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Kyle's Cherry AK Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Kyle's Cherry AK Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • The cherry on the icing on the cake
  • The 20% THC delivers an amazingly happy high
  • Dominated by myrcene
  • We’ve got something special for you with these feminized seeds! Kyle Kushman has a fresh new take on an old favorite with Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized. AK-47 is one of the most well-known and beloved cultivars. Users of all kinds flock to it for its stand-out qualities, high THC content, and medicinal benefits.  Various phenotypes of AK-47 have emerged over the years. We’re proud...Show more

    Kyle's Cherry AK Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    200 - 450
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    120 - 180
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Kyle's Cherry AK Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    We’ve got something special for you with these feminized seeds! Kyle Kushman has a fresh new take on an old favorite with Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized. AK-47 is one of the most well-known and beloved cultivars. Users of all kinds flock to it for its stand-out qualities, high THC content, and medicinal benefits. 


    Various phenotypes of AK-47 have emerged over the years. We’re proud to join these ranks with our own sweet and tasty Kyle’s Cherry feminized AK. This specially selected cultivar imparts a pleasurable cerebral high that never overwhelms. Despite being a sativa-dominant hybrid, its prominent indica qualities can deeply relax you. 


    This fruity phenotype has been carefully developed with love right here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We’re eager for you to try it out and tell us what you think. With that in mind, let’s take a dive into this charming and cheerful cherry classic. Keep reading to learn about marijuana grown from Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds. 


    What are Kyle's Cherry AK feminized cannabis seeds?


    Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds give you the chance to grow the classic AK-47—but with a twist. Every cannabis seed is carefully selected for its high quality and stable genetics. Suitable for intermediate and experienced growers, this cherry-rich cultivar is not to be missed. These marijuana seeds sprout and develop into beautiful cannabis plants festooned with dense buds and enormous colas. 


    Kyle’s Cherry AK features a sweet and tart cherry aroma with a taste to match. The prospect of smoking this sativa-heavy phenotype leaves its users drooling. Once dried, cured, and ready for smoking, we promise you this sweet Cherry AK doesn’t disappoint with its potency. 


    THC levels for Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized can range from 15% up to a staggering 25%. The cerebral effects of these sativa buds are expected, but Kyle’s Cherry AK packs a one-two punch. The euphoric cerebral effects merge with a surprisingly strong body high. 


    The mouthwatering buds grown with feminized Kyle’s Cherry AK seeds are the perfect way to spend an evening. You embark on a euphoric mental odyssey, but your physical form will likely end up deeply embedded in the nearest couch. 


    So, why buy feminized cannabis seeds? Let us explain. A pack of regular marijuana seeds contains a mix of both males and females. However, plants don’t exhibit signs of sex until well into their growth cycle. If you grow regular cannabis seeds, you could end up with male plants that don’t produce any flowers. 


    Plus, keeping male and female plants together runs the risk of pollination. Once your female plants are pollinated, they’ll produce seeds, and your hard work will be in vain. While regular cannabis seeds certainly have their use, unless you’re trying to breed your own marijuana plants, feminized cannabis seeds are highly recommended. 


    Feminized Kyle's Cherry AK seeds guarantee that your seeds grow and mature into beautiful flower-laden ladies. You don’t have to stress over potential male plants taking up space or ultimately ruining your crop of flowers. 


    What are Kyle's Cherry AK feminized weed effects?


    AK-47 is well known for its potent sativa effects. It’s no surprise that crossing three sativa landraces results in weed with pronounced mental effects. The final component of AK-47, a pure Afghani indica landrace cultivar, lends a hard-hitting physical body high. After some time with AK, a deep sense of relaxation overtakes your body. 


    We’re proud to present you with our take on this perennial favorite. Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized retains all AK-47’s desirable qualities while putting a unique cherry-flavored spin on this famous hybrid. 


    When you taste Kyle’s Cherry AK, you will feel a wave of positivity and bliss fill your head and massage the wrinkles in your brain. The sweet, cherry-flavored smoke lifts your mood and brings you to a state of pure euphoria. 


    Simultaneously, the indica effects begin to emerge, unwinding and unknotting every bit of tension in your body. Keep smoking, and you may feel as though your limbs are made of lead. 


    The distinct indica effects of Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized make for a smoke that’s probably best suited to lazy evenings. While you’re sinking deeper into your couch, your mind races to unknown heights. 


    Creative users can find great inspiration as the sweet cherry buds lubricate their mind and allow thoughts to flow freely. With continued consumption come increased effects. Ultimately, the indica effects accumulate, and the intense relaxation and gentle sedative effects overtake you. 


    The creative and calming Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized will have you feeling euphoric and relaxed before ultimately easing you into a deep, peaceful sleep. 


    What does Kyle's Cherry AK feminized weed smell like?


    The weed from Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized seeds has a rich and inviting aroma centered around a delightful cherry scent. As your plants move into their flowering phase, you can detect the unmistakable smell of Kyle’s Cherry AK. 


    This bold scent dominates your grow area, so prepare to run a carbon filter if the smell is an issue. The sweet aroma continues to intensify and mature as the buds cure. Opening a jar of these tasty buds releases an intoxicating vapor that fills the room. 


    Breaking open the cured buds is a sensory delight. You’re treated to a visual feast of sparkling trichomes and an intoxicating sugar-sweet scent laced with cherry. Countering the sweetness is a hint of lemon and spices, which tops off this beautiful bouquet of smells. 


    The silky smooth smoke from Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized retains that sweet note of squashed cherry, and the hint of spice and earthiness can be more pronounced. 


    How to germinate Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds


    Germinating cannabis seeds can sound like an intimidating process for first-time growers. Thankfully, it’s a pretty simple process anybody can do with everyday materials. We’re here to reassure you that you won’t have any problems if you follow our germination guide. Here are the steps:


    - Before starting, have everything ready. You need purified or bottled water, a pair of sterile tweezers, some paper towels, your cannabis seeds, and a dinner plate. 


    - Moisten two paper towels and carefully and gently wring out any excess water. 


    - Put one wet paper towel onto your plate. Take Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds and place them neatly onto the towel, leaving an inch or so of space between each one. 


    - Place the other paper towel over your marijuana seeds, adding enough water to keep everything moist. 


    - Make sure there’s no free-standing water by lifting the paper towel. Remove any water sitting on the plate. 


    - Put the plate in a warm dark place; a cupboard or a drawer will suffice. 


    - Leave the seeds for 24 to 120 hours, keeping them moist and NEVER letting them dry out. Check on your seeds carefully every 24 hours. 


    - Once Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds have a healthy taproot, they’re ready to plant. Carefully transport the germinated seed with your tweezers to the growing medium. 


    If you pay attention and follow our step-by-step guide above, we’re confident you won’t have any problems. Make sure to document each step with pictures or videos, and we’ll happily replace any ungerminated seeds free of charge. 


    Remember, marijuana seeds are naturally inclined to germinate under the right conditions. As a grower, all you have to do is provide these conditions and let nature do the rest. 


    Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds grow guide


    Feminized Kyle’s Cherry AK seeds are a pleasure to grow and develop. These beautiful marijuana plants reward attentive care with a massive bounty of incredibly delicious weed. 


    Although not a particularly difficult plant to grow, it sees its full potential in the hands of a more experienced grower. You can power up your plants by using our specially developed Homegrown Nutrients. 


    AK cultivars can run into some common issues if they’re not adequately cared for. The main problem you may encounter when growing Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized seeds is the presence of botrytis or bud-rot. 


    Because of the density of the flowers in AK, airflow can be restricted, and bud-rot may take hold. The best way to prevent this is to maintain a warm, clean environment with low humidity. During vegetative growth, you should keep RH levels at 45–55%. Once you begin flowering, drop your RH levels to 35–45%. 


    A few weeks before harvest, lower your humidity levels to 30–35%. You can also increase airflow by thinning out the plant. Carefully remove some of the outer fan leaves, which can prevent the buildup of dampness or moisture. 


    You should keep your temperatures between 69–77°F during vegetative growth and 68–75°F during flowering. It’s also important to keep consistent temperatures with no more than a 10°F difference between day and night. 


    Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized is a real grower. These cannabis plants can get very tall when fully developed. If vertical space is a concern, consider employing a Sea of Green (SOG) system or super cropping your plants. This method promotes horizontal growth and can increase your yield. 


    This fruity cultivar requires a lot of care and attention, but believe us when we say it’s worth every bit. Indoor breeders can expect impressive yields from Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized. Given ideal conditions, growers can harvest between 7 oz. /m² to 16 oz. /m². 


    Growing Cherry AK outside is possible, but it requires a suitable climate to flourish. An outdoor greenhouse would be perfect for these plants. Since you can’t control temperature and humidity outdoors, your location is critical to successfully growing Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized seeds. 


    If the temperatures swing too much between day and night or the humidity gets too high, you can run into some problems. A suitably warm climate with low humidity will work wonders. Growing to immense heights, each plant can produce monster yields. 


    Outdoor growers should aim to harvest these plants by late October. Their flowering time is around seven to nine weeks. The last few weeks bulk out the plants in size and THC levels. If you live in a climate where Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized would thrive, count yourself lucky. Under ideal conditions, outdoor growers can harvest up to 16 oz. of top-quality buds from every plant. 


    What are Kyle's Cherry AK feminized genetics?


    Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized seeds are developed by Kyle Kushman. Over time, he selected specific AK phenotypes and carefully interbred them to bring out the characteristic cherry flavor found in Kyle’s Cherry AK. 


    As a result, it contains the same famous blend of native landraces as AK-47. A heavy ratio of three sativas to one indica produces a plant high in THC, yield, and potency. We’ve put together a table below showing the genetic contributors to our Cherry AK variant:


    - Mexican landrace (C. sativa) x Colombian landrace (C. sativa) x Thai landrace (C. sativa) x Afghani landrace (C. indica) = Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized


    Wellness and Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds


    Because of its powerful double-action effects, Ak-47 is highly prized by the medicinal community. Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized is no exception. Its bold and distinct mix of physical and mental effects can make our Cherry AK an excellent option for those seeking relief. 


    The potent mood-enhancing qualities of this cultivar will melt away your worries. Users with anxiety and depression can see a dramatic lift in their mood. The euphoric sativa effects make it easy to forget about your problems for a while. 


    Those who experience physical problems may find a friend in Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized. Chronic pain, fatigue, muscular pain, and tension can be significantly eased by the powerful indica effects of this weed. 


    If you suffer from lack of sleep or insomnia, look no further than Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized marijuana. The profoundly calming sedative effects of this weed are impossible to escape. Ultimately, you’ll find your eyelids drooping and a calming blanket of sleepiness enveloping you. Don’t feel bad if you don’t make it to your bed—with weed this potent; it’s entirely understandable!


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice. 


    Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Whether you’re short on time or coming back from the future to reference something or other, we’ve got you covered. Read below for a quick and concise FAQ for Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized seeds. 


    Where can I get free Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds?


    If you’re looking for free weed seeds, then you’re in luck. We have regular BOGO offers on cannabis seeds at our online store. Getting in touch with other breeders and networking is a great way to make new contacts. It may also be a way to get some sample cannabis seeds from like-minded growers. 


    Can a beginner grow Kyle's Cherry AK feminized?


    Beginners can try their hand at growing Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds, but there could be better easier options available for novice breeders. Like all AK phenotypes, feminized Kyle’s Cherry AK requires careful nutrient management to maximize yield. A clean environment and adequate airflow are a must to avoid problems like bud rot. 


    What is Kyle's Cherry AK feminized flower time?


    You might wait a while for this tasty AK, but believe us when we say it’s worth the wait. The flowering time for feminized Kyle’s Cherry AK is about 7–9 weeks. The bud structure fills out towards the end of the flowering period, so we recommend waiting out the nine weeks if you can resist the temptation. 


    How long do Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds take to germinate?


    Germination speed can depend on the thickness of the seed casing. Some marijuana seeds may germinate overnight, but it usually takes four or five days for all of your seeds to pop. Remember to follow our germination guide, keep your marijuana seeds moist, and check them carefully every day. 


    How long does it take Kyle's Cherry AK feminized from seeds to harvest?


    Growers can expect Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized plants to take around eighteen to twenty weeks to go from seed to harvest. It may be tempting to harvest these aromatic plants early, but try to resist the urge. It’ll pay off with larger yields and higher THC levels in your weed. 


    Grow medium: Kyle's Cherry AK feminized hydro or soil?


    Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized can be grown equally well in either traditional soil or hydroponic systems. More experienced growers may find they can exert a finer level of control over nutrients in a hydroponic system. Other growers may prefer the simplicity and straightforward quality of a traditional soil-based setup. 


    What is the average Kyle's Cherry AK feminized height?


    Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized seeds display sativa growth characteristics. These ladies can reach lofty heights. Indoor growers may want to employ SOG or super cropping techniques to maximize the use of their space. Outdoor growers: why not see how tall you can get them?


    Where can I find Kyle’s Cherry AK autoflower or regular seeds?


    Autoflower and regular variants of Kyle’s Cherry AK haven't been developed yet. However, we stock a massive range of regular and autoflower seeds in our online store, including some top-notch AK variants. 


    Where can I find pictures of Kyle's Cherry AK feminized marijuana?


    There are some intriguing pictures of Kyle’s Cherry AK feminized at the top of this page. You can also visit Kyle's Cherry AK Feminized Homegrown Diaries, a place where breeders catalog and share their growing experiences. 


    Where is the best place to buy Kyle's Cherry AK feminized seeds in the USA?


    The only place you’ll find Kyle’s Cherry AK fem seeds for sale is here. We’re incredibly proud to bring you this exclusive take on AK-47. At Homegrown Cannabis Co, we carry a wide range of high-quality marijuana seeds with stable genetics. In addition, we offer fantastic customer support, guaranteed delivery, and even a germination guarantee. 


    Why go anywhere else?


    Are there any other names for Kyle's Cherry AK feminized?


    We think Kyle’s done a great job of naming this heavy-hitting AK phenotype. Cherry is the first thing that pops into your mind when you encounter this sweet and fruity weed. We don’t have plans for any other nicknames, but we’ll let you know if that changes. 


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