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Jilly Bean Regular Cannabis Seeds

Jilly Bean Regular Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 3
  • Mouthfuls of candy
  • Bring on the good vibes with 21–23% THC
  • Herb and citrus aromas lead to flavors of sweet orange and pineapple
  • If you like the idea of inhaling mouthfuls of candy, you should grow Jilly Bean regular seeds. This strain boasts a terpene profile with a fruity scent and tropical flavors. It’s no wonder it was one of High Times’s Top 10 Cultivars of 2007. Jilly Bean is simple to grow and develops into a pretty plant. Depending on the overnight temperature you provide, buds can be vibrant lim...Show more

    Jilly Bean Regular Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    600 - 650
    Max Yield outdoor
    600 - 700
    Height indoor
    60 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Jilly Bean Regular Cannabis Seeds

    If you like the idea of inhaling mouthfuls of candy, you should grow Jilly Bean regular seeds. This strain boasts a terpene profile with a fruity scent and tropical flavors. It’s no wonder it was one of High Times’s Top 10 Cultivars of 2007.


    Jilly Bean is simple to grow and develops into a pretty plant. Depending on the overnight temperature you provide, buds can be vibrant lime green or burgundy shades. Magnificent orange pistils adorn these nugs.


    Expect good vibes when using cannabis grown from regular Jilly Bean seeds. It shakes away gloomy feelings and fills the mind with positive, optimistic thoughts. Enjoy a body high bursting with energy or blissful idleness, depending on how much you consume.


    Jilly Bean regular seeds are the perfect option if you’re a cultivator who dreams of creating a new cannabis variety. With equal chances of the crops developing into males or females, you could discover a unique strain.


    Giddy with excitement at the prospect of growing your own stash of this remarkable cultivar? Keep reading to learn about Jilly Bean regular cannabis seeds, including where to buy them online.


    What are Jilly Bean regular cannabis seeds?


    Jilly Bean is a delectable Orange Velvet and Space Queen combination, creating an indica-dominant plant with some sativa effects. Buds contain up to 23% THC and pack a potent punch.


    They induce a sudden euphoria that awakens the senses and unwinds the muscles. These cannabis seeds produce marijuana suitable for a pick-me-up on a bustling workday or to share with friends.


    These regular seeds grow into flowering females and pollen-producing males. Cultivating both sexes ensures diverse cannabis genetics. These seedlings tend to be hardier and more stress-resistant than other varieties.


    Growing Jilly Bean regular marijuana seeds is a breeze. Plants display the cultivation traits of indicas and are low-maintenance, with natural resistance to pests and mold. Keep its bushiness under control, and a huge harvest is guaranteed. 


    What are the Jilly Bean regular effects?


    Jilly Bean offers a balanced mix of sativa and indica effects. It elevates your mood while keeping your mind clear. You feel motivated yet relaxed.


    Cannabis from regular Jilly Bean seeds hits quickly and repels negativity. Many users experience a sudden onset of giggles from the first puff that lasts several hours. The buzz eliminates stress and infuses thoughts with joy.


    At the same time, your limbs feel invigorated. You suddenly have the drive and focus to check everything off your to-do list without feeling frazzled.


    When used in moderation, Jilly Bean regular seed marijuana is an effective stimulant for coping with a hectic day. Should you overdo it, you may enter into an extreme lethargy that’ll have you on the couch till bedtime.


    Due to the potency of Jilly Bean, even veteran cannabis users should take it slow on the first toke. Gauge your reactions to the strain before adjusting your intake to take full advantage of its blissful effects.


    Overindulging in marijuana grown from these cannabis seeds may cause bloodshot eyes, a dry mouth, or dizziness. Stay well-hydrated before and after use to ease these discomforts should they occur. 


    What does Jilly Bean regular smell like?


    The first sniff of Jilly Bean buds gives an intense tropical fruit and herb profile with strong citrus notes. Keen noses may even pick up hints of pepper. 


    When toking Jilly Bean regular seed cannabis, the fragrance becomes more earthy while a fruity taste fills the mouth. Sweet flavors like orange, mango, and pineapple blend into a delightful combination, almost like eating a handful of candy.


    This delicious, refreshing terpene profile makes it easy to understand why Jilly Bean is such a sought-after marijuana seed strain.


    How to germinate Jilly Bean regular seeds


    To harvest the biggest yield possible from your seeds, it’s crucial to germinate them correctly. This process provides the ideal conditions required for them to sprout. It also helps you track which seeds have popped and doesn’t leave you wondering if your crops will grow.


    If you follow our recommended paper towel technique, we’ll replace any unpopped marijuana seeds. To keep this guarantee in place, follow the instructions below while documenting all your steps.


    It’s important to have proof you used the paper towel method. We’ll need it in the unlikely event of you having to contact us to claim a replacement.


    Here’s how to germinate these cannabis seeds: 


    - Get two paper towels, purified or bottled water, a large dinner plate, a pair of tweezers, and your seeds.


    - Wet one of the paper towels. It must be damp and not dripping water, so wring out any excess liquid.


    - Spread the paper towel out flat on the dinner plate.


    - Using the tweezers, place each regular Jilly Bean seed on the damp towel at least an inch apart.


    - Dampen the other paper towel. Spread it out and use it to cover the seeds.


    - It takes constant moisture for seeds to sprout, so the towels mustn’t be too dry. However, make them too wet, and seeds could begin to rot. Lift both paper towels to ensure they’re not resting in a pool of water on the plate.


    - For popping to occur, keep your Jilly Bean regular seeds at about 70–77℉. A good place to put them is in a drawer or cupboard.


    - Cover the towels with another plate to create darkness if you don’t have a dim spot to keep them. You could put the plates on top of the fridge or next to the dryer.


    - Leave the seeds to germinate for 24–120 hours. Check on your marijuana seeds at least once a day to ensure they’re still damp. Add more water to the towels should they feel dry.


    - Once a white taproot has popped from the seed, it’s ready to be transferred into your grow medium. Handle the seeds delicately, as the root is fragile.


    - If any of your Jilly Bean regular cannabis seeds don’t shoot after ten days, reach out to us for new products. 


    If these steps are unclear, take a look at our germination guide. You’ll find a video tutorial on how to complete the process. Our claim form is also on this page should you need replacements.


    Using another method will void the germination guarantee. Always stick to our recommended paper towel technique when sprouting your marijuana seeds.


    Jilly Bean regular cannabis seeds grow guide


    Jilly Bean regular seeds have the growing characteristics of indicas. They develop into resilient, compact, low-maintenance bushes with a relatively fast flowering time.


    Gardeners of all experience levels can successfully cultivate Jilly Bean indoors or outside. Provided the plants receive enough warmth and light, they produce enormous yields of colorful buds.


    Due to the thick stems this strain tends to form, it’s best grown indoors using a Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup. The even canopy ensures the entire plant receives enough light. It also exposes all budding sites to good air ventilation, which Jilly Bean regular seed cannabis bushes love.


    Expect the maximum harvest possible if you’re meticulous at ensuring the plant is always in optimal conditions. Keep temperatures between 70–79℉ and relative humidity at 40–50% during flowering.


    If you’re a fan of color, you can condition your bushes to transform their olive-green buds into deep maroon shades. Lower the overnight temperature to about 70℉ during the final week of blooming, and you’ll have eye-catching nugs.


    After 50–65 days of indoor flowering, you can look forward to plucking 14–19 oz./m2 of beautiful buds from your regular Jilly Bean seed plants. 


    This cultivar performs best when grown outside in a sunny, warm climate. It handles temperature fluctuations well, as long as it’s put into the ground after periods of frost are over. 


    Place the seedlings in an area where they’ll receive plenty of direct light. Leave enough space between each crop for lateral growth, as this strain thrives when topped. Cutting off the tip of the main stalk creates a healthier, bushier plant with more budding sites. 


    As these marijuana seeds develop, you’ll need to add support poles. The massive weight of the nugs can easily break the branches if left alone. Expect 21–28 ounces of bright buds from each plant by early to mid-October. 


    The show-stopping colors and sweet fragrances of this cultivar attract attention. Be sure to conceal it if you prefer to keep your cannabis seed cultivation private.


    What are the Jilly Bean regular strain genetics?


    Breeders wanted to create a hybrid that had both the fruity scent of Orange Velvet and the tropical flavors of Space Queen. The resulting Jilly Bean regular seeds produce nugs with a beautiful aroma and delectable taste.


    Orange Velvet is a tasty strain that smells like an orange popsicle. It offers mind and body relaxation along with slight euphoria. Despite the tantalizing scent and great effects this cultivar offers, it has fallen out of popularity in recent years.


    Space Queen cannabis seeds offer a sweet flavor profile of citrus and pineapples. Their ability to quickly put you in a potent cerebral high sometimes makes you feel as though you’re floating. Many users report feeling joyful after a few tokes.


    Only exhibiting the best traits of its epic parent plants, it’s little wonder regular Jilly Bean seeds are coveted award-winners. 


    Wellness and Jilly Bean regular seeds


    This cultivar offers tremendous potential for use in medical treatments, especially for those with anxiety or depression.


    The fruity smoke that uplifts the mind and spirit could be enough to dissipate negativity. The exhilaration brought on by this strain might provide relief from a range of mental ailments.


    Some psychological patients claim Jilly Bean regular seed cannabis is an effective alternative to traditionally prescribed medication.


    Other users report this strain as a powerful anti-inflammatory that relieves pain associated with arthritis and migraines.


    Jilly Bean’s energizing properties may provide the motivation to get through your day if you struggle with chronic fatigue.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Jilly Bean regular marijuana seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Jilly Bean regular seeds are so enticing we’re sure you want to know more. Read on to find our most frequently asked questions about them with our expert answers.


    How does Jilly Bean regular differ from other variants?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers cannabis seeds in four variants: regular, feminized, autoflower, and fast version. The Jilly Bean strain comes in regular and feminized versions, but other options may be available soon.


    Here’s a quick breakdown of the main differences between each seed type:


    - Regular seeds have a 50/50 chance of developing into a male or female plant. This variety allows you to collect pollen from males and breed your own diverse strains. Regular cannabis is light-dependent. It requires changes in the daily amount of rays it receives to trigger its growth phases.

    - Feminized marijuana seeds grow into almost all-female crops. They’re more cost-effective when growing cannabis exclusively for buds, as you won’t need to remove half your plants. Feminized seeds are also dependent on light changes to induce flowering.

    - Autoflower marijuana reaches harvest quickly and is relatively easy to grow. This variety switches from vegetative growth to flowering without any changes in light. Once they reach a specific age, the plants bloom automatically.

    - Fast version cannabis seeds need light-cycle adjustments to trigger flowering. What makes them unique is that their buds mature much quicker than regular strains.


    Where can I get free Jilly Bean regular seeds?


    We don’t exclude any shoppers at Homegrown Cannabis Co, especially those on a budget. Our cheap weed seeds page offers discounted deals on various strains. We ensure all growers get the opportunity to grow the marijuana cultivars they desire.


    You may feel disappointed if you can’t find Jilly Bean regular seeds on this page. Don’t despair, because it could be there soon. We alternate the strains available at reduced prices often, so check back again soon.


    Everyone loves our Buy One Get One (BOGO) promotion for its double value. Purchase a 4 or 8 pack of seeds, and we’ll match it with the same number of freebies. You could find the marijuana seed bargain of a lifetime.


    Want to try something different but unsure of which cultivar to choose? Mixed packs offer an assortment of strains in one purchase. You may discover a new cannabis plant that’s perfect for you.


    The seeds offered in our promotions are of the same quality and standard as the full-price products on our page. We include some of the best cultivars available in our BOGO deals.


    Check the cheap seeds page frequently. Before you know it, you could be growing regular Jilly Bean seeds for half the price.


    Can a beginner grow Jilly Bean regular?


    Yes, this cultivar can be grown by gardeners of all skill levels. The Jilly Bean strain is fuss-free with inbuilt resistance to common diseases and pests. 


    For minimal upkeep, it rewards you with enormous harvests of solid buds. If you provide the plant with the environment it likes and keep it trimmed, it’ll flourish in any location. 


    You shouldn’t leave your Jilly Bean regular seed plants to fend for themselves just because they’re hardy. Inspect them often to prevent any issues before they occur.


    What is the Jilly Bean regular flowering time?


    This strain flowers in 50–65 days when grown indoors. Outside, your vibrant nugs are ready for harvest by early to late October.


    If you’re an impatient gardener, it’s possible to encourage photoperiod cultivars, like regular Jilly Bean seeds, to finish blooming earlier. 


    Reducing the amount of light your crops receive each day encourages buds to mature sooner. This method may result in smaller blooms, so use it with caution.


    How long do Jilly Bean regular seeds take to germinate?


    Follow the germination technique we recommend, and we guarantee your Jilly Bean regular seeds will sprout within five days. We’re so confident in the standard of our seeds that we’ll replace any that don’t pop.


    Submit your claim and photo or video proof that you used the paper towel method. We’ll ship your replacement products straight to your door. Shopping with Homegrown Cannabis Co. means you get the crops you paid for.


    How long does it take Jilly Bean regular from seed to harvest?


    Regular Jilly Bean seeds take around 6–8 months to complete their life cycles. Photoperiod cannabis, like Jilly Bean, relies on changes in light duration to trigger the start of new life phases.


    When grown outdoors, regular marijuana seeds depend on the seasonal change in daylight hours to transition into a new stage. Being at the mercy of mother nature means that the time it takes to get to harvest is unpredictable. 


    Growing Jilly Bean regular seeds indoors gives you more control over how long it takes the crops to mature. It’s possible to use grow lamps to manipulate them into flowering or ripening their nugs sooner.


    Grow medium for Jilly Bean regular: hydro or soil?


    This strain is versatile, forgiving, and flourishes in all growing mediums. Your choice of substrate depends on factors such as budget, experience, and climate. 


    Vegetative growth occurs faster if you cultivate regular Jilly Bean seeds using a hydroponic system. Your plants begin to bloom earlier and reduce their total cultivation time by a few weeks. Soil is cheap, easy to use, and offers enhanced flavors.


    What is the average Jilly Bean regular height?


    Jilly Bean cannabis grows like other indicas and remains compact and bushy. It only reaches heights of around 2–4 feet. This short stature makes the strain ideal for growing in limited spaces.


    Take advantage of its size and use the Sea of Green (SOG) method for indoor cultivation. Pack a small space full of Jilly Bean regular seed plants, and you’ll harvest mounds of nugs before you know it.


    Where can I find pictures of Jilly Bean regular marijuana?


    Scroll up to see images of Jilly Bean in all her colorful glory. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the only place you can be sure you’re seeing the right cultivar.


    To track the progress fellow growers have made growing regular Jilly Bean seeds, visit the Jilly Bean Regular Homegrown Diary page. This unique platform allows cultivators across the US to share their experiences and learn from other gardeners.


    Where is the best place to buy Jilly Bean regular seeds in the USA?


    Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best place to buy Jilly Bean regular seeds online. We offer the largest selection of strains globally, all at affordable prices. We only supply cultivars sourced from parent plants with high-quality, stable genetics.


    There’s no other seed store as reliable as us. We offer 24-hour customer service, discreet shipping, and our trusted germination guarantee.


    Are there any other names for Jilly Bean regular?


    Jilly Bean regular seeds are highly desired for their incredible flavor profile and out-of-this-world effects. There's no other name for them, and no strain comes close to offering what they do. 


    Spelling errors


    It’s easy to make a mistake when searching for this cultivar. Though Jilly Bean's taste is similar to the colorful candy, their names don't have the same spelling. Avoid these common errors to ensure the correct cannabis seeds arrive at your door:


    - Jelly Bean regular seeds

    - Jillybean regular seeds

    - Jily Bean regular seeds


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