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Lemon Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Toke this one with your friends
  • At 21% THC be ready for hours of upbeat invigoration
  • Earthy and kushy thanks to terpene camphene
  • Grow Lemon Kush feminized seeds, and you’ll be able to cultivate a stash of top-quality, tangy Kush cannabis. Lemon Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid loaded with THC and bursting with tart citrus and earthy flavors. This resilient cultivar delivers high yields of premium-grade buds. Feminized Lemon Kush seeds sprout into tolerant, resilient plants. They’re welcoming enough to b...Show more

    Lemon Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    450 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    450 - 550
    Height indoor
    120 - 150
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Lemon Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Grow Lemon Kush feminized seeds, and you’ll be able to cultivate a stash of top-quality, tangy Kush cannabis. Lemon Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid loaded with THC and bursting with tart citrus and earthy flavors. This resilient cultivar delivers high yields of premium-grade buds.


    Feminized Lemon Kush seeds sprout into tolerant, resilient plants. They’re welcoming enough to beginners but really shine in the hands of experienced cultivators. These seeds are part of our feminized seeds range and give you productive harvests every time.


    While Lemon Kush is mostly indica, its properties aren’t limited to just the physical. Smoking cannabis grown with fem Lemon Kush seeds delivers a well-balanced suite of effects. The buds deliver an uplifting dose of euphoric energy and a follow-up shot of relaxation and calm. Lemon Kush is best left for evenings or a day off where you can fully enjoy the experience.


    The following sections cover all you need to know about Lemon Kush fem seeds and what to expect from the cannabis. Stick around for details on this strain’s flavor, fragrance, effects, and medicinal applications. For those considering planting your own garden, you’ll also find tips for germinating and growing your feminized Lemon Kush seeds below.


    What are Lemon Kush feminized cannabis seeds?


    Breeders developed Lemon Kush feminized seeds to provide home growers with a virtually guaranteed way of raising an all-female crop of cannabis plants. The male Y-chromosome is absent from feminized marijuana seeds, meaning they produce female plants 99.9% of the time. Use feminized Lemon Kush seeds and avoid wasting time and resources on flowerless male plants.


    You’ll find a brief overview of the strain’s important info below, giving you an idea of what you’ll get by growing fem Lemon Kush seeds.


    - Strain Name: Lemon Kush feminized seeds

    - Phenotype: Indica-dominant hybrid

    - Genetic Background: Afghani x South American x Lemon OG x Master Kush

    - THC: 17–26%

    - CBD: 0–2%

    - Flowering Time: 55–65 days

    - Effects: Relaxing, euphoric, stimulating, relaxing

    - Medical applications: Tension, cramps, anxiety

    - Flavor / Aroma: Earthy, lemon, pine

    - Dominant terpenes: Camphene, citral, alpha-pinene

    - Indoor yield: 16–19.5 oz. per m²

    - Outdoor yield: 17.5–21 oz. per plant

    - Height: 4–6 feet

    - Grow Difficulty: Intermediate


    What are Lemon Kush feminized effects?


    Lemon Kush fem seeds produce cannabis that delivers a sublime balance of mental and physical effects. This strain is a slow burn, with its long-lasting influence creeping up gradually. The tangy buds provide hours of upbeat invigoration followed by a sublimely relaxing physical buzz.


    Smoke cannabis grown with fem Lemon Kush seeds, and you’ll need to wait a little while before you start to feel its effects. If you’re less experienced, avoid smoking more at this point, or you may find it catching up with you all at once. After 20–30 minutes, you’ll feel a boost to your mood and a sense of revitalization. 


    The cerebral buzz provides an abundance of mental energy and focus, perfect for creative pursuits. If you’re not of an artistic persuasion,  you’ll have just as much fun smoking Lemon Kush with friends or alone. While the energetic sativa side of Lemon Kush might seem ideal as a wake-and-bake, its hard-hitting indica side begs to differ.


    A few hours in, and the physical properties of this strain rear their head. Like its mental effects, Lemon Kush’s indica side is slow, steady, and potent. Moderate amounts provide hours of feeling calm and physically relaxed without impeding movement too much.


    As the night progresses, the body stone intensifies, becoming more sedative with each passing hour. The sheer overdose of calm approaches narcotic levels, but don’t be too surprised if you find yourself firmly glued in place. Eventually, most users find yawning is about all they can manage before succumbing to a night of unfathomably deep sleep.


    Cannabis grown with feminized Lemon Kush seeds contains between 17–26% THC and 0–2% CBD. These high THC levels easily satisfy most tolerance levels. If you’re a beginner, take your time and keep in mind the strain’s delayed effects to maintain an enjoyable experience without being overwhelmed.


    Side effects from Lemon Kush are rare if you smoke in moderation. You might experience mild dizzy spells or slight anxiety if you overdo things. Take it slow, and you’ve got nothing to worry about. Like most cannabis, dry, red eyes and cottonmouth are often unavoidable. Reduce the odds of this “occupational hazard” by staying well hydrated and popping some eye drops if necessary.


    What does Lemon Kush feminized smell like?


    Once the plants from your Lemon Kush feminized seeds start flowering, bud growth is abundant and impressive. Dense clusters of vibrant green flowers send out bright yellow pistils and develop a heavy frosting of resinous trichomes. Expect a powerful aroma from the early stages of flowering, and invest in a carbon filter to reduce smells leaking from your garden.


    Fresh Lemon Kush buds fill the air with an unmistakably earthy fragrance that’s a trademark of Kush cultivars. The rich, musky scent is lightened somewhat with a sweet but sharp lemon undertone. Terpenes camphene, citral, humulene, and myrcene give this strain its signature aroma.


    Once the buds are cured, the fragrance deepens and gains complexity. The cannabis retains its lemon-tinged earthiness and adds redolent pine notes and hints of spice. The fresh yet rustic aroma conjures up images of a forest of pine and orange trees after a spring rain.


    Spark a bowl of cannabis grown with Lemon Kush fem seeds, and it produces a steady stream of smooth silvery smoke. Earth and lemon notes are clear, but spice and pine are more evident once lit.


    The bouquet of scents from Lemon Kush gives you a good idea of how it’s going to taste. The rich smoke is thick and earthy but distinctly sweet with a refreshing lemon flavor. Exhaling leaves behind a pleasant citrus and pine aftertaste with a kick of spice.


    How to germinate Lemon Kush feminized seeds


    Once your fem Lemon Kush seeds arrive, the first thing to do is start germination. Our cannabis seeds are top-quality and highly viable. We’re so confident in our marijuana seeds that we offer a germination guarantee with every purchase. The only condition required for our guarantee is that you follow the germination guide below exactly. Document the process by taking photos or recording video footage of each step.


    To get your Lemon Kush fem seeds sprouting, you’ll need some purified water, two plates, and a couple of paper towels. Follow these simple steps when you’re ready:


    - Dampen two paper towels with purified water. Gently squeeze out any excess liquid so they aren’t soaking wet. Don’t use mains or tap water when germinating marijuana seeds, as additives like chlorine negatively impact germination rates. 


    - Cover one of the plates with a damp towel, and arrange your Lemon Kush feminized seeds on top. Leave about an inch between each marijuana seed. Cover the cannabis seeds with a second towel and use the other plate as a lid for the first.


    - Find a warm, dark place like a drawer or cupboard for your marijuana seeds. Check in every 12 hours, making sure the towels remain damp the entire time.


    - Within a day or two, you’ll see your fem Lemon Kush seeds start opening. If none have opened after a day, don’t stress. Some marijuana seeds possess particularly thick casings and can take a few days longer to open. As soon as you see white taproots emerge, move the seed to their nursery pots and plant root-down.


    If five days have passed and a seed hasn’t sprouted, it’s probably not going to, so contact us for a replacement. Our expanded germination guide has many additional photos and videos where you can see how the process unfolds.


    Lemon Kush feminized seeds grow guide


    Lemon Kush feminized seeds produce high-yielding plants that grow to around four feet indoors but reach six feet outside under ideal conditions. This is a strain that’s high-yielding and relatively straightforward to grow. Experience in growth management helps get the most out of this one.


    These fem Lemon Kush seeds grow fine in both soil and soilless setups. Enhance the terpene profile of your cannabis by using rich, organic soil for improved flavor and fragrance in your buds. A hydroponic system allows for precise delivery of nutrients, facilitating explosive vegetative growth and increased yields.


    Plants from Lemon Kush fem seeds are extremely light-hungry, so indoor growers need high wattage and good coverage to maximize growth. Regular pruning removes foliage and allows light to get at more of the plants. Low-stress training methods can maximize light exposure and increase airflow.


    Once your Lemon Kush begins flowering, limit relative humidity to 50–60% until the last two weeks, when lowering RH to 40–50% is best. Harvest an impressive 16–19.5 oz /m² from a well-maintained indoor garden after 8–9 weeks of flowering.


    Getting the best results growing feminized Lemon Kush seeds outdoors requires a warm, Mediterranean-style climate. Growing in the Northern Hemisphere is possible, but yields won’t be quite as generous as they could be. Cutting back large fan leaves and training the plants helps keep air circulating and wards off mold. The powerful aroma of this strain is easily detectable even outdoors, so stealth growers may want to consider an alternative.


    Harvest your crop of plants grown with fem Lemon Kush seeds after 8–9 weeks of flowering. Those further north must finish by October to avoid frost. With optimal outdoor conditions, bumper harvests are possible. Expect each plant to offer up 17.5–21 oz. of aromatic, zesty cannabis.


    What are Lemon Kush feminized strain genetics?


    The genetic background of Lemon Kush feminized seeds is something of a mystery, with its definitive origins being a closely-guarded secret. The theory is that Afghani and South American landrace strains are among its parents alongside genes from Lemon OG and Master Kush.


    Grow Lemon Kush fem seeds, and you’ll see why this theory persists. Plants exhibit resilience, hardiness, high resin production, and pervasively earthy buds. All these qualities are characteristic of landrace strains and Kush cultivars, respectively.


    One slight inconsistency with the theory is that plants grown with fem Lemon Kush seeds display more sativa characteristics than you’d imagine. Plants are lankier than most indicas, with more generous node spacings. You’ll also find Lemon Kush cannabis possesses a powerful sativa side with its energizing, uplifting effects.


    Whether or not the theory matches the facts, the results from Lemon Kush feminized seeds are indisputable. These marijuana seeds are packed with quality genetics plainly displayed in the sturdy plants and the dense, potent buds they produce. If you’re a fan of Kush cultivars looking for a twist of lemon in their smoke, this is the choice for you.


    Wellness and Lemon Kush feminized


    The potency of Kush-based hybrids has always proved popular with the medicinal crowd, and cannabis grown with fem Lemon Kush seeds is no exception. The powerful relaxation and mood-boosting buzz imparted by the tangy buds has the potential to ease a variety of issues.


    The slow and steady cerebral side of Lemon Kush delivers a boost to motivation and a feeling of gentle euphoria. If you’re feeling low on energy or simply down in the dumps, Lemon Kush might be just the thing to give you that second wind and emotional pick-me-up. Smoking gives you a sunny disposition and the confidence to socialize with ease.


    On top of its elevating qualities, cannabis grown with Lemon Kush fem seeds is supremely relaxing and soothing in high doses. Users report that moderate amounts help ease physical tension and soothe minor aches and pains. Higher doses produce more sedating effects that may help relieve some of the symptoms of more chronic pain.


    Users having trouble working up an appetite may find their stomach eagerly grumbling after a few tokes of Lemon Kush. Along with fostering a healthy appetite, another secondary effect of this strain is sleepiness. A bowl packed with Lemon Kush before bed might help you stop counting sheep and get some much-needed rest.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Lemon Kush feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Below are some commonly asked questions about growing Lemon Kush feminized seeds if you still have questions.


    Where can I get free Lemon Kush feminized seeds?


    Navigate to our cheap cannabis seeds page, and you’ll find our Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers, along with a range of reduced-price cannabis seeds. Our BOGO selection changes regularly, so check in often for a chance at snagging some free Lemon Kush feminized seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Lemon Kush feminized seeds?


    Lemon Kush fem seeds sprout into sturdy, tolerant plants but grow a bit taller than most indicas. Their thick foliage and larger size require a fair amount of growth management and maintenance for the best results. For these reasons, we’d suggest getting some experience under your belt before coming back and trying your hand with fem lemon Kush seeds.


    What is Lemon Kush feminized flower time?


    Plants grown with Lemon Kush feminized seeds flower for 55–65 days or 8–9 weeks. Cannabis plants go through a final push where all energy is directed toward flower production. Avoid harvesting early to ensure your plants develop the biggest buds possible.


    How long do Lemon Kush feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Lemon Kush feminized seeds germinate within 1–5 days. Germination speed is affected by the thickness of the seed casing. Remember, we provide replacement cannabis seeds for our customers under our germination guarantee. To ensure you qualify for the guarantee, follow our germination guide precisely and document your progress using video or photos. In the unlikely event of a non-viable cannabis seed, we’ll be happy to replace it free of charge.


    How long does it take Lemon Kush feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Lemon Kush feminized seeds take 20–23 weeks from seed to harvest. This estimate is based on one month for germination and establishing growth, an 8–10 weeks vegetative period, and 8–9 weeks of flowering. While this should give you a rough timeline, consider that factors like photoperiod, temperature, and environment all affect growth times.


    Grow medium: Lemon Kush feminized hydro or soil?


    Growing fem Lemon Kush seeds in any medium is easily done. Keep things old school by using organic soil, and your cannabis develops an enhanced terpene profile, directly improving its flavor. Get more technical with a hydroponic setup, and you’ll have the benefit of fine nutrient control, prolific growth, and increased yields.


    What is the average Lemon Kush feminized height?


    Plants grown from Lemon Kush feminized seeds grow taller than most indica-dominant strains. Indoor specimens usually reach around four feet, but they can stretch more outdoors in a well-lit location. With plenty of sun, it's not unusual for them to reach heights of up to six feet.


    Where can I find pictures of Lemon Kush feminized marijuana?


    You’ll find an array of stunning shots of plants grown from Lemon Kush feminized seeds right on this page. Check out our Lemon Kush Feminized Homegrown Diaries if you’re after more. On top of great photos, our Homegrown Diaries give you a great insight into how other growers are doing with their cannabis seeds. Track users’ progress from germination to harvest and gain valuable knowledge for growing your own fem Lemon Kush seeds. Don’t forget to start a diary of your own once you get growing.


    Where is the best place to buy Lemon Kush feminized seeds in the USA?


    You’ll only find these premium-quality Lemon Kush feminized seeds for sale right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Order your marijuana seeds from us, and we’ll have them discreetly packed and swiftly shipped to your mailbox in days.


    Do you stock other Lemon Kush seed variants?


    The three main variants of cannabis seeds are regular, autoflower, and feminized. Each variant serves a slightly different purpose and user base, and we try to offer as many options as possible for our strains.


    If you want to start breeding unique new hybrids or have the option of creating new batches of seeds, regular cannabis seeds are perfect. As they’re unaltered, they can develop into females or males. While only females grow flowers, the pollen-producing males may fertilize mature plants and create crossbreeds. 


    Feminized marijuana seeds have been altered to contain only female chromosomes. They sprout into female plants in virtually all instances and give you the best odds at raising an all-female crop of cannabis. If you want the most amount of bud for your buck, feminized marijuana seeds are usually your best option.


    Autoflower cannabis seeds don’t depend on photoperiod to bloom. Without relying on light periods, year-round outdoor harvests are possible, and fussing over lights inside is unnecessary. Plants grown from autoflower marijuana seeds are generally short and stubby, and their yields are lower than regular variants. Offsetting these minor drawbacks is their generally fast flowering times and low-maintenance growth.The cannabis seed variants we can offer currently for this strain are feminized Lemon Kush seeds.


    Are there any other names for Lemon Kush feminized?


    This strain’s name perfectly describes what it’s all about, so it’s not surprising it's kept its simple moniker. We’re unaware of any other nicknames, although it’s sometimes confused with Lemon OG. Spelling errors with this strain are rare and usually the result of mistyping in the search bar. Even if you make a mistake and type “Lemno Kush” or “Lemmon Kush,” you’ll still find what you’re after.


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