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Lemon Tree Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Tree Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Start your day with a bang
  • At around 22% THC you can replace your morning coffee
  • The aroma and taste of fresh zesty lemons
  • Take back control with Lemon Tree feminized seeds and the incredible cannabis buds they produce. This cultivar mixes indica and sativa genetics, creating a perfectly balanced hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds.  Lemon Tree feminized buds help you start your day with a bang, thanks to the potent 23% THC levels. A calming wave then washes over your body, leaving you th...Show more

    Lemon Tree Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    350 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    75 - 200
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Lemon Tree Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Take back control with Lemon Tree feminized seeds and the incredible cannabis buds they produce. This cultivar mixes indica and sativa genetics, creating a perfectly balanced hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds. 


    Lemon Tree feminized buds help you start your day with a bang, thanks to the potent 23% THC levels. A calming wave then washes over your body, leaving you thoroughly relaxed. Pair these incredible energizing abilities with irresistibly sweet and sour citrus flavors, and you end up with a true masterpiece. 


    It’s no wonder this uplifting strain has become so popular in our feminized category. Why not add Lemon Tree feminized seeds to your home garden and experience wake and bake like never before.


    What are Lemon Tree feminized cannabis seeds?


    Lemon Tree feminized seeds are the perfect cannabis option for fans of the zesty fruit to explore more iconic flavors. This marijuana strain lives up to its namesake perfectly, producing tall, green plants and yellow flowers. Buds are then coated in a thick, transparent trichome blanket.


    A strong smell of sour lemon quickly surrounds you when you break open these dense buds. On closer inspection, you’ll notice a fuel-like tang floating in the background. The true flavor of Lemon Tree feminized weed becomes noticeable when its exotic smoke touches your tongue. Expect a sweet and sour explosion of citrus and pine on your pallet.


    This marijuana strain owes its balanced genetics to its two classic cultivar parents—Sour Diesel and Lemon Skunk. As a result, Lemon Tree feminized cannabis triggers a euphoric high coupled with a relaxing body stone. You don’t need to worry about feeling tired after a session with these tantalizing buds, making them a marvelous wake and bake option.


    You still need to keep your dosage of Lemon Tree feminized weed low, as these 23% THC buds pack a punch. This amazing cannabis cultivar can also help medical marijuana patients seeking an alternative treatment for pain. They can also assist with depression, fatigue, and hunger.


    Thanks to trusted online stores like Homegrown Cannabis Co, you can raise Lemon Tree feminized seeds at home. These marijuana seeds are easy to grow, no matter your skill level. Plus, they can flourish in cold and warm climates, making them resilient to temperature changes and mold. You can cultivate feminized Lemon Tree weed seeds indoors or outdoors and expect medium to large yields. All they ask in return from you is some love and regular attention.


    What are the effects of Lemon Tree cannabis?


    Due to the balanced genetics of Lemon Tree feminized weed, you can expect it to affect your mind and body equally. This cannabis cultivar gets to work within a few minutes of its smooth smoke entering your lungs. A warm buzz rises from your core, and your mind quickly begins to soar. In small doses, Lemon Tree feminized buds can boost your energy levels. 


    You can easily use this strain to replace your morning coffee, allowing you to take on your day confidently. Its uplifting capabilities help to improve your mood and unlock a motivated state of mind. The best part about Lemon Tree feminized weed is that it doesn’t leave you dazed or clouded. Instead, your mind remains sharp and crystal clear, allowing you to focus on any task at hand.


    After some time, a strong calming sensation takes hold of your body, leaving you feeling revitalized and light as a feather. Larger doses of Lemon Tree feminized buds tend to escalate its effects exponentially. Low tolerance users need to approach this cultivar with caution as it’s capable of knocking out even the most experienced tokers.


    Overconsumption of these zesty flowers can trigger a mind-bending high that leads to paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety. Some users also report feeling adverse effects like dry eyes and cottonmouth while enjoying Lemon Tree feminized weed. You can avoid these discomforts altogether by staying hydrated during sessions and keeping a bottle of OTC drops close by.


    What does Lemon Tree weed smell like?


    One whiff of Lemon Tree feminized buds is all it takes to get your senses tingling and mouth drooling. These nugs emit a sharp yet sour citrus fragrance that reminds one of fresh, zesty lemons. The aroma is then cut by a sweet pine scent that balances out these flavors perfectly.


    On closer inspection, your nose can discern a faint diesel tang from Lemon Tree feminized weed, adding to its overall profile. This cannabis strain owes its incredible smell to the assortment of terpenes. Myrcene dominates these aromatic chemicals similar to thyme and lemongrass. Studies show that this terpene can help calm the mind and body, adding to the incredible reputation of Lemon Tree feminized cannabis.


    How to germinate Lemon Tree feminized seeds


    If you want to get the best from your Lemon Tree feminized cannabis seeds, you need to use the right germinating method. There are a few options available to you, each with its pros and cons. Some promise lightning-fast results, but you risk damaging your marijuana seeds in the process.


    Many novice growers decide to plant their feminized Lemon Tree cannabis seeds directly into their chosen growing medium. Although this technique is considered a safe option, it can take ten days before you see any signs of growth.


    We recommend using the paper towel method as it takes only five days to see results. Plus, this option ensures your Lemon Tree feminized weed seeds stay healthy. If you’re not familiar with this technique, fret not. You can check out our easy-to-follow germination guide, explaining each step in detail.


    The best part about this method is that you can use it no matter your skill level. It’s also budget-friendly, requiring only a few household items. These tools include:


    - A dinner plate

    - A bottle of water

    - A clean pair of tweezers

    - A roll of paper towel


    We’ve summarised the simple steps of this method below to help you get the best from your feminized Lemon Tree cannabis seeds:


    - Take two sheets of paper towel and pour the purified water over them so that they’re completely wet.


    - Gently twist both pieces so that you remove most of the water, leaving enough liquid so that the two sheets are moist.


    - Lay one wet paper towel flat on your dinner plate and use tweezers to spread out your Lemon Tree feminized seeds. Remember to avoid using your hands to pick up the marijuana seeds, as the oil on your fingers can slow the process down.


    - Cover your cannabis seeds with the second wet paper towel sheet. 


    - Gently press the top layer, ensuring all marijuana seeds are secure and tucked in.


    - Place your dinner plate in a dry, dark spot, like a cupboard, and leave it there for up to five days.


    - Regularly check on your Lemon Tree feminized seeds as they need to stay moist the entire time. If the paper towels dry out, gently spray or pour additional water over the top sheet.


    - Your feminized Lemon Tree weed seeds will display a white taproot around a quarter inch in length when they’re ready for transplanting.


    - Make a hole about half an inch deep in your chosen growing medium and use tweezers to move your cannabis seeds.


    Grow guide for Lemon Tree feminized seeds


    Cultivating Lemon Tree feminized seeds is a straightforward process that any beginner can complete. These plants can withstand temperature changes and high humidity levels thanks to their balanced genetics. They can also survive the few mistakes a novice grower might make.


    Lemon Tree feminized seeds produce tall plants that reach as high as 6.5 feet. Its characteristics mimic a sativa, with thin foliage and spaced-out budding sites. You can raise these cannabis seeds indoors or outside and expect similar-sized harvests. 


    Topping your plants is only necessary to keep their large stature manageable if you grow in a confined room. It also helps to trim the older leaves of your Lemon Tree feminized plants regularly to encourage new growth. Indoor cultivators need to maintain a temperature between 68–80 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results.


    Use the Sea of Green method alongside your Lemon Tree feminized seeds. The technique helps bolster yields, and its twelve-hour light schedule suits this strain to a tee. You can grow these marijuana seeds in either soil or hydroponics. The choice depends on what you hope to achieve with your crops. Hydroponics tends to speed up the vegging phase, allowing you to get your hands on your weed sooner.


    Nutrient-rich soil helps to enhance the flavor and fragrance of Lemon Tree feminized cannabis. It can also improve the immune systems of your plants. A balanced organic fertilizer is all you need to supplement your crop’s mineral intake. Remember to flush your plants two weeks before harvesting to improve the taste.


    Lemon Tree feminized crops have a flowering time of seven to nine weeks. At the end of this period, you can look forward to yields of up to 18 oz./m² indoors. If you plan on growing these cannabis seeds outdoors, a Mediterranean or temperate climate is best. Cultivators in the Northern Hemisphere need to plant their LemonTree feminized seeds in April. You can then harvest your crops in September, netting up to 18 ounces per plant.


    What are the genetics of the feminized Lemon Tree seed?


    Lemon Tree feminized seeds owe their creation to two iconic cannabis strains, each bestowing their best traits. Breeders took the classic indica-heavy Lemon Skunk and combined it with the legendary sativa-leaning cultivar known as Sour Diesel.


    Lemon Tree feminized weed pays homage to Lemon Skunk with its fresh, zesty flavors. It also inherited this parent’s ability to calm the body and trigger pure physical bliss. Sour diesel then adds its trademark fuel-like aroma to the aromatic mix. It’s also from this sativa-dominant parent that Lemon Tree feminized buds get their stimulating mental high.


    This cannabis cultivar is no stranger to potency, with its THC percentages coming in between 18–23%. Rather than favoring one of its parent strains, feminized Lemon Tree cannabis seeds contain perfectly balanced genetics, giving you the best of both worlds. These buds contain less than 2% CBD. Although these levels are low, this cannabis cultivar still offers a multitude of healing benefits.


    Wellness and Lemon Tree feminized seeds


    The balanced effects of Lemon Tree feminized weed allow medical marijuana patients to use these buds for a variety of reasons. Anyone can utilize these healing herbs to quickly remove any feelings of stress after a long day at work.


    Its uplifting effects help to combat negative thoughts and self-doubt. These sensations make Lemon Tree feminized bud brilliant for patients with depression and anxiety. In lower doses, this cannabis cultivar’s energizing capabilities can assist with feelings of fatigue. Lemon Tree feminized flowers also help suppress nausea and bring back the desire for food, assisting anyone with a poor appetite.


    You can also use this marijuana strain for pain management due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Within minutes, any tense muscles, headaches, or joint discomfort disappears. Patients looking to treat chronic migraines and arthritis can find Lemon Tree feminized weed particularly useful.


    The high resin production from this cannabis cultivar allows users to create concentrates like oil, edibles, and topical creams. You can eliminate the smoking element, opting to ingest Lemon Tree feminized buds in a healthier form.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Lemon Tree feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    We understand you may have a few questions before committing to a pack of feminized Lemon Tree weed seeds. To make your decision a bit easier, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about this cannabis cultivar.


    What variations of Lemon Tree cannabis are there?


    There are three variations of this marijuana strain, including the popular Lemon Tree feminized seeds. Each version offers something unique, attracting all sorts of growers.


    - Lemon Tree regular seeds: The regular version of this cannabis cultivar contains a natural mix of male and female seeds. This variation is perfect for experienced breeders looking to create hybrids or beginners interested in easy yields.


    - Lemon Tree feminized seeds: This version is by far the most popular choice amongst cultivators who are fans of this marijuana strain. By removing the presence of male cannabis seeds through altered genetics, there’s no risk of cross-pollination. Instead, you can focus on growing massive yields.


    - Lemon Tree autoflower seeds: Experienced cultivators looking to speed up the growing process favor this version. The autoflower variation contains ruderalis genetics, allowing these plants to grow independent of a light schedule.


    Where can I get free cannabis Lemon Tree feminized seeds?


    Unfortunately, nothing is free in life, even Lemon Tree feminized weed seeds. Luckily, you can visit our BOGOs section for the next best thing. You’ll find an assortment of deals and special prices for some of the best cannabis seeds, no matter how tight your budget.


    Can a beginner grow Lemon Tree feminized seeds?


    Lemon Tree feminized cannabis seeds are a fantastic option for those new to growing marijuana. These plants are hardy and resist many of the mistakes beginners tend to make. Remember to regularly maintain your crops, ensuring they remain fed and get enough light throughout the day. You also need to train your plants if you raise them in a confined space.


    What is the flowering time of Lemon Tree feminized seeds?


    Lemon Tree feminized plants offer cultivators a flowering time of seven to nine weeks. The flowering phase is when those juicy buds start growing. You need to take extra care of your crops during this stage to ensure quality harvests. Only use nitrogen-free fertilizers during this period and flush your growing medium two weeks before harvest.


    How long do Lemon Tree feminized seeds take to germinate?


    It takes five days for Lemon Tree feminized seeds to sprout if you use the paper towel method. We recommend following our germination guide for the best results. Planting directly into the soil is another option, but it can take twice as long. Some methods promise results in 24 hours, but these techniques can often damage your cannabis seeds.


    How long does it take Lemon Tree feminized seeds to go from seed to harvest?


    After planting your Lemon Tree feminized seeds, you need to wait up to six months before harvesting their flowers. The exact time depends on a few factors like your growing setup, climate, and cultivating techniques used. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, aim to plant your marijuana seeds in April. You can then collect your buds in October.


    Should you grow Lemon Tree feminized seeds in hydro or soil?


    You can raise feminized Lemon Tree weed seeds in hydroponics or soil and expect incredible results. Soil is a good option if you hope to enhance the flavor and fragrance of your buds. Hydroponics is slightly more tricky but can speed up the growing time of your plants.


    How tall do Lemon Tree feminized seeds grow?


    Feminized Lemon Tree cannabis seeds produce marijuana plants that can reach up to 6.5 feet tall. This cultivar’s physical appearance tends to mimic a sativa even though it contains balanced genetics. Lemon Tree feminized plants focus on vertical growth over lateral expansion with thin, long-fingered leaves and spaced-out budding sites.


    Where can I find pictures of the marijuana from Lemon Tree feminized seeds?


    Check out the various Lemon Tree feminized Diaries created by our loyal customers. You can see pictures of Lemon Tree feminized seeds as they develop their tantalizing flowers. You can also use these diaries to track your plants and their progress. Then you can compare your crops to others that have successfully raised these marijuana seeds.


    Where is the best place to buy Lemon Tree feminized seeds in the USA?


    The best way to get your hands on feminized Lemon Tree weed seeds is by ordering them online. Visit a trusted supplier like Homegrown Cannabis Co for quality you can count on. You have a wide range of marijuana strains at your fingertips and the best deals and advice around. Plus, you can request discreet delivery anywhere in the US.


    Are there any other names for Lemon Tree feminized seeds?


    Fans of Lemon Tree feminized seeds have given this cannabis cultivar various nicknames since its creation. The most common of these titles being Lemon Tree Kush. Other examples of alternative names include Lemon Pine and Sweet Lemon Pine. Both titles aim to offer a glimpse into the aromatic profile of this marijuana strain.


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