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Kyle's Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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Kyle's Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 4
  • This plant absolutely oozes class
  • The 20% THC can feel like double
  • Terpene-rich and sexy on the tongue
  • Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized is loved for its sedative qualities—feeling stressed or tense, some Skywalker OG might help. As an indica-dominant cultivar, Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized produces a heavy stone and clears your mind.  With genetics from two legendary parents, Skywalker and OG Kush, Kyle’s Skywalker OG is capable of growing quite tall and producing large yields. By ...Show more

    Kyle's Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    500 - 600
    Max Yield outdoor
    600 - 700
    Height indoor
    100 - 150
    View all information
    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Kyle's Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized is loved for its sedative qualities—feeling stressed or tense, some Skywalker OG might help. As an indica-dominant cultivar, Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized produces a heavy stone and clears your mind. 


    With genetics from two legendary parents, Skywalker and OG Kush, Kyle’s Skywalker OG is capable of growing quite tall and producing large yields. By choosing feminized seeds, there’s a decreased probability of finding male plants in your grow room. 


    Finally, a plant to bring balance to the force—Kyle’s Skywalker OG Kush feminized. 


    What is Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized cannabis seeds?


    This cultivar is an unmissable combination of the powerful Skywalker with another classic, OG Kush. Kyle’s Skywalker OG wastes no time in hitting you with force. With an 85% indica, and 15% sativa makeup, Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized sends your head into the clouds. Just know that you’ll be ready for bed when you come back down. 


    This marijuana can leave even the most qualified fighting to keep their eyes open, ensuring that you won’t go anywhere fast. With a 20% THC content, this cultivar deserves to be treated with respect and approached with caution. 


    Its citrus fragrance and jet-fuel aromas start your engines and help you reach a galaxy far, far away. Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds are rewarding to grow, with plants reaching 3–5 feet tall. At its full potential, your crop offers decent yields of relaxing bud to enjoy with your friends. When grown outside, the flowering time is in October, lasting 8–10 weeks. 


    What are Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized effects?


    Growing Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds give you weed that produces a solid and sleepy stone. The force is so strong with this one that even cannabis connoisseurs should brace themselves for being couch-locked. 


    Along with the deep relaxation, Kyle’s Skywalker Kush OG delivers a crazy case of the munchies, so have your snacks within reach. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized works as a lullaby and is known to put users out like a light. 


    Adverse effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes are almost inevitable for Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized users and can be felt even at low doses. Savor in moderation, as users have described heightened anxiety and paranoia resulting from the increased cerebral activity. 


    Our best advice before you light up Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized is “Don’t get cocky, kid”. This cannabis provides a potent experience, so handle this blissful cultivar with care. 


    What does Kyle's Skywalker OG smell like?


    You don’t need to be a Jedi to enjoy the rich aromas this cultivar has to offer. Growers say the smell of Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized is very distinct. The crystal-covered flowers release a lemon-tinted fragrance with a hint of something combustible. 


    Thanks to OG Kush, you have the citrus and diesel smell and the blueberry field aroma from Skywalker completes the bouquet. Imagine a mix of fruit with a sharp blend of Kush and diesel, and you probably have a good idea what she smells like. Only a nerf-herder couldn’t love the tantalizing scents of Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized. 


    How to germinate Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds


    To be sure your Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds germinate, follow our simple germination guide. 


    - To avoid any incidents, keep the stuff you need close to hand for this process: some bottled or purified water, a standard pair of tweezers, some regular kitchen paper, seeds, and a dinner plate. 


    - Get those two pieces of kitchen paper nice and wet, and wring any extra water. For this to work best, we want the paper to stay a bit moist but not saturated. 


    - One of the sheets of now wet kitchen paper needs setting down on your dinner plate. 


    - Leaving about an inch between each one, drop your seeds onto the kitchen paper. 


    - Cover the first sheet with the seeds on top using the other sheet. During this time, the paper may have dried out. It’s okay to add extra water but remember not to soak it. 


    - Dry any surplus water from the plate by first lifting the towels. 


    - Find a cupboard or drawer where you can retire the plate and seeds. Otherwise somewhere not too cold and shielded from light is ideal. 


    - You can check on your seeds, making sure that the towels never dehydrate. The seeds require between one and five days to germinate. 


    The sign to know they’re ready is when you see taproots sprouting out. Once the taproot is healthy, it’s time to plant. Be sure to follow our germination guide; you don’t want to void your Homegrown Cannabis Co. germination guarantee. 


    Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds grow guide


    Kyle’s Skywalker OG isn’t for everyone to grow. It requires a pretty favorable environment, as well as strict foliage upkeep. We wouldn’t recommend buying Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds if you’re new to cultivating cannabis. 


    Nowadays, it’s widespread practice for cultivators only to buy feminized seeds. Gone are the days of having to account for potentially 50% of your plants being male and pretty much useless. We suggest you choose Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds over regular ones. 


    The cultivar is particularly sensitive and needs a specific environment to grow well with those THC levels. The temperature should be kept relatively low, between 65–75 F° (18–24 C°). To encourage better growth, light penetration, and air movement, growers need to cut away any inessential fan leaves. 


    While not essential, Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized can be topped to eliminate any apical dominance. It also allows the secondary colas to develop and produces bigger yields. If secondary growing sites become crowded, the stems will be under more pressure than usual. Adding some support, like beams or trellis, can prevent any concerns about branches breaking. 


    When you plant your Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds, brew up a batch of Compost Tea to use in a foliar spray to protect from mildew. Steep natural compost in water, add the nutrient-rich mixture to a spritzer, and spray the leaves to prevent powdery mildew. 


    If your state allows home cultivation, grow Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds using Sea of Green (SOG) to maximize space. Using the Screen of Green (SCROG) method, on the other hand, can help you maximize the yield from fewer plants. 


    Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized can produce monster yields just like other cultivars from the same genetic family. You can expect harvests of around 16 oz. per m² indoors, or if you’re growing outdoors, approximately 28 oz. per plant. 


    What are the Kyle's Skywalker OG seeds’ genetics?


    We’re talking about a legendary cultivar with incredible genetics. Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds have incredible parentage. With a genetic lineage of Skywalker and OG Kush, you get the best of both worlds. 


    The Florida-born OG Kush brings stress-free enjoyment, and, hailing from Amsterdam, Skywalker delivers a mellow high. OG Kush is seen as a crucial genetic cultivar and has been used for breeding other Kush varieties. 


    Typically plants in the Kush family are known to give users a classic indica-style high, and this trait carries over to Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized perfectly. You can taste OG Kush’s spicy lemon flavors in Skywalker OG. Thankfully, Skywalker passed on her fruity taste to the next generation, and users can enjoy those berry notes in Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized. 


    The original Skywalker is a 50:50 indica:sativa split, known and loved by many enthusiasts for its fruity aroma and soothing high. 


    Wellness and Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds


    Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized is known to help you focus and lift your mood, so it’s known to help treat depression. Users report feelings of happiness and stress disappearing, so we can recommend moderate doses to help with anxiety. 


    The overall consensus is that once you partake in Kyle’s Skywalker OG, you are on a one-way trip to sleepy land. This cultivar is excellent for fighting insomnia and providing a deep, rested sleep


    The relaxed and euphoric body stone that comes on later can help users with chronic pain symptoms. The sedative qualities of Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized are also reportedly fantastic for helping with migraines. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice. 


    Kyle's Skywalker OG Seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    You’re considering planting some Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds of your own, but you’re not sure? Let’s answer some of the most common questions you might have about buying or growing Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds. 


    Where can I get free cannabis Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds?


    Not only do we produce the finest quality seeds, but we also offer many BOGO’s (Buy One Get One) across our range. The offers change regularly, so keep an eye out for when Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds join the list. 


    Can a beginner grow Kyle's Skywalker OG?


    Due to how sensitive it is, growing weed from Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds isn’t for beginners. As an alternative to planting Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds, we can recommend Skywalker x Girl Scout Cookies feminized for beginners. 


    You’d still get to enjoy some of the Skywalker force powers in a calming, euphoric stone. Thanks to some Afghani genetics, Skywalker x GSC is a more resilient cultivar and easier to grow. An alternative, young padawan, is to grow Sour Kush feminized from seeds—a genetic combination of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. 


    Sour Kush is very straightforward to grow and has a very high success rate. Users enjoy the numbing body-high of this cultivar. Sour Kush feminized is an excellent substitute for growing Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds. 


    How many Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds can I legally grow in my state?


    With cannabis laws evolving and new bills being passed, it’s a good idea to keep up to speed with the current legislation before planting Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds. 


    What are fast, and autoflower variants?


    Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds pose almost zero risks of male plants finding their way into your garden. If your focus is yield size and quality over breeding, it’s best to keep the males far away. 


    For growers who are a bit more impatient, there are fast versions. Kyle’s Skywalker OG fast version is the regular one, bred with some ruderalis genetics to give you a plant that flowers faster. 


    If you’re the type of person who isn’t bothered about light-cycles, there’s Kyle’s Skywalker OG autoflower. An autoflower variant is selectively-bred to begin flowering automatically, as soon as the plant hits the right time in its life cycle and reaches the appropriate size. 


    What is the Kyle's Skywalker OG flower time?


    Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized should be ready to collect after 7–9 weeks of flowering when grown in soil. Typically, growing hydro gives you quicker flowering times. Growing outdoors, Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized is ready to harvest early to mid-October. 


    How long do Kyle's Skywalker OG seeds take to germinate?


    If you follow our germination guide, you should expect to see taproots on your Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds in as little as 24 hours. Just remember, you should allow up to 120 hours for your seeds to sprout. 


    Does Kyle’s Skywalker OG grow better indoors or outdoors?


    The age-old question growers ask, not just for Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds. Growing outdoors usually brings significant yields. Keep in mind that harsh conditions and climate changes could harm your plants. 


    On the other hand, growing indoors gives you complete control over the growing environment of your Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds. The financial cost involved for the electricity, and the grow setup could be a significant hit, and your yield may be lower. 


    The good news is that you can plant Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds indoors or outdoors, and, given the appropriate conditions, your plants should thrive. 


    How long does it take Kyle's Skywalker OG from seeds to harvest?


    Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds don’t typically have a long life cycle. Always make sure that you’re using the correct nutrients. For a regular life-cycle, here is what you can expect:


    - Your seeds need anything from 24 to 120 hours to begin sprouting their taproots. 

    - Seedlings then take three weeks or so to begin vegetating. 

    - Around eight weeks after planting your seeds, they start to flower. 

    - Kyle’s Skywalker OG needs around eight weeks of bloom before you can harvest. 


    We recommend that you allow six weeks for the weed to dry and cure properly. You can find out more in our drying and curing guide. Then, once your Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds have endured their entire life cycle, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor—big, delicious buds.


    Grow medium: Kyle's Skywalker OG hydro or soil?


    If you want to know how to grow Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds, and you want to maximize your crop yield, you can’t go wrong with hydroponics. To really get the most out of this particular cultivar, we suggest using either Sea of Green or Screen of Green techniques as well. 


    Don’t despair. Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized seeds grow very well in soil and still provides you with some top-quality, enjoyable cannabis. 


    What is the average Kyle's Skywalker OG height?


    For indoor growers, Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized plants reach a pretty easy to manage size for most setups. Outdoors the Skywalker OG cultivar grows a bit taller. Not the tallest plant but definitely a decent height. 


    Where can I find pictures of Kyle's Skywalker OG marijuana?


    Feast your eyes on some photos of cannabis grown from Kyle’s Skywalker feminized seeds. We’re always happy to see more photos, so head over to the Kyle’s Skywalker OG feminized Homegrown Diary to share your own and look at other growers’ progress. 


    Where is the best place to buy Kyle's Skywalker OG Seeds in the USA?


    If you want to find Kyle's Skywalker OG feminized seeds for sale, the good news is you don’t have to go across the galaxy. Not an expert when it comes to cannabis cultivation? Don’t worry, here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. , we work alongside some of the industry’s most respected experts to provide quality advice and information. 


    Worried about getting cannabis seeds delivered to your door? We offer discreet delivery, perfect to avoid those awkward situations. Do you live somewhere where it’s usually difficult to get cannabis products delivered? We offer delivery to anywhere in the USA, we’ve got you covered wherever you are. 


    Are you thinking of growing a few different types of plant? Homegrown has a range covering over 400 different seeds, all for sought-after varieties of marijuana. 


    Are there any other names for Kyle's Skywalker OG?


    Although the full name of this particular variety is Kyle's Skywalker OG Kush, sometimes it’s also called:


    - Kyle Skywalker OG feminized seeds

    - Skywalker OG

    - Skywalker OG feminized 

    - Skywalker x OG Kush


    Spelling errors


    - Skywalkwer

    - Skwalker


    Make sure you don’t misspell Skywalker like some of the examples we’ve seen above. May the force be with you. 


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