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Haze Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Haze Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

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  • Fresh
  • Up to 24% THC for a long-lasting cerebral high
  • Familiar skunk topped with sweet orange
  • A celebrated and popular autoflowering cannabis strain, Haze Autoflower is the offspring of Haze and ruderalis. The plant is strong and sturdy and grows in most environments. Haze Auto produces long, dense buds with a high THC content. Although the cultivar takes a little longer to flower than some other autoflowers, the wait is worth it. A few puffs send you to euphoria with a...Show more

    Haze Autoflower Cannabis Seeds profile

    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    300 - 500
    Max Yield outdoor
    50 - 100
    Height indoor
    90 - 120
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    All year
    Flowering time
    12-14 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Haze Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    A celebrated and popular autoflowering cannabis strain, Haze Autoflower is the offspring of Haze and ruderalis. The plant is strong and sturdy and grows in most environments. Haze Auto produces long, dense buds with a high THC content. Although the cultivar takes a little longer to flower than some other autoflowers, the wait is worth it.


    A few puffs send you to euphoria with a long-lasting cerebral high. This cultivar is perfect for social occasions and creative endeavors. The taste is sweet and earthy, with hints of citrus. While autoflowers may seem easy to grow, beginners should remember that growing cannabis is a process that requires care. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has the right seeds for all levels of farmers, including Haze autoflower seeds


    Join in as we explore the world of autoflowering cannabis seeds. We take a closer look at one of the most popular strains around – Haze Autoflower. Fill your garden with the sweet and earthy aromas of Haze Autoflower. 


    What are Haze autoflower cannabis seeds?


    Haze autoflower was created by breeders who wanted to tap into the legendary Original Haze characteristics but with a faster harvesting time. They did this by crossing it with ruderalis. The result is an amazing plant that offers the best of two worlds. 


    The aroma and flavor of the Haze autoflower buds are out of this world, with hints of citrus, berries, and tropical fruits. The effects are powerful and long-lasting, with a heavy body high that leaves you feeling relaxed and happy.


    The plant boasts 14–24% THC levels which is best if you’re looking for a potent strain. Tokers love the cultivar because it leaves them feeling relaxed, happy, and uplifted. Due to its high THC levels, the plant is not recommended for first-time users or those who are not well-versed with potent strains.


    Haze autoflower is a simple cultivar to grow with day-neutral demand for light. Unlike the feminized versions, you won't spend much time providing consistent light for blooming. Instead, grow it, and the healthy flowers won't disappoint.


    Haze autoflower seeds are perfect for those who want to enjoy a good smoke without worrying about the growing process. The strain's ease of cultivation and maintenance makes it suitable for different growing conditions.


    Because of the friendly growing cycle, Haze Auto is the perfect choice for cultivators with some experience. New growers who understand monitoring humidity levels and temperatures can give this strain a try.


    What are the Haze autoflower seeds effects?


    The classic Haze auto isn't a typical marijuana strain. Because of the hardiness, growers find it suitable for harvesting over a season. A few weeks in, you’ll discover a change in your garden with some of the most potent, fragrant, and flavorful buds around.


    Tokers experience a cerebral buzz that can be felt in the temples and around the eyes when taken. This type of buzz is often clear-headed, motivating, and euphoric. You’re left enjoying creative activities and a heightened sense of well-being. 


    The effects of Haze autoflower are also long-lasting, often leaving users feeling buzzed for several hours after just a few puffs. As the head high wanes, a creeping mild body buzz sets in, leaving you couch-locked. You may slip into slumber and wake up the next day feeling great and wondering how you ever got anything done.


    Haze autoflower effects vary from person to person. Some users may find the cerebral buzz more stimulating than expected. Others may find the long-lasting effects perfect for a day spent enjoying creative activities or simply relaxing at home. Overall, Haze autoflower is a great cultivar for those looking for a stimulating and euphoric experience.


    Haze autoflower seeds' side effects may vary based on individual tolerance and situation. Individuals with low THC tolerance may experience mild anxiety or paranoia. Other effects are dry mouth and dry eyes. Some users have also reported feeling sluggish or sleepy after using Haze autoflower seeds.


    Drink plenty of water and eat healthy snacks to combat the dry mouth effect. Use drops if your eyes feel sore. Avoid operating heavy machinery or driving until you know how Haze autoflower seeds will affect you.


    What does Haze autoflower smell like?


    Haze autoflower is known for its familiar smell. It has an intense, earthy aroma with a sweet orange scent which is most noticeable when the buds are broken open. Some people also describe the smell as skunky.


    You feel like you’re in a damp flower bed with moist dirt, surrounded by greenery and a sweet hint of orange in the air. It's a heavy smell, but not unpleasant. Tokers love the taste similar to the fragrance—it’s a mix of earthy, fruity, and skunky. 


    After smoking, your house smells earthy orange which keeps you feeling closer to nature. Haze autoflower has a huge fanbase because of its strong and familiar smell. If you're looking for a strain with a powerful aroma, Haze autoflower is a good choice.


    How to germinate Haze autoflower seeds


    The germination process is one of the first few steps to starting your cannabis garden. The process is easy, and all you need is to follow our germination guide while monitoring water and humidity. With attention to detail, you'll make the first process a success.


    The germination technique recommended by Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the paper towel method. This technique is simple and easy to follow and has a high success rate.


    Always remember to start with high-quality Haze autoflower seeds. These are available for purchase online at the Homegrown Cannabis Co. online store. To use this growing technique, you need the following items.


    - Two paper towels 

    - A bowl with water 

    - Two dinner plates 

    - Haze auto Marijuana seeds 

    - Tweezers




    - Choose a dark and dry place to germinate the Haze autoflower seeds. Moisture is key, so humidity levels must be kept high. 


    - Wet one paper towel and place it in the bowl of water. 


    - Place the Haze auto marijuana seeds an inch apart on the wet towel and then fold the top of the towel over the seeds. 


    - Place one dinner plate on top of the folded towel and then place another dinner plate on top of the first plate. This will create a weight that will help keep the seeds in contact with the wet towel.


    - Wait 24 hours and check to see if any Haze autoflower seeds have cracked open and begun to germinate. If so, use tweezers to carefully remove the seed from the towel and plant it in the soil. 


    - If the seed has not cracked open, replace the top dinner plate and wait another 24 hours. Check continually, as germination may take between 24–120 hours.


    If you follow the germination guide provided and any seed fails to sprout, Homegrown Cannabis Co. replaces it for you. Please provide us with photo/video evidence of your work to speed up the process.


    Haze autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide


    Immediately after germinating your Haze seeds autoflower, plant them in your preferred medium. The plant is small with a compact structure, so it can grow in several ways. One popular way to grow the Haze autoflower is to use soil as your medium. 


    The soil must be of high quality and have good drainage. If you are growing in this medium, water the plants regularly. However, be sure not to overwater as this can cause problems with the roots. 


    When growing indoors, use a standard grow light. The auto Haze seeds reach around 3 feet and flowers around 8–9 weeks, with harvesting coming in at week 12. Employ the Sea of Green (SOG) technique to make the most use of your limited space. Grow the plants close together and then prune them regularly as they bloom.


    Cultivators hesitate to prune the plants regularly because of the fast-growing cycle. Instead, they trim the plants when they’re ready to harvest. Pruning encourages more lateral growth, perfect for the Sea of Green technique. Indoor harvest is 12–15 oz./m²


    When growing autoflower Haze seeds plants outdoors, they’ll need plenty of direct sunlight. It’s important to ensure that the area is free from pests and predators. The Haze autoflower is a hardy plant and can withstand moderate weather conditions. Protect the plant from strong winds and excessive cold or heat. Harvests are between 3–7 oz./plant for outdoor plants.


    What are the Haze autoflower strain genetics?


    The cannabis scene welcomed Haze in the 1960s, meaning it's one of the oldest cultivars around. Haze was created from four landrace strains: 


    - South Asian 

    - Mexican 

    - Thai 

    - Colombian 


    It was later crossed with ruderalis to create the Haze autoflower version, a sativa dominant strain that features long and thin leaves. Haze is also a parent to some famous strains, such as Super Silver Haze. Combining this genetic diversity unravels the strain's desirable mental and physical impacts.


    Wellness and Haze autoflower seeds


    Haze autoflower cultivar is highly regarded for its medicinal properties. This cultivar is a descendant of the world-famous Haze cannabis strain. Haze autoflower genetics are quite complex. One reason for the popularity of Haze strains is their heavy resin production. The high THC content of Haze varieties is also responsible for their sought-after effects.


    Users claim that the strain helps with symptoms of:


    - anxiety 

    - arthritis 

    - depression

    - pain and inflammation 

    - migraines 

    - nausea 

    - stress 


    This is because of terpenes such as myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. All these components work together in synergy to produce the entourage effect.


    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.


    Haze autoflower marijuana seeds: Frequently Asked Questions


    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Haze autoflower marijuana.


    Where can I get free cannabis Haze autoflower seeds?


    Get free Haze autoflower seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. during specific promotional periods. The BOGO page is a great place to start looking for promotions. Buy Haze auto cannabis seeds and get one free. BOGO offers change frequently, so keep an eye on the website for more free seeds.


    Can a beginner grow Haze autoflower?


    Ideally suited for cultivators with some experience, beginners can grow Haze autoflower cannabis plants with a little bit of care and knowledge. Since the plants grow fast, some mistakes turn out to be unforgiving to new growers. The best way is to seek advice from seasoned growers or read up on the subject. 


    Make sure you get your hands on some quality Haze auto seeds and properly grow and care for them. With a bit of effort, beginners can produce a great yield of potent and fragrant buds.


    What is the Haze autoflower flower time?


    Haze autoflower is non-phenotype, meaning it automatically flowers regardless of the light cycle. The average flower time is 8–9 weeks when you begin to see the white pistils. However, some plants will take as long as ten weeks to flower fully, depending on the specific conditions provided to the plants in the growing period.


    How long do Haze autoflower seeds take to germinate?


    Germinating Haze autoflower seeds requires adherence to surrounding conditions to ensure a successful process. Time, temperature, and humidity all play a role in how quickly your Haze autoflower seeds will germinate. The period takes 24–120 hours, where you'll see the first signs of the seedlings breaking through their coats.


    How long does it take Haze autoflower from seeds to harvest?


    Haze Autoflower takes 1–5 days to germinate. The time from seedling to flowering is about 8–9 weeks. Harvesting begins on the 12th week when the main cola is ripe. Always check out every stage to ensure that you get the best quality.


    Grow medium: Haze autoflower hydro or soil?


    Haze autoflower flourishes in both soils and hydroponics. However, if you are looking for the biggest Haze autoflower yield, a hydroponic system is the way to go as many tasks are automated. With soil Haze autoflower grow medium, you need to be vigilant about pests and nutrient deficiencies, and you’ll need to add nutrients and monitor pH balancing manually.


    What is the average Haze autoflower height?


    The average height of a Haze Autoflower plant is about 3 feet. In general, autoflowering plants tend to be shorter than traditional cannabis plants. The small plants make it easy to grow indoors without taking too much space. 


    Where can I find pictures of Haze autoflower marijuana?


    Find pictures of Haze autoflower by visiting the Haze autoflower Homegrown Diaries. This website provides information and resources for cannabis growers, including pictures of autoflowering Haze marijuana. Also, find helpful tips and advice from other growers.


    Where is the best place to buy Haze autoflower seeds in the USA?


    The best place to buy Haze auto cannabis seeds in the USA is online at Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our wide selection of autoflower seeds come with competitive prices and discreet shipping. 


    We offer a warranty for any seed that fails to germinate, so you can feel confident that you'll receive quality seeds. Also, find helpful customer reviews on the website to ensure you're getting the best possible product.


    Are there any other names for Haze autoflower?


    Haze autoflower doesn't have too many names, but sometimes people refer to her as "the queen of Cannabis.” Haze itself is commonly referred to as Haze OG, so you may find it in that name. 


    Spelling errors


    There are common spelling errors like Hez, Haz, and Heez. As a grower, you should be aware of these errors and how to spell the word correctly. Always check to ensure you buy Haze autoflower seeds.

    What's the difference between regular, feminized, and autoflowers?

    Cannabis strains come in three varieties: regular, feminized, and autoflowering. Each type of cannabis strain has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the distinctions between the three cultivars.


    Regular cannabis seeds are the standard variety. They develop into a 50/50 chance of male or female plants. They’re ideal for creating seeds or for inventing new hybrids. 


    Feminized cannabis seeds are designed to produce only female plants. This is done by manipulating the genetics of the plant so that it’ll only produce female flowers. Feminized cannabis strains are popular among growers because they guarantee a high yield of buds and are easy to care for.


    Autoflowering cannabis seeds like Haze autoflower are a relatively new development in the world of cannabis strains. They’re designed to flower automatically, regardless of the amount of light or darkness they receive. This makes them perfect for growers who want to grow cannabis outdoors since they don't need to worry about changing the light schedule to make the plants flower. We currently stock Haze in both feminized and autoflower variants.


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