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Humboldt Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Humboldt Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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  • Lay down
  • You'll be heading off to dreamland with up to 21% THC
  • Floral essences
  • Make way for something new and grow Humboldt feminized seeds. This awesome cultivar is named after a famed explorer and a coastal county bearing the same name. The unique flavor and taste of this cannabis make for a lively experience that puts a whole new spin on smoking marijuana.  With a penchant for mystery, your Humboldt fem seeds are bred by combining OG Humboldt with Afgh...Show more

    Humboldt Feminized Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    Max Yield indoor
    500 - 550
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    90 - 100
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Humboldt Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Make way for something new and grow Humboldt feminized seeds. This awesome cultivar is named after a famed explorer and a coastal county bearing the same name. The unique flavor and taste of this cannabis make for a lively experience that puts a whole new spin on smoking marijuana. 


    With a penchant for mystery, your Humboldt fem seeds are bred by combining OG Humboldt with Afghan Kush. Little is known about the mix used to create the original Humboldt strain. It's possible to trace a few of its landrace genes, such as Hindi Kush, Lemon Thai, and Chemdawg.


    One thing's for sure: this indica beauty from our feminized seeds collection has a development that resembles a sativa plant. Your Humboldt feminized seeds grow short, stocky plants with wide branching and densely packed nugs. We're going to take a deep dive into this cultivar and learn why so many hold it as one of the most sophisticated weed plants out there. 


    What are Humboldt feminized cannabis seeds?


    Looking at the genetic pool of Humboldt feminized seeds seems to be a straightforward affair at first. That is until you notice there's not much to backtrack when it comes to one of its sides. Humboldt feminized is created by breeding the original Humboldt strain with Afghan Kush. The content of the original Humboldt cultivar is unknown to this date.


    Growing feminized Humboldt seeds calls for some gardening experience. This strain is picky when it comes to its choice of environment. Although it's not difficult to provide the required conditions outdoors, the cultivar develops well indoors. Be mindful of space; Humboldt feminized plants top at three-foot-tall at most, but they branch out wide. 


    The cannabis obtained from Humboldt feminized seeds is made to cause an impression. The buds are a visual feast of colors, with purple hues merging with dark shades of green. They stand out thanks to the heavy mix of darkened orange pistils and a thick layer of trichomes. 


    Once matured, the plants obtained from Humboldt feminized seeds release a fairly distinct aroma. These buds have an imposing presence loaded with sweet, natural fragrances such as floral and herbs mixed with hash and spices. Blazing this weed for the first time forms a creamy texture in your palate, leaving traces of licorice and musky nature. 


    The weed obtained from Humboldt feminized cannabis seeds shoots your senses to the cosmos with a 17–21% THC. The powerful, relaxing high is the best experience you can have after a busy day at work or if you're planning a lazy evening. 


    What are the Humboldt feminized effects?


    There's no division when discussing the effects of the weed you get from Humboldt feminized seeds. One toke is enough to help you lay down, unwind, and relax your body. Two tokes or more, and you’re sure to be flying to dreamland in a couple of hours. This is an indica plant through and through. 


    The cannabis obtained from Humboldt fem seeds acts as a slow crawler at first. The sativa genes hit first thanks to its 17–21% THC content. A sudden rush of euphoria clears your head and boosts your mood in minutes. Nothing bothers you, and everything feels pleasant. 


    Feel free to consume this cultivar with some friends if you want everyone to chill with you. Don't get too cocky with it. The weed from fem Humboldt seeds has a powerful indica side that takes hold of your being when you're least expecting it. Your senses pick up every step of the experience, with your limbs surrendering first. 


    This heavy feeling quickly melts all tension in your muscles and soothes your body. A single toke is enough to make you comfy on your couch. Increasing the dosage can lead to a fizzy feeling of relaxation by blocking out any unwanted noise. We strongly recommend stopping here—even if you're THC tolerant. Humboldt fem can lead to fits of anxiety and paranoia. 


    The weed from your Humboldt seeds fem version is an excellent recreational strain. You might think there's very little use for it on the wellness side, given the low CBD content of the cultivar at less than 2%. However, many people have shared the medical benefits achieved with the strain. 


    One of the most sought-after properties is the mental relief experienced after a toke of this weed. The marijuana obtained from Humboldt feminized seeds is ideal to clear the head and open the mind to new paths. Assisting with mental fatigue proves excellent for your body as well. The wave of muscular relaxation induced is enough to make you sleep like a baby.  


    The weed from feminized Humboldt seeds is great to put your mind at ease. You just have to let it take hold and let the lethargic sensation take the pain away. You won't be experiencing anything other than dry eyes and the cottonmouth effect with measured consumption. Keep some bottled water and eye drops close by to hydrate yourself. 


    What does the Humboldt feminized cannabis smell like?


    The weed you get from Humboldt feminized seeds honors the famed explorer. A single whiff of this plant invades your nostrils with a vast catalog of natural scents. The sweet, enticing aroma is loaded with floral essences and herbs. The terpene profile of this plant is closely tied to its flavor, so it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.


    If you're a true cannabis connoisseur, you'll feel tempted to let the weed from Humboldt feminized seeds try your senses. The creamy sensation left in your mouth is soon followed by the intense aroma of hash and spices. The combined experience works as a call back to Afghani if you're familiar with this landrace cultivar.    


    How to germinate Humboldt feminized seeds


    Germinating your Humboldt feminized seeds is the most crucial stage in the process of setting up your garden. Read about some basic gardening skills and fetch a few household items to get started.  


    You need a set of tweezers, a clean sprayer, latex gloves, a couple of pieces of paper towels, two dinner plates, and the purest water you can get. Avoid tap water or mineral water. They're loaded with chemical components that affect your seed's development. 


    Make sure all items and the area where you'll handle the germination process are clean. Once you have everything organized, follow the procedure described below to get started with your garden: 


    - Take the sprayer and fill it up with water. Use it on one of the pieces of paper towel and lay it down on one of the dinner plates. 


    - Open your Humboldt fem seeds package and pick up each one using the tweezers. Place the seeds on the paper towel and keep them one inch apart.


    - Use the sprayer on the second sheet of paper towel. Avoid getting it damp. Use this sheet to cover the seeds on the plate and cover them with the second plate.


    - Take the whole setup and place it in a secure spot, preferably somewhere dark and warm like the top of a fridge or microwave. 


    - Let your Humboldt feminized seeds rest for at least five days. You should see the first seedlings after the first 48 hours. Five days is more than enough time for all of them to sprout. 


    - The first sprouts to break the shells of your Humboldt fem seeds indicate that it's time for them to be transferred to their growing medium.


    This process may sound easy, but it needs to be carried out with love, patience, and care. Find further details about this technique by checking out our germination guide. Don't disregard these instructions since doing so voids the germination warranty offered by Homegrown Cannabis Co. on all seeds. 


    Humboldt feminized seeds grow guide


    This cultivar is a serious diva when it comes to attention. Approaching a pack of Humboldt feminized seeds as a beginner isn’t the best idea. Get some practice beforehand with entry-level cultivars and get your gardening skills up to speed to face the challenge. 


    Once planted, your fem Humboldt seeds take up to nine weeks to produce the first nugs. The good news is that you won't be needing a ton of room for your garden. Humboldt fem grows three feet high at most. You don't need training techniques, but this plant demands good airflow. It's best to step up your pruning game for this cultivar. 


    Nothing stops you from sowing your Humboldt feminized seeds in the open, but you get better results indoors. The plant's dense foliage requires constant attention, best achieved in a controlled environment in a room dedicated to growing this cultivar.


    Growing medium


    If you plan to grow your Humboldt fem seeds outdoors, make sure to work with dry and warm soil. This plant is vulnerable to mold, pests, and mildew. Humidity isn’t welcome near your setup at any point during its development. You need to learn about pesticides and nutrient intake as well.


    Working indoors increases your chances of bountiful yields. Make sure to light up the place with 600 W LED or HPS lamps and keep the pH levels of the soil steady at 5.0. Relative humidity (RH) should never go below 40–50%. Your Humboldt feminized seeds do fine in pots using the Sea of Green technique, but you can work with hydroponics if you have more experience.


    Training methods


    Your Humboldt feminized seeds grow into short plants topping three feet tall at most. You don't need to apply bending or topping unless you're working in a secluded space. This only becomes a requirement if you need to make the most out of the room you have.


    Pruning techniques


    Make sure to sink your knowledgeable teeth into pruning and trimming. The plants from fem Humboldt seeds grow bushy and stocky. One issue is how much this cultivar needs air and proper oxygen intake to thrive.


    You'll likely have to trim and prune all plants at least twice a week. It's unnecessary to take large chunks of it, just enough to ensure all branches get the same light and ventilation. Be wary of yellow leaves and the brownish section on the plants. They're indicative of some issues in their development.   


    Feeding and watering


    The feeding and watering of fem Humboldt seeds don't differ too much from other cultivars. However, strict discipline is required with its schedule. These plants need to be sprayed with water and nutrients at least once a week. Do it on separate occasions to prevent nutrient burn. Once the plants reach the vegetative stage, they only have to be watered at the root. 


    Temperature and relative humidity


    Keep the cold away from your Humboldt feminized seeds. These plants thrive in a warm environment. If you're growing in the open, you need a steady temperature of 70–80°F at all times. This is easily accomplished indoors, and it gives you more control over the relative humidity levels.


    Follow the indications listed below to provide the correct requirements of this cultivar in each development stage: 


    - Seedlings: temp at day 70–80°F, temp at night: 70°F with RH levels at 50–60%

    - Vegetation: temp at day 70–80°F, temp at night: 70–80°F with RH levels at 40–50%

    - Flowering: temp at day 75–85°F, temp at night: 75–85°F with RH levels at 40–50% 


    What are the Humboldt feminized seeds genetics?

    Humboldt feminized seeds combine the original Humboldt strain with Afghan Kush. While it's possible to find the lineage of landrace strains included in the mix, it's tricky to pinpoint the exact origin of Humboldt.


    Still, you shouldn’t be upset about such a small detail when this cultivar contains the properties of a vast catalog of powerhouses. You'll find some of the effects of landrace Afghani as well as some traits from Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, Nepalese, OG Kush, and Chemdawg.


    Wellness and Humboldt feminized seeds


    Even with low CBD content of 2%, Humboldt feminized seeds are sought after and highly praised by medical users. The cultivar is popular among people dealing with neuropathic conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, and mood swings. 


    The slow-crawling effect hits your brain first and overtakes the body later, helping your muscles release tension. Overall, Humboldt fem is appreciated because it helps people who struggle to rest even when tired. 


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Humboldt feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions


    After reading this guide, you'll be ready to get started with Humboldt feminized seeds. Don't hold back if you still have questions, though. Even the pros need advice from time to time. The following is a compilation of the most frequently asked queries in our community: 


    Where can I get free cannabis Humboldt feminized?


    Nowhere, and we advise you not to take anything from anybody offering free weed. The good news is that we have a special offer for you on our BOGO page. Make sure to check our weekly deals, and you may strike gold at least once and get some fem Humboldt seeds for free with your order. 


    Can a beginner grow Humboldt feminized?


    No. As harsh as it sounds, the fact is that Humboldt feminized seeds require you to go the extra mile to make sure they grow healthy. You need to learn about controlled environments, pruning and trimming, and nutrient intake. Try your luck with some entry-level cultivars and use the experience to grow this cultivar with success. 


    What is the Humboldt feminized flower time?


    Once planted, your Humboldt feminized seeds are ready to be harvested nine weeks after entering the flowering stage. Get started with your garden in the last two weeks of March, and be prepared to dry your nugs by the end of September. Avoid cold climates for this cultivar; the plants are prone to infections due to excessive humidity.  


    How long do Humboldt feminized take to germinate?


    Your Humboldt feminized seeds take the typical 1 to 5 days to germinate properly. We advise you to follow the germination procedure described in this guide or consult our website if you need further guidance. Avoid going with other germination methods; otherwise, you'll void the Homegrown warranty. 


    How long does it take Humboldt feminized from seeds to harvest?


    It takes around 24 weeks for your Humboldt feminized seeds to complete their development cycle. The germination process doesn't take more than five days, but seedlings can take four weeks. The vegetative phase can take at least ten weeks, while the flowering stage can take nine to ten weeks tops. 


    Grow medium: Humboldt feminized hydro or soil?


    Soil is excellent if you're growing outdoors, but your Humboldt feminized seeds love the dry climate that can only be provided with stability indoors. A controlled environment also offers more options. You can grow using pots and soil or hydroponics combined with Sea of Green. Remember to watch out for the irrigation and feeding schedule. 


    What is the average Humboldt feminized height?


    If space is in short supply, don't worry. Your feminized Humboldt seeds are a great option to grow inside since they never reach higher than three feet tall. The resulting nugs are short and stocky, making them manageable when harvesting.  


    Where can I find pictures of Humboldt feminized marijuana?


    Take a look at the gallery included on the Homegrown website. You can see the evolution of Humboldt feminized seeds at various stages of development, as well as the final look of a dried nug. If you want a more natural approach, make sure to check the Humboldt Feminized Homegrown Diaries. Many growers share their experiences here and document every step of the development of their gardens. 


    Are there any other Humboldt feminized seed variants out there?


    As you learn more about marijuana seeds, you'll notice the unique variations of strains available. The most common types of seed you'll find are regular, feminized, and autoflower. Here's what each one of these seeds has to offer:


    - Regular seeds: Regular seeds imply a set of untampered genes. This variant of seeds is known for traditional development, growing both male and female plants. 


    - Feminized seeds: Humboldt feminized seeds are genetically modified to grow female plants exclusively. Feminized seeds have the same development as regular seeds, without the hassle of male flowers and pollination sacks.


    - Autoflower seeds: Autos are created by adding ruderalis genes in the breeding process. These seeds will have a speedy development and flower without changes in the light cycle.


    Where is the best place to buy Humboldt feminized in the USA?


    Since you're here reading about the greatness of Humboldt feminized seeds, why don't you place an order with us? At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we offer the best quality seeds for sale. Feel free to take a look at the large selection of cultivars with 100% guaranteed genetic integrity and the best germination rates on the market.


    When you order at Homegrown Cannabis Co., you get the option to use multiple payment methods. You also get fast, discreet shipping to all of the United States of America. If you’re still holding up because you have doubts, reach out to the folks at our forums and post your questions. You'll find a community willing to help you out.


    Are there any other names for Humboldt feminized?


    Not that we know of—you can easily track Humboldt feminized seeds by their name. It's still important to remember that this cultivar is the feminized version of an OG variant. It's easy to confuse these seeds with OG Humboldt or Humboldt Purps. Regular Humboldt has unique properties, so it's best to pay attention during your search.


    Spelling mistakes


    Your search for Humboldt feminized seeds can take a wrong turn easily if you make a spelling mistake in your inquiry. Look for these seeds using their namesake as indicated in this guide. 


    These are some common spelling mistakes you'll see:


    - Humbold feminized seeds fem

    - Humbolt fem seeds

    - OG Humboldt

    - Humbldt feminized


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