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Lowryder Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Lowryder Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 20
  • Autoflowers began with this one
  • Lift your mood with this medium range THC
  • Pinene delivers that 'walking in the forest' aroma and flavor
  • Lowryder autoflower is the first successful commercial auto strain, and it spawned this entire sector. This trend-setting, fully auto-flowering cultivar matches storied Northern Lights and William’s Wonder with a colorful ruderalis variant. First released after the millennium, these iconic Lowryder automatic seeds are still highly-prized today.  With moderate THC and a subtle f...Show more

    Lowryder Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    60 - 90
    Height indoor
    15 - 40
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean
    Cool cold

    Lowryder Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Lowryder autoflower is the first successful commercial auto strain, and it spawned this entire sector. This trend-setting, fully auto-flowering cultivar matches storied Northern Lights and William’s Wonder with a colorful ruderalis variant. First released after the millennium, these iconic Lowryder automatic seeds are still highly-prized today. 


    With moderate THC and a subtle flavor profile, this cultivar has a broad base of consumers who love the plant. THC levels mean these buds are great for novices and experts alike. Irrespective of tolerance, this cannabis strain provides the positive effects of a balanced hybrid without flattening you and ending your day. Cultivating these seeds is easy and produces moderate yields of unique marijuana.


    Two decades later, most cannabis autoflower seeds produce marijuana with higher THC levels, and some boast high CBD values. So what keeps Lowryder front and center for autoflower aficionados? Tag along as we unveil Lowryder autoflower’s central role in auto-flowering, and explain how to grow your bumper crop of bounteous buds. Let’s get stuck in. 

    What are Lowryder autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Lowryder autoflower is well-known across the globe as the “original” autoflowering strain. Although many other autoflower strains existed throughout the ages, none are as distinctive as this baby.
    There’s an inevitable hype that surrounds auto Lowryder seeds. Although they don’t produce the highest yields in the cannabis kingdom, they wield potent buds and delicious flavors. For many growers, the flowers are too pretty, and the plant is too cute. As a result, they almost feel bad when it’s time to harvest.
    If you find yourself feeling bad for your Lowryder autoflowering seeds, you can remind yourself that their lifecycle is predetermined and that their life’s purpose is to give you the best buds in town. The sweet, citrusy flowers of these plants offer a whole new dynamic to any group gathering. 
    Anyone that isn’t feeling very great is sure to feel a little boost to their mood. Lowryder autoflower seeds develop into sturdy cultivars containing a reasonable THC level (12–14%). Unlike higher THC strains, consumers can casually puff on Lowryder without feeling a sudden onset of overwhelming effects.
    As a low CBD strain with only about 0.2% CBD, auto Lowryder produces a strong mind high and a very subtle body high. For medical users, this offers relief from depression, anxiety, and other psychological or mental problems.
    Recreational users enjoy smoking the buds Lowryder auto produces because it provides an uplifting, talkative effect which is very enjoyable when surrounded by friends. The bonus of being an easy-to-cultivate strain makes growing Lowryder autoflower seeds very enjoyable. 
    Autoflower seeds are a perfect solution for people with little experience in cannabis cultivation. Although veteran cultivators find Lowryder auto seeds extremely easy to cultivate, newbies should still research before planting. Fortunately, with a bit of knowledge, the right growing supplies, and a positive attitude, you’ll be looking at some hefty flowers very soon.

    What are the Lowryder autoflower effects?

    Auto Lowryder buds have a fantastic flavor profile and an exciting range of effects. The citrusy-pine scent and euphoria-inducing effects make for an entertaining Saturday afternoon. Consumers feel a slight surge in energy as the auto Lowryder buds start working their magic. 
    Initially, users feel a wave of upliftment which gradually relaxes their muscles. A small afternoon hike or swim becomes a more relaxing and enjoyable experience once the stress associated with these activities disappears. 
    Even an afternoon stroll on the beach becomes an incredibly fascinating adventure as you start searching for little shell or stone treasures. Eventually, or after too many tokes, the muscle-relaxing effects come knocking on the door. 
    Your couch will pull like a magnet when they do, as the urge to sprout roots grows in you. As you make your way to the sofa, grab something to snack on and some drinks because the munchies and cotton-mouth are real. Once you take a seat, you won’t want to stand up for a bit. 
    It’s normal for people to experience red, puffy eyes after a few tokes of auto Lowryder. Fortunately, optometrists invented eye drops that soothe and moisten your peepers. 
    Lowryder autoflower seeds are a popular choice for many growers because of their mild THC level of 12–14% THC. It’s low enough that casual smokers won’t be overwhelmed easily and high enough for hardcore stoners to enjoy as well.
    If you have a high tolerance, there’s a good chance the sleepy effects won’t affect you as strongly, which makes this baby a great choice for wake and bake sessions. Don’t puff on an auto Lowryder joint like Popeye on his pipe, though, because you may skip the energizing bit and go straight to the “giggle, and chill on the couch” part. It’s a good idea to take it slow and steady.
    Stress becomes an abstract concept as you feel the relaxation begin, and watching the sunset on the beach from the roof of your car takes on an almost magical aspect. Typical of a hybrid strain, Lowryder offers a very balanced mind and body high to consumers. Whatever your preference of activity, auto Lowryder gives it some pizazz.

    What does Lowryder autoflower smell like?

    Lowryder autoflower seeds become cultivars with a sweet pine-lemon scent. Like many weed strains, you can also expect earthy undertones. Each autoflowering Lowryder seed develops into a majestic little tree that freshens up the whole room and creates drool-worthy aromas. Additionally, auto Lowryder is a pure hybrid with a less skunky smell than many cannabis variants. Most of the glory belongs to chemicals in plants known as “terpenes.” Lowryder autoflower has a beautiful combination that contributes to the unique smell and color of the buds.
    The effect that terpenes have on color, smell, and taste depends on their percentages in the plant. So while strains have similar terpenes, variants of these give Auto Lowryder that unique aroma.
    - Caryophyllene Oxide offers a spicy, woody smell reminiscent of cinnamon.
    - Linalool offers aromas like flowers such as lavender.
    - Farnesene has scents of berries, apples, and other sweet-smelling fruit.
    - Myrcene gives autoflowering Lowryder a musky, clove undertone.
    - Humulene extends woody scents and adds herbal notes.
    - Pinene provides a pine smell.
    Lowryder autoflowering plants carry a unique terpene profile. While myrcene, humulene, and pinene are quite common in cannabis strains, farnesene and caryophyllene oxide are rare. Although there are lower levels of limonene than other terpenes, the citrus flavor carries over to the smoke. Even the burnt ends disperse hints of lemon in the air.
    Breeders that want a fruity strain with a kick will find Lowryder autoflower buds more than satisfactory. Every puff produces a blissful cloud of sweet flavors that’s sure to leave you wanting more.

    How to germinate Lowryder autoflower seeds

    When you buy auto Lowryder seeds, you start feeling the excitement almost immediately. To keep the hype train going, have everything you need before your seeds arrive. Preparing soil or setting up a hydroponic system might be quick, but it’s better to have it ready than to throw it together last-minute.
    Auto Lowryder seeds germinate pretty quickly and have a very high success rate. Like many cannabis strains, you can expect them to pop in one to five days.
    Many reports and horticulture studies show that germinating your seeds before you plant them serves significant benefits throughout the plants’ life. Not only will your Lowryder autoflower seeds get a better chance at survival, but also enjoy better chances of thriving. 
    Let’s look at a brief overview of how you should germinate auto Lowryder seeds:
    - Water (Purified water is better than tap water).- Paper towels (Not toilet paper. Paper towels.)- A dinner plate or saucer (Preferably not a bowl)- Tweezers (Be careful when using them).
    - Use the purified water to moisten your paper towels thoroughly.
    - Set the moist paper towel on the saucer or plate.
    - Put your cannabis seeds on the plate, and keep them one inch from each other.
    - With a second paper towel, cover the marijuana seeds.
    - Lift the plate and towels and allow any collected water to drain.
    - Place your cannabis seeds somewhere warm and dark, like a cupboard. Keep it at +-75℉.
    - Do regular water checks and add more to the towels to keep them wet.
    - Once you see the taproots, you can use the tweezers to plant your marijuana seeds in their pots.
    Impatient auto Lowryder seeds can sometimes be eager enough that they pop within 24 hours. But it often takes a bit longer—sometimes five days. Luckily, you can plant your auto Lowryder seeds the second you see a taproot. And there you go, your Lowryder autoflowering seeds are on their way.
    For detailed instructions and pictures, read the Homegrown germination guide. Not only does our germination method guarantee germination, but we offer all the information you need for a successful harvest. 

    Lowryder autoflower seeds grow guide

    If you’re a casual gardener who wants to try your hand at growing weed, there’s no better place to start than with autoflowering Lowryder seeds. They are popular among beginners and advanced growers alike. Their straightforwardness and resilience make them the perfect first-time cultivars.
    Fully-grown auto Lowryder plants are very adorable in the way dynamite would be adorable to a miner. Sure, it’s small, but you don’t want to light up a big one because it might blow you away. The foliage resembles the buds and has a light pastel green color. The flowers also produce long pistils that turn orange over time.
    Around the 10th flowering week, you’ll start seeing the resin production on the buds. A slight shimmer surrounds the colas, and the smell of lemon and spice will fill the air. The versatility of Auto Lowryder seeds allows cultivators to grow these babies in the environment of their choice, as long as that environment is warm enough.
    You’ll also need to prune your plants to keep them healthy but not necessarily increase airflow. You can follow the Sea of Green (SoG) growing method, which increases yields.
    Giving your plants at least 8 hours of light a day is best. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about changing the light cycle to provoke the flowering phase. If you can provide your Lowryder auto flowers with 12 or more hours of light per day, you’ll be giving them a massive boost. They’ll have more energy available and use it for bud growth. 
    The ruderalis genes are strong in Lowryder auto, and the plants shoot to their maximum height within a month. Once they reach their tallest, all their energy goes to making those delectable flowers. Autoflowering Lowryder plants only grow to about 35 inches and don’t have very dense leaves. 
    The upside of this is that they’re very mold-resistant and not susceptible to fungi or pests. Sturdy as a dwarf, growers rarely need extra support, as the branches are pretty strong. They develop multiple flowers on each limb, which gives them a miniature Christmas tree look.
    The leaves are light green, thin, and long like sativa, and boast dense buds like indica strains. Topped with the speed of ruderalis, you have an apparent hybrid in every aspect.
    Although auto Lowryder cultivars enjoy the heat, temperatures should be 70–80℉. Indoor cultivators can use climate control, while outdoor growers will find summer to be their best option. If you prefer indoors, you may be familiar with the costs or already have a setup in place. Either way, growing indoor auto Lowryder offers over 4 oz per square meter.
    For outdoor growers, sunlight is the main reason plants don’t photosynthesize as much as they could under artificial light. Outdoor cultivators can expect around 2–3 oz per plant. People with a greenhouse enter the game with a completely different set of weapons. 
    Auto Lowryder seeds receive the best of both environments leading to some hefty, potent flowers. Regardless of your growing experience, you’ll almost certainly fall in love with Lowryder autoflower seeds the second you plant them. 
    When you do, remember:
    - Simple trimming. Lowryder doesn’t grow into a very bushy plant and should only receive moderate trimming. Only remove the damaged and dying leaves.
    - Indoor environment. Unlike outdoors, you can maintain a steady 69 to 75 ℉ fairly easily. Fans, heating mats, and a thermostat go a long way towards a stable climate.
    - Humidity. With dehumidifiers, you should maintain a relative humidity of 55–60% if it’s too high. Alternatively, a humidifier can raise the humidity if it’s lower than 50%.
    - Food and water. Water your auto Lowryder often but don’t soak the plant. You need a decent fertilizer to provide the nutrients it needs, but don’t overfeed your herb to prevent deficiencies.
    - pH. Weed prefers a slightly acidic environment, and the medium should be about 5.8–6.5. Keep the pH balanced to avoid any nutrient issues or root problems
    - Yields. When your autoflowering Lowryder plants are in their 8th flowering week, it’s time to harvest them. Timely harvests are the key to high-potency and flavorful buds.

    What are the Lowryder autoflower seeds genetics?

    The Lowryder autoflower strain has a very colorful lineage and boasts some of the most famous parent strains in the world. By combining Northern Lights #2 and William’s Wonder with a Mexican ruderalis strain, breeders created a potent, powerful strain with delectable flavors.
    - Northern Lights #2 x William's Wonder x Mexican Ruderalis = Lowryder autoflower

    Wellness and Lowryder autoflower seeds

    Lowryder autoflower seeds become cultivars with a decent THC level. While not as low as CBD-focused strains, the 15% THC level is slightly lower than some other high THC strains. Consumers should still moderate themselves to avoid overindulging, as you may start feeling sleepy. However, that might be the goal for people who have insomnia.
    Medical marijuana patients also report that the uplifting, euphoric feelings they experience when they consume auto Lowryder help with depression and anxiety. Although the immediate effects of Lowryder are cerebral rather than physical, users experience muscle relaxation, which many people report helps with spasms and muscle pain.
    Patients with arthritis share the sentiment and say the effects offer some relief. As a result, research into the medical applications of cannabis is in full swing, and we’ll know more soon.
    As with all marijuana products, take precautions and keep your moderation hat on. The initial high can sometimes hide some uncomfortable effects to the unwary consumer. Fortunately, the moderate THC level in Lowryder auto buds will leave you longing for a nap long before you start feeling dizzy. However, if you make the mistake of underestimating Lowryder, it’s best to have a lie-down.
    Top Tip: Auto Lowryder flowers are a significant alteration from your usual morning joint. The uplifting feeling leaves you feeling more focused and ready to take on the day.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Lowryder autoflower seeds: Frequently asked questions

    Auto Lowryder is the Pandora's box of marijuana information. When you learn about something, you’ll want to know even more. So, we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions here.

    What are the Lowryder seed variants?

    Lowryder comes in three different variations. Customers can buy regular, feminized, or autoflowering Lowryder seeds. You’ll need to wait a while because the regular and feminized versions are out of stock at the moment. Fortunately, our Homegrown store has a large selection of cannabis seeds, and you can peruse the site at your leisure. 

    Where can I get free cannabis Lowryder autoflower seeds?

    The chances of finding high-quality seeds for free are very slim. So, unless you know someone with extra seeds or find a lucky auto Lowryder seed in a baggy, your best bet is to search online. Fortunately, the have many excellent deals and cheap cannabis seeds. When you see a “BOGO” badge, you know that strain comes with free seeds. So, visit the store regularly and keep an eye out for the “BOGO” badge. 

    Can a beginner grow Lowryder autoflower?

    Auto Lowryder seeds are quite beginner-friendly and only need a stable environment to perform at their best. By following recommended growing methods, even newbies can expect a few ounces of bud. Veterans can follow the “S.O.G” method and create a canopy of buds, increasing yields and potency. Thanks to their small size, auto Lowryder allows cultivators to plant multiple seeds at once.

    What is the Lowryder auto flower time?

    Growers can expect auto Lowryder seeds to spend about 7–8 weeks in the flowering period. However, as autoflowering plants, the lifecycle is predetermined and will develop regardless of the light cycle. Autoflowering Lowryder plants need ample light. If you can pull off an 18/6 light cycle, you’ll give them more than enough light to produce potent buds.

    How long do Lowryder autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    Lowryder autoflower seeds can sometimes sprout roots on the first day. Buying high-quality seeds and following the paper towel method also improve your odds. It’s common for auto Lowryder seeds to take longer than 24 hours to germinate. Some take five days to decide they’re ready for the soil.

    How long does it take to grow Lowryder autoflower from seeds to harvest?

    Autoflowering plants are exceptional compared to regular and feminized versions in that you can’t manipulate their lifespan. Regardless of your setup and lighting, Lowryder autoflower spends:
    - Germination: 24–120 hours- As a seedling: 1–2 weeks- Vegetative phase: 2–3 weeks- Flowering phase: 7–8 weeks
    Like other autoflowering strains, Lowryder auto seeds have a short life cycle that lasts less than 18 weeks.

    Grow medium: Lowryder autoflower hydro or soil?

    Another significant aspect of auto Lowryder seeds is that you can grow them in the medium of your choice. You can purchase soil mixtures that provide your plants with all the nutrients they need and require minimal effort from growers. You can also maintain the pH easily throughout the growing process.
    Hydroponic setups are somewhat delicate with their pH balance and generally a preference for experienced cultivators. Benefits range from immediate nutrient balance manipulation to easy deficiency correction.

    What is the average auto Lowryder height?

    Auto Lowryder seeds are a modest 15 inches—you can easily fit multiple in your grow tent. For growers with limited space, these plants are a match made in heaven. They’re small enough to fit in a closet or even a nightstand. It also helps that they smell very pleasant and don’t carry a strong scent.

    Where can I find pictures of Lowryder autoflower marijuana?

    Looking for a Lowryder autoflower picture on the internet could yield some interesting results. But, you may receive two conflicting results or an incorrect image altogether. Visit Homegrown for pictures that you know belong to the strain. You can see high-quality pics of auto Lowryder in all its tiny wonder. There’s also an explainer video hosted by Kyle Kushman on all the facts for you to enjoy.

    Where is the best place to buy Lowryder autoflower seeds in the USA?

    Our website has the best auto Lowryder seeds for sale. With the highest-quality seeds and the broadest range of products, you’ll wonder why you considered anything else. Homegrown offers delivery of Lowryder autoflower seeds throughout the USA. With reliable services and discreet shipping options, you just found your number one seed bank.

    Are there any other names for Lowryder autoflower?

    No. Auto Lowryder is too cool for an alias. People probably wouldn’t know what strain you’re talking about if you tried coming up with a moniker for Lowryder.
    Join Homegrown Forum, and share your stories! Post your Lowryder autoflower pics, and any Lowryder grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Lowryder images, those crystals drive us wild!
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