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Hindu Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds

Hindu Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds

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  • Feel the happiness seep in with this mild level THC cultivar
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  • Hindu Kush regular seeds let you grow this legendary landrace cultivar at home. Hindu Kush is a pure indica strain prized for its resin-producing qualities and potent physical effects. Hindu Kush has provided people with high-quality cannabis and hash for centuries. Hindu Kush regular seeds produce incredibly resilient and tough plants. This impressively hardy cultivar thrives ...Show more

    Hindu Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Plant type
    20% Indica
    Max Yield indoor
    400 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    450 g/plant
    Height indoor
    100 - 118
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    6-8 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Hindu Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds

    Hindu Kush regular seeds let you grow this legendary landrace cultivar at home. Hindu Kush is a pure indica strain prized for its resin-producing qualities and potent physical effects. Hindu Kush has provided people with high-quality cannabis and hash for centuries.


    Hindu Kush regular seeds produce incredibly resilient and tough plants. This impressively hardy cultivar thrives in a range of conditions. A tolerant nature and sturdy composition make Hindu Kush an excellent choice for beginners. 


    These Hindu Kush seeds are part of our regular seeds selection, allowing you to breed your plants for successive harvests.


    Hindu Kush delivers long-lasting physical relaxation. This supremely mellow buzz is the perfect way to wrap up the day and relax. A gentle dose of euphoria calms the mind and lifts the mood—complete relaxation soon follows.


    Read on for more info on this iconic indica’s flavor and fragrance, medicinal uses, and effects. There’s also a guide to germination and a growing section to help you get started with your regular Hindu Kush seeds.


    What are Hindu Kush regular cannabis seeds?


    Our Hindu Kush regular seeds are entirely unaltered and contain a full set of chromosomes. This gives them the potential to sprout into either sex. While males won’t develop buds, they allow you to crossbreed or pollinate your plants for a new batch of seeds.


    Here’s a rundown of this strain’s essential info. This should give you a snapshot of what you’ll get from growing regular Hindu Kush seeds.


    - Strain Name: Hindu Kush regular seeds

    - Phenotype: Pure indica

    - Genetic Background: Pure landrace 

    - THC: 15–20%

    - CBD: 0–2%

    - Flowering Time: 65–70 days

    - Effects: Physical, calming, cerebral

    - Medical applications: Pain, insomnia, anxiety

    - Flavor / Aroma: Woody, sweet, earthy

    - Dominant terpenes: Camphene, humulene, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene

    - Indoor yield: 14–17.5 oz. per m²

    - Outdoor yield: 19.5 oz. per plant

    - Height: 3–4 feet

    - Grow Difficulty: Beginner


    What are Hindu Kush regular effects?


    Hindu Kush regular seeds let you grow a crop of cannabis with powerful, long-lasting effects. Moderate amounts of THC mean less experienced users are free to enjoy this strain in moderation without feeling overwhelmed.


    A subtle sense of happiness creeps in a few minutes after smoking Hindu Kush. The cerebral buzz is light and pleasant, boosting your mood and inducing a positive mental state. 


    Smoke more, and thoughts become hazy. Attempting to follow intricate conversations usually ends in a little confusion and lots of laughter. Despite, or perhaps because of this, Hindu Kush makes for a fantastic time when shared with close pals.


    Hindu Kush regular cannabis seeds contain 100% indica genes and produce cannabis with seriously potent physical effects. The deeply calming qualities emerge within a matter of minutes. 


    Moderate consumption produces a supremely mellow buzz and thoroughly enjoyable all-over relaxation. Muscles loosen, and tension melts away under the tranquilizing influence of cannabis grown with regular Hindu Kush seeds.


    Stick to small amounts, and Hindu Kush relaxes and calms without leaving you couch-locked. Those looking to up the intensity need only smoke a little more, and their desires are fulfilled.


    Smoking large amounts enhances your feelings of relaxation and inevitably causes first sluggishness and, later, total incapacitation. That’s why Hindu Kush is considered one of the best indica strains in the world.


    Veteran smokers with high enough tolerance levels to stay awake often experience intense munchies as the session progresses. Whether they’re able to escape the sedative embrace of their couch and sate their hunger is another matter entirely.


    Cannabis grown from Hindu Kush regular seeds contains reasonably high amounts of THC, on average, 15–20%, with 0–2% CBD. Beginners have the best experience moderating their intake, while more advanced smokers are free to indulge themselves without worry.


    Higher doses may have you pushing against your limits, and some mild side effects could appear. If you start feeling a little anxious, dizzy, or paranoid, stop smoking, drink some water, and any unpleasant sensations should pass.


    Less serious but common side effects include dry mouth, red, itchy eyes, and the munchies. Keep these to a minimum by hydrating and eating before smoking.


    What does Hindu Kush regular smell like?


    Plants grown with regular Hindu Kush seeds produce attractively dense buds that smell as good as they look. A mix of terpenes, including humulene, myrcene, camphene, and ocimene, give this strain its signature “Kushy” aroma and taste.


    Fresh Hindu Kush buds possess a sweet earthy fragrance with added notes of spice, aromatic wood, and a slightly sour edge. As flowering progresses, the scent may become pervasive. A carbon filter helps mitigate smells if they’re a concern.


    Hindu Kush regular seed-grown cannabis displays a richer, more complex fragrance once it’s been dried and cured. The dense buds emit a deep, musky fragrance with layers of incense and a strong woodiness.


    The thick smoke of Hindu Kush permeates the room with a funky, musky scent. As the smoke coats your tastebuds, you’ll find a rich earthy flavor with sweetness, spice, and fragrant incense touches. Breathe out for a woody aftertaste with a touch of pine.


    How to germinate Hindu Kush regular seeds


    Once your Hindu Kush regular seeds arrive, the first thing to do is begin germination. This is arguably the easiest step of the whole process and even simpler when using high-quality cannabis seeds.


    Rest easy if you’re just starting out and feel a little anxious. We’ll replace any unopened seeds for free under our germination guarantee.


    All you have to do to get yourself covered is follow this guide exactly and take photos or videos of your progress. Do this, and in the event of a non-starter, we’ll send you out another, free of charge.


    To start germinating your regular Hindu Kush seeds, you’ll need two paper towels, two plates, and some purified water. Avoid mains water, as it often contains chlorine which negatively affects germination. Follow these steps when ready:


    - Wet two paper towels with purified water. Gently wring out the towels, removing excess liquid and leaving them damp but not soaked. Lay one on a plate, and place your Hindu Kush regular marijuana seeds on top. Cover with the second towel.


    - Turn the other plate over, using it to close the marijuana seeds inside. This helps the atmosphere inside stay damp for longer. Place in a dark, warm place like a cupboard, drawer, or wardrobe.


    - Check your Hindu Kush regular seeds every 12–24 hours, keeping the towels moist the entire time.


    - Your Hindu Kush regular cannabis seeds germinate within 24–120 hours. Opened seeds need to be moved to pots. Plant in the soil with the taproot facing down.


    If you’d like more visual assistance, here’s our germination guide page. Here you’ll find lots of pictures and videos showing each step in detail.


    Hindu Kush regular seeds grow guide


    Growing Hindu Kush regular seeds is a breeze for experts and beginners. They produce plants tolerant of cooler conditions and disease; they’re mold-resistant and easy to manage. Their smaller size is also perfect for space-limited cultivators.


    Hindu Kush regular seeds flourish inside and out in any medium. Improve the taste and smell of the buds by planting in bio-organic soil. Hydroponics needs more technical expertise but results in increased growth and bigger yields.


    Hindu Kush regular marijuana seeds do very well indoors under controlled conditions. Adequate light of 600 watts or more, a cozy temperature of 69–79°F, and relative humidity (RH) of 50–60% give the best results.


    This bushy cultivar responds well to management techniques, especially low-stress training. A Screen of Green promotes lateral growth and healthy airflow. It also allows light to reach more of the plant, increasing flower production and yields.


    Once flowering begins, drop your RH levels by 10–15% and temperatures by 5%. Continue pruning away excessive foliage, directing all energy into bud production. Flowering lasts for 9–10 weeks, after which your indoor garden yields 14–17.5 oz. /m².


    The hardy plants from regular Hindu Kush seeds do well in a range of outdoor conditions. The best results appear in a warm, sunny location, but those further north can still harvest generous hauls of bud with some TLC.


    Without the ability to control the environment, outdoor gardeners have to rely more on pruning and training to maximize their crops’ potential. Maintain their foliage regularly and keep them out of the rain as much as possible.


    Farmers up north should aim to finish their outdoor gardens during September. Flowering lasts 9–10 weeks, so an ideal planting time is around April. Once mature, each female plant grown from Hindu Kush regular seeds yields up to 19.5 oz. in optimal conditions.


    What are Hindu Kush regular strain genetics?


    The genetics of regular Hindu Kush seeds have been molded by nature over millennia. This is a pure landrace cultivar, and the people of the Hindu Kush valley have been using it for centuries.


    Many modern hybrids exhibit genetic quirks and instabilities due to their selective lineage. Landrace strains are genetically pure, having been refined slowly and naturally over time. They are far more stable as a result.


    This stability makes raising Hindu Kush regular marijuana seeds a joy for growers of all skill levels. Inhospitable conditions caused Hindu Kush to evolve heightened tolerance levels and a resilient nature. 


    As a result, Hindu Kush is one tough little cultivar that survives just about anywhere. Its rugged origins also gave Hindu Kush an added bonus of increased resin production. This cold-weather protection response makes Hindu Kush one of the stickiest strains around.


    Wellness and Hindu Kush regular seeds


    Indicas are generally popular in medicinal circles thanks to their analgesic and calming properties, and Hindu kush is no exception. It’s not especially medicinally focused, and it doesn’t contain much CBD, but Hindu Kush harbors a lot of therapeutic potential.


    Cannabis grown with Hindu Kush regular cannabis seeds contains alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene terpenes. The first two have been shown to possess anti-depressant properties, while myrcene is an anti-anxiolytic agent.


    Smoking cannabis grown with Hindu Kush regular seeds induces a gentle, pleasant sense of wellbeing and happiness. If you’ve been worried or anxious, you may find these positive cerebral effects beneficial in relieving your mental stress.


    The physical effects of Hindu Kush may help treat various issues. Most users report smoking Hindu Kush relieves low-level cramps, pain, and muscular tension. Consume sparingly, and you’ll avoid impeding your movement.


    Larger amounts produce more pronounced sedative effects. Users with more serious instances of pain may find some relief in the tranquilizing effects brought on with increased use.


    The powerfully relaxing properties of cannabis grown from Hindu Kush regular seeds could also be useful for users experiencing sleep irregularity. A few bowls an hour before bed might be just what you need to send you soundly to sleep.


    Cannabis grown with regular Hindu Kush seeds tends to promote a vigorously healthy appetite. Give it a try if you find food has lost its appeal. Research shows cannabis consumption promotes the production of ghrelin, a hormone associated with hunger.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Hindu Kush regular seeds: Frequently asked questions


    Below are some more common questions our customers have about growing Hindu Kush regular seeds.


    Where can I get free Hindu Kush regular seeds?


    You’ll find our Buy One Get One offer, reduced-price seeds, and seasonal promos on our cheap cannabis seeds page. We alternate them often, so check in frequently for a chance to get some free Hindu Kush regular seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Hindu Kush regular seeds?


    Hindu Kush regular cannabis seeds are ideal for beginners. Being a landrace cultivar, it’s adept at dealing with harsh elements. As such, they produce hardy, resilient, manageable plants tolerant of small mistakes.


    What is Hindu Kush regular flower time?


    Plants grown from Hindu Kush regular seeds have an 8–10 week flowering period. For the biggest harvests, allow your crops to mature fully.


    How long do Hindu Kush regular seeds take to germinate?


    All our marijuana seeds germinate easily, opening within 120 hours. Be sure to check them regularly as they could sprout in as early as 12 hours. Follow our guide, and we’ll replace any unopened seeds under our guarantee.


    How long does it take Hindu Kush regular from seeds to harvest?


    The total time from seed to harvest varies depending on the photoperiod, environment, and the length of the vegetative stage. Use this estimated timeline to give you an idea of the average grow. 


    Give your Hindu Kush regular seeds five days to germinate and three weeks to move through the seedling phase. An average vegetative phase under a standard photoperiod of 18/6 lasts 8–10 weeks. Add 9–10 weeks to account for flowering, and you have a growing time of 21–24 weeks.


    Grow medium: Hindu Kush regular hydro or soil?


    Our Hindu Kush regular seeds thrive regardless of medium. A soil setup is low-cost and easy to maintain. Using living organic soil rich in beneficial microorganisms produces extra delicious buds thanks to an enhanced terpene profile.


    Hydroponic setups are more complex and costly but provide their own benefits. Hydroponically-grown regular Hindu Kush seeds produce burgeoning specimens resulting in bigger yields.


    What is the average Hindu Kush regular height?


    Hindu Kush regular marijuana seeds sprout into three feet tall plants indoors. With the right conditions and unlimited space, they often reach at least four feet.


    Where can I find pictures of Hindu Kush regular marijuana?


    You’ll find more pictures in our Hindu Kush regular Homegrown Diaries. These are user-created diaries where our community shares their experience with different strains.


    Once your Hindu Kush regular cannabis seeds arrive, help us expand our knowledge base with your experience. Keeping a grow journal is a great way to track your progress and help others simultaneously.


    Where is the best place to buy Hindu Kush regular seeds in the USA?


    If you want to buy Hindu Kush regular seeds online, you’re in the right place. These marijuana seeds are exclusive to Homegrown Cannabis Co. Order from us for quality genetics and high viability every time.


    Place your order, and we’ll package your cannabis seeds discreetly and ship them to your door in days. Reach out to our customer support team with any questions about our ordering process or products.


    Do you stock other Hindu Kush seed variants?


    We aim to stock a range of marijuana seed variants whenever possible. Read on for a quick breakdown of what each one offers.


    Regular cannabis seeds are perfect for budding breeders. These marijuana seeds are unaltered and develop into males or females. Males won’t produce buds but are essential for future cannabis seeds and the creation of new hybrids.


    If you’re just interested in cultivating a stash of buds, feminized cannabis seeds virtually guarantee productivity. Without male chromosomes, 99% of feminized seeds develop into flower-bearing females. The best choice for maximum harvests of buds.


    Autoflower cannabis seeds produce small, bushy plants that flower regardless of their photoperiod length. While their smaller size means lower yields, they’re easy to grow, low-maintenance, and fantastic for stealth or urban setups. 


    Are there any other names for Hindu Kush regular?


    It’s occasionally called Hindi Kush, but other than this, we don’t know of any other names for Hindu Kush regular seeds.


    Spelling errors


    Spelling mistakes are few and far between, but there’s the occasional mistype. If you make a mistake and type Hundu Kush, Hinduu Kush, or Hindi Kush, you’ll still find what you need.


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