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Lavender Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lavender Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Soothe your troubles away
  • Up to 20% THC could deliver a night off blissful sensations
  • Lavener and hash
  • Think for a minute about the most pleasant smell you've ever experienced. Keep the memory in your mind when you smoke the weed you get from Lavender feminized seeds. We're sure the experience will be on par, if not better. These feminized seeds are a blend of multiple cultivars—Super Skunk, Afghani, Hawaiian, and South Asian indica. Such a powerful combination is enough to upli...Show more

    Lavender Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    400 - 600
    Height indoor
    180 - 240
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Muscle spasms
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Lavender Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Think for a minute about the most pleasant smell you've ever experienced. Keep the memory in your mind when you smoke the weed you get from Lavender feminized seeds. We're sure the experience will be on par, if not better. These feminized seeds are a blend of multiple cultivars—Super Skunk, Afghani, Hawaiian, and South Asian indica.


    Such a powerful combination is enough to uplift your spirits and put you in a great mood after a stressful day. This strain is the perfect choice to kick back and relax.

    Now it's time to learn more about Lavender feminized seeds, the secrets behind their delightful flavor, and much more. By the time we're done, you'll be an expert on this cultivar! 


    What are Lavender feminized cannabis seeds?


    Lavender feminized seeds flaunt their lineage like a flag. It's easy to understand the complexity of this cannabis when you take a peek at its genetic pool. The cultivar combines Super Skunk, Afghani, Hawaiian, and South Asian indica. This mix gives these plants an imposing presence. 


    Lavender fem seeds need space to stretch and grow. These plants can top eight feet tall easily. It's no easy feat to conceal the presence of your garden since Lavender is a very aromatic plant.


    The crops you get from Lavender feminized cannabis seeds offer heavy nugs covered with thick resin layers. After breaking them apart, a single whiff is enough to entice your senses.


    Growing Lavender feminized seeds isn't challenging. Due to its size, it makes maintenance tasks easier to handle. It's a great entry point if you want to grow weed for the first time.


    This cultivar enjoys its best development in the open. Rich-nutrient soil and a Mediterranean environment increase the terpene profile of your garden. Hydroponics is also a good option, but you'll have to put a bit more effort into keeping your plants at a manageable size. 


    Low-stress techniques and a fixed schedule for lighting and feeding are necessary. By the time you're done, your feminized Lavender seeds reward your effort with outstanding purplish buds.


    The violet hues create a strong contrast with dark green colors and a sea of orange pistils. The moment you blaze this weed, you'll understand how much it honors its name. The weed from Lavender feminized seeds is a treat for your senses on all levels. It melts away stress and tension like very few strains can do, especially after a rough day. 


    This cannabis is perfect for taking you flying high and gently delivering you into Morpheus’ arms. The blessed feeling stays with you right until you fall asleep. It's the most relaxing experience you’ll experience, thanks to its 15–19% THC content. 


    What are the Lavender feminized effects?


    The weed obtained from Lavender feminized seeds should be reserved for the end of stressful days. Be warned: while the first rush of euphoria can feel liberating, it doesn’t last long.


    The complex genetic lineage of Lavender fem seeds offers indica-leaning cannabis that acts as an uplifting treat. A toke of this cannabis feels like eating your favorite dessert while relaxing.


    After the initial rush fades away, you feel an intense sensation of bliss taking hold of your senses. The experience is thoroughly cerebral at first, but it soon engulfs your whole body. 


    After a while, your limbs feel like dead weight. This soothing sensation is something that takes a while to get used to. Most veteran smokers will tell you it's best to go easy on this one.


    It's no exaggeration to be prepared. If you're consuming cannabis from Lavender seeds feminized for the first time, you better be sitting on your favorite couch before the first toke.


    One or two puffs are enough to let the strain do what it does best. It's not uncommon to feel drowsiness after consuming this cultivar. Falling asleep is almost a given. 


    There are very few downsides to enjoying the marijuana obtained from Lavender seeds feminized. The relaxing high never gives you time to feel hungry.


    Medical users may also experience a great sense of relief with this cultivar. The cannabis from fem Lavender seeds takes away muscular pain and removes negative thoughts and depression. 


    Overconsumption can lead to dizziness, anxiety, or paranoia, even with a built-in THC tolerance. Make sure to keep some bottled water and eye drops close by to deal with dehydration. 


    What does Lavender feminized smell like?


    The smell and flavor of the cannabis obtained from Lavender feminized seeds are closely related. It's tough to speak about one feature without mentioning the other.


    One toke of this marijuana plant releases the sweet aroma of Lavender spiked with herbal notes and a hint of Afghan hash. It's a delicate experience that swiftly takes over your senses.


    When you finally release the smoke, your nostrils get invaded by the scent of damp soil and earthiness. Your tongue feels a mild hint of pinewood that compliments the natural aromas.


    The overall experience transports your senses to an open floral field. It's a rewarding sensory experience that keeps you coming back for more.  


    How to germinate Lavender feminized seeds


    The process to germinate your Lavender feminized seeds requires patience, dedication, and basic gardening skills on your end. You need a few household items and time to attend to your seeds. This isn't a process you should rush since doing it right guarantees your seeds will grow properly. 


    Before you get started, make sure to handle the germination process in a clean area. Your Lavender feminized seeds are delicate, and you can damage them with minor mistakes. Find a sprayer, a set of tweezers, a pair of latex gloves, pH-neutral water, two dinner plates, and two pieces of paper towels.


    You need to ensure your tools are sterile, so scrub them with dishwater soap and dry everything with a clean hand towel. Now follow this procedure to the letter:


    - Fill your sprayer with pH-Neutral water. Directly spray one sheet of paper towel until it's wet enough (no leaks). Place this piece on the dinner plate. 


    - Use the tweezers and pick each fem Lavender seeds carefully out of their package. 


    - Lay the seeds on top of the paper towel placed on the plate. Make sure they're separated one inch from each other.


    - Follow the first step again with the second sheet of paper towel. Don't get it too damp. Place it on top of the Lavender fem seeds.


    - Cover your Lavender feminized seeds with the second plate. Now store them in a warm space, away from light. We recommend using the top of an appliance such as a heater or a cooler.


    - Let the Lavender feminized seeds rest for at least five days, but check on them daily. Keep the paper towels moisturized at all times using your trusty sprayer.


    - After two days, you'll be able to see a few seedlings breaking the shells of your Lavender feminized seeds. They're ready to be transferred to your setup of choice.


    It's essential to handle your Lavender feminized seeds carefully at this stage. If possible, the transfer process needs to be done using clean tools in a sterile environment. 


    Check our germination guide if you need more information to help your Lavender feminized seeds sprout properly. 


    It's important to follow these instructions as indicated here. If you go with another germination method, you'll void the replacement guarantee offered by Homegrown Cannabis Co.


    If you need advice about gardening or learn how to care for other cultivars, check the Homegrown website. You'll find a community ready to assist you. 


    Lavender feminized seeds grow guide


    There are many wonderful things about Lavender feminized seeds. The best one is these plants are great to get started as a gardener in the world of cannabis.


    You mostly need patience and discipline to offer them a fixed maintenance routine. Your feminized Lavender seeds reach peak maturity levels after nine weeks once they flower.


    You're going to need space and a lot of it. Feminized Lavender seeds grow as big as 8 feet tall, even after enduring training techniques.


    If you have space indoors, make sure to have a large room to maneuver. These plants don't do well in secluded areas, so growing boxes are out of the question. 


    Your Lavender feminized seeds thrive in fertile soil under a sunny setup. They love dryness and are proven to be resistant to mold, mildew, and most pests. 


    Working inside is a challenge because of the large size of these plants. Lavender feminized seeds grow thick foliage and heavy nugs.


    The stems and branches support the weight, but the plant benefits from proper ventilation. Employ weekly pruning and trimming along with a fixed lighting schedule.  


    After deciding on your setup, there's a bit of work ahead depending on your growing medium of choice for your Lavender feminized seeds. 


    Check out some tips to decide your strategy:


    Growing medium


    An open garden is the top choice for your Lavender feminized seeds. Test the soil you plant to work with to ensure it's clean and loaded with nutrients. 


    You can grow indoors, but you need a greenhouse or a room with a high ceiling. You can work with pots, but hydroponics does the trick if you understand Low-Stress Training techniques.


    These crops increase their terpene profile in a dry climate. Plant them after the first days of March and get ready to harvest by the end of September. 


    If you're growing indoors, use Screen of Green with a lighting system equipped with 600 W LED lamps. The pH levels for the soil need to be at 5.0–6.0 at all times. 


    Training methods


    Lavender feminized seeds are gargantuan in size, topping 8-feet tall with ease. You need to learn about topping and bending if you're growing in a closed space.


    As you apply these methods, make sure to keep the lighting system close enough, but never next to the plants. You risk burning them. 


    A mix of bending and trimming is enough to keep your plants pristine. Make sure to tie up the lower branches to help them enjoy more airflow.


    Pruning methods


    The big plants grown from fem Lavender seeds need weekly pruning and trimming. Always start from the base of the plants and work your way up, taking off all dried leaves.


    This crop is resilient to mold, mildew, and all sorts of pests. You don't have to worry about using pesticides.


    Feeding and watering


    Lavender fem seeds need irrigation and nutrients on a schedule that doesn't stray far from other cultivars. You may need to apply nutrients only if the soil lacks properties. 


    Your Lavender fem plants need daily watering; do it in the morning during their biggest development. They have to be irrigated directly on their roots at the flowering stage.


    Temperature and relative humidity


    Lavender feminized seeds grow perfectly fine in a warm climate. They do well in the open with 16 x 8 light cycles and steady temperatures at 70–80°F.


    Relative humidity should never be higher than 40–50%. If you're working indoors, you can replicate these conditions as long as you have the room and the equipment. 


    The following chart displays the best temperature and RH levels for all stages of development of your Lavender feminized seeds: 


    - Seedling phase: daytime temp of 70–80°F, nighttime: 70°F with RH levels at 50–60%

    - Vegetative phase: daytime temp of 70–80°F, nighttime: 70–75°F with RH levels at 40–50%

    - Flowering phase: daytime temp of 70–80°F, nighttime: 70–75°F with RH levels at 40–50%. 


    What are the Lavender feminized strain genetics?


    Lavender feminized seeds wear their genetics with pride. The strain is created by combining a set of powerhouses such as Super Skunk, Afghani, Hawaiian, and South Asian indica.


    Super Skunk has a strong aroma that’s the opposite of Lavender, but the strain is known for offering a relaxing feeling unlike anything else.


    On the other hand, Hawaiian boosts your mood and has a sweet, unique aroma and flavor. These traits likely contribute to Lavender feminized smell and taste profile. 


    Afghani adds the first half of its wonderful sedating and pain-relieving properties.


    South Asian Indica seals the deal, rounding off the powerful sedative effects of this cultivar, with the complex mixture of genes contained within.


    One thing's for sure: all of them contribute to creating the ultimate relaxing body high to chill on cloud nine. 


    Wellness and Lavender feminized seeds


    The weed you get from Lavender feminized seeds isn’t aimed at the medical community, yet many users find solace in it. 


    With a low CBD content under 2%, the cannabis you get from fem Lavender seeds is an excellent choice for people struggling with insomnia. 


    It's also a prime option for people dealing with daily stress. It melts tension off your muscles with ease and erases any negative feelings from your mind. 


    Lavender weed is perfect for helping you get a well-deserved rest after a rough day. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Lavender feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    We're about to wrap this up, but we know you still have questions about fem Lavender seeds. The following is a compilation of the common queries we get from our community.


    Take a look at these questions, and feel free to ask more if you need to in our forums. Our community is more than willing to help you succeed.  


    Where can I get free cannabis Lavender feminized seeds?


    No free ticket here, but we have a great offer for you. Check our BOGO page daily. Strike one out of the park and get some Lavender feminized seeds for free with your order.


    We advise you to check our Buy One Get One page frequently. Our deals change all the time, and you can try out other reputed cultivars with your purchase. 


    Can a beginner grow Lavender feminized seeds?


    Sure, a pack of Lavender feminized seeds is a great starting point for newcomers to the world of cannabis. The plant has a natural resistance to adverse environments.


    Keep in mind this indica crop requires tons of space. It's not a great option if you're limited in that regard. Remember to prune it weekly to enjoy the greatest yields. 


    What is the Lavender feminized flower time?


    When your Lavender feminized seeds enter the flowering stage, you'll be able to harvest after nine weeks at most.


    Get started with your garden in the first weeks of March, and be ready to harvest in the last week of September. Avoid cold weather for this cultivar at all costs. 


    How long does Lavender feminized seeds take to germinate?


    You can germinate your Lavender feminized seeds in 1–5 days. They're ready to be planted once they break their shell, but you should handle the process with care.


    We strongly advise you to follow the germination tips provided in this guide. You can also check the germination guide offered on our website to avoid nullifying the Homegrown guarantee.  


    How long does it take Lavender feminized from seeds to harvest?


    The entire development cycle of Lavender seeds feminized can easily take 23–24 weeks from the moment you sow the seeds.


    Germination and seedling stages take about four weeks. The vegetative phase takes up to ten weeks, give or take. The flowering stage takes eight to nine weeks, depending on your setup.


    Grow medium for Lavender feminized seeds: hydro or soil?


    The best option to grow Lavender feminized seeds is soil. Choose an option with good irrigation properties. You can try hydroponics, but you'll need to apply LST techniques to keep their size in check.


    What is the average Lavender feminized height?


    You need extra room to grow this cultivar. The cannabis plants of Lavender feminized seeds can top at eight feet tall with ease. The plants have a strong build that doesn't warrant support systems, but it needs to be harvested on time. 


    Where can I find pictures of Lavender feminized marijuana?


    Take a peek at the full gallery of images related to Lavender feminized seeds on our website. Check out matured plants and dried buds as well.


    You can also explore our Lavender Feminized Homegrown Diaries to look at the plants grown by other cultivators like yourself. 


    Are there any other Lavender feminized seeds variants out there?


    Cannabis seeds are usually cataloged by their breed and genes. The usual options you can find are regular, feminized, and autoflower variants.


    Here's what each one offers:


    Regular seeds: These seeds have regular genetics, with a reasonably traditional development that offers male and female plants. You need to be mindful about pollen sacks to avoid pollination unless you want to obtain more seeds.


    Feminized seeds: Lavender feminized seeds are genetically modified to offer exclusively female plants. They have a similar development as regular seeds without creating male flowers.


    Autoflower seeds: The last variant is created by adding ruderalis genes to the breed. This trait gives them a faster development rate since they'll flower with no fixed light cycles. 


    Where is the best place to buy Lavender feminized in the USA?


    You're currently at the right spot to buy some Lavender feminized seeds. Just place your order with Homegrown Cannabis Co. We offer seeds with 100% genetic integrity.


    You also get the best germination rate of any seed bank online. In our vast catalog, you're bound to find something akin to the strain as well. 


    Check our payment methods and see why we offer the fastest, most discreet shipping to any corner of the United States of America.


    Are there any other names for Lavender feminized?


    Not really. Lavender feminized cannabis seeds are unique as it is. The name exudes the pleasant aroma it releases after being blazed.


    It's important to be on the lookout for a few variants out there. There are cultivars named Lavender Kush and Lavender Jones. Both have a set of properties unrelated to this one. 


    Spelling mistakes

    You can easily derail your search for Lavender feminized seeds with few spelling mistakes. Make sure to search for this cultivar using its right name.


    Here are some misspellings you need to avoid:


    - Lavnder fem seeds

    - Floral feminized seeds

    - Lavender Kush

    - Lavender jones

    - Lavander feminized


    Join the Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Lavender feminized pics and any Lavender feminized grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Lavender feminized images, those crystals drive us wild!


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