and other factors. The seedling phase starts when leaves form. It lasts approximately 2–3 weeks.

    The vegetative stage is where the most vigorous growth occurs. It can last anything from 3–16 weeks. The crops only flip to flower when the light cycles change, so growers have the option to extend the third phase. The final stage lasts 6–8 weeks. 


    Grow medium: Maple Leaf feminized hydro or soil? 


    Maple Leaf feminized seeds grow well in various grow mediums, including hydroponics and soil. The latter is simpler for novice cultivators, whereas veterans may prefer hydroponics.

    The plant benefits from the consistent nutrients of the hydroponics, and the yields are bountiful. However, the terpenes tend to be more powerful in soil-grown buds. 


    What is the average Maple Leaf feminized height?


    Even though fem Maple Leaf seeds are indica (renowned for being short and bushy), they grow quite tall, reaching around 5 ft. Topping and training techniques can help reduce this height in smaller grow rooms. 


    Where can I find pictures of Maple Leaf feminized marijuana? 


    Right here on our Homegrown Cannabis Co. site. We have a wide variety of resources available, including accurate images and videos. For more pictures of Maple Leaf feminized seeds and buds, check out our Homegrown Maple Leaf Feminized Diaries.


    What is the difference between the three main marijuana seed variants?


    There are several marijuana seed variants available. The most popular are regular, feminized, and autoflower. You can’t tell the difference when they’re still seeds, but as they mature, it becomes apparent. 


    Regular cannabis seeds typically don’t have any genetic modifications and produce both male and female plants. You’re able to distinguish the genders during the vegetative phase.

    As soon as you can determine the sex, separate the males to avoid pollination. These crops are photoperiodic and only enter the flowering stage when the light cycle changes.


    Feminized ones like fem Maple Leaf seeds are also photoperiodic. They flip to flower when there's a 12-hour light, 12-hour dark cycle. These marijuana seeds produce female-only plants 99% of the time. This means all crops can produce buds, and you don’t have to worry about separating males. 


    Autoflower marijuana seeds contain ruderalis genetics and don’t depend on light cycles to transition from one developmental stage to the next. They grow at a predictable rate, and you can’t extend the life cycle. These crops are typically shorter than other varieties and have smaller yields suited to their compact structure. 


    Where is the best place to buy Maple Leaf feminized seeds in the USA?


    Get your fem Maple Leaf seeds for sale exclusively from Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our seed store not only provides premium products but also supplies a wealth of weed-related information. Our resources include strain-specific cultivation tips, blogs, images, and other details about cannabis seeds.


    We also have a community of cannabis lovers who share ideas on our Homegrown Forum. Subscribe to our Homegrown Diaries to track your growing progress, and share your cultivation experience with like-minded individuals. 


    Are there any other names for Maple Leaf feminized? 


    There currently aren’t any other names for feminized Maple Leaf seeds. There are a few spelling errors that sometimes pop up for the strain.


    Spelling errors


    - Mapl Leaf feminized

    - Maypel Leaf feminized

    - Mapel Leaf feminized

    - Maple Leef feminized


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