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LSD Feminized Cannabis Seeds

LSD Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 30
  • A psychedelic pool of relaxtion
  • At around 24% THC a light halucinatory trip awaits
  • Everything you'd expect from terpene myrcene
  • LSD feminized seeds live up to their title by allowing you to dip your toes into a psychedelic pool of relaxation. While this cultivar doesn’t possess the strength of its namesake, its 24% THC content packs a mighty punch that even the most tolerant marijuana fans will enjoy.On top of that, growing feminized LSD cannabis seeds is an absolute pleasure, no matter how much experie...Show more

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    LSD Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    LSD feminized seeds live up to their title by allowing you to dip your toes into a psychedelic pool of relaxation. While this cultivar doesn’t possess the strength of its namesake, its 24% THC content packs a mighty punch that even the most tolerant marijuana fans will enjoy.
    On top of that, growing feminized LSD cannabis seeds is an absolute pleasure, no matter how much experience you have under your belt. Its naturally resistant to most diseases and produces huge yields, making it one of the best options available in the feminized category.

    What are LSD feminized cannabis seeds?

    There are several reasons why you should add LSD feminized seeds to your cannabis bucket list. For starters, this incredible cultivar induces a mellow, mind-altering state that’ll have you floating on a cloud of relaxation while seeing the world from new perspectives.
    The flowers produced by feminized LSD cannabis seeds contain a potent cocktail of THC and CBD. While this cultivar isn’t nearly as intoxicating as its moniker, it provides a manageable glimpse into a reality that few have tread. 
    LSD feminized seeds also produce one of the tastiest options among our collection of high THC seeds. As soon as its smooth smoke glides over your tongue, you’ll notice an assortment of sweet flavors such as berry, pine, and even bubblegum.
    This cultivar also offers some serious bag appeal. LSD feminized cannabis seeds mature into gorgeous cone-shaped buds displaying a range of green hues along with orange hairs or pistils. They’re then coated in a thick white trichome blanket similar to a sugary treat.
    Feminized LSD cannabis seeds hail from what many connoisseurs consider the marijuana mecca, Amsterdam. Breeders combined a rare hybrid known as Mazar I Sharif with Skunk #1. The result was a sativa-leaning cultivar that won third place at the 2008 High Times Cup.
    Another reason you should buy a pack of LSD feminized seeds is because of how easy they are to grow. They hold a natural resistance to many of the common diseases that plague cultivators, and you can raise your crops indoors and out. 
    Plus, medicinal users can also utilize the bud produced by LSD feminized seeds. This cultivar contains a wealth of health benefits, such as assisting with stress, migraines, and joint pain. Not to mention its ability to combat insomnia and depression.
    Although the effects of the flowers from LSD feminized seeds are initially energizing, they tend to bring about a sedated sensation as your high develops. For this reason, we recommend keeping this tantalizing cultivar for after-work functions and relaxing evenings.

    What are the effects of LSD cannabis?

    Thanks to the almost balanced genetics of LSD feminized seeds, you can look forward to the best of both worlds. This cultivar affects both the mind and body, leading you on a light hallucinating trip that’ll leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
    Once you’ve consumed the flowers from feminized LSD cannabis seeds, you’ll begin feeling a warm sensation radiating from your skin. This feeling rises through your body, into your head, where it triggers a burst of euphoria and upliftment.
    Those with a high tolerance can look forward to the buds grown from LSD feminized seeds to increase their level of focus and creativity. This sensation pairs exceptionally well with artistic works such as producing music, writing, or drawing.
    If you have a lower tolerance, the flowers produced from LSD feminized seeds have a slightly different effect. It’s common to feel slightly confused as the visual distortion creates an almost alternate reality.
    After a while, the soaring sensation slowly dissipates into a relaxing body stone that’ll have you stuck to your seat for hours. The best part of consuming the buds from feminized LSD cannabis seeds is the mental clarity maintained throughout your experience.
    It’s common for users to slowly drift off into dreamland as the indica side of this cultivar wraps its arms around you. Less experienced users should approach the dry herb from LSD feminized seeds with caution as this ride isn’t for the faint-hearted.
    Similar to most other types of marijuana, the buds from LSD feminized seeds can trigger some side effects. The most common of these adverse reactions are dry mouth and eyes. Luckily, you can quickly remedy these feelings with a glass of water and some eye drops. 

    What does LSD weed smell like?

    The tightly packed flowers produced by LSD feminized seeds give off a powerful fragrance that’ll have your nose dancing with joy. At first, you’ll notice an overwhelming pine and musky scent that it inherited from its Skunk lineage.
    Pushing past these pungent odors is a delightfully sweet citrus aroma that complements the overall fragrance perfectly. One thing is for sure; once your senses get exposed to the scent of the buds grown from feminized LSD cannabis seeds, you won’t put them down.
    This irresistible aroma is due to the dominant myrcene terpene present in the buds of LSD feminized seeds. These odors transform as they enter your mouth, giving off a sweet berry and pine taste, with hints of bubblegum in the background.

    How to germinate LSD feminized seeds

    The first step to growing a successful batch of LSD feminized seeds is ensuring that they germinate correctly. There are several methods at your disposal to achieve a favorable result. However, some prove to offer more success than others.
    You can use our easy-to-follow germination guide that’s fast and easy on your wallet. You’ll typically see results after just five days as your LSD feminized seeds produce a taproot about a quarter inch in length. All you’ll need is the following:
    - A dinner plate.- A roll of paper towel.- A bottle of purified water.- A pair of tweezers.
    Once the taproot of your LSD feminized seeds reaches a healthy length, you can transplant them into your chosen growing medium. Remember to make your holes around ten to fifteen millimeters deep.

    Grow Guide for LSD feminized seeds

    As we’ve previously mentioned, growing a batch of LSD feminized seeds is relatively easy, even for inexperienced cultivators. The cultivar is naturally resistant to some of the most common diseases and pests, so there’s no need for pesticides or sprays.
    What’s more, feminized LSD cannabis seeds aren’t susceptible to weather changes. So once you’ve set up your growing environment, you can almost stand back and let mother nature do her thing. 
    It may not come as a surprise then that LSD feminized seeds grow well indoors as well as outside. However, we recommend using the former method as it gives you control over the elements to ensure the best results. Plus, the indoor technique tends to produce a tastier flower.
    You’ll want to keep your grow tent’s temperature between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity levels below 50%. Due to the indica characteristics of LSD feminized seeds, its dense foliage can lead to mold if the moisture levels get too high.
    The choice of growing medium for your LSD feminized seeds is up to you. We’ve found that soil works best as it contains the essential minerals your plants need. You should also consider using an organic fertilizer to supplement its nutrient intake, especially during the flowering phase.
    LSD feminized cannabis seeds develop into short plants, reaching a maximum of 2 feet. While small in stature, this cultivar tends to grow out laterally, so you’ll need to take that into account when spacing out your weed seeds. 
    Remember, you’ll need to regularly trim the lower fan leaves to allow light to penetrate the budding flowers. This technique is also handy for eliminating any signs of mold. You should also consider using an odor filter as the plants grown from LSD feminized seeds produce a strong aroma. 
    This device helps to ensure that you don’t draw the attention of a disgruntled neighbor or prowling weed thieves. If you’d prefer to raise your feminized LSD cannabis seeds outdoors, you’ll need to look for an area that receives plenty of sunshine. You’ll need to plant your weed seeds in April if you live in the northern hemisphere. 
    We recommend growing your LSD feminized cannabis seeds in pots. This technique allows you to move your plants inside if there are heavy storms, helping you avoid any bud rot. LSD feminized seeds take between eight and ten weeks to complete their flowering phase. You can then look forward to harvesting those juicy buds by October for the best yields.
    If you raise your feminized LSD cannabis seeds outside, you can expect yields of around 21 ounces per plant. In comparison, an indoor setup usually provides around 20.4 ounces per square meter.

    What are the genetics of the feminized LSD seeds?

    You could say that LSD feminized seeds have almost thoroughbred genetics. This cultivar was created by a renowned group of breeders from Amsterdam, known as Barney’s Farm. They took an incredibly rare hybrid known as Mazar I Sharif that contains indica genetics predominantly. 
    This cultivar is responsible for the deep relaxation felt after consuming the bud from LSD feminized seeds as well as a THC content of 20%. The breeders then crossed this indica heavy strain with Skunk #1, a more balanced hybrid with uplifting effects. 
    It’s due to this cultivar that LSD feminized seeds produce a bud with euphoric capabilities and a musky fragrance. The result saw an almost balanced cannabis hybrid with 55% sativa and 45% indica genes. 
    It wasn’t till 2008, where this cultivar won third place at the High Times Cup, that word quickly spread about the amazing flowers grown from LSD feminized seeds. Feminized LSD cannabis seeds got their name from their mild psychedelic effects and potent THC content. 
    This dry herb tends to produce up to 24% THC, with less successful grows containing around 17%. Plus, it has a CBD level between 0.7% and 2%.

    Wellness and LSD feminized seeds

    It’s not just recreational consumers that enjoy the effects of the buds grown from LSD feminized seeds. The cultivar contains high levels of THC and CBD, making its flowers incredibly beneficial to medicinal users too.
    The relaxing capabilities produced from this cultivar have been shown to alleviate chronic aches and pains throughout your body. Reports claim an immediate release of tension in your muscles, making the bud grown from feminized LSD cannabis seeds great for stress.
    What’s more, users have found this beneficial plant to aid with migraines. The cerebral high induced by the flowers of LSD feminized seeds numbs the pain, while the anti-inflammatory properties get to work at the source of the problem.
    That’s not all this fantastic cultivar has up its sleeve. The buds produced by LSD feminized cannabis seeds have been shown to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. The high helps you stay in the moment rather than letting your mind wander into negativity and self-doubt.
    If you’re struggling to fall asleep at night, take a few tokes of dry herb grown from LSD feminized seeds. The cultivar helps to combat insomnia and allows you to get a quality night’s rest.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    LSD feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    We understand that you may have a few questions before committing to a batch of feminized LSD cannabis seeds. In order to put your mind at ease, we’ve listed the most common questions put forward to us by cultivators of every skill level.

    What variations of LSD cannabis are there?

    You’ll find there are three main versions of this cultivar, including LSD feminized cannabis seeds. Each one of these variations provides unique traits to cultivators, depending on what they hope to achieve. We currently offer two of these versions from our online store.
    - LSD regular seeds: Are you looking for incredible cultivars that you can use to create a new hybrid plant? If so, this is the pack for you. You’ll get a mixture of male and female seeds that’ll give any breeder a smile.
    - LSD feminized seeds: If you’re chasing massive yields, then this pack of female-only seeds is for you. Our packs promise a 99% germination rate allowing you to start your psychedelic adventure with peace of mind.
    - LSD autoflower seeds: Patience is a virtue, but time is gold, so if you need your bud in a hurry, consider getting yourself a pack of autoflower seeds. This batch offers faster flowering times at the expense of some overall yield.

    Where can I get free cannabis LSD feminized seeds?

    Unless the marijuana gods smile down upon you, the chances of finding quality LSD feminized cannabis seeds for free is impossible. If you have a friend growing this cultivar, you could ask for a gift or check out our cheap cannabis seeds and BOGOs section for special deals and prices.

    Can a beginner grow LSD feminized seeds?

    Although the flowers are incredibly potent, growing feminized LSD cannabis seeds is straightforward. This cultivar has a resistance to many common diseases and requires only basic maintenance, making it a fantastic option for novice cultivators learning the ropes.

    What is the flowering time of LSD feminized seeds?

    LSD feminized seeds offer a flowering time of between eight and ten weeks. It’s during this period that your plant will begin developing the succulent psychedelic buds that this cultivar has become known for. You can then harvest your crops and begin the drying phase.

    How long do LSD feminized seeds take to germinate?

    As a rule of thumb, LSD feminized seeds take around five days to germinate. Remember that you’ll need to use quality seeds to guarantee successful results. What’s more, we suggest that you follow our germination guide to start off on the right foot.

    How long does it take LSD feminized seeds to go from seed to harvest?

    If you manage to grow your LSD feminized seeds in optimal conditions outdoors, you can expect to harvest its flowers after six months. There are a few methods you can use to speed up this time, such as moving your crops inside or opting for the autoflower version.

    Should you grow LSD feminized seeds in hydro or soil?

    When it comes to choosing the best growing medium, cultivators have found that LSD feminized seeds respond to nutrient-rich soil the best. You should consider using organic fertilizer as it contains essential minerals required to help your plants grow healthy and strong.

    How tall do LSD feminized seeds grow?

    Even though this cultivar has sativa-dominant genes, it doesn’t get too tall, mainly growing laterally as opposed to vertically. You can expect your LSD feminized seeds to reach a maximum height of two feet once fully matured, regardless of the cultivation technique used.

    Where can I find pictures of the marijuana from LSD feminized seeds?

    If you’re looking for a few pictures of the bud grown from LSD feminized seeds, you could try a quick Google search. Alternatively, you can go through the images sent to us by customers who have raised this cultivar, posting pictures of their plants to our community of cultivators.

    Where is the best place to buy LSD feminized seeds in the USA?

    The popularity of LSD feminized seeds has grown over the years, making them readily available. You can purchase packs at licensed dispensaries in states where cannabis is legal or from online seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co., where you can ask for discreet delivery.

    Are there any other names for LSD feminized seeds?

    Some fans of LSD feminized seeds have started referring to this incredible cultivar as Mellow Acid Trip. The nickname isn’t as catchy as the original, but it describes the psychedelic effects perfectly, giving you an idea of what’s to come after ingesting it.
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