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Green Crack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Green Crack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 60
  • Not for the faint of heart.
  • 25% THC
  • Fresh-cut lemon on a Tuscan breeze
  • Almost everyone has heard of the notorious Green Crack strain and its Green Crack Feminized seeds. Originally referred to as “Green Cush,” Snoop Dogg renamed it “Green Crack” after falling in love with this beautiful hybrid.We’ve studied, tasted, and tested this baby to give you all the info you need about feminized Green Crack seeds. So join us as we delve into the magical wor...Show more

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    THC Level
    CBD level
    Max Yield indoor
    Max Yield outdoor
    Height indoor
    60 - 90
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    Flowering style
    Harvest month
    Flowering time
    8-10 Weeks
    Greenhouse, Indoor, Outdoor
    Temperate continental
    Sunny mediterranean

    Green Crack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Almost everyone has heard of the notorious Green Crack strain and its Green Crack Feminized seeds. Originally referred to as “Green Cush,” Snoop Dogg renamed it “Green Crack” after falling in love with this beautiful hybrid.
    We’ve studied, tasted, and tested this baby to give you all the info you need about feminized Green Crack seeds. So join us as we delve into the magical world of marijuana.

    What are Green Crack feminized cannabis seeds?

    Green Cracks’ fame is thanks to its unique smell and effects. Green Crack feminized seeds grow into plants with extremely high THC levels and give users an incredible energy boost.
    Feminized Green Crack cultivars are pretty famous, and their smell is praised by many. Once you catch a whiff of this baby, you’ll probably drool at the sweet, lemony flavor.
    People who host meetups or parties are in for a treat when they cultivate Green Cush. Feminized Green Crack seeds turn into cultivars with massive colas in a reasonably short timeframe.
    Green Crack feminized seeds remain in high demand throughout the world because of the cultivars potency. The high THC level (17–25%) offers a clear, focused stone and increased energy levels.
    Cultivators consider Green Crack as a low CBD strain because it has less than 2%. Medical patients receive many benefits, though, and report that feminized Green Crack Marijuana helps with stress, pain, and fatigue.
    Growing Green Crack feminized weed seeds is challenging, but the reward is worth the effort. With enough patience, research, and care, growers can look forward to almost two pounds of bud per plant.
    Feminized seeds are fantastic for people that only want female marijuana plants and come with a 99% guarantee. So, instead of spending time weeding out males, you’ll be growing big buds.

    What are the Green Crack feminized effects?

    Feminized Green Crack offers a delicious flavor and equally enjoyable effects. Most notably, consumers feel uplifted, energized, and focused when they have few puffs of the sweet smoke.
    Consumers often feel a sense of calm and receive a little nudge of inspiration that lasts for hours. Eventually, your muscles start relaxing, and the couch becomes a great spot to hang out.
    As a rule of thumb, always have some snacks to hand. Once the munchies take hold, a bag of chips is pure gold. You should also keep something to drink nearby because the cottonmouth is strong in this one.
    Like most marijuana strains, feminized Green Crack weed may cause some red, scratchy eyes. Fortunately, a few eye drops will provide much-needed relief. It also helps to remember to blink.
    Green Crack feminized seeds sprout into cultivars with up to 25% THC. Consequently, even hardcore stoners can accidentally overindulge.
    Wait a few moments for the buds to kick in if you don’t want to risk feeling dizzy. Once the effects hit you, worries disappear, your mind becomes quiet, and an urge to live develops. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors, or your mind, or expressing yourself artistically, feminized Green Crack cannabis is the perfect fit.

    What does Green Crack feminized smell like?

    Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds grow into cultivars with a crisp, lemon scent. You’ll also often find tropical, fruity notes. Similar to most marijuana strains, Green Crack carries an earthy undertone.
    Green Crack feminized seeds become beautiful cultivars that carry a mouth-watering smell worthy of praise. It’s no surprise that Green Cush has earned many cannabis awards over the years.
    Similar to some other sativa-dominant strains, feminized Green Crack marijuana isn’t very “skunky.” So, while it has hints of earth and herbs, the fruity, citrusy flavor is more substantial.
    Feminized Green Crack cannabis contains a unique set of terpenes. As chemical compounds, terpenes serve many uses in plants, from flavor creation to pigmentation changes. Terpenes have varying colors, tastes, and smells, which depend on the combinations and concentrations.
    We’ve listed the most dominant terpenes in feminized Green Crack that are responsible for the awe-inspiring aroma:
    - Humulene produces a combination of spicy and herbal scents.
    - Alpha-Pinene induces a faint pine tree smell in feminized Green Crack cannabis.
    - Camphene smells like fir or spruce trees or and resembles Pinenes’ aroma.
    - Limonene creates a lemon and orange smell.
    - Linalool appears in lavender and provides a floral, fresh aroma.
    - Terpinolene is unique in that it combines citrus, floral, and woodsy scents.
    - Myrcene often has a musky or clove smell.
    - Beta Farnesene is fruity and often smells like green apples.
    - Alpha Bisabolol also offers floral notes and smells like chamomile.
    You’ll find the above terpenes in most cannabis strains. The percentages and concentrations affect the overall smell and can sometimes be very similar between two marijuana strains.
    Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, and Pinene have the highest concentrations and create that unique scent of feminized Green Crack weed.

    How to germinate Green Crack feminized seeds

    When you buy feminized Green Crack seeds, you’ll need all your growing equipment ready, so your cannabis cultivation can commence. Before you start germinating your feminized Green Crack cannabis seeds, you need to have a growing area. 
    You also need pots, your growing medium, nutrients, and a light setup for indoor plants. Feminized Green Crack marijuana seeds pop quite fast and rarely have any issues. Follow the approved paper towel method and keep the temperature mild for a high success rate.
    Seeds generally fare better when you germinate them before planting. The benefit of a taproot gives Green Crack feminized seeds a higher chance of surviving and increases their productivity.
    Our step-by-step guide gives a quick overview on how to germinate your feminized Green Crack seeds. What you need:
    - Paper towels- Purified water- A plate- Tweezers- Cannabis seeds
    Then follow these steps:
    1. Moisten your paper towel with purified water.
    2. Place the wet paper towel on the plate.
    3. Put your feminized Green Crack seeds on the plate, with about 1 inch of space.
    4. Moisten your second paper towel, and place it over the marijuana seeds.
    5. Drain any excess water by lifting the paper towels.
    6. Keep the seeds in the dark, warm area (+-75℉).
    7. Monitor your cannabis seeds, and add water to keep the towels moist.
    8. When taproots appear, use the tweezers to transplant your marijuana seeds.
    Not all seeds are in a hurry to sprout. If you have some eager beavers, they can pop within a day.  On the other hand, the slower seeds can sometimes take up to five days before their root appears.
    Once a taproot sprouts, your feminized Green Crack weed seeds are ready for their medium. If you live in a cold climate, you can place your seedlings on a heating mat to keep them warm at night.
    For the best results, follow the Homegrown germination guide. Cultivators can find pictures, links, and a detailed guide of the germination process.

    Green Crack feminized seeds grow guide

    Feminized Green Crack cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate if you have some experience. However, with the correct setup and nutrients, even novices stand a chance at high yields. Mature feminized Green Crack plants are a sight to behold. 
    The buds have a light green color, with yellow pistils. During the late flowering phase, a thick layer of trichomes covers the flowers. Sativa-dominant hybrids like feminized Green Crack weed are very adaptable. However, outdoor growers should stick to summer. It’s worse for your plants to freeze than get too hot.
    If outdoor temperatures or humidity are high, you can trim excess foliage to increase airflow. Not only does this help keep plants cool, but it also reduces mold development.
    Whatever setup you use, feminized Green Crack marijuana needs a stable environment with enough light. On average, they should receive at least 8 hours of sunlight per day.
    Green Crack feminized seeds don’t grow into typical sativa-dominant hybrids. Unlike most sativas that reach up to 6 feet, these babies rarely exceed 35 inches. They still have relatively long, thin branches, though, and need some support as soon as their buds start growing. 
    When the bottom sets of leaves turn yellow, you know it’s almost time to harvest. Feminized Green Crack marijuana offers the best traits from both parent strains. Not only do they offer large, fruity buds, but they also stay small. For indoor growers, they’re a dream plant.
    You can supersize feminized Green Crack yields by following the “Sea Of Green” method. By removing the bottom foliage, your plants focus on flower growth to increase size and potency.
    Green Crack feminized seeds need an environment with lots of light for peak performance. Temperatures should be between 70–80℉, and early to mid-June is perfect for outdoor gardeners.
    Indoor growers have more flexibility and can cultivate their plants throughout the year. Additionally, you can produce top-level ganja from the comfort of your home. Although indoor setups have a higher start-up cost, it’s worth it. You can expect around 21 oz per square meter.
    Outdoor cultivators with optimal setups usually harvest about 28 oz per plant. Greenhouses are a fantastic environment for feminized Green Crack seeds. Not only do your plants receive sunlight, but you can extend their “days” with indoor grow lamps.
    Green Crack feminized weed seeds give newbies a challenge and are better suited to more advanced cultivators. Regardless of your experience, remember the following:
    - Trim your plants. Especially true for high-yield strains, you should trim your plants regularly to avoid mold. However, only trim dead, damaged, and unnecessary leaves.
    - Controlling the climate. Indoor cultivators should maintain temperatures between 70 to 79 ℉ with 55–60% humidity. Automate your light cycle and climate for stability.
    - pH and Nutrients. Feminized Green Crack cannabis’ ideal pH is around 5.8–6.8. Balance your nutrient solution, and never overfeed your cultivars.
    - Water. Only water your Green Crack feminized seeds when the ground is dry. Overwatering your plants can increase mold growth or lead to root rot.
    - Harvesting. Harvest your weed on time to keep the flavor and THC content. For feminized Green Crack marijuana, yields are ready around the 9th week.

    What are the Green Crack feminized seeds genetics?

    GC has a direct line to Skunk #1. By combining 2 Skunk #1 with an unknown strain, cultivators produced the potent sativa-dominant feminized Green Crack weed strain.
    Feminized Green Crack weed offers outstanding energizing qualities that many people associate with Skunk #1. However, GC smells more fruity, less skunky, and gives smokers a more extended high.

    Wellness and Green Crack feminized 

    Green Crack feminized seeds grow into plants with very high THC levels, and users should consume the buds with care. The energizing effects hide a sleepier after-effect.
    Medical marijuana users that suffer from depression say that the strain offers a much-needed uplifting and happy feeling. Additionally, many patients claim that it also helps combat fatigue.
    If you need some focus and inspiration, feminized Green Crack weed allows you to tap into your inner “zen” to find that spark you need. Don’t be surprised if you get lost in time drawing or painting.
    People suffering from chronic migraines may find relief from the pain after a few tokes of this baby. Many also claim that they feel the pain melt away as the cannabinoids take effect.
    Feminized Green Crack buds have relaxing effects, which may help people that suffer from anxiety or stress. Research is still ongoing, and not everyone will have the same experience.
    It can be tricky to know your limit when consuming feminized Green Crack. The active phase of the high is quite long-lasting and may deceive inexperienced consumers. If you start feeling the energy kick, maybe put down the joint. 
    Although the initial ride is fun, the drop feels harder if you keep the cart going past the tipping point. Fortunately for most consumers, feminized Green Crack marijuana provides the energy boost before the tiredness comes knocking.
    Top Tip: Feminized Green Crack seed create buds that are perfect for wake-and-bake sessions. If you’re not much of a morning person, a few tokes will make that sunrise a little brighter.
    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Green Crack Feminized seeds: Frequently asked questions

    Whether you’re a veteran or novice cultivator, you probably have many unanswered questions about feminized Green Crack seeds. So, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions here:

    What are the Green Crack seed variants?

    The Homegrown store is a seed bank with a massive variety of cannabis seeds. We’re also the best place to buy feminized Green Crack seeds. At the moment, you can find feminized seeds, with autoflowering and regular seeds coming soon. We also offer cross-breeds of feminized Green Crack weed and other strains.

    Where can I get free cannabis Green Crack feminized seeds?

    If you have stoner friends with extra seeds, they may be kind enough to give you one. Alternatively, you can visit the Homegrown store for the best seeds available.
    Not only can you get cheap cannabis seeds and free weed seeds with the “buy one get one free” deals, but you’re also guaranteed to receive only the highest quality products. When you see the “BOGO” badge next to your favorite strain, you know you can get some free seeds.

    Can a beginner grow Green Crack feminized?

    While it’s possible for beginners to grow feminized Green Crack cannabis seeds, the cultivar will pose a challenge. So, unless you have some previous horticulture experience, do some research first.
    Veteran growers might have a different opinion, as these cultivars are relatively easy to grow compared to other advanced strains. Green Crack feminized seeds become cultivars with thin limbs and big colas. They need assistance keeping the branches upright because of the weight.

    What is the Green Crack feminized flower time?

    On average, feminized Green Crack marijuana takes about 7–9 weeks to flower. However, as a photoperiod plant, it also allows you to lengthen or shorten this with light cycle alterations.
    Maintaining a light cycle of 14/10 light gives your plant plenty of light and enough downtime in the evening. Depending on your experience level, you can alter the lights to affect the growth.

    How long do Green Crack feminized seeds take to germinate?

    Green Crack feminized seeds can pop within the first 24 hours. By following the paper towel method and keeping the temperature stable, you improve your odds. However, your feminized Green Crack seeds may take up to five days to develop roots. 

    How long does it take to grow Green Crack feminized from seeds to harvest?

    Indoor setups with optimal lighting and a good setup can expect Green Crack feminized seeds to have a relatively uncomplicated life cycle:
    - 24–120 hours germinating.- 2–3 weeks growing as a seedling.- 4–6 weeds vegetating.- 7–9 weeks flowering.
    On average, feminized Green Crack has a lifespan of about 19 weeks. Outdoor cultivators should stick to late May or early June to germinate seeds, so yields are ready by October.

    Grow medium: Green Crack feminized hydro or soil?

    Feminized Green Crack seeds grow very well in any medium. Cultivators can use soil, hydroponic setups, or palm peat; the choice is yours. Soil offers various benefits, such as inherent microbial life, and you can find pre-mixes. 
    On the downside, it’s harder to test and fix pH imbalances than with palm peat or hydro. Hydro setups are usually more advanced and require a steady hand. Palm peat or coco-coir, however, are fantastic because they’re pH neutral and very breathable.

    What is the average feminized Green Crack height?

    Feminized Green Crack seeds are an excellent choice for people with limited space. At the tallest, they’ll reach 39 inches, which is perfect for a grow tent. Outdoors, you can put them behind a shoulder-height wall, and nobody will even notice them.

    Where can I find pictures of Green Crack feminized marijuana?

    Most of your friends would direct you to Google search or other websites with generalized images of weed. But you won’t necessarily know if the pictures match feminized Green Crack. 
    Head over to the Homegrown Forum and look at some of the best pics of Green Crack on the internet. Additionally, you can see the plant in the flowering stage. There are fantastic images of the crispy buds, and you can even watch a video with all the facts and info you need on feminized Green Crack.

    Where is the best place to buy Green Crack feminized seeds in the USA?

    Homegrown is by far your best source of Green Crack feminized seeds. We offer a vast selection of high-quality seeds at excellent prices and have some amazing promotions.
    Additionally, when you buy from us, you’re supporting an American seed bank. Whatever your choice of seed, Homegrown offers reliable, discreet shipping throughout the States.

    Are there any other names for Green Crack feminized?

    Green Cracks’ fame allowed people to give the strain many monikers. “Green Cush” is the most common, followed by “Cush.” The name “Mango Cush” also appears in many places because the buds often have a fruity “mango” flavor.
    Join Homegrown Forum, and share your stories! Post your Green Crack feminized pics, and any Green Crack grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Green Crack images, those crystals drive us wild!
    If you want to stock buy bulk Green Crack feminized seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our feminized Green Crack seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.
    We're not just an American cannabis seed company, we are an American cannabis brand.