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Lemon Drizzle Auto Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Drizzle Auto Cannabis Seeds

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  • Farewell stress and negative thoughts
  • Mid range THC for relaxed muscles and a deep sleep
  • A scent of freshly chopped wood
  • Get ready to dissolve negativity and stress with Lemon Drizzle autoflower and the tranquilizing buds they create. This glorious cannabis cultivar is the perfect evening smoke that’ll induce waves of relaxation melting away tension in muscles. Let the healing abilities of these nugs from auto Lemon Drizzle seeds detox your mind and calm. Smoking this cannabis blend of sour tropi...Show more

    Lemon Drizzle Auto Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    350 - 400
    Max Yield outdoor
    100 - 200
    Height indoor
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Lemon Drizzle Auto Cannabis Seeds

    Get ready to dissolve negativity and stress with Lemon Drizzle autoflower and the tranquilizing buds they create. This glorious cannabis cultivar is the perfect evening smoke that’ll induce waves of relaxation melting away tension in muscles.


    Let the healing abilities of these nugs from auto Lemon Drizzle seeds detox your mind and calm. Smoking this cannabis blend of sour tropical flavors and earthy dankness nugs is enough to take you to a state of serenity.


    Cultivating these marijuana seeds is as rewarding and exciting as consuming these dazzling buds. The autoflower seeds category is a leading choice for expert and intermediate cannabis growers that desire powerful yields in record time.


    From an incredible fragrance to high levels of THC, these revitalizing buds offer something for everyone. Keep reading to learn all about autoflower Lemon Drizzle seeds and how they can onset happiness and drive aches away before sending you to bed.


    What are Lemon Drizzle autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Lemon Drizzle autoflower is an indica-dominant cannabis hybrid with up to 20% THC. It originates from two iconic marijuana strains and owes its high levels of THC and relaxation sensations to its lineage.


    These cannabis seeds produce densely-packed nugs with illuminating qualities that soothe your body and revitalize your mind. You can expect a restful and refreshing slumber as you approach the end of your intense physical high.


    Although Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds contain a minimal level of CBD, these buds hold amazing therapeutic effects for medicinal users. These nugs' terpene profile and high THC offer relief from various physical and mental ailments.


    Cultivators crossbred Lemon Drizzle seeds with ruderalis genetics, creating an autoflower Lemon Drizzle seeds version. This particular version offers resilience to cold, pests, and diseases and can flower regardless of the light they receive. This variant makes it easier for experienced cultivators to manage and is ideal for colder climates. 


    These cannabis seeds are a cultivator's dream that produce bountiful yields and extreme bag appeal under optimal conditions. Suppose you have a high THC tolerance and work on creative projects. You’ll find that the buds from auto Lemon Drizzle seeds incite inspiration and prolific thoughts.


    What are the effects of Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds?


    The Lemon Drizzle autoflower provides a long-lasting experience accompanied by heavy indica effects. The ride starts with a rising vibration from the base of your spine and moves up to your head. Before sensations start to settle, this cannabis strain delivers euphoric thoughts igniting creativity that leave you feeling inspired.


    With each puff of cannabis from the potent auto Lemon Drizzle seeds, you sink deeper into the welcoming embrace of these nugs. All external forms become beautiful, and you start to appreciate who you are and the source behind it.


    After smoking weed from Lemon Drizzle auto seeds, you might feel famished and desire delicious snacks to feed your craving. Steer away from physically demanding tasks; as relaxation will become your main focus, you’re inclined to pause and enjoy the uplifting emotions.


    As the effects of the autoflower Lemon Drizzle start to settle in, your limbs become weightless, and aches and pains subside. It's an ideal cannabis strain for post-work as you’ll be couch-locked. You can expect amazing euphoria, relaxation, and creative revelations with every toke of this bud.


    Adverse effects may include dry mouth and irritable eyes, which you can combat by staying hydrated and using eye drops. Slight dizziness and paranoia are rare after smoking this strain but can arise with low tolerance users or those who over-indulge.


    What does Lemon Drizzle autoflower smell like?


    Cannabis from Lemon Drizzle autoflower captivates your attention with a dank woody aroma and notes of citrus. Opening a jar of these gorgeous nugs releases a strong earthy scent, similar to freshly chopped wood. The marijuana flowers release an irresistible, tangy smell during their flowering stage, enticing you to grab the cola and get a whiff. 


    Sparking up a Lemon Drizzle joint only enhances its fragrance and exudes cloying lemon-scented smoke. When you inhale, the taste of lemons wraps around your tongue, along with hints of fresh pine. As you exhale, the flavor of spicy herbs lingers on your tongue, enticing you to refresh your palate with another puff.


    How to germinate Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds?


    Cultivating the Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds may not be easy, as various factors determine if the cultivar will yield a successful harvest. The best foundation for your marijuana seeds is by germinating them using our paper towel technique. It’s an easy yet highly effective method that anyone can use for a healthy and potent crop.


    You’ll need the following items:


    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - A bottle of purified water

    - A pair of tweezers

    - A ceramic plate

    - A bowl


    Once you’ve got everything on the list, grab your Critical Mass autoflower seeds and follow these steps below to start the germination process:


    - Pour the purified water into a ceramic bowl. (Tip: Add a few drops of our Germ Genie to enrich the solution with minerals.)


    - Place the two paper towel sheets in the bowl and allow them to soak in the water.


    - Gently squeeze the two paper towels, removing the excess water but ensuring the sheets stay damp.


    - Place a damp sheet of paper towel on the ceramic plate.


    - Use a pair of tweezers to place your Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds on the moist sheet.


    - You’ll need to space out each seedling about an inch apart, then cover them with the second piece of paper towel.


    - Place your germination set up in a dark and cool area, like a cupboard or closet, for 1–5 days.


    - Remember to check on your marijuana seeds every day and mist them regularly, ensuring they remain moist.


    - Transplant them into individual pot plants once you see white taproots emerging from your auto Lemon Drizzle seeds.


    Following our germination guide guarantees seeds sprouting; in the unlikely event that any of your cannabis seeds don’t pop, we’ll replace them. We advise that you document your process so we can easily assess your claim.


    Lemon Drizzle autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Intermediate growers to professionals can raise Lemon Drizzle autoflower easily. These cannabis seeds have been modified with ruderalis genetics and will flower regardless of how much light they receive. This cultivar possesses more resilience against pests and pathogens and an inherent tendency to struggle due to the weight of its buds.


    Keep humidity levels around 40–50% for indoor setups and maintain temperatures between 68–80℉. Fans are necessary to improve ventilation and air circulation and prevent moisture and dampness on plants. (Tip: Don’t position fans too close or directed towards your Lemon Drizzle autoflower crop.)


    This autoflower cultivar takes 9–10 weeks from seed to harvest. You can expect your plants to start flowering after 6–8 weeks. Due to its fast life cycle, brush up on your skills and growing techniques before tackling this strain.


    Don't repot your lemon drizzle autoflower seeds for best results, as this stresses the plant and slows growth. Rather plant your marijuana seeds directly in a 3-gallon pot after germination. Try using fabric ones to grow your cannabis seeds, as it promotes healthier roots and boosts access to oxygen, better drainage, and temperature control.


    For indoor setups, use a 12/12 light and dark schedule for the seedling and vegetative stage of Lemon Drizzle autoflower. Leave the lights on for 18–24 hours during the flowering period to boost bud production. Cultivate in an indoor grow tent for more abundant yields, and expect to harvest between 12–14 oz./m2.


    Growing auto lemon drizzle seeds outdoors can be quite simple. When raising these cannabis seeds in gardens, find a space with access to ample light. You’ll also want your plant to be sheltered from wind and rain, so find a secure spot. This cannabis cultivar thrives in sunny Mediterranean climates and generates an outdoor yield of 4–7 oz./plant.


    Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds flourish in both soil substrates and hydroponics. Organic soil will improve the terpene profile and enhance flavor and therapeutic value. Use a mixture of coco coir and soil, which will improve water retention and better aeration. Coco coir is a 100% organic resource made from fibers found between the husk and outer shell of coconuts. This substrate promotes healthy, strong root growth and better drainage.


    Hydroponics setups are one of the most efficient ways to grow auto Lemon Drizzle cannabis seeds, especially indoor cultivation. Your plants will yield a bigger harvest, mature quicker, provide better quality nugs, and avoid soil-dwelling pests. Hydro systems can be quite expensive, and you need thorough knowledge and skills to produce a successful yield.


    Use marijuana fertilizers and nutrient packs on your autoflower Lemon Drizzle seeds crop. It's important to consider that nutrients are formulated to be used for specific growth stages. These are essential for the overall health and development of your plant. To improve your cultivar in all stages, check out our plant power-ups for the best nutrients.


    Low-stress training techniques during vegging stages allow more light to distribute throughout the plant. This technique directs the branches to grow laterally, optimizes overall bud output, and involves strategically bending and tying branches and stems.


    Plants from these marijuana seeds stretch up to around 3ft tall, and it's best to avoid topping them as it may cause stress and damage. Growers who plan to cultivate four or more auto Lemon Drizzle seeds can use the Sea of Green technique to achieve maximum yields.


    What is the Lemon Drizzle autoflower strain genetics?


    Lemon Drizzle autoflower arrived on the cannabis scene when two iconic indica-heavy strains combined. Breeders created this cultivar by blending Critical with Mazar to produce an 80% indica and 20% sativa hybrid. Lab tests measure these marijuana nugs to contain between 17-20% THC and 0.3% CBD.


    The Critical strain provides relaxing and mood uplifting sensations, while the Mazar cultivar induces powerful sedative and mind-warping effects. Nugs from Lemon Drizzle auto seeds positively impact the body and mind, making them good stress-busting buds.


    Wellness and Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds


    As we explore the various medicinal properties of cannabis, we better understand how its range of benefits offers medicinal applications. Lemon Drizzle autoflower is the shining example of the holistic advantages of studying, cultivating, and consuming marijuana.


    This cannabis can transform self-doubt into motivation and confidence, making it a perfect strain to reduce mental stress. The weed from Auto Lemon Drizzle seeds gives rise to appetite stimulation and simultaneously may reduce nausea.


    Seasoned smokers and medical marijuana users report that the levels of THC and CBD in Lemon Drizzle auto seeds may assist with different types of physical and mental conditions, such as;


    - Anxiety

    - Arthritis

    - Depression

    - Migraines

    - Nausea

    - Muscle spasms

    - Stress

    - Inflammation


    Those who struggle with insomnia can indulge in these heavy-indica buds that offer a rejuvenating sleep even with low doses. A few puffs of these nugs, and you’ll be floating on clouds.


    Lemon Drizzle auto cannabis seeds produce an exquisite terpene profile which includes; myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, and limonene compounds. Myrcene is the most prominent terp found in these cannabis flowers. 


    Studies show various potential benefits of this compound, and it may assist in the strain's sedative and calming ability. Scent travels much quicker than sight or sound to the brain, and these citrus aromas can reduce anxiety and improve your mood.


    If you enjoy edibles, you can use the marijuana from this cultivar to create some divine ones. Alternatively, you can use this plant to produce oils that provide pain relief and soothe skin and limbs.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Lemon Drizzle Autoflower marijuana seeds: FAQ


    Below, we deliver bite-sized answers to the most frequently asked questions about Lemon Drizzle autoflower. If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask any questions on our Homegrown support chat.


    Where can I get free cannabis Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. features a range of popular cultivars and new strains on the buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) promotions that double your seed order, including Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds.


    You have a choice of the following BOGO deals on a variety of cannabis strains:


    - 4 pack: a total of 8 seeds from the strain of your choice

    - 8 pack: a total of 16 seeds from the strain of your choice

    - 12 mix pack: Get a total of 24 random seeds.

    - 24 mix pack: Get a total of 48 random seeds.


    Please keep checking our site for new deals, as we regularly rotate the marijuana strains offered with these deals. Visit our site, and you might find your favorite cultivar and take advantage of doubling your seed order at no extra cost.


    What’s the difference between autoflower seeds and feminized and regular variants?


    There are three versions of cannabis seeds to choose from, each having different qualities and results. Below, we provide information on these variants to help you select the best option for your garden:


    - Autoflower seeds: These seeds have been modified with ruderalis genetics, allowing marijuana plants to flower regardless of the light. Experienced cultivators can grow multiple crops all year and generate yields in half the usual life cycle time.


    - Feminized seeds: Altered genetics give these marijuana seeds the ability to germinate 99% female plants. They’re the best option for novice growers or anyone wanting to produce generous harvests.


    - Regular seeds: This version has a 50% chance of developing into germinating female or male crops. It’s a brilliant choice for beginners to learn from and for experienced cultivators interested in crossbreeding seeds to create hybrid strains.


    Can a beginner grow Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds?


    While the Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds might seem easy to manage, there’s no room for rookie mistakes due to their quick life cycle. It's best to gain expertise before raising these potent marijuana seeds in your garden.


    How long do Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Using the paper towel method, you can expect your Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds to germinate within five days. We have provided all the necessary steps to this technique in our germination guide available on this page.


    If your seeds don't sprout after you’ve followed our method, we’ll replace them. Remember to document your germination process to assess your claim easily.


    How long does it take Lemon Drizzle autoflower from seed to harvest?


    Auto Lemon Drizzle seeds take up to ten weeks before you can start harvesting those densely-packed nugs. The exact time may differ due to your choice of environment and the growing medium used. 


    To produce a full yield within ten weeks, cultivate these cannabis seeds using an indoor setup. Provide 18–24 hours of light, maintain optimal temperature and humidity, and add nutrients according to your cultivar's growth stage.


    These marijuana seeds cultivate better indoors, and you can expect a heavier harvest of densely-packed nugs than outdoor yields.


    Grow medium: Lemon Drizzle autoflower hydro or soil?


    The Lemon Drizzle auto seeds thrive in soil or hydroponics; it all depends on your preference. Consider your skills, cultivation goals, available space, and crop needs.


    Soil is well-suited for beginners, as it's easier to use and offers a boost of flavor and the terpene profile of your cannabis buds. Growers with experience under their belt can utilize hydroponics to amplify plant growth and manage nutrition levels; water in the system is reusable and uses less space. 


    What is the average Lemon Drizzle autoflower height?


    Expect your autoflower Lemon Drizzle seeds to stretch around 3ft tall. Its indica lineage keeps it short and busy and focuses on growing lateral branches. Cultivators with smaller gardens can benefit from its short height. 


    Where can I find pictures of Lemon Drizzle autoflower marijuana?


    Check out the Lemon Drizzle auto cannabis Homegrown Diary for a collection of pictures of these bright green and orange buds. You can find images of other growers' crops at each stage of their life cycle, a growing guide, and tips to sharpen your cannabis cultivation skills. Start your diary to track the progress of your plants and compare your crop with other cannabis enthusiasts.


    Alternatively, you can scroll to the top of this page to get a good glimpse at what you can produce in your garden. 


    Where is the best place to buy Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds in the USA?


    Our Homegrown online store has got you covered if you're looking for premium quality Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds. We offer 4, 8, 12, and 24 pack options of these potent marijuana seeds.


    There are many benefits to take advantage of when you shop at Homegrown Cannabis Co.:


    - Earn points and rewards when registering on our Homegrown Stash loyalty program.

    - A germination guarantee on all purchases

    - Fast, tracked, and discreet delivery services

    - Easy and secure payment options

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    - Free access to a community of marijuana lovers, growers, and smokers

    - Free educational resources on a variety of cannabis topics 

    - 24/7 customer service


    Are there any other names for Lemon Drizzle autoflower?


    Currently, there are no other names for Lemon Drizzle autoflower seeds. When searching for this cultivar, it's important to spell it accurately. Add words such as 'cannabis seeds' or 'strain with online search engines as you might find search results for delicious dessert cakes.


    Many sites might advertise a misspelled version of autoflower Lemon Drizzle seeds. 

    Spelling errors


    Many sites might advertise a misspelled version of Lemon Drizzle cannabis strain. These are the common spelling errors you’ll find when searching:


    - Lamon Drizzle

    - Lemon Drizle

    - Lemmon Drizl

    - Lammone Drizzle

    - Leemon Drizzel


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