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Green Crack Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Green Crack Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Reviews: 8
  • A shortcut to euphoria
  • 22% THC
  • Fresh-cut lemon on a Tuscan breeze
  • Are you on the hunt for a non-photoperiod strain that you can grow without breaking your back? We recommend opting for a pack of Green Crack autoflower seeds.This famous strain is the new and improved version of the original cultivar, boasting a shorter life cycle yet the same sought-after characteristics. Its uplifting properties allow you to tackle the day wit...Show more

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    Green Crack Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    Are you on the hunt for a non-photoperiod strain that you can grow without breaking your back? We recommend opting for a pack of Green Crack autoflower seeds.

    This famous strain is the new and improved version of the original cultivar, boasting a shorter life cycle yet the same sought-after characteristics. Its uplifting properties allow you to tackle the day with a smile and a shot of vitality. The mango and citrus flavors don’t hurt, either.

    Expect sweet-smelling aromas, mood-boosting effects, and tongue-tingling flavors from the first puff. This sativa-heavy specimen is a must-have if you enjoy fruit-infused wake ‘n bake sessions that leave you mentally invigorated.

    Keep reading to become an expert on Green Crack auto seeds. We’ll explore this strain’s effects and flavors, discuss the best germination and growing methods, and check out some of the most commonly asked questions.

    What are Green Crack autoflower cannabis seeds?

    These marijuana seeds are the non-photoperiod version of the original Green Crack strain. Apart from flowering automatically, they also contain feminized genetics and have a 99% guarantee of growing into female-only cannabis plants.

    Growing Green Crack autoflower seeds is a breeze, provided you steer clear of common cultivation mistakes. The golden rule with non-photoperiod varieties is to avoid stress, as these fast-growing crops don’t have time to recover from errors.

    This sativa-dominant strain is a blend of Afghani, Skunk #1, and an unknown ruderalis. Green Crack promises THC-rich buds with levels that regularly reach more than 20%. Although it’s aimed at recreational consumers, medical users can reap many benefits.

    The effects are cerebral and mentally stimulating, offering you a hefty dose of vitality, euphoria, focus, upliftment, and clearheadedness. Green Crack’s holistic properties could relieve a range of physical and mental ailments, including fatigue, stress, anxiety, and pain.

    Green Crack auto seeds produce delectable buds with a fresh, fruity flavor and aroma complemented by hints of earth and tropical delights. It’s an intense scent that earned it a host of cannabis awards. Expect a mango, citrus, and pine combination.

    What are the Green Crack autoflower strain effects?

    Green Crack autoflower seeds produce hybrid buds with around 65% sativa and 35% indica genetics. This strain contains 17–25% THC and less than 1% CBD. Its effects are primarily mental and make for an ideal daytime treat that offers euphoria, focus, and calmness.

    A couple of tokes instantly trigger the cerebral sensations. Expect a warm wave of elation that clears away worry and promotes joy. The world feels brighter and looks more vivid, allowing your inspiration and imagination to soar.

    The buds grown from Green Crack auto seeds bring creativity and artistic ideas. Use them to start a new project, finish a forgotten one, or go with the flow and engage in another fun activity.

    This strain promotes productivity and boosts focus, allowing you to complete any task with vigor and slightly more ease. Green Crack pairs well with a range of daytime activities, and it also works well in social settings.

    Use it to banish pre-party jitters and boost your confidence before engaging with old and new friends. It’s not recommended if you plan on hitting the sack, as the effects are mostly energizing, uplifting, and euphoric, the opposite of what you want for slumber.

    Keep an eye on your consumption, and don’t smoke too much in a short period. Overindulgence may lead to common side effects like cottonmouth and dry, red eyes.

    If you experience any of these symptoms, drink lots of water and stay relaxed. More severe reactions include mild cases of paranoia, lightheadedness, or dizziness. Stick to small doses for best results.

    What does Green Crack autoflower smell like?

    Green Crack auto seeds develop crops with an award-winning terpene profile. These nugs contain compounds like myrcene, alpha-pinene, humulene, linalool, terpinolene, limonene, and camphene.

    The result is a smooth, tropical flavor with a spicy, fruity, and floral fragrance. Expect hints of mango, citrus, earth, and pine, which intensify on the exhale.

    It’s a show-stopping combination that increases with correct curing procedures.

    How to germinate Green Crack autoflower seeds

    Cannabis cultivation begins with the process of germination. Although numerous techniques exist, our go-to is the paper towel method, as it’s affordable, easy, and reliable. It’s also completed indoors, which lowers the risk of external influences like harsh weather and pests.

    Here’s what you need to execute the paper towel technique:

    - Two large dinner plates

    - A few paper towel sheets

    - Tweezers

    - A bowl of purified water

    - Your Green Crack auto seeds

    Next, follow our step-by-step guide:

    - Wet one paper sheet in water, squeeze out the extra liquid and place it flat on a plate.

    - Use your tweezers to assemble the marijuana seeds on the moist towel, ensuring at least a half-inch of space between them. Don’t start more than 2–3 at a time.

    - Mist some extra H2O on your weed seeds and soak up any flooding with extra towels. Check for freestanding water under the bottom sheet.

    - Grab another paper towel and repeat the first step, then lay it over your cannabis seeds as a cover.

    - Use another plate to close the contraption and keep it secure. Move it to a warm, dark, and humid area, checking on your Green Crack autoflower seeds daily to ensure they have enough moisture.

    - Within 1–5 days, a taproot should appear from each of your marijuana seeds. Once it’s a quarter-inch long, gently transport your seedlings to an appropriately-sized pot.

    All seed purchases come with a germination guarantee. If your weed seeds don’t sprout, you can contact us for a free replacement. We require photo or video evidence of the paper towel method to process your claim.

    Green Crack autoflower cannabis seeds grow guide

    Green Crack autoflower seeds are reasonably straightforward to grow and maintain, even for beginners. Veteran breeders love this cultivar for its unfussy and hardy nature. Apart from their non-photoperiod genetics, these seeds are also feminized and grow into female-only crops.

    With these autos, the only thing to ensure is a stress-free environment. The fast-developing crops won’t have time to recover from under/overwatering, unnecessary transplants, and incorrect grow pots.

    Under the proper conditions, these plants are high-yielding and dripping in resin. They boast long, pointed buds with a thick coat of trichomes. The flowers develop a light green color and have a dense appearance.

    Although they’re sativa-heavy, these crops stretch to a maximum of 2–3 feet. Their bushy vegetation makes up for it, producing thick, heavily frosted nugs with a pearl white appearance and electric amber pistils. Expect a Christmas tree formation with dense foliage.

    Green Crack auto seeds are suitable for inside and outdoor cultivation, but the former is preferred if you want more control, efficiency, and security. These uniform crops thrive in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup, which maximizes space and offers higher yields.

    This cultivar requires plenty of feed and top-quality nutrients. It may require extra limb support to prevent breakage, but pruning isn’t typically necessary.

    Opt for a soil medium and aim to keep the pH around 5.8–6.8. The ideal temp is around 70–79℉ with relative humidity around 55–60%.

    The Green Crack auto seed to harvest time is approximately 12 weeks. Flowering begins about 7–8 weeks after germination and continues for another 2–4 weeks. Indoor growers can expect to harvest around 17–21 oz./m², while al fresco cultivators can collect 3–10 oz. per crop.

    What are the Green Crack autoflower strain genetics?

    The true heritage of these non-photoperiod hybrid marijuana seeds is unclear, but many cannabis enthusiasts believe it’s a combination of Afghani, Skunk #1, and an unknown ruderalis. It’s said to contain various prized sativa and indica genetics from landrace origins.

    It originally went by the name “Green Crush” but earned a new nickname after Snoop Dogg smoked it for the first time and said it was like “Green Crack.” This cultivar has won a stack of awards and was named Top Cannabis Strain of the Year in 2017.

    Wellness and Green Crack autoflower seeds

    Although the buds grown from Green Crack autoflower seeds are mainly aimed at recreational users, medical patients can also benefit from them.

    This uplifting strain may assist with numerous symptoms of mental and physical conditions, including:

    - Fatigue

    - Stress

    - Anxiety

    - Pain

    - Depression

    Green Crack delivers various sensations that energize your mind and body. It promotes focus, motivation, productivity, socialization, and relaxation. It may help you shake off worries and find a positive way forward.

    Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

    Frequently asked questions about Green Crack autoflower marijuana seeds

    Do you have any lingering queries? Below are our detailed answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Green Crack auto seeds.

    Where can I get free Green Crack autoflower seeds?

    Our Homegrown store has a variety of promotions to satisfy all shoppers. We regularly feature cheap weed seeds across numerous strains, including popular picks, new releases, classic cultivars, and sought-after hybrids.

    Our Buy One Get One free (BOGO) deals are a fan favorite and entail the following juicy offers:

    - 4 pack: Purchase 4 cannabis strain seeds and get another 4 free seeds

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    - 24 mix pack: Purchase a mix pack of 24 seeds and get another 24 random free seeds

    Check back often to find deals on regular, autoflower, and feminized strains with top-tier genetics and tantalizing characteristics.

    Can a beginner grow Green Crack autoflower?

    First-time growers can cultivate Green Crack auto seeds without any hassles. These plants are relatively straightforward to develop and maintain. All they need is a stress-free environment to prevent stunted growth and other issues.

    Due to their fast development period, these crops don’t have enough time to recover from common cultivation errors. Avoid rookie errors like over and underwatering, high-stress training methods, and unnecessary relocation.

    What is the Green Crack autoflower flower time?

    Since these Green Crack seeds are autos, they don’t need a change in light exposure to begin flowering. They bloom automatically around 7–8 weeks after germination and continue developing buds for an additional 2–4 weeks.

    At full maturity, indoor growers can expect to collect 17–21 oz./m², while outdoor cultivators typically get 3–10 oz. per plant.

    How long do Green Crack autoflower seeds take to germinate?

    After successful germination, it usually takes less than seven days for a taproot to appear from each of your Green Crack autoflower seeds. Our Homegrown-approved paper towel technique typically offers results in 1–5 days, while other methods can take longer.

    If your weed seeds fail to sprout after two weeks, you may be liable for a free replacement per our germination guarantee. Remember to supply photos or videos of your attempt to expedite the process.

    How long does it take Green Crack autoflower to go from seed to harvest?

    This strain contains ruderalis genetics and flowers quicker than other marijuana cultivars. These crops have a limited vegging time of about 20–30 days and flower automatically at a predetermined age.

    The Green Crack auto seed to harvest time is approximately 12 weeks. This period starts with germination and ends at harvest. Accommodate for an additional 2–3 weeks of drying and curing to ensure you get the best nugs possible.

    Grow medium for Green Crack autoflower: Hydro or soil?

    Unless you’re a professional cannabis breeder, it’s best to stick to a soil medium. Apart from pronounced flavors and elevated aromas, this substrate allows you to save money and offers slightly higher yields. Choose a nutrient-rich, organic option for top results.

    What is the average Green Crack autoflower height?

    Green Crack autoflower seeds produce plants with an average height of three feet, although most only reach a maximum of two feet. These crops are dense and bushy, displaying thick buds with plenty of sticky trichomes.

    Where can I find pictures of Green Crack autoflower marijuana?

    Discover high-quality images of Green Crack on this product page. Explore the strain through each stage of its life cycle, including germination, seedling, vegging, and flowering. We also have pictures of freshly-cured nugs in all their glory.

    Where is the best place to buy Green Crack autoflower seeds in the USA?

    Our weed seed bank is your one-stop shop for all cannabis seeds. Browse our selection of stable cultivars and grow top-tier marijuana plants with premium genetics.

    Purchase Green Crack auto seeds in various pack sizes and enjoy a germination guarantee on any unpopped seeds.

    You can purchase them in the following combinations:

    - 4 pack: $82

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    Like what you hear? Get a pack of Green Crack autoflower seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co and grow your own sweet ‘n sticky marijuana delights.

    Are there any other names for Green Crack autoflower?

    Yes. This cultivar also goes by “Mango Crack” and “Green Crush,” but many tokers simply refer to it as “Green Crack.”

    Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Green Crack autoflower pics, and any Green Crack autoflower seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Green Crack autoflower images; those crystals drive us wild!

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