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Lava Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Lava Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Hope you like things SWEET
  • Relax awhile with 18% THC
  • There’s caryophyllene-spice with this sugar
  • Lava Cake seeds are an exciting new addition to our hybrid ranks. This top-shelf creation matches two iconic cultivars to produce high-yielding and high-THC offspring. The flavor profile is off the charts, while purple-tinged flowers enhance the aesthetic beauty of this strain.Indica-dominant, these cannabis seeds are feminized, so growers don’t need to check their plants’ sex....Show more

    Lava Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    10-16 oz
    Max Yield outdoor
    14-18 oz
    Height indoor
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Lava Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Lava Cake seeds are an exciting new addition to our hybrid ranks. This top-shelf creation matches two iconic cultivars to produce high-yielding and high-THC offspring. The flavor profile is off the charts, while purple-tinged flowers enhance the aesthetic beauty of this strain.

    Indica-dominant, these cannabis seeds are feminized, so growers don’t need to check their plants’ sex. Lava Cake seeds are simple to grow and produce hardy vegetation that needs little tender loving care.

    These potent, beautiful, practical, bounteous, and delicious buds are proving firm favorites. Join us as we dig into the secrets of the Lava Cake strain and what it can do for you.

    What are Lava Cake feminized cannabis seeds?

    Lava Cake strain seeds mix the genetics of the epic GSC Thin Mint genotype with delicious Grape Pie. It’s an indica-heavy cultivar that relaxes and calms but also boosts attention and focus with a powerful head high.

    With an incredible aroma of fruity baked goods, consumers have already voted with their cash. Their efforts have made heavy-yielding Lava Cake seeds a firm favorite at USA dispensaries nationwide.

    What are the Lava Cake feminized seeds effects?

    These feminized seeds grow buds that contain up to 22% THC, so the psychoactive effects are strong and they come on fast. The indica reactions are immediate, calming the mind and relaxing the body.

    For some users, it’s very intense and long-lasting, so exert caution and moderation if you’re a novice. The strain also contains 30% sativa genetics which causes a euphoric head high that motivates and uplifts.

    Creative people like artists and musicians tap into the energetic, inspirational effect. While it’s indica-heavy, these balanced results are typical of weed grown with Lava Cake seeds. Most users find the relaxation it offers at the end of a long workday invaluable.

    Although it’s calming, don’t presume this strain to be a one-way ticket to couchlock or the land of nod. The sedative reaction comes much later than with full indica versions. Don’t expect to be too busy, either. This cultivar is an excellent choice for laid-back, lazy days off.

    Potent weed grown with Lava Cake seeds may have minor side effects. Keep some eye drops handy, as bloodshot eyes can occur. You may also become aware of cottonmouth, a condition quickly resolved with a refreshing beverage.

    High-THC strains may cause hunger pangs, commonly known as the munchies. Keep some healthy snacks in store just in case. As an indica-dominant strain, Lava Cake belatedly sends you to dreamland. The sativa influence means it can be a circuitous route, though.

    Some users report mild paranoia, especially after heavy use. While the taste is distinctly moreish, try not to overdo it with this powerful cultivar.

    What does the Lava Cake feminized smell like?

    This standout strain is the olfactory dream you imagine from the progeny of cookies and pie. Lava cake seeds produce buds with an orange and cinnamon aroma that reminds us of baked treats. Breaking open the buds highlights the broad palette of flavors.

    The most prevalent terpene in Lava Cake weed is caryophyllene. These spicy or peppery biosynthetic building blocks could have anti-inflammatory effects. This cannabis strain is also rich in myrcene which has a herbal flavor. Humulene provides the hints of hops.

    There is also a definite cherry, berry, or grape tone. It makes weed grown with Lava Cake strain seeds simply irresistible. The unique combination of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes produces the delectable doughy aroma that keeps calling you back for more.

    You might taste sweet baked dessert with tangy fruits on the inhale. The exhale is much more earthy, with diesel tones countering the sugar and smoothing the fruitiness. Some users note hints of mint chocolate and pepper.

    How to germinate Lava Cake feminized seeds

    Popping your prized Lava Cake seeds is the first step toward a bounty of gorgeous buds. Our decades of experience led us to conclude the paper towel method is the safest and most cost-effective.

    If you buy your seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. and follow our instructions, we guarantee they sprout. If they don’t, we’ll immediately dispatch your replacements. Remember to document your attempts to back up any claims.

    You’ll need:

    - Lava Cake feminized seeds

    - Two sheets of paper towel

    - Tweezers

    - Two dinner plates

    - Bottled water, preferably with a spray nozzle


    - Take the first paper towel and soak it with the purified water. Squeeze out the excess. The towel should be damp but not sopping wet. Lay it flat in the middle of the first plate.

    - Use the tweezers to place the Lava Cake seeds on the wet paper towel. Leave at least an inch of space between them.

    - Feminized cannabis seeds. Lift the corner of the towels to ensure there is no standing water on the plate.

    - Flip over the second dinner plate and cover the paper towels, enclosing the germination medium. They should match well, as you don’t want stray light getting in and jeopardizing progress.

    - Place the medium in a dark, warm, and dry place that is accessible. You’ll need to check on them regularly.

    Lava Cake strain seeds take 24–120 hours or up to five days to sprout. Check the medium after 12 hours and ensure the paper towels don’t dry out completely. Spray with the purified water to rehydrate if needed.

    When you spot the small white tap root protruding from the seed, remove and replant it in its permanent home. Don’t delay as the root is sensitive and liable to attack by pathogens.

    Lava Cake feminized cannabis seeds grow guide

    These exceptional cannabis seeds are easy to grow and suitable for beginners. You can grow them indoors or outside and expect excellent yields of high-THC buds.

    Indoors, Lava Cake feminized seeds grow a typical bushy indica that may require low-stress training (LST). You might need to do some pruning and defoliation, while some growers suggest using the sea of green (SOG) method to improve light coverage.

    You can also top these plants to multiply the colas, but exercise caution and don’t snip them too soon. They grow to a medium height but ensure you have enough space.

    Lava Cake strain seeds grow photoperiod plants, so you’ll need to switch the light schedule to 12/12 to force flowering indoors. It takes 8–10 weeks to produce a generous harvest of quality buds.

    Some growers lower the air temperature by a few degrees during the dark periods of the flowering phase. It accentuates the potential for purple buds. The glistening crystals and resin that cover the stunning mauve-tinged flowers translate to THC levels of up to 22%.

    Use a magnifying glass to check the trichomes. After about nine weeks, the transparent crystals start to cloud. When more than 50% have turned white, it’s the perfect time to harvest. In prime conditions, you can expect liberal returns of around 15 ounces per m².

    Outdoor growers usually germinate their seeds on the spring equinox and have their seedlings in the ground by late April. These Lava Cake seeds grow plants that thrive in warm, dry, Mediterranean, or continental climates. Find a spot that’s out of the wind.

    Outdoor plants can grow 5–7 feet tall, so you may want to top them to double up the main cola. Most important is rich soil, regular water, and plenty of sun. These Lava Cake seeds produce vegetation that resists disease and infestations, which eases cultivation.

    Outdoors, flowering kicks in just after the summer solstice, in late June. When the harvest comes around in late September to mid-October, you could collect up to 20 ounces of prime purple bud per plant.

    If you wait longer to harvest, the trichomes eventually turn amber. It denotes falling THC values, but many users also claim increased sedative effects.

    What are the Lava Cake feminized strain genetics?

    Lava Cake feminized seeds are born out of a meeting between the famed Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint Cut phenotype and tasty Grape Pie. The resulting high-THC seeds produce potent and delicious bumper yields, with a 70–30 indica lean.

    Girls Scout Cookies is a legendary blend of Durban Poison and OG Kush. Grape Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid that mixes Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie genetics.

    Wellness and Lava Cake feminized seeds

    Lava Cake feminized seeds grow hybrid marijuana buds with indica and sativa effects. They may provide relief from some physical and mental afflictions. Some users report aid in treating anxiety, stress, or depression symptoms.

    Others claim improvements when dealing with inflammation. Some people use this cannabis for treating headaches, arthritis, and other painful conditions.

    As a formidable indica, Lava Cake strain seeds create marijuana with heavily relaxing effects. Some insomniacs describe improved sleep patterns when they use this cannabis an hour before bed.

    People with eating disorders may also find some assistance. Cannabis could improve appetite, with cases of the munchies widely shared.

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Lava Cake feminized marijuana seeds: FAQs

    A top-shelf cultivar with upper crust genetics and high THC levels, Lava Cake seeds are an exciting addition to our menu. There are many questions. We answer a few of the important ones below.

    Where can I get free cannabis Lava Cake feminized seeds?

    These feminized seeds are at the cutting edge of modern cannabis genetics. They are rare and expensive so getting your hands on Lava Cake seeds without forking out cash is, unfortunately, highly unlikely.

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a few specials that could reduce your expenditure. We regularly rotate our Buy One Get One free (BOGO) offers, so check them out, and you may get lucky. We also often update our cheap seeds page with new strains

    Can a beginner grow Lava Cake feminized?

    Yes, they can. Lava Cake strain seeds are relatively straightforward to cultivate, and all levels can produce decent harvests. The plants are hardy and resistant to many diseases or pathogens. They’re also feminized, so you won’t need to ascertain their sex.

    They show robust growth with minimal attention and care. Indoor growers must induce flowering by changing the lighting rations to 12 hours on and 12 off. The flowering stage is comparatively short, but keep an eye out for mold in humid conditions.

    What is the Lava Cake feminized flower time?

    Lava Cake seed takes 8–10 weeks to conclude blooming. Growers should be able to reap ample harvests both indoors and out with this photoperiod hybrid.

    Indoor growers can expect 15 oz.s of crystalline bud per m². Outdoors, the shrubs are more extensive, and so are yields. You could harvest 20 ounces of top-shelf flower per plant.

    How long do Lava Cake feminized seeds take to germinate?

    All cannabis seeds take up to five days to sprout the tiny, white tap root that supports life. Check your seeds regularly for progress, but be careful to not introduce stray light.

    Transplant the sprouted Lava Cake strain seeds into the permanent growth medium once the root is half an inch long. Low germination rates could be due to:

    - Bad genes

    - Incorrect storage

    - Old seeds

    - Too much or not enough moisture

    - Planted too deep or shallow

    - Bad water quality

    - Too hot or cold

    - Too much light

    - Insufficient space

    Get your cannabis seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. Follow our simple paper-towel method, and, in the unlikely event of failure, make use of our germination guarantee.

    How long does it take Lava Cake feminized from seeds to harvest?

    Lava Cake feminized seeds take 16–25 weeks to navigate the life cycle. For photoperiod plants, you’ll need to change the lighting to 12/12 to prompt indoor flowering. It takes 8–10 weeks of bloom for the buds to be ready to harvest.

    Germination takes up to five days. Indoors, seedling and vegetative phases depend on your lighting schedule. The length of this phase depends on space and time constraints, but most growers take 8–15 weeks.

    Grow medium for Lava Cake feminized: hydro or soil?

    There are pros and cons to cultivating Lava Cake strain seeds in these growth mediums. Most experts agree that buds grown from soil exhibit greater flavor ranges while hydro yields can be significantly heavier.

    Soil pros:

    - Easy to use

    - Natural

    - Affordable and widely available

    - Sustainable

    - High terpene counts

    - Low set up costs

    - Most growers have experience with soil

    Soil cons:

    - Heavy to move around

    - Prone to cannabis pests and disease

    - Slower growth and moderate yields

    Hydro pros:

    - Higher yields

    - Sterile environment means lower risk of pests

    - Total control of the nutrients you feed your crop

    - High quality bud with high cannabinoid concentrations

    - Established hydro eventually saves on water and nutrients

    Hydro cons:

    - Expensive and time consuming to set up

    - Susceptible to root problems

    - Experience required to balance nutrient combinations

    - Some maintenance needed

    Most growers boil this question down to expense. You can achieve incredible results with both mediums.

    What is the average Lava Cake feminized height?

    Lava Cake feminized seeds grow medium-sized plants that may reach as high as 5–7 feet outdoors. Indoor vegetative phases are usually briefer, so the flora is generally shorter, but SOG training may be helpful.

    Where can I find pictures of Lava Cake feminized marijuana?

    Look down or up. This page has high-quality pictures of the stunning flora grown with Lava Cake strain seeds. You’ll swoon over images of the heavy crystal coating and purple-tinted buds. Check out the massive cone-shaped colas you can look forward to.

    There’s an image of the growing plant and another of the dried and cured product. If you’re still unsatisfied, pop over to Homegrown Diaries and see how your peers are getting on. Growers post weekly updates on their progress with images.

    Where is the best place to buy Lava Cake feminized seeds in the USA?

    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best place to buy high-quality cannabis seeds. We have over 500 epic strains, including Lava Cake seeds, for sale. We also deliver nationwide within days.

    Are there any other names for Lava Cake feminized?

    We didn’t find any in our research, but don’t get sidetracked by Lava Freeze or Birthday Cake. You’re looking for Lava Cake feminized seeds.

    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Lava Cake feminized pics and any Lava Cake feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Lava Cake feminized images, those crystals drive us wild!

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