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Lemon Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Lemon Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 30
  • All lemon from grow to harvest
  • Up to 25% THC could lift you up after a long day
  • Fenchol and citral terpenes provide all the lemony goodness
  • Lemon autoflower seeds are historically popular and have received many awards over the years. Each seed creates a zesty plant with flavorful, powerful buds. Cultivators can produce large harvests that carry a potent kick with relative ease. Join our exploration of autoflower Lemon cannabis to learn everything you need to know about this curious cultivar.What are the Lemon autof...Show more

    Lemon Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    350 - 400
    Max Yield outdoor
    30 - 45
    Height indoor
    40 - 100
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Lemon Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Lemon autoflower seeds are historically popular and have received many awards over the years. Each seed creates a zesty plant with flavorful, powerful buds. Cultivators can produce large harvests that carry a potent kick with relative ease. 
    Join our exploration of autoflower Lemon cannabis to learn everything you need to know about this curious cultivar.

    What are the Lemon autoflower cannabis seeds?

    Lemon autoflower plants offer an exceptional flavor profile and impressive THC levels. Although they’re slightly more challenging to cultivate than some other strains, growers quickly see why they’re worth the effort.
    Autoflower Lemon seeds become the ideal cultivars for both indoor and outdoor setups. They’re robust, small plants that make the best of any environment. Auto Lemon plants have a moderately high THC level of around 17–25% THC. 
    As a result, unwary consumers often find themselves overwhelmed by the potency of auto Lemon buds. Smokers worldwide love Lemon autoflower for its potency, smell, and taste. The crisp flavor tickles your taste buds with every inhale while slowly inducing relaxing, euphoric effects.
    With a low CBD level (0.2%), the medical benefits of autoflower Lemon buds affect your mind more than your body. Medical marijuana consumers mostly report relief from anxiety, stress, and similar psychological conditions.
    Lemon autoflower is often the go-to cannabis strain for many growers. The autoflowering abilities make Lemon auto preferable for people with a consistent light schedule. While beginners should research cultivating auto Lemon seeds, veterans seldomly have difficulties growing these babies.
    Autoflower seeds give cultivators a pretty chilled growing experience. You don’t need to adjust your pH or lights to stimulate flowering. Instead, you simply germinate your seeds, plant them, and look after them.

    What are the Lemon autoflower effects?

    The mind and body effects of autoflower Lemon are unique in every way. Not only do consumers enjoy a tasty variety of flavors, but also an incredible high that lasts for some time. Users experience euphoria and upliftment alongside an initial energy surge. So if you need a pick-me-up after a long day, auto Lemon buds might be what you’re looking for.
    Auto Lemon plants have a very low CBD content of only 0.2%. Smokers experience a potent cerebral high, followed by a deep physical relaxation. Lemon auto consumers report lower stress levels and a much-needed energy boost after a few puffs from a medical perspective. 
    The high THC content of up to 25% makes Lemon autoflower seeds a potent cultivar that’s sure to bake you like a potato if you’re reckless. Give the flowers time to affect you. Factors like metabolism and tolerance could influence your experience. Hardcore stoners may need a higher dose but will feel the incredible effects nonetheless.
    As with most marijuana, you may experience the munchies and should have some snacks nearby. Having something to drink at hand is also a good idea to stave off the cottonmouth. Consumers often report red eyes when they smoke Lemon autoflower. Luckily the effects don’t last very long, and eye drops can moisten your peepers instantly.
    It’s important to consume auto Lemon with caution if you want balanced effects. Although the buds offer an initial energy boost, smoking too much can leave you feeling very sleepy. Autoflower Lemon buds offer the perfect solution for anyone who isn’t a “morning person.” Not only will you feel ready to face the day, but you’ll also have a spring in your step.

    What does the Lemon autoflower smell like?

    Lemon autoflower seeds grow into beautiful and charming plants. As the name suggests, they carry a strong lemon scent. Each bud smells like freshly grated lemon peels. Autoflower Lemon has an array of amazing terpenes in just the right amount. Both the flowers and the smoke lure consumers with their crisp citrus aroma.
    All plants contain chemicals called terpenes, which dictate the smell and appearance of a cultivar. Auto Lemon has an incredible combination of terpenes that create an award-winning scent:
    - Farnesene smells similar to green apples.- Fenchol has pine, camphor, and lemon scents.- Borneol carries a minty, earthy aroma.- Ocimene has a range of earth, woody, herbal smells.- Eugenol has a spicy scent like cinnamon leaf or pimentos.- Myrcene produces a musky scent.- Citral smells strongly of lemons and other citrus fruit.- Alpha & beta pinene smell like pine trees or pine nuts.- Caryophyllene has varying spicy smells ranging from hot to mild.
    Some of the terpenes like myrcene and pinene appear in many cannabis strains. However, terpenes like farnesene and fenchol are rather uncommon. Lemon autoflower also contains low levels of camphene, which smells like camphor. Finally, cadinene adds various woodsy aromas like cedar or cades juniper.

    How to germinate Lemon autoflower seeds

    The anticipation builds from the minute you buy autoflower Lemon seeds. Regardless of your cultivation experience, growing weed is an exciting process. Prepare your mediums and grow area beforehand so you can plant your seeds when they germinate. You’ll avoid potential obstacles and can make adjustments more easily while your grow room is empty.
    Autoflower Lemon seeds have a 99% success rate under the correct germination conditions. To improve your chances, follow the paper towel method, and keep your seeds moist at all times. The benefits of germinating seeds before planting them don’t stop at a higher success rate. 
    Your Lemon autoflower seeds enter the soil with an advantage of a taproot and immediate access to nutrients.
    You’ll need:
    - Water (purified or filtered).- A few paper towels.- Plates or saucers.- Tweezers to pick up the cannabis seeds.
    - Use filtered or purified water to wet one of the paper towels.
    - Place the wet paper towel in the middle of the plate.
    - Put the marijuana seeds on the paper towel and keep one inch between them.
    - Use a second wet paper towel to cover the cannabis seeds.
    - Drain excess water by lifting the towels and tilting the plate.
    - Place the marijuana seeds in a warm, dark spot like a cupboard or drawer that’s +-75℉.
    - Keep the cannabis seeds moist and monitor them regularly.
    - Plant your cannabis seeds when you see a taproot poking through the shell.
    Autoflower Lemon seeds are sometimes excited and pop within just 24 hours. Other times, though, they’re less eager and can take up to 120 hours (5 Days). Fortunately, autoflower Lemon seeds show their excitement to grow through a taproot. 
    The little white stringy thingy is a clear indicator that they’re ready for the ground. If you want your seeds to germinate successfully, follow the Homegrown germination guide. You can also look at HD pics of the plants and read detailed instructions.

    Lemon autoflower seeds grow guide

    Autoflower Lemon seeds are very easygoing and give growers a very enjoyable cultivation experience. Although they’re not “beginner-friendly,” cultivators consider them easy to grow.
    Lemon auto plants are a testament to the genius of cannabis breeders. Not only do they have an incredibly high THC level of 25%, but they’re also gorgeous cultivars.
    Auto Lemon plants rarely grow taller than 39 inches high, allowing cultivators to grow multiple in a small space. Their foliage is pretty sparse, and they have one thick central cola. Around the 5th flowering week, the plants begin exuding their crisp, fresh scent. Growers will also begin to see the trichomes as the pistils start producing syrupy resin. 
    Auto Lemon seeds give growers from any background an incredible cultivation experience. Cannabis gardeners can care for a beautiful plant and then look forward to a tasty, potent reward.
    Autoflowering Lemon seeds don’t have a dense canopy of foliage, which makes them fairly pest resistant. As a result, they won’t need constant trimming like indica-dominant feminized hybrids. Growers love Lemon auto plants because they can thrive in almost any environment. As long as they receive at least 8 hours of light a day, they’ll be happy.
    However, if you want to give your plants a boost, you should ensure at least 16 hours per day. The more light you give your auto Lemon plants, the bigger their buds will grow. If you’re an outdoor grower, choose a sunny spot in summer that provides shelter from adverse weather. 
    Greenhouse and indoor growers should provide enough artificial light to compensate for the lack of sunlight. Lemon auto plants are less demanding than many other strains and only ask that you care for them. High-quality nutrients, consistent watering schedules, and a lot of light already give you an advantage.
    A clever mix of indica, sativa, and ruderalis genes gives Lemon auto various amazing traits. The cultivars develop thick stems like an indica, sparse leaves like a sativa, and have the autoflowering ability of a ruderalis. During the flowering phase, the central stem develops a single fat cola that glistens in the light. 
    On closer inspection, cultivators will see yellow and orange pistils with yellow and white trichomes. Autoflowering Lemon plants have beautiful foliage colors in a range of greens. Typically, the centers of the leaves are light green, and the edges are dark green.
    Cultivators that employ the “sea of green” growing method can increase their yields drastically. The canopy of buds allows growers to increase their potency and yields by prioritizing the flowers above leaf development.
    Lemon autoflower seeds may not need much light to live, but they need a lot to perform at their peak. Whether you have a greenhouse or indoor setup, adding lights will make a huge difference to your harvests.
    Although Lemon autoflowering plants can survive in extreme weather, it’s better to keep the temperature around 70–79℉. Consistent climates allow your plants to focus on bud development instead of survival. For outdoor growers, summer is always the best time to plant auto Lemon seeds. 
    With enough light, the right nutrients, and love, you can expect about 1–2 oz per plant. Indoor growers can hope for higher yields because the extra light allows their Lemon plants to produce more flowers. Subsequently, indoor growers can harvest around 12–14 oz per square meter.
    Indoor and greenhouse setups give gardeners the benefit of year-round cultivation. Greenhouse growers can also expect around 14 oz per square meter with a good effort. Like every marijuana strain, you need to pay attention to your plant and keep them in good health. 
    When you start growing your Lemon autoflower seeds, remember:
    - Pruning. You should always trim damaged, dead, and dying leaves. Never remove healthy leaves unnecessarily, and don’t over trim your plants.
    - The climate. The best temperature range for Lemon auto plants is around 70–80℉. Indoor growers can achieve the ideal temp easily, while outdoor gardeners will need to be more aware of the weather conditions.
    - Humidity. Keep the humidity around 55–60% at all times with dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and extractor fans. If the humidity is too high, you increase the chances of fungal growth or other complications.
    - Food and pH. The acidity for Autoflower Lemon plants should be around 5.8–6.7 pH. Check the pH when you feed your plants and don’t give them too many nutrients.
    - The water. If possible, give your Lemon autoflower seeds only purified or filtered water and only when the soil is dry. Overwatering your plants can cause root damage or other problems.
    - Yields. Autoflowering Lemon plants have a very consistent flowering period, and you should harvest them around the 8th flowering week.

    What are the Lemon autoflower seeds genetics?

    Lemon autoflower plants contain incredible genes thanks to their ancestry. Breeders combined Lowryder #2 with Lemon Skunk to create a potent and delicious cannabis strain.
    Typical of the Lowryder strain, Lemon auto stays small and carries a potent kick. The lemony goodness is all thanks to the Lemon Skunk genes. Neither parent strain grows very tall, which explains the maximum height of Lemon auto plants. Fortunately, their high THC levels make up for what they lack in stature.

    Wellness and Lemon autoflower seeds

    The high THC content in Lemon autoflower buds makes them a fantastic option for people that require a cerebral high. Their happiness-inducing effects are sure to put a smile on your face. 
    Many consumers report that auto Lemon helps them with various mental conditions. The immediate mental high kicks in before the physical relaxation, providing relief from various conditions such as depression or stress.
    At 17–25% THC, inexperienced consumers should practice caution. Auto Lemon buds can sneak upon unsuspecting smokers, overwhelming them before they realize it. The more intense effects of Lemon auto buds often help insomniacs, as it induces a sleepy feeling if you allow the body high to settle in. If your aim isn’t to get tired, moderate your intake. 
    Recreational smokers love auto lemon buds because of their potency and flavor. The smooth smoke tastes amazing and delivers incredible effects within moments of the first puff. Moderation is crucial if you want to receive the best aspects of Lemon auto without becoming stoned out of your mind. 
    Unlike low THC strains, overdoing it may leave you feeling like a roasted vegetable. Everyone is unique, and so is their experience with cannabis. Your tolerance and other aspects of your physiology determine how and for how long you’re affected.
    Top Tip: Autoflower Lemon is a bit of an “anytime, anywhere” strain. You can be having a morning coffee or an evening tea, and you’ll receive uplifting effects that won’t push you to run a marathon, but instead maybe build a puzzle.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Lemon autoflower seeds: Frequently asked questions

    Autoflowering Lemon plants leave us wanting more information. We’ve scoured the web for all the frequently asked questions and answer the most common ones for you here!

    What are the Lemon seed variants?

    Lemon seeds can come in three different variants—feminized, regular, and autoflowering versions. Our Homegrown store has autoflowering seeds and should soon have feminized and regular versions available. We offer customers only the best seeds on the market and constantly expands its range. Not only can you find hybrids and specific strains, but also amazing mix packs.

    Where can I get free cannabis Lemon autoflower seeds?

    Finding autoflower Lemon seeds for free is tough unless you “know a guy”. But who ever REALLY “knows a guy?”. If you want high-quality seeds with a guarantee, the Homegrown store is your best source. You can buy auto Lemon seeds knowing that you get what you pay for. 
    We also have incredible cheap cannabis seeds and “Buy One Get One Free” promotions that rotate. The “BOGO” badge next to a strain means that you get free seeds when you purchase. So, if you visit us at the right time, you can get free seeds when you buy auto Lemon seeds.

    Can a beginner grow Lemon autoflower?

    Technically, no. Autoflower Lemon seeds aren’t a newbie-friendly plant and may be challenging for newcomers unless they make a concerted effort to learn about cannabis cultivation. Veterans usually grow auto Lemon in the “sea of green” method to increase their yields. 
    However, the practice requires experience with marijuana horticulture and additional research. Fortunately, for anyone growing the strain, Lemon autoflower plants have strong limbs. You won’t need extra support unless you’re following advanced growing methods.

    What is the Lemon autoflower flower time?

    Autoflower Lemon plants have a flowering period of about 7–8 weeks. You also won’t need to change their light cycle to stimulate flowering, as their autoflowering abilities take care of that. Ideally, autoflowering Lemon plants should receive more than 16 hours of light per day for maximum yields. Outdoor growers might be unable to reach this goal, but it’s a breeze for indoor growers.

    How long do Lemon autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    Autoflower Lemon seeds have a 99% germination rate when you follow the paper towel method and grow a taproot on the first day. It can also take longer, so just be patient. Although Lemon autoflower seeds can sprout within the first 24 hours, germination can take five days. Monitor their progress, and plant them as they pop.

    How long does it take to grow Lemon autoflower from seeds to harvest?

    Lemon autoflower plants have stable life cycles that don’t stray from the norm very often. Cultivators can expect an average lifespan to look like this:
    - Germination phase: 24–120 hours- Seedling phase: 2–3 weeks- Vegetating phase: 2–3 weeks- Flowering phase: 7–9 weeks
    Helpful Hint: Keep a journal of your progress to optimize your processes.

    Grow medium: Lemon autoflower hydro or soil?

    Autoflower Lemon seeds thrive in all mediums provided there’s enough drainage and nutrients.  Therefore, cultivators can choose their grow medium based on their experience and preferences. You can buy pre-mixed soil that contains all the necessary nutrients your plants need. Then, all you have to do is water them regularly. 
    However, pH balancing can be tricky and needs a fine touch. Palm-peat or coco coir are popular choices because they’re easy to maintain and provide excellent drainage. Growers will need nutrient solutions and pH testers to ensure the ground is acidic enough for their plants.
    Hydroponic systems give cultivators more immediate influence over bud production but are more complex to maintain. But, the yields quickly remind you why they’re worth the effort.

    What is the average autoflower Lemon height?

    Autoflower Lemon plants stay nice and small, reaching 39 inches at their tallest. As indoor plants, they make beautiful ornaments with a fantastic scent. Lemon autoflowering plants are perfect for any grow tent or room, as well as an outdoor setup. They take up minimal space, and you can grow them discreetly behind a low wall.

    Where can I find pictures of Lemon autoflower marijuana?

    The internet is filled with cannabis pictures of all sorts. If you search for autoflowering Lemon seeds or plants, something will eventually show up. However, it could also return a sketch someone made of Snoop Dogg smoking a joint. 
    If you want high-quality images of the best buds in town, visit the Homegrown website. Not only can you see the buds at their finest, but you also learn about their properties. You can also watch an explainer video on Lemon autoflowering plants and how to grow them.

    Where is the best place to buy Lemon autoflower seeds in the USA?

    The first place that should come to mind when you want to buy Lemon autoflower seeds should be the Homegrown store. We have an incredibly user-friendly interface, amazing products, and awesome deals.
    At Homegrown we also offer delivery on all our products and guarantee that you get only the highest quality goods. If you’re a little more low-key, you can also request discreet shipping throughout the USA.
    Join Homegrown Forum, and share your stories! Post your Lemon autoflower pics, and any Lemon grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Lemon images, those crystals drive us wild!
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    We're not just an American cannabis seed company, we are an American cannabis brand.