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LSD Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

LSD Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 50
  • A kaleidoscopic experience
  • Join the Mad Hatter's Tea Party with up to 24% THC
  • Earthy and skunky with traces of apple
  • LSD is a high-yielding, hard-hitting, and award-winning strain that’s incredibly easy to grow from our LSD autoflower seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid stays true to its namesake, promising a kaleidoscopic experience. It enchants the senses, inspiring bliss, creativity, mindfulness, and relaxation.Like all autoflowering seeds, the LSD auto variety doesn’t care about the lighti...Show more

    LSD Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    600 - 650
    Max Yield outdoor
    100 - 400
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    LSD Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    LSD is a high-yielding, hard-hitting, and award-winning strain that’s incredibly easy to grow from our LSD autoflower seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid stays true to its namesake, promising a kaleidoscopic experience. It enchants the senses, inspiring bliss, creativity, mindfulness, and relaxation.
    Like all autoflowering seeds, the LSD auto variety doesn’t care about the lighting schedule. It produces resin-drenched nugs ridiculously fast — much sooner than the original version.
    Join us to discover everything our LSD autoflower seeds have to offer. You’ll also learn more about the effects, fragrance, wellness benefits, and answers to some FAQs. With over 20 years in the industry, we’ll share some expert growing tips and walk you through the germination process too.
    Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Let’s jump in.

    What are LSD autoflower cannabis seeds?

    LSD autoflower seeds are the product of crossing the original LSD strain with a Super Magnum auto phenotype. With their slightly indica-dominant and ruderalis genes, they produce short, stout, and sturdy marijuana plants. Their leaves are wide and bushy, supported by strong stems.
    Come harvest time, their crystalline sparkle is impossible to ignore. Dense, light green colas blossom like little presents on a Christmas tree. Glinting trichomes and sunset-colored pistils adorn them.
    Growing them is almost as pleasurable as sampling their gluey, bulbous buds. It’s quick and uncomplicated, perfect for the novice that wants a generous yield in record time. The LSD autoflower plant grows faster than Alice in the Red Queen’s Race. From seed to harvest, her entire life cycle only takes up to ten weeks. 
    That’s shorter than the flowering phase of the original LSD strain. It takes eight weeks to vegetate and another 8–10 weeks to flower.
    Our LSD autoflowering seeds are also feminized, so you won’t have to worry about any bothersome male plants. They don’t depend on changes in the lighting schedule to start flowering, either. Once matured, they’ll produce buds automatically. 
    These royal qualities mean two vital things. Firstly, you can grow LSD auto seeds at any point in time (provided the climate is ideal, that is). Secondly, you can do so throughout the year, meaning harvest after harvest after harvest. 
    If that isn’t enough to get you as mad as a hatter about our LSD autoflower seeds, then these tidbits sure will:
    - LSD auto plants are naturally disease- and pest-resistant.- They’re rich in THC, typically reaching past the 20% mark.- They thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments.
    Their trichomes are unusually long, perfect for producing kief. They’re unfussy and can grow in just about any medium.

    What are the LSD autoflower seeds effects?

    LSD autoflower seeds blossom into plants that have garnered awards and a timeless appreciation for other reasons too. After all, they didn’t name this strain after the powerful hallucinogen, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, for no reason. 
    LSD auto is known as one of the topmost trippy cultivars. It produces mind-bending effects without the negative edge of its namesake.Soon after toking up, you’ll notice a subtle pressure at your temples before the cerebral buzz kicks in. 
    Like sunlight clearing the fog, mental clarity takes hold, paving the way for your thoughts to wander freely. They come and go quickly as your mind becomes increasingly active. It’s your very own Mad Hatter’s tea party, filled to the brim with musings, ideas, insights, and reflections. 
    The resulting freefall of thoughts blasts your worries into oblivion, massages your mind, and helps to dislodge creative blocks. Who knows? You may feel inspired to wax philosophical or pick up that artistic project. 
    Before long, the psychedelic charm of the LSD auto strain comes into full swing. You may experience gentle visual and auditory hallucinations followed by a distorted perception of time. 
    As a result, the high feels a lot longer, leaving tokers to revel in a pleasantly trippy state for what seems like hours. If you’re not busy with an artistic endeavor, you can enhance your enjoyment with some mellow tunes, a visually captivating movie, or a walk in nature.
    Besides this consciousness-expanding experience, the LSD auto cultivar also has some physical effects. Initially, it brings a comforting buzz that heightens the senses before immersing your limbs in numbing relaxation.
    With a dopey Cheshire Cat smile on your dial, your eyes will start getting heavy too. Couch-lock is inevitable, and your limbs are happy to comply. A trip to dreamland beckons your body and mind, and before long, you’ll be sound asleep.
    These LSD autoflower seeds produce ladies with high THC levels ranging between 23% and 25%. Paired with their hard-hitting effects, too much of this strain can be overwhelming, especially for newbies.
    We advise even veteran tokers to take small doses and keep it for evenings or carefree weekends. Overdoing it could worsen dry eyes and cottonmouth, but dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia can also crop up if you take too much.

    What does the LSD autoflower smell like?

    LSD autoflower seeds blossom into fragrant, full-bodied plants. Their beguiling aroma sends your olfactory system on a kaleidoscopic journey. Dried and cured, the buds smell like fresh earth after the rain, entwined with a hint of blue cheese. 
    When smoked, sweet herbs and apple scents are also present, dancing with tangy mango and chestnut undertones. A citrusy sweetness plays catch with a subtle nuttiness on the tongue, leaving your senses delighted as the cerebral effects kick in.

    How to germinate LSD autoflower seeds

    After you buy LSD autoflower seeds online with us, make sure you germinate them correctly for the best results. Follow these simple steps:
    - Step 1: Make sure you have everything you need. Gather your LSD Autoflower cannabis seeds, a dinner plate, paper towels, sterilized tweezers, and bottled or purified water.
    - Step 2: Moisten two sheets of paper towel with the purified or bottled water. With clean hands, gently wring out any excess water.
    - Step 3: Put one paper towel onto the dinner plate.
    - Step 4: Using your tweezers, place your marijuana seeds carefully onto the paper towel. Leave about an inch of space between them.
    - Step 5: Gently place the second paper towel over the cannabis seeds, ensuring that it has enough moisture.
    - Step 6: With both hands, slowly peel the paper towels off the dinner plate. There should be absolutely no excess water left in the dish.
    - Step 7: Find a dark, warm place to store the dinner plate. A drawer or cupboard will do the trick.
    - Step 8: Keep the plate there for 24 to 120 hours. During this germination period, make sure the LSD Auto marijuana seeds never dry out, or they won’t sprout.
    - Step 9: Once your cannabis seeds have developed a taproot, they’re ready for planting.
    When you buy LSD autoflower seeds online with us, remember to follow our germination guide. It has more precise details on the above and other crucial info that you need to know for guarantee purposes.

    LSD autoflower seeds grow guide

    The LSD strain might not be suitable for beginners, but the opposite is true for growing LSD autoflower seeds. With hardy, stable genetics, this auto cultivar can withstand a few rookie mistakes. It demands minimal effort compared to other, more demanding strains. Plus, it isn’t fussy about the growing medium and flourishes indoors and out.
    LSD autoflower seeds, like all auto varieties, don’t need periods of uninterrupted darkness to trigger the flowering phase. Thanks to their ruderalis qualities, they start bearing fruit according to time rather than light. 
    After germination, it usually takes 6–8 weeks until these babies are ready to harvest. Although, this period can increase to a maximum of ten weeks. Indoors, make sure that you space your plants adequately. 
    While only reaching a height of about 3–4 feet, LSD autoflower plants are still pretty bushy. Mildew or mold could become a problem if the airflow is lacking. Regulate humidity levels and keep temperatures in the range of 65℉ and 79℉.
    When it comes to light, you can stick to the usual 18 hours a day. If you don’t mind the electricity bill, ramp it up to 20 or even 24 hours of light for optimal flower production. Done right, you could reap a rewarding yield of around 21–23 ounces per square meter.
    If you prefer an outdoor grow, start by germinating your cannabis seeds indoors first. You can move them to your garden once their first set of real leaves have developed. LSD autoflower crops thrive in Mediterranean-like climates that are warm and sunny. They can handle colder conditions, too, as long as the frost doesn’t get them. 
    For the best outdoor harvest, cultivate them during the warmest months (April to October). You’ll get about 3.5 ounces per plant minimum and up to 14 ounces per plant on the high end of the spectrum.
    Here are a few extra growing tips to get the most out of your LSD autoflower seeds:
    - If you have a bit of experience, you can do low-stress training to boost flower production. Ideally, do it in the third week.
    - Keep relative humidity levels between 35% and 45% (not more than 50%) during the flowering stage.
    - Avoid topping, stressing, or training your cannabis plants when they start fruiting. You can still prune them, but no later than the first week of flowering.
    - During the first week of fruiting, switch from blue to red LED lights. This tactic encourages optimal stretching and budding.
    - Regularly check the pH levels of your growing medium. In soil, keep the levels between 6.2–6.5. In hydroponics, a pH of 5.5–6.1 is ideal.
    - You can start flushing your weed plants two weeks before harvest time. This act helps diminish or remove the chemical-like taste of the buds.
    - Do a progressive harvest if you see that the top buds have already ripened. Collect them sequentially, starting at the highest point and working your way down. Harvesting this way gives the lower buds time to fatten up and mature.
    - Grow your cannabis plants in organic soil to retain and enhance their terpene profiles. This medium helps produce flavorful and tasty buds.
    - Give your cannababies water regularly but in moderate amounts. Also, make sure there’s excellent drainage and use pots big enough to accommodate the roots.
    Because LSD autoflowering seeds don’t subscribe to the lighting schedule, you can cultivate them all year round. One way to do this is called the perpetual harvest method. Once you’ve harvested the latest batch, move the vegetating marijuana plants to the flowering section. 
    You can then start vegging a new set. Staggering growth will also help ensure a constant supply. Your marijuana plants will begin the vegetative state after the older batch is in its fourth week of flowering. 

    What are the LSD autoflower strain genetics?

    The LSD autoflower is a potent hybrid. It’s about 70% indica and 30% sativa with ruderalis genes that give it auto qualities. The LSD auto strain has a celebrated lineage and consists of:
    - Mazar-I-Sharif: A rare hybrid borne from an Afghani landrace and Skunk #1. It’s award-winning and known to pack a powerful punch.
    - Skunk #1: An old-school indica-leaning classic comprising genes from Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold, and Afghani.
    - Super Magnum Auto: A phenotype used to pass on the automatic flowering characteristics without interfering in the original LSD strain’s traits.

    Wellness and LSD autoflower seeds

    LSD autoflower seeds aren’t your typical go-to when searching for CBD-rich strains. That said, despite its minimal CBD content of 0.6%–1%, this psychedelic cultivar still has therapeutic benefits.
    Its indica qualities ease deep-seated aches, muscle spasms, cramps, headaches, migraines, and tension. Chronic pain and inflammation become more manageable, too. Meanwhile, its sedative effects help combat restlessness and insomnia.
    Notwithstanding its psychoactive component, the LSD autoflower plant can also aid in lessening the grip of stress, depression, and anxiety. It helps alleviate nausea, vomiting, and a lack of appetite, too.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    LSD autoflower seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you still have some questions about these trippy marijuana seeds? Check out the FAQs below. You may find your answer. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us at any time. We love hearing from you.

    Where can I get free cannabis LSD autoflowering seeds?

    You can get free marijuana seeds right here, at Homegrown. We’re always rotating our cheap cannabis seeds and “Buy One Get One Free” (BOGO) offers, so be sure to check in regularly. We may feature LSD auto seeds next. You can also join our Homegrown Stash loyalty program for freebies and other rewards.

    What is the difference between LSD autoflower, regular, and feminized seeds?

    LSD autoflowering seeds contain ruderalis genetics and flower according to age and not the lighting schedule. They’re also feminized, producing female-only plants. Regular LSD marijuana seeds are photoperiodic and contain both female and male varieties. Feminized LSD cannabis seeds are also photoperiodic. They produce female-only plants.

    Can a beginner grow LSD autoflower seeds?

    Yes, a beginner can certainly grow LSD auto seeds. They’re incredibly resilient and unfussy beans. They’re pest- and disease-resistant and can adapt to most climate conditions and growing mediums. If you live in a cold, rainy region, it’s best to cultivate this strain indoors, though. 

    What is the LSD autoflowering seeds flower time?

    LSD autoflowering seeds enter their flowering phase about 2-4 weeks after germination. This stage typically lasts 4–6 weeks, and those thick, sticky nugs will only be ready towards the end. That said, you can do a progressive harvest and collect the buds as they ripen.

    How long do LSD autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    LSD auto seeds can take between 24–120 hours (1–5 days) to germinate. During this crucial period, make sure your marijuana seeds are always hydrated, but not excessively. Keep them in a warm, dark place until they develop a healthy taproot. If in doubt, check out our germination guide. 

    How long does it take LSD autoflower from seeds to harvest?

    LSD autoflowering seeds typically take 6–8 weeks from seed to harvest. Their life cycle can take longer, but not more than ten weeks. This period is still much shorter than the original LSD strain. Unlike a photoperiod, you can cultivate and harvest LSD auto seeds throughout the year.

    Grow medium: LSD autoflower hydro or soil?

    LSD autoflowering plants do well in various growing mediums. They flourish in soil, soilless mixes (like peat moss, perlite, or vermiculite), and hydroponic setups. If you want to enhance their terpene profile, soil is the way to go, though. Nutrient-rich additives like worm castings are excellent for the flowering stage. 

    What is the average LSD autoflower height?

    The average height of the LSD autoflower crop is about 3–4 feet. It’s a short, stocky plant thanks to its indica and ruderalis genetic traits. Indoors, it’ll typically stay around 3 feet tall. In the garden, it can grow higher, hovering around 4 feet tall. 

    Where can I find pictures of LSD autoflowering marijuana?

    You can find pictures of the gorgeous LSD autoflower weed plant on this page. You can also check out our LSD Autoflower Homegrown Diaries for week-by-week snapshots uploaded by fellow growers. You can even start your own diary and share your cultivation journey with the world.

    Where is the best place to buy LSD autoflower seeds in the USA?

    The best place to buy LSD autoflower seeds in the USA is right here. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we only stock premium-grade marijuana seeds with proven genetics. We also provide discreet and secure shipping throughout the United States. Browse our massive seedbank and buy LSD autoflower seeds online today.

    Are there any other names for LSD autoflower?

    Yes, some refer to the LSD autoflower as LSD Auto or LSD-25 Auto. The latter is a variation, though. It typically has Canadian ruderalis genetics instead of Super Magnum auto genes. LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, but understandably, people don’t call the weed strain by that name.
    Spelling errors
    It’s hard to go wrong with the spelling of “LSD autoflower.” That said, some folks type it out like this: “L.S.D. autoflower.” If you’re planning to search and buy LSD autoflower seeds online, be sure to include the words “autoflower” and “cannabis seeds” or “marijuana seeds.” 
    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your LSD autoflower pics and any LSD autoflower seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough LSD autoflower images, those crystals drive us wild!
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    We're not just an American cannabis seed company, we are an American cannabis brand.


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    Had a very fun time growin them, Had a couple flower before the veg stage but the little bit they produced was very relaxing and had a smooth sweet taste.
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